1. anime wolf

    anime wolf5 hours ago

    Shayne as Archie the best

  2. Jordan Adams

    Jordan Adams8 hours ago

    *you are very stupid and very hot * lol

  3. Aggelos Gkotshs

    Aggelos Gkotshs11 hours ago

    If jurassic Park was real

  4. Superdragen123

    Superdragen12311 hours ago

    Where’s the minecraft movie

  5. Madison Tutone

    Madison Tutone12 hours ago

    3:25 stranger things was actually based off real events kinda it’s called the Montauk project and you can read about it in line it’s actually really strange and interesting so no the town wasn’t just ripped off from Stephen king it was based on an actual place

  6. YouCube26 The OK Cuber

    YouCube26 The OK Cuber13 hours ago

    Bet every scene where Ian panicked he pee’d his pants.

  7. FaZe Cookie

    FaZe Cookie13 hours ago

    What song was that during the Sabrina section.

  8. Hero

    Hero14 hours ago

    Is that ian berreta?

  9. Shay Stoddart

    Shay Stoddart15 hours ago


  10. Shay Stoddart

    Shay Stoddart15 hours ago

    👩🚬 👙 👢

  11. Rosita Vallejera

    Rosita Vallejera19 hours ago

    Wheres Lucifer?

  12. XYarman

    XYarman19 hours ago

    Shut Up!

  13. Dennis Prosper

    Dennis Prosper23 hours ago

    Sad to say this is Smosh now 💔


    FURRY GAMERDay ago


  15. Robert Boehm

    Robert BoehmDay ago

    god damn, wtf happened to smosh


    FURRY GAMER20 hours ago


  17. Yeetus Deletus

    Yeetus DeletusDay ago

    Friends should’ve been in this

  18. Fantum Pixels

    Fantum PixelsDay ago

    They missed an oppurtunity to name this "If TV shows were 4 Real"

  19. Rainbow Panda-4206

    Rainbow Panda-4206Day ago


  20. Meep

    MeepDay ago

    Remember when this channel was better

  21. Emily Dias

    Emily DiasDay ago

    0:17-0:31 please what's the song?

  22. Argi Ortiz

    Argi Ortiz2 days ago

    What’s the song


    GOOD BOAH HORSE2 days ago


  24. TheRealDeal

    TheRealDeal2 days ago

    Where is the shutup intro

  25. Omega Saiyan

    Omega Saiyan2 days ago

    Nooooo you can’t have a classic like If Blank were real without Anthony 😭😭😭, it’s not okay bro

  26. Kris Kritical

    Kris Kritical2 days ago

    What is the song in the part “chilling adventures of Sabrina”

  27. HerrKuschelweich

    HerrKuschelweich2 days ago


  28. Jack_87765

    Jack_877652 days ago

    If Anthony was still with smash he would be the perfect John snow

  29. GamingDean Playz And Animates

    GamingDean Playz And Animates2 days ago

    in Stranger things was that suppose to be Will or Mike?

  30. Zachary Crowe

    Zachary Crowe2 days ago

    The things I have seen, is, just TV

  31. Susty T cup

    Susty T cup2 days ago

    I wish Anthony could be John snow

  32. Xgamingchicken Fart

    Xgamingchicken Fart3 days ago

    What a loser

  33. yoon uplink

    yoon uplink3 days ago

    What was the music in the Riverdale scene tho

  34. Jamer Gamer

    Jamer Gamer3 days ago

    For the next, If video games were real, do Team Fortress 2!

  35. Mister L

    Mister L3 days ago

    I dont see ian much... its his own channel. Now its a company.. :(

  36. Malle 123

    Malle 1233 days ago

    Can you please do lucifer next if you make one more

  37. Cyndi Lou Hoo

    Cyndi Lou Hoo3 days ago

    Omg that McConaughey impersonation...ON. POINT.

  38. MazerrrMO

    MazerrrMO3 days ago

    Courtney makes a good Sabrina

  39. MazerrrMO

    MazerrrMO3 days ago

    NINE NINE!!!!!!

  40. Squicx

    Squicx3 days ago

    courtney looks GOOOOOOOOODDDDD lookin like Steve Harrington

  41. Corrupt Angel

    Corrupt Angel3 days ago

    *westworld* Is this the place where we get to bone robots? No, that's Japan. Also, that GOT part didn't age well lol

  42. Thats Sketchy

    Thats Sketchy3 days ago

    And the Anuse returns 0:59

  43. SIGMA Problems

    SIGMA Problems3 days ago

    Smosh was better without Damien

  44. Franziene

    Franziene3 days ago

    Plot twist: these clips are the deleted scenes

  45. CJ rose

    CJ rose4 days ago

    An ad is coming on and let me tell you if there's no Adventure Time I'm going to come for your ass

  46. Sami Asali

    Sami Asali4 days ago

    Any robot virgins?

  47. Sulver Studios

    Sulver Studios4 days ago

    Can you guys add sonic, tails, knuckles. Amy, shadow or silver as a main character or as a cameo on your channel?

  48. KlingerYT

    KlingerYT4 days ago

    Do ncis for episode 5

  49. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr4 days ago

    LOL COURTNEY THE ROBOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr4 days ago

    NOW IT'S SMOSHFLIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr4 days ago

    LOL Stranger Things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr4 days ago


  53. Frankie Cedeno

    Frankie Cedeno4 days ago

    Love the extras at the end.

  54. Destructoider El Master

    Destructoider El Master4 days ago

    Welcome to: Night Springs

  55. The Savage Lamb Chops

    The Savage Lamb Chops4 days ago

    Anyone miss the old smoosh..

