Terminator: Dark Fate - Official Teaser Trailer (2019) - Paramount Pictures


  1. Buda Sardi

    Buda Sardi2 hours ago

    John Connor became Jene Connorova.

  2. Postumus

    Postumus2 hours ago

    I'm so disappointed by all the nay sayers and negative comments. Isn't it what all we hard core fans were waiting for? Bringing back cameron, Linda and Arnold? I have to vomit by the dumb Incels and red pillers bitching about women they can't fuck. I want to remind those basement dwellers that the original Terminator was about a naive and stupid woman-a waitress getting smart and hardcore in order to protect her unborn son. You assholes have to spoil everything but don't mind to cheer for a bad actress like Emila Clark from Games of Thrones or whatever her name is, that can't act for shit and was a big part for the last Terminator fail. It's okay for them because she's the dragon woman and showed her saggy titts on TV. You fanboys are the worst. I am so excited and happy for the reboot. Going back to the roots. Terminator is part of my life. Watching the original on video when I was a little kid of only 5 or 6. Having a crush on Edward Furlong in Terminator 2. It went downhill from then. Back in the days we didn't had that kind of internet and misogynistic boy cunts like now. I hope you all die out soon. Bitching about women when one of the greatest franchise of all time is rebooting and trying to make things right again for us real fans and not some 4 chan, red pill retards that weren't even born when the original movie was screened. Fuck you all and I hope that China will take over and kill you all off. You motherfuckers, yes literally ugly, inbred boys that are sucking their mommy's titts and probably lost their virginity to them. This could be movie history but you are bitching because it's a movie that happens to have more than one woman, and none of them is showing her tiits. I despise this generation of insecure, white men and you red pillers so much.

  3. たかみちか

    たかみちか2 hours ago


  4. Cameron Gtr

    Cameron Gtr2 hours ago

    So is this movie meant to be the proper terminator 3

  5. terah101

    terah1013 hours ago

    Sarah Connor: I've never seen one like you before... What model are you? Female Terminator: I'm an LGBT-1000 model SJW with a gender fluid poly alloy.

  6. PizzaCookies boi100

    PizzaCookies boi1003 hours ago

    he protecc he atacc but most importantly he will be bacc

  7. Салават Ганеев

    Салават Ганеев3 hours ago

    what the fuck comedy ?? I am deeply distressed by you, Cameron.

  8. Салават Ганеев

    Салават Ганеев3 hours ago

    Cameron, have you fooled that shit?

  9. Салават Ганеев

    Салават Ганеев3 hours ago

    Invite Buogarov normal cyborg to simulate in 3D

  10. mustafa yaylalı

    mustafa yaylalı3 hours ago

    Is the song björk’s?

  11. lakshmesha j

    lakshmesha j4 hours ago

    This is thrash man.

  12. Videos For Everyone

    Videos For Everyone4 hours ago

    This movie looks like it is fanmade, just poor graphics.


    BEAR ARMS4 hours ago

    So this is what happens to a terminator when its neural network suffers battle damage. It gets a 404 error, gender file not found, and boots into safe space mode.

  14. Wayne Skurrie

    Wayne Skurrie4 hours ago

    Baaahhhh. I'll watch it. Watching Arnie movies makes me feel young still.

  15. La Quita McCullough

    La Quita McCullough5 hours ago

    Oh yeah Linda Hamilton I cant wait!!!

  16. rusty

    rusty5 hours ago

    This looks like a stupid Marvel movie

  17. RazorSharp

    RazorSharp5 hours ago

    Caution! A total crap is coming along! Stay sharp!

  18. gazoprovod1

    gazoprovod16 hours ago

    1,2 Terminator - minimum effects and came out a masterpiece. Terminator 6 - again computer shit.

  19. Medi van Bruggen

    Medi van Bruggen8 hours ago

    He protecc He attacc But most importantly He will be bacc

  20. KillahSMOKEofCHRIST

    KillahSMOKEofCHRIST8 hours ago

    I think genysis was the best one so far and am looking forward to this one aswell but obviously the first two were great when I was a kid and ahead of their time, I also liked salvation but without a doubt T3 was the worst one in my opinion.

