1. Evettexo

    Evettexo7 months ago

    I wanted to make this quick video for you guys on my everyday mommy makeup routine, lmk if you guys enjoy these quick GRWM. I've also linked all the products used in my description box! I hope all my moms out there enjoy this video. love you guys!!

  2. Fameousnat

    Fameousnat5 months ago

    hi do you get medium brown,soft brown or dark brown in the brow pencil thankssss girl!

  3. JOYCE.A

    JOYCE.A7 months ago

    Evettexo I feel like I can relate to you a lot :) your little one is 4month and mine just turned 2months yesterday 🙏🏼🤗 I love watching your videos and see how our babies grow!! 😍

  4. Esme P

    Esme P7 months ago

    Love this I have a 5 month old and a 3 year old getting ready is so so difficult but I'm going to try this you look beautiful like always 😍😍😍 #myidol

  5. jesejayy

    jesejayy7 months ago

    Love it!!! More like these🧡💜💞😍

  6. aracely Esquivel

    aracely Esquivel7 months ago

    i think you would look so cute with short hair 😍 black how it is

  7. Elizabeth A Garcia

    Elizabeth A GarciaMonth ago

    Quick and simple 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

  8. Angela Romo

    Angela Romo2 months ago

    For me, Mommy make-up is foundation and mascara and let's go. I wish I had the energy. So beautiful tho Evette 💖

  9. Angela Torres

    Angela Torres3 months ago

    Beautiful Look thank you for Sharing Beautiful

  10. Rose Belaire

    Rose Belaire4 months ago

    Love it ♥️I wanna see more

  11. Yadira. A

    Yadira. A5 months ago

    New subscriber.. Im loving your Video's.. You are gorgeous..!

  12. Sydney Cherie

    Sydney Cherie5 months ago

    I have. 3 year and I love that your showing that you can be a hot mom and not walk around in sweat pants 😂

  13. Graciela Pantoja

    Graciela Pantoja6 months ago

    Girl I just moved to Central Valley where do you get your nails done I need a new place and your nails look soooo bomb all the time

  14. SCR

    SCR6 months ago

    So beautiful 😍😩

  15. Claudia Okyere-Fosu

    Claudia Okyere-Fosu6 months ago

    Wow, you look like Kim Kardashian. Great look 😍💯

  16. Lucila Vazquez

    Lucila Vazquez6 months ago

    Love it!

  17. Kimberly Garza

    Kimberly Garza7 months ago

    u look like an anaconda when u smile in ur pics. I couldn't place it at first but that is what you look like. an Anaconda.. and it's super fitting! !

  18. Maybe Not

    Maybe Not7 months ago

    I know this is a late comment but where is your sweatshirt from? ❤️

  19. Priscilla Garcia

    Priscilla Garcia7 months ago

    I’m lucky if I get mascara on... toddler boy you’ll see lol

  20. Ariel Santiago

    Ariel Santiago7 months ago

    I love you but this isn’t a quick mommy makeup routine. Lol love you tho

  21. Karen Barrera

    Karen Barrera7 months ago

    I just bought that lip color cause of you 😍 love it

  22. Ronnie Phillips

    Ronnie Phillips7 months ago

    I lalalove watching your videos I lost my phone so I am commenting with my husband's phone. But wishing you many more Blessings..💋💋

  23. lidiavelasquez06

    lidiavelasquez067 months ago

    Could you do a makeup tut with the James Charles x Morphe pallet plzzzzz?... btw you're amazing! ❤

  24. yvonne martinez

    yvonne martinez7 months ago

    Hair color and how u keep it so black tutorial plz.. B4 the holidays lol 🙌

  25. Bianca033

    Bianca0337 months ago

    I wish you would of done this video but actually taught us how to do the makeup for us that are just learning! This could of just been uploaded on Instagram.

  26. Rosiee Araujo Lopez

    Rosiee Araujo Lopez7 months ago

    Kim K vibes af!!

  27. Elizabeth Lopez

    Elizabeth Lopez7 months ago

    what eyelash glue do you use?