  56. Kayla Taylor

    Kayla Taylor3 days ago

    No I love the new smosh since they have more freedom to make whatever the want

  57. shanique suarez

    shanique suarez4 days ago

    Idk if it’s a good thing that I know like 99.9999% of the shows they made fun of or I must watch way too much TV. 😐🤔😂🤣

  58. Tyler oneill

    Tyler oneill4 days ago

    You should do 'every the chilling adventures of sabrina ever' based on some certain parts of the show remade into a goof

  59. Honey

    Honey4 days ago

    Me: *Sees ‘Dustin’* OMG MARRY ME ILYYY

  60. Tabatha Pyland

    Tabatha Pyland4 days ago

    *Whaaaaaaaatttttttt* **insert hair spray everywhere** Doctor: I don’t get paid enough for this....

  61. Aldo Van Dyck

    Aldo Van Dyck4 days ago

    Where are the flutes? you know the classic music played in beetween skits in these videos.

  62. Homeless Jesus

    Homeless Jesus3 days ago

    idk but i wanna know too

  63. Titcho

    Titcho5 days ago

    Hey where’s Noah

  64. Senduran Packiarasa

    Senduran Packiarasa5 days ago

    Aren't you supposed to Jordan Peele

  65. Kendra Ek

    Kendra Ek5 days ago

    Y’all should do if Shane dated Courtney

  66. A sAvAge bOi

    A sAvAge bOi5 days ago

    1:01 *he is from alabama my friend*

  67. Phanic! At The Disco

    Phanic! At The Disco5 days ago

    Brooklyn 99 😍

  68. melvin shermen

    melvin shermen5 days ago

    There should do it alway sunny in Philadelphia

  69. Bork291

    Bork2915 days ago



    STB KIDS HAPPIERS5 days ago

    Why don't any of you bring the full smosh back because I don't like smosh if it's not a full squad😡😡😡

  71. lovinqlxla

    lovinqlxla5 days ago

    The Brooklyn 99 one was so true 😂 You’re un trouble tune to take yuh down to the stationn Tare you gunna taze me. OH NO , I’m a nice endouring cop and I make jokes down to the station WEEE WAAAA WEE WAA JUST TAZE ME ALREADY

  72. Gerald GamingAnd VLOGS

    Gerald GamingAnd VLOGS5 days ago


  73. rosey_ gwen

    rosey_ gwen5 days ago

    More like Netflix I LOVE ur VIDS plus I watched all movies in this vid well I'm still watching riverdale

  74. Ninki Minjaj

    Ninki Minjaj5 days ago




    Anthony should be jon snow

  76. Lemuel Rafael Abotanatin

    Lemuel Rafael Abotanatin5 days ago

    Damn Courtney looks good on the westworld one

  77. Big Boss Barry

    Big Boss Barry5 days ago

    Shayne in true detective is *BEAUTIFUL*

  78. Urboyyycarlos

    Urboyyycarlos5 days ago

    Who misses the old Smosh?

  79. Norman I

    Norman I5 days ago

    Shayne's Andy Samberg is turning into Nicholas Cage

  80. PX P

    PX P5 days ago

    You know who should be in game of thrones....... U KNOW!!!

  81. Sentinel 2018-2019

    Sentinel 2018-20195 days ago

    courtney was in FFA!!!!!

  82. F N R

    F N R5 days ago

    When I see the the twilight zone scene, I remember Anthony.

  83. Zantagiro7

    Zantagiro75 days ago

    nice body!

  84. Solarp90

    Solarp905 days ago

    Smosh is dopeee

  85. Hamooda360

    Hamooda3605 days ago

    Arrow Flash Legends of tomorrow

  86. Blaka Blaka

    Blaka Blaka5 days ago

    _Nobody:_ _Shayne:_ *wOaH iS tHaT gUm*

  87. The lonely Pebble

    The lonely Pebble5 days ago


  88. Jeremie Mazerolle

    Jeremie Mazerolle5 days ago

    Is that ians old Cop character !??

  89. Craters Away

    Craters Away5 days ago

    Do Impractical jokers

  90. Sora Chan

    Sora Chan5 days ago

    Stranger things one was great and probably true 😂😂😂

  91. IBeToxic

    IBeToxic5 days ago

    0:49 that statue looks fake

  92. YaBoi Vlogs

    YaBoi Vlogs5 days ago

    0:48 aw I’ve always wanted to build a robot I’m a robot virgin Cracks me up🤣😂🤣

  93. Sans The skeleton

    Sans The skeleton6 days ago


  94. sickly dick

    sickly dick6 days ago

    Wait shane has a six pack?

  95. SofiaLoves Taehyung

    SofiaLoves Taehyung6 days ago

    I only pressed it bc it had stranger things and Riverdale XD

  96. Ethan Sandoval

    Ethan Sandoval6 days ago

    Y’all really out chilling adventures in here lol...

  97. Whëñ ÿøûr Šhädÿ

    Whëñ ÿøûr Šhädÿ6 days ago


  98. General kenobi

    General kenobi6 days ago

    1:26 WRONG!

  99. Indy The Indy

    Indy The Indy6 days ago

    West World? More like *Wagyu World* (Domics fans will get it)

  100. Puppy Bear

    Puppy Bear6 days ago

    I wanted to see the Goldberg's because if you watch that show you know why.

  101. Sal Spinelli

    Sal Spinelli6 days ago

    Literally no one, actually no one, absolutely no one in this world. HI ARE WE GONNA BOAT A ROBOT?

  102. Gamer Pros

    Gamer Pros6 days ago

    I like riverdale

  103. PLUS CLAN

    PLUS CLAN6 days ago

    Like about 5 yrs