  21. Сергей Лебедев

    Сергей Лебедев8 hours ago

    Where is Suka Blyat John Connor? I do not need this feminist shit with a rating of PG-13, children do not watch the Terminator, children watch Marvel movies.

  22. GameRecord

    GameRecord9 hours ago

    Terminator: Dark Fate -pensioners day?

  23. Jason Steward

    Jason Steward10 hours ago

    To everybody getting mad about this film... dont. Lets just all agree that Terminator 1 and 2 were how it all went down and we can pretend that 3, Genysis and this never happened.

  24. Xarai

    Xarai12 hours ago

    t5 had the perfect ending so wtf is this shit

  25. Mr Joocoobsoon

    Mr Joocoobsoon13 hours ago

    honestly i have faith in this movie

  26. Jonas Thiel

    Jonas Thiel13 hours ago

    This is so sad.

  27. Scott

    Scott13 hours ago

    Will be the first Terminator I've seen since the 3rd one. I didn't bother with the past few one's

  28. FlunderDunder

    FlunderDunder14 hours ago

    is this even fucking in the Terminator universe anymore?

  29. tron3entertainment

    tron3entertainment15 hours ago

    I heard that in Dark Fate, John Connor is a Terminator who goes back in time to kill himself.

  30. Danny Cip

    Danny Cip15 hours ago

    The T100 lives in a cabin in the woods.

  31. Tim Fennell

    Tim Fennell16 hours ago

    Wow the CGI in this looks remarkably bad. I hope they didn't spend too much money on it.

  32. Sandra Napier

    Sandra Napier16 hours ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if Ellen Ripley didn't show Puking Acid..💩

  33. Psygnostic

    Psygnostic17 hours ago

    Looks lame.

  34. PeteRoyJackson

    PeteRoyJackson16 hours ago

    Say that again. Psygnostic as in Psygnosis as in Shadow of the Beast as in that video game from 30 years ago alone is better than this trailer?

  35. EnzoPC Unity

    EnzoPC Unity17 hours ago

    The Skynet is back in the Movie :)

  36. monsieur boeuf de tête

    monsieur boeuf de tête18 hours ago

    2019 sure looks like its gonna be a great year for movies!

  37. OrganicChemistry2

    OrganicChemistry218 hours ago

    *The Feminator* Coming to a theatre near you

  38. J. B.

    J. B.19 hours ago

    Linda looks so hot.

  39. Robert Von Zalaburg

    Robert Von Zalaburg20 hours ago

    Linda Kinda CGI

  40. NYCAllen193

    NYCAllen19320 hours ago

    Crybabies In The Comment Section Are Mad . They Join The Bandwagon Because Other People Are Hating On This Movie

  41. PeteRoyJackson

    PeteRoyJackson2 hours ago

    @NYCAllen193 They're dumb because "they're dumb." Got it.

  42. NYCAllen193

    NYCAllen1932 hours ago

    Because Their Opinions Are Dumb

  43. PeteRoyJackson

    PeteRoyJackson15 hours ago

    @NYCAllen193 52,000, eh? And just how are their opinions dumb?

  44. NYCAllen193

    NYCAllen19315 hours ago

    Their Opinions Are Dumb , Facts

  45. PeteRoyJackson

    PeteRoyJackson16 hours ago

    Not at all. It's called intelligent objective opinion based on the first 2 movies' tone and casting. This has nothing to do with either.

  46. Matthew j Mullarkey

    Matthew j Mullarkey21 hour ago


  47. Hey Loosie

    Hey Loosie21 hour ago

    Who cares about the plot - I can't wait to see Sarah Connor again!!

  48. wryhgfyhg fjghfjhgdkl

    wryhgfyhg fjghfjhgdkl21 hour ago

    Fuck Sarah she is annoying

  49. AEO Co

    AEO Co21 hour ago

    feminazi garbage.

  50. VasileiosF

    VasileiosF22 hours ago

    How can 30 years after the first movies the special effects look much worse?

