Roasting Hecklers + Bombing Gigs


  1. TopAnimeLoverEver

    TopAnimeLoverEver11 months ago

    So you probably won't ever see this comment, but my grandparents were at the Logandale County Fair and Rodeo in 2017 with my brother and his kids, and I was working as always, so I couldn't go, but they watched the end of your act (with the balancing on the ladder) and afterwards, my grandpa asked if you had any hats. You sold it to him for $10 because that's all he had on him. I want to say thank you, because we're actually a fairly poor family, so I appreciate you being considerate and not bleeding him out of every penny, (he said you were really cool about it) and also because my grandma really did need that hat. She's very frail, she gets sick pretty easy but she tries so hard to be there for the great grandkids. Also, they gave me that hat afterwards since they only needed it for the day. I wear that hat with pride. What up, Alex Clark merch on my head, yo!

  2. Yugioh Nerd2536

    Yugioh Nerd25365 months ago

    Probably won’t ever see this comment *gets pinned*

  3. the friend show

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  4. Itsmyname

    Itsmyname9 months ago

    Wow people can be so amazingly nice! I am so happy that you’ve shared your story with us! So amazing!

  5. I love this show is a very educational show Cassidy

    I love this show is a very educational show Cassidy9 months ago

    TopAnimeLoverEver 🎄🎄🎄🎄

  6. TopAnimeLoverEver

    TopAnimeLoverEver11 months ago

    @Glenn Bolton hello 👋

  7. Bader Alaraimi

    Bader Alaraimi3 months ago

    Juggle Chainsaws with Alex Clark!!!!! Thanks!

  8. Alex Evans

    Alex Evans3 months ago

    If I could gift subs this guy would be the one that I'd give them to!!

  9. Harsh The Pokewalker

    Harsh The Pokewalker4 months ago

    Do a show in India please!!!!!!

  10. Maniak

    Maniak4 months ago

    How did you know that I am siting in toilet now

  11. Mr.Camel

    Mr.Camel5 months ago

    No... you don't have 3 million.... YOU GOT 4 MILLION YYAAAAAAYYYY

  12. hurricane vaporeon

    hurricane vaporeon5 months ago

    I have 17 subs

  13. Qat with a Q

    Qat with a Q5 months ago

    1:48 HOW DID YOU KNOW!???!!?!


    ICEKINGPRO II6 months ago

    Hey Clark how much do you pay for mind reading let me guess 12 dollars

  15. Fayrus Tomita

    Fayrus Tomita6 months ago

    You are almost over 4 M

  16. Fayrus Tomita

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  17. Neighbors Fun

    Neighbors Fun7 months ago

    Sub to get Alex so he can get 4 mil

  18. anottakenusername

    anottakenusername7 months ago

    The lesson is California has become a shithole.

  19. vincent castro

    vincent castro7 months ago

    no one is going to talk about the guy alex smothered???

  20. Lee Roby

    Lee Roby7 months ago

    "You are not my fam, you are not my family, do you understand me SON?" Wait...a...sec.....

  21. Kaye Stender

    Kaye Stender8 months ago

    My cousin likes this

  22. Jon Meharry

    Jon Meharry8 months ago

    Are u coming to the uk?

  23. Clive Monnity

    Clive Monnity8 months ago

    I'm on the toilet watching this video now. :)

  24. Olivia Mason

    Olivia Mason8 months ago

    Wow wow wow wow wow wow.... ONLY 278 DISLIKES?! That’s amazing!

  25. Xiaobing Xu

    Xiaobing Xu9 months ago

    Lol look how long the babysitter series is

  26. Nikos Stathis

    Nikos Stathis9 months ago

    I LIKE TRAINS!!!!!!!!!!

  27. emo pickle Lightner

    emo pickle Lightner9 months ago

    does anything else think it's funny that Alex is talking about comedians when he sounds exactly like the dude from Seinfeld

  28. Kimberley Harris

    Kimberley Harris9 months ago


  29. Gacha Noob

    Gacha Noob10 months ago

    Hey When And Where Is The Legit Show? Which Bathroom Galz Or Boiz

  30. AidenThat1Cuber

    AidenThat1Cuber10 months ago

    “To people watching me on there phones on the toilet.” Please don’t interrupt me, I’m trying to take a dump.

  31. iWonderStudios ?

    iWonderStudios ?10 months ago

    2:02 did he say washing?

  32. LoL— Brawl Stars

    LoL— Brawl Stars10 months ago

    I am seriously on the toilet right now though and I am taking a 2

  33. •ØLIVER •

    •ØLIVER •10 months ago

    Project zorgo is after you!!!!

  34. Thedokidokivideo I likememesbetterto

    Thedokidokivideo I likememesbetterto10 months ago

    I love China because I was born there

  35. stupid pig

    stupid pig10 months ago

    Do you know hamilham I mean Hamilton

  36. stupid pig

    stupid pig10 months ago

    Do you know hamilham I mean Hamilton

  37. G4BI _YT

    G4BI _YT10 months ago

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  38. Caleb Dog

    Caleb Dog10 months ago

    The out 1s out is better

  39. Jairol Chaves

    Jairol Chaves10 months ago

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    MARIA GAETA10 months ago

    I hope that I could be there

  41. Jaciel Sanchez

    Jaciel Sanchez10 months ago

    Literally i was in the toilet when that part showd of no people watching your videos in toilet

  42. Yahir Viruegas Sanchez

    Yahir Viruegas Sanchez10 months ago

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  43. Sai'd Verduzco

    Sai'd Verduzco10 months ago

    Alex a hacker group hacked your channel

  44. Tola Sreng

    Tola Sreng10 months ago

    No no you are getting hacked by project zorgo every like this vid so project zorgo won’t hack this channel

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    FireworksRocks 123410 months ago

    Doomsday is coming

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    To Hong dsc10 months ago

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    Bill Bo10 months ago

    *is it bad i was shitting while watching this*

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    Fahmida Gaming10 months ago

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    Antonela bajra10 months ago

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  51. Kat's reaction world wide stoid

    Kat's reaction world wide stoid10 months ago

    is it bad that I'm getting ready for school and I wanted to stop and watch this video and I sat on the

  52. JamesBlue TvGaming

    JamesBlue TvGaming10 months ago

    Your hacked

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