  28. Rebecca Curiel

    Rebecca Curiel7 months ago

    Your version of quick and simple is totally different lmao this would take me forever

  29. daaisyxoxo

    daaisyxoxo7 months ago

    I have a 4 month old & a 2 year and my 2 year old def gives me more trouble while doing my makeup

  30. Celena Melgoza

    Celena Melgoza7 months ago


  31. marlen Moreno

    marlen Moreno7 months ago

    Thank u for this my baby is 3 weeks old and I feel like can't do anything it's just me my husband but he works pls do more videos like this ❤️😭 Btw your baby is perfect 💙

  32. Ana Ortiz

    Ana Ortiz7 months ago

    I don’t understand why some comments are so negative... I have 3 kids and I do my make up every single day simply because I choose to! Not all kids are the same so stop making it seem like every one is gonna have like you do 🤚🏼 Thankfully mine get entertained easily and that helps me a lot ! Keep doing exactly what you doing girl, work with what you got and I promise you that your kids, no matter how many or what age they are, will never stop you from having self maintenance and self care, sure it’s not always easy but it’s NOT impossible! Btw I love you bish 😘

  33. Okayymari Saucedo

    Okayymari Saucedo2 months ago

    Ana Ortiz girrl yasss preach!! I hate when other moms shame moms who like to take care of themselves by saying or assuming that we are selfish or we are not good moms simply because we like to maintain or physical appearance like you can be a bomb ass mom while looking GLAM af!!!

  34. Akilah Christine Productions

    Akilah Christine Productions5 months ago

    love this! I have 3 kids (almost 4) and I just know moms need to take time for themselves to feel their best! If that means taking some time do your makeup then SLAY MOMMA! I am just now getting back into the makeup game which is why im here ha

  35. Karii Pazz

    Karii Pazz7 months ago

    Ana Ortiz omg yes!!!! Like I always read comments like wait till u have more kids etc etc but if u know how to entertain your kids it would be easy 🙄!!

  36. yo p

    yo p7 months ago

    I brush my teeth, wash my face and brush my hair. I have a 4 year old and a 5 month old baby. 😜

  37. yo p

    yo p7 months ago

    That was like a full glam lol.

  38. Elyse

    Elyse7 months ago

    Hi Evettexo ! I have been following u and watching and supporting ur videos. Even w the notification! I’m just starting my own channel it’s about my life,stories like story time, relationships, abuse from physical to mental, ex fiancé stuff, makeup and facial stuff, my health illnesses I deal with daily...I was hoping u would help me out and watch my videos obviously it’s just me chatting.The harder ones (abuse, molestation, assault)will take time to open up about. Plz help me out. More Latinas helping out other Latinas!! Subscribe to me and enjoy my videos!!!! Just want us to help each other out! I’m just just starting! ☺️💗 thanks again!!! Plz help out a girl ☺️😘

  39. Alondra Celis

    Alondra Celis7 months ago

    aw girl your so beautiful 😍❤️

  40. Ashley Luna

    Ashley Luna7 months ago

    Are you going to do a tutorial with beauty bird pallet ?

  41. Lee K

    Lee K7 months ago

    Half of this video was of you talking!! I wished you made it longer.

  42. Jewel Joseph

    Jewel Joseph7 months ago

    That was such a cute and lovely look b honest I'm in love with your hair .. Please please please do a hair routine video

  43. harajukuLoverrrrr

    harajukuLoverrrrr7 months ago

    You have such pretty natural brows even without makeup!

  44. harajukuLoverrrrr

    harajukuLoverrrrr7 months ago

    I love your brows!

  45. Beautiful-Lu

    Beautiful-Lu7 months ago


  46. Vital Beauty

    Vital Beauty7 months ago

    Does anyone else agree that Evettexo looks a lot like Brittanya Razavi?

  47. Brebdalee Marin

    Brebdalee Marin7 months ago

    I just had a baby and its so hard to do my Makeup...seriously... Ya ni me maquillo Solo cuando mi suegro me cuida la bb.....haha...

  48. lexi bravo

    lexi bravo7 months ago

    is it just me but she just look like Kim Kardashian

  49. JJ

    JJ7 months ago

    Love your nails😍😍

  50. alexis ahumada

    alexis ahumada7 months ago

    Just the video I need it for a mom of 3. This quick everyday mommy look is perfect. I can def make 20-30 mins for myself everyday. Thank you Blanca your a goddess... My dream is to run into you one day.. (-:

  51. pinkbunnie57

    pinkbunnie577 months ago

    Love it and can you do a video on the background of your room. ?? What’s behind you I like the wall art. 👍🏽👍🏽💕👍🏽👍🏽

  52. Aimee Rendon

    Aimee Rendon7 months ago

    By simple I think she meant like y’all still tryna do your makeup but maybe not hella glam.. this is her version of simple so leave her alone lol

  53. Ruby Saenz

    Ruby Saenz7 months ago

    It’s hard when you have a 3 yrs old girl. Once she sees me grabbing my make up box she’s already at the mirror saying yeaaaa mommy make up time can’t even do my hair cuz she’ll undo her hair do and straighten her hair with her toy straightener and blow dry it w her toy one. I gotta do her hair over again and then start on mine. It takes longer for me all the time. My husband has to take her down so I can finish getting ready. But actually ur at the easy stage the harder part is when they start crawling and walking cuz there grabbing everything/ the crazy trouble twos 🤯😵hahahahaha

  54. Kimberly Guzman

    Kimberly Guzman7 months ago

    Please add closed captioning because Im Deaf I want to know what you’re talking about it. /: I hope you read this and then add CC in your next video.