  51. qamy kaz3

    qamy kaz322 hours ago


  52. Chris M

    Chris M22 hours ago

    I’m going to see it. Even if it’s the worst, it can’t be as bad as the last Star Wars film or that awful Predator movie. Those were really really horrible. I couldn’t make it past 10 minutes. It will be great to see Linda and Arnold on the big screen together again. And yeah past Teminators disappointed but there aren’t many movies like these action pack that aren’t super hero movies.

  53. Dorian Williams

    Dorian Williams23 hours ago

    Uh No-

  54. rationalmuscle

    rationalmuscle23 hours ago

    I see the lefties over at YT are sucking up to this one and botting the thumbs up tally on this cinematic turd. Can't wait for this to die and then kill what's left of a once-great franchise. Oh, and btw: seeing great grandma with a military-grade weapon moving at the speed of Christmas is... well... ... SO STUNNING AND BRAVE.

  55. Nijat Huseynov

    Nijat HuseynovDay ago

    The most close part of the TERMINATOR to the original first two movies (J. Cameron's The Terminator & Terminator 2: Judgment Day) was McG's Terminator Salvation. However Terminator 3 wasn't that much better than other parts, it looks much more better than Genysis & Dark Fate. You should make another part with a new scenario, where you must show that Kyle Reese is not real father of John Connor, and Edward Furlong's John Connor not the same guy, who must save the World from Skynet. Kyle just fell in love with Sarah and she gave a birth to the wrong child. Also the best ending was in the Salvation (next part): John's children (son & daughter) grew up and already professional soldiers of Resistance. In the final battle they find out that the "Sky" "Net" is not on the Earth, it's on the space satellite. They send a ship to the space and destroying Skynet's base, and it downloads itself to the base on Earth, to where they back to terminate it. T-800 attacking John and shooting him down. John's son shooting T-800 with a laser gun by saying words "Hasta La Vista!". The head of T-800 falling next to the face of John. The funeral of John Connor & he's soul staying near. Sarah comes and extends a hand to John by saying "Let's gom son. There is no fate!"

  56. Turpa Sauna

    Turpa SaunaDay ago

    Since its James Cameron i will give it a chance...it better not be that nazifeminist bs like every movie these days

  57. Duo Cad Sordid

    Duo Cad SordidDay ago

    lol wtf is this? a lesbian terminator hahahahaahha

  58. frank white

    frank whiteDay ago

    At this point I’m on the machines side.......

  59. Wisconsin & Lake Michigan Railroad

    Wisconsin & Lake Michigan RailroadDay ago

    Be carful who you bully in middle school...it could be this nut job FYI the T-3000 is scarier than this guy and Elmo gave me more fear than that clown

  60. Ghost Hunter

    Ghost HunterDay ago

    You guys are funny but really this looks great, cant stop watching this.

  61. Mcimby

    McimbyDay ago

    When the woman has more testosteron then the Nerdinator.

  62. Mcimby

    McimbyDay ago

    Nerdinator, can only be stopped by a woman.

  63. Mcimby

    McimbyDay ago

    The Nerds from the future are attaking.

  64. Moon Landing Studios

    Moon Landing StudiosDay ago

    John Connor dies in the movie. He is no longer the hero/leader of the future. Terminator -Dark Fate is Ghostbusters 2016

  65. antwan ali

    antwan aliDay ago

    it looks really good i hope they dont ruin it...by the way whats this like part 9..and aint she like 70 doing action movies but i cant wait to see it

  66. Alejandro

    AlejandroDay ago

    What is that s***? 0:38 it is a playstation 3 game?

  67. fredferrari18

    fredferrari18Day ago

    0:19 it's a scene from Terminator 3 when the terminatrix hunts John Connor on the road

  68. Anay Singh

    Anay SinghDay ago

    That song is so edgy

  69. clobbyhops

    clobbyhopsDay ago

    Maybe 🤔

  70. BestMovieClips

    BestMovieClipsDay ago

    Terminator 2 comment here✍ Terminator 3 fan like here 👍

  71. Okin Arierom

    Okin ArieromDay ago

    Some critique: where is Brad Fiedel's authentic Terminator music with that synth vibe that defines the real Terminator films? Where are the practical effects that make the Terminator feel like a real killing machine instead of cgi? Here it feels like 80% is overdone cgi. Why does this feel like a politically loaded film that is more focused on that instead of the existential questions about humanity as a whole and our relationship with ourselves, the planet and the technology we create? As a fan of T1 and T2, nothing distinguished this trailer from the other abominable Terminator spinoffs that I've seen. I hope that Jim Cameron, Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger proves me wrong.

