1. Kribsty Grg

    Kribsty GrgDay ago

    Lol that Brooklyn 99 one was so true of jake .😂💕

  2. INN0VATED Gaming

    INN0VATED Gaming2 days ago


  3. Beth Haynes

    Beth Haynes3 days ago

    Shadow hunters should of been in this 😂 it would of been hilarious

  4. Лисса Рыжая

    Лисса Рыжая3 days ago

    Я из России и всегда хотела посмотреть оригинальный SMOSH😻😻 Я даже представить не могла, что у вас 24 МИЛЛИОНА ПОДПИСЧИКОВ!!!!

  5. miya

    miya3 days ago


  6. Brend Kouijzer

    Brend Kouijzer3 days ago

    Shayne is like in every scene, he better got a raise

  7. Hillary Loves Kpop

    Hillary Loves Kpop4 days ago

    So Shayne is the main character in all of these

  8. Alan Loco

    Alan Loco4 days ago

    omgg do jane the virgin

  9. Genius Films

    Genius Films5 days ago

    B99 is surprisingly accurate

  10. Courtenay T.

    Courtenay T.5 days ago

    It’s Sgt. Anous!!!

  11. Hi Peps

    Hi Peps5 days ago

    Who only watched for the stranger things one

  12. itttridia

    itttridia6 days ago

    Бля как музыка называется , англичания подскажите пж

  13. Zac Clinton

    Zac Clinton7 days ago

    What song was that during the riverdale section

  14. Cheonsoo Gomezpark

    Cheonsoo Gomezpark7 days ago

    Whats the song played during in the in the riverdale part?

  15. Cute Kawaii Simmer

    Cute Kawaii Simmer8 days ago

    Jake Peralta from Brooklyn nine nine was pretty accurate

  16. Spencer Moon1064

    Spencer Moon106410 days ago


  17. Jordan Williams

    Jordan Williams10 days ago

    smosh is better with Anthony

  18. wolfmaster 161

    wolfmaster 16111 days ago

    Did you have to make that voice for Dustin his voice actor has chronic cranial displeasia

  19. Rosey Wain

    Rosey Wain13 days ago

    Damien does the best English accent I've ever heard an American do

  20. Brennan Herring

    Brennan Herring13 days ago

    Your gonna bad mouth Brooklyn nine nine in front of me you monsters

  21. Pastry Mineral

    Pastry Mineral15 days ago


  22. Ms.DeViL 2U

    Ms.DeViL 2U15 days ago

    More Shayne and Olivia, kieth and Damian please

  23. your maimai

    your maimai18 days ago

    do one on brooklyn 99


    REUBEN FOX19 days ago

    3:40 is the one on the right will?

  25. Amy Hitlin

    Amy Hitlin21 day ago

    The stranger things one is very offensive to me and stranger things fans

  26. Timo van es

    Timo van es23 days ago

    The cop is back

  27. I don’t feel So good

    I don’t feel So good25 days ago

    ”And very hot”

  28. Mary Redmond

    Mary Redmond25 days ago

    I miss the old If blank were real music

  29. Ryan Yuen

    Ryan Yuen27 days ago

    Every MLP ever, please!

  30. Dan_000

    Dan_00029 days ago

    Netflix's series count as TV shows?

  31. Gavin Turnupseed

    Gavin TurnupseedMonth ago

    don't make fun of STRANGER THINGS like that!!!

  32. seb c

    seb cMonth ago

    the one about west world when they cut away quickly because every one would of laughed

  33. TheRosieGamer

    TheRosieGamerMonth ago

    Please do Glee 😢

  34. Rodolfo Mendonça

    Rodolfo MendonçaMonth ago

    True detective part crack me up

  35. Nathan Diaz Elisea

    Nathan Diaz EliseaMonth ago

    We're tf is flash? 😭☹️

  36. L.Hop

    L.HopMonth ago

    3:47 *Plot Twist* : the doctor is hallucinating that everything's fine from the hairspray

  37. Jared Rojas

    Jared RojasMonth ago

    I like the riverdale,stranger things and sabrina

  38. RenwickPlayz

    RenwickPlayzMonth ago

    I have a theory i think shane is the main character most the time to show how mkst tv shows share the same actors

  39. jack dylan wolfhard

    jack dylan wolfhardMonth ago


  40. Poison Viper

    Poison ViperMonth ago


  41. jack dylan wolfhard

    jack dylan wolfhardMonth ago

    @Poison Viper NOOO WHY GOD, WHY? I'm actually crying rn :'(

  42. Poison Viper

    Poison ViperMonth ago

    jack dylan wolfhard he left

  43. Harley Queen

    Harley QueenMonth ago

    The Chilling of Sabrina joke was so funny 😂

  44. Jumpy Jack

    Jumpy JackMonth ago

    I just realised that Courtney was Steve from stranger things

  45. SparklingGirl Martinez

    SparklingGirl MartinezMonth ago


  46. Dustin Kuczynski

    Dustin KuczynskiMonth ago

    Alright shane, youve been slacking on your pecs. More weighted dips my man.