  55. Seudina Nuhanovic

    Seudina Nuhanovic7 months ago

    What brush did you use to contour?!?!

  56. Sara Rocha

    Sara Rocha7 months ago

    I can’t even apply my foundation without my baby getting fussy and crying 😫

  57. Carmela Jacobs

    Carmela Jacobs7 months ago

    Thank you beautiful looking stunning like always 😘.. can you make a video of your favorite morphe brushes gracias hermosa besitos 😍😘

  58. Stephanie Martinez

    Stephanie Martinez7 months ago

    Love this thank you so much! ❤ #thatmomlifethough

  59. Rose Aguilar-Mercado

    Rose Aguilar-Mercado7 months ago


  60. Sophia Lozano

    Sophia Lozano7 months ago

    I love this eyeshadow!! It reminds me of how Kim Kardashian has been doing her shadow in recent Kuwtk episodes !!

  61. Warrior Family

    Warrior Family7 months ago

    Girl.... your an amazing mother !! Your inspiring !! 🍼

  62. J Kalama

    J Kalama7 months ago

    A lot of people are saying that this isn’t simple or easy ,but simple is different for everyone. If you don’t have a lot of practice or experience with makeup I could see how this doesn’t seem easy or fast , but this could be done in 20-30 minutes for someone that has an established routine and doesn’t struggle with the basics (brows/contour/highlight). To me this was a nice simple look , basic shadow and cute lashes.

  63. Yahada Denise

    Yahada Denise7 months ago

    I needed this video, I have a 1 year old son and I never have time to get ready because it’s so energetic & gets into everything now! 😭 btw you’re so pretty & your baby so handsome 💙

  64. Laura Madero

    Laura Madero7 months ago

    🙌 thanks for sharing ❤

  65. Crystal Quintanilla

    Crystal Quintanilla7 months ago

    She looks a lot alike like Kim 😨😨

  66. Lizeth Gonzalez

    Lizeth Gonzalez7 months ago

    Nice video! Wait until he starts the crawling/walking stage. 🙁

  67. Aracely B

    Aracely B7 months ago

    You always look the same.. some people’s facial features change or are more defined according to the makeup look but you always look tan, glowy with small eyes.. weird

  68. Evettexo

    Evettexo7 months ago

    Aracely Marquez thank you? Lol

  69. Life with Kyia

    Life with Kyia7 months ago

    Omg I love you so much ❤️

  70. Valeryy94

    Valeryy947 months ago

    I enjoyed watching your video, but I’m a mom of two a 4 year old and 11 months old , and there’s no way I can get that done lmfao I was like hoping u were gonna do a tutorial but you literally just applied the makeup I didn’t even know what colors or color you used on her crease or lid since I don’t have that palette (I wouldn’t be able to see which colors best match or dupe it)🤪 & it was sped up which made it look like it was quick 😫 anywho , no hate on you or no negativity , just my thought

  71. Michelle Duarte

    Michelle Duarte7 months ago

    Still too much for me..I can’t do it 😩

  72. Diamond Figueroa

    Diamond Figueroa7 months ago

    Blanca please do a hair care and skin care routine! 😍💙

  73. C S

    C S7 months ago

    all her makeup looks look the same.

  74. Raquel Mendoza

    Raquel Mendoza7 months ago

    Thank you for the video . pleasee do more mommy videos. Like quick ootds , quick hairstyles, etc. 💞💞💞

  75. Imelda Ortiz

    Imelda Ortiz7 months ago

    Loving all these mommy videos!

  76. Lizette Rodriguez

    Lizette Rodriguez7 months ago

    These simple looks always look the best on you! Like you make them look bomb! 😍❤️

  77. Cessy E

    Cessy E7 months ago

    You should do a video with holding max while doing your make up lol

  78. yarexy lupercio

    yarexy lupercio7 months ago

    Not a mommy but you slay being a mommy ! I love you girl 😘

  79. Laura Bautista

    Laura Bautista7 months ago

    Not a mommy but just here to support my bestie!!! ❤️

  80. Missy1976

    Missy19767 months ago

    I think you look AMAZING without makeup! But this look is awesome!

  81. MissV

    MissV7 months ago

    what brushes are using for your nose contour and eyes?

  82. Stephanie Marquez

    Stephanie Marquez7 months ago

    Love it!! But did you change your eyebrow routine?

  83. Yuvitza Toj

    Yuvitza Toj7 months ago

    I shared this video with my cousin that is a young mom(17) Can I get a heart❤️Please

  84. Beautybymaira

    Beautybymaira7 months ago

    I love thiss!!!!!!