  72. PeteRoyJackson

    PeteRoyJackson18 hours ago

    No, they won't prove you wrong... this is not a sequel, it's an exercise in name-dropping for a quick $500M.

  73. Elang Akbar

    Elang AkbarDay ago

    damn the comment section, at least wait till the movie came out, it's james cameron who produced T2, it couldn't be that worse

  74. PeteRoyJackson

    PeteRoyJackson18 hours ago

    No, he *directed* T2-big diff from producer. He has almost no artistic input here. His name attached to it is a lure, like the name Terminator. They're guaranteed to make $500M or more on the cameos, cheap-looking CGI, misappropriated casting, empty explosions, and more.

  75. Umar Studios

    Umar StudiosDay ago

    Great, I Hope Arnold Back in This Terminator 6.

  76. Badjokerlamar

    BadjokerlamarDay ago

    If John Connor is not in this movie or dead it's will be worst film ever made

  77. Les Morgan

    Les MorganDay ago

    Looks Great

  78. Lone Wolf

    Lone WolfDay ago

    I miss the old days, you know, where filmmakers actually built a real terminator robot and the story was so simple to catch on.

  79. Mattia Pascal

    Mattia PascalDay ago

    yesterday i had received this message from terminator : I need your boots, your clothes, your synthesizer

  80. Synth Psycho

    Synth PsychoDay ago

    *"Not Another T Movie"*

  81. lamassu Assyrian

    lamassu AssyrianDay ago


  82. Sumire Kotaniyama

    Sumire KotaniyamaDay ago

    I know that this is just an _Official Teaser Trailer_ but I outright _hope_ that when an actual trailer (as well as the actual movie) comes about, that there is a theme that is reminiscent of the themes from Terminator 1 & 2. _If_ this movie is supposed to be a direct sequel to Terminator 2, then the Terminator theme _has_ to be there. *_At the beginning of the movie..._* not an afterthought thrown in while the credits are rolling like Terminator 3, Salvation and Genisys have done... and _please, please, _*_please_* not the same orchestral cover of the theme that played during the credits of the aforementioned three movies. Also for anyone else who's commented on this, please be aware that this is the _Official Teaser Trailer_ that was revealed at CinemaCon. Apparently, after having a slew of people remarking about what they'd seen in the teaser trailer there, it only makes logical sense for Paramount to allow everyone to see what they were talking about. Personally, I expected an _official_ trailer to be available around July-August as the release of the movie in November got closer. The fact that we have a *_teaser_* this early on, in my opinion, tells me a few things. *1.* This is _just a _*_teaser_*_ trailer,_ which let's face it has already been talked about in advance of it being released as a _teaser._ Of the few things that have been _gnawing_ at me, is that Arnold's T-800 is only seen once, and the lack of the theme. The music "Hunter" just doesn't really fit with the trailer. *2.* On the lack of the theme, I understand that Junkie XL is doing the music for the movie, and I am hoping we get *_some kind_* of theme befitting a sequel to Terminator 1 & 2. When an *_Official Trailer_* surfaces, I believe we'll have a proper theme, and _hopefully_ something that befits a true sequel to T2. *3.* This _teaser trailer_ doesn't really give away much information beyond that Sarah and the T-800 are back and introduces us to all new characters. Given that not much else is shown, when we get trailers that are actually *_official_* and not some half-assed clickbait pretending to be an "Official HD Trailer", we _should hopefully_ have something more reassuring. *4.* Paramount may be playing things regarding this movie close to the chest. Understandably, after the fiasco that was Genisys, I'd want to make sure that _when_ an official trailer _is released_ that it doesn't spoil the movie before it makes it to the theaters.