  47. sister syrin

    sister syrinMonth ago

    during this video, i was interrupted by a rouge fly who didn't see my slay his brother earlier that day. like its brother it met its fate to me chasing it around the room with a tissue soon to be caught and smashed to its tragic death

  48. Crazy Place Entertainment

    Crazy Place EntertainmentMonth ago

    4:07 why did she say that and make a face like miranda sings?

  49. Tom Morris

    Tom MorrisMonth ago

    Love the music

  50. Love, August

    Love, AugustMonth ago


  51. ColinOrJames

    ColinOrJamesMonth ago

    The Jon Snow bit haha!

  52. Caro Land

    Caro LandMonth ago

    When he said this is gonna be a good season, that was the joke

  53. Jeffyfan1015 :/

    Jeffyfan1015 :/Month ago


  54. _xoxo_Skylar_editz_ Xoxo

    _xoxo_Skylar_editz_ XoxoMonth ago

    I love riverdale

  55. J_RK Kid

    J_RK KidMonth ago

    Who misses shut up intro?

  56. richie tozier is gay

    richie tozier is gayMonth ago

    tell me why the stranger things one made me soooo salty the ripping off stephen king and damien mocking Gaten's lisp made me 🥵🥵

  57. LPS lucky Pets

    LPS lucky PetsMonth ago

    Chillin 😏

  58. SuperHassan

    SuperHassanMonth ago

    Old theme 😭

  59. Sarah Hanson

    Sarah HansonMonth ago

    Shayne does really good impressions !!!

  60. Celia Padgett

    Celia PadgettMonth ago

    Omg I literally died at B99

  61. lily _artysiy

    lily _artysiyMonth ago

    those dislikes are from the people in the upside down stranger things

  62. Ásmundur Grettir

    Ásmundur GrettirMonth ago

    *dramatic exhale* We gotta save Pop’s

  63. VeganWaterMan .-

    VeganWaterMan .-Month ago

    Damien’s version of Jon Snow is the best

  64. Mariella Ly

    Mariella LyMonth ago

    The stranger things one

  65. Ryhan forth

    Ryhan forthMonth ago


  66. Saeem Sajid

    Saeem SajidMonth ago

    Does anyone know what song is played during riverdale's part?

  67. Adam Hanvey

    Adam HanveyMonth ago

    Do a dady daycare one

  68. Relatable Ellie

    Relatable EllieMonth ago

    “ *but his head looks like a jug* “ - *Archkins*

  69. Dilly Mackey

    Dilly MackeyMonth ago

    Is that Sgt. Anous?

  70. Dilly Mackey

    Dilly MackeyMonth ago

    It's just a TV show. Can you imagine how stupid it would be if TV shows were actually realistic?

  71. Hugopolis Howard

    Hugopolis HowardMonth ago

    The original Sabrina the teenage witch is better

  72. Raychel Rabon

    Raychel Rabon2 months ago

    The FFA jacket is the best part of this video! 😂

  73. Jason Plays

    Jason Plays2 months ago

    Song at beginning?

  74. Tvmrynn

    Tvmrynn2 months ago

    i love riverdale but it just got shittier by the second s3 came out, i hope s4 is decent

  75. Megan Biles

    Megan Biles2 months ago

    Anyone else think it’d be funny if they made a video where Ian gets his old look back??

  76. Gabe N

    Gabe N2 months ago

    1:16 name is jon snow. hates winter

  77. Hannah Claudio

    Hannah Claudio2 months ago

    Is everyone just gonna ignore the fact that shayne was flexing his pecks?

  78. Mercy K

    Mercy K2 months ago

    True detective was so accurate i’m 💀💀💀💀

  79. aleena

    aleena2 months ago


  80. deni hughes

    deni hughes2 months ago

    aleena YES

  81. Chas R

    Chas R2 months ago

    I love that Courtney is wearing an FFA jacket in the Stranger Things scene 😂😂

  82. natertatercity

    natertatercity2 months ago

    Can anyone tell what the song in the Riverdale one is?

  83. ThomasandMyLittlePony:Equestria GirlsFan 2019

    ThomasandMyLittlePony:Equestria GirlsFan 20192 months ago

    Archie's Weird Mysteries anyone

  84. Weirdo

    Weirdo2 months ago

    How did you think you could parody Brooklyn 99? Its litterally like its own parody