  85. forever Apathetic

    forever Apathetic7 months ago

    Your so pretty 😄

  86. Priscilla Pie

    Priscilla Pie7 months ago

    Can you do your makeup while holding a very awake baby challenge:)

  87. Karla Perez

    Karla Perez7 months ago

    dude just wait till he starts talking lol , while doing your makeup they’re like “mom this, mom that. “mom,mom” lol

  88. Erica Herrera

    Erica Herrera7 months ago

    Love it thank you for sharing 😘 #snapchatfam👻

  89. Idalia Venegas

    Idalia Venegas7 months ago

    Omgsh this ain't no quick mommy look lol and just wait till you have more kids 😅 good luck! Hopefully you post one, I need some real tips 🤞🏻

  90. Rachheldarling L

    Rachheldarling L6 months ago

    Maybe you guys can check out my quick mommy makeup video lol I don’t have time for this either this is like full glam for me lol 😆

  91. Idalia Venegas

    Idalia Venegas7 months ago

    @Misty Green eyes Same! I have 4 kiddos lol I wish I knew what all that other stuff was for haha

  92. Misty Green eyes

    Misty Green eyes7 months ago

    I know right? For a quick mommy makeup I just put on some facial lotion then foundation and mascara. Vwala! I got 5 kids and even that is a lot to do sometimes. I don't even know what half of that stuff is lol no offense

  93. Ashley Valdovinos

    Ashley Valdovinos7 months ago

    MILF😍 Just Want To Say You Are The Sweetest And So Amazing For Supporting Your Niece The Way You Do She Is Blessed ❣

  94. rosa moreno

    rosa moreno7 months ago

    Girl this is my get ready for weekends!!

  95. Giovanna Rizo

    Giovanna Rizo7 months ago

    You are so pretty!!!!!!!!!

  96. Marlynn' Xoxoo

    Marlynn' Xoxoo7 months ago

    I love the mommy videos so much !! And this is my go to look lol I’m a mom of twins so is the double harder 😭😂 sometimes I just do my brows and fake eyelashes with some lipgloss and that’s it cause is so hard ! To do my makeup now it takes me about 2 hours I have to stop in between all the time 😂

  97. Haleigh Gordon

    Haleigh Gordon7 months ago

    Face routine before makeup ? 👀

  98. Jan Romero S

    Jan Romero S7 months ago

    Those freaking eyebrows girl! Ugh lol 😍 ur beautiful n i think ur an amazing mommy! Keep it up girl

  99. Laura garcia

    Laura garcia7 months ago

    Yo vivía con concealer nada mas once my son hit 3 months lmao 😂😢

  100. Party of Four

    Party of Four7 months ago

    What happens to your biography book!! 🤦🏻‍♀️😩

  101. Karen Rubio

    Karen Rubio7 months ago

    Amazing you can have those nails with a baby. I tried having them long with my baby but I couldn’t do it... i was always scared to poke his eye out or something...I’m not that talented. Lol

  102. vanessa castro

    vanessa castro7 months ago

    Your quick and easy look is literally my daily makeup routine for work minus the eye makeup😂 Or else I would be taking forever tryna blend haha. Love you girl💜

  103. Ari lopez

    Ari lopez7 months ago


  104. Liana Aleman

    Liana Aleman7 months ago

    not a mom but def. enjoy me some quick makeup tutorials! thank youuuuuuuuu ♥ :-*

  105. Brianna Ochoa

    Brianna Ochoa7 months ago

    Ughhh this is exactly what I needed! ♥️

  106. Jackie Xoxoo

    Jackie Xoxoo7 months ago

    You and your mom look like men honestly if it weren’t for your makeup 💄 you’ll look like a guy and this makeup tutorial doesn’t even help you didn’t walk people through it like bitch how you expect this to help probably didn’t know what to upload anymore

  107. Brenda Jacobo

    Brenda Jacobo7 months ago

    How are your brows sooo perfect though ? 😩♥️

  108. MrsPazStyle

    MrsPazStyle7 months ago

    You were my inspiration to start my own channel!♥️ Your so Gorgeous😍

  109. diana blanco

    diana blanco7 months ago

    Love it y I love you more ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😍 eres una chulada de mujer 😘 by the way donde compraste tu sweater or shirt that U have on please ☺️ i love black and yellow together

  110. Nana Zuniga

    Nana Zuniga7 months ago

    I am living for that sweater girl ❤️❤️ I absolutely love it 😍 always looking gorgeous boo

  111. Lina Henriquez

    Lina Henriquez7 months ago

    i can watch you put makeup on all day lol Love you mama. Besos XOxo

  112. Dac Xo

    Dac Xo7 months ago

    What paintbrush do you use for your concealer?