  83. That StonerUpdate

    That StonerUpdateDay ago

    Every Terminator after Judgement day is weakkkk ...hands down the best of all Terminators

  84. นาย วิษณุ แซ่อั้ง

    นาย วิษณุ แซ่อั้งDay ago

    love you too

  85. a-inc

    a-incDay ago

    i though sarah connor died of cancer in Maxico??..

  86. hasibk56

    hasibk56Day ago

    Male terminator Female terminator LGBT terminator

  87. AHuman

    AHumanDay ago

    I actually have the whole story at my finger tips. Anyone willing enough to listen I’ll share. Yes, it’s correct, John does get killed but there is a twist and I know what the twist is based on the information that I’ve received.



    you have 4 20 i will rejected this video

  89. frost

    frostDay ago

    boycott this stupid movie. hell, people are doing so with the upcoming doom and sonic movies

  90. Christopher Timmis

    Christopher TimmisDay ago

    Oh god I don't want to see the TACONATOR . THIS LOOKS SO RUBBISH.

  91. Genesees Quihui

    Genesees QuihuiDay ago

    I want a terminator with the wasteland of the first terminator, can we get that! Post judgement day, please!

  92. King Liberal Mc’GayGlobalwarming

    King Liberal Mc’GayGlobalwarmingDay ago

    I want to have hope, but it’s hard with what the terminator series has seen past few years. Talk to the dick James Cameron

  93. worldstar trap

    worldstar trapDay ago

    What is the song

  94. Cassandra

    CassandraDay ago

    They get worse and worse... putting old characters in the movie is not going to make it good.

  95. Fran Gorno

    Fran GornoDay ago

    Wow... all the negative, salty, butthurt, LGBT and Xenophobic assholes in the comments... are right. Skynet should have won... and terminate them all. We don't need this kind of poison.

  96. Josh Fingerhut

    Josh FingerhutDay ago

    Holy shit, Stephen King's in this?

  97. Kawy Thowy

    Kawy ThowyDay ago

    I’m going hunting???? STUPiD. And the idiot talking saying “I’m going hunting”. This is another dud terminator flick

  98. Mary Jane

    Mary JaneDay ago

    I dont think this is gonna be great cause look at the more recent terminator films there ass

  99. Gurwinder Brar

    Gurwinder BrarDay ago

    I'm done with terminator ✋🏼>>> with all CGI movies. want something real

  100. SteveVi0lence

    SteveVi0lenceDay ago

    For fucks sake, finish one characters story arc for once. Oh wait Arnold kills John Connor in the beginning with the dumbest plot twist.

  101. Mech Engineer

    Mech EngineerDay ago

    Lesbinator vs Mexicanator

  102. Jack Guzman

    Jack GuzmanDay ago

    It not terminator 6, is terminator 3-dark fate!

  103. Fatalshock-JoT

    Fatalshock-JoTDay ago

    Boy, did they ever get the title perfect. I can scarcely imagine a worse fate for the franchise.

  104. Diego Ramirez

    Diego RamirezDay ago

    Pura mierda ..ya no saben que inventar

  105. Mason McDixon

    Mason McDixonDay ago

    a Justin B look alike wow who would have taught

  106. Vellioh

    VelliohDay ago

    1:25 What she meant to say was "I'm not sure why anybody would make a gender fluid terminator..." lol uswork.info/videos/i0dvv4fTiqA-video.html

  107. jon elsea

    jon elseaDay ago

    Kill me now! I am done. This is a huge wad of PC bullshit. I hope there are enough feminists and Transexuals that want to watch this garbage cause I will never watch this manipulative political dumpster fire. Goodbye Terminator franchise. You have seen my last dollar. Cg looks like shit to boot.

  108. Steven Dunn

    Steven DunnDay ago

    Did they really just use a Bjork track for this mess?

  109. Jaky Ann

    Jaky AnnDay ago

    Este es un buen ejemplo de que menos es más... Muy cargado el trailer, le quisieron poner demasiada epicidad...