Binging with Babish: King of the Hill Special


  1. Hannah Minucci

    Hannah Minucci6 hours ago

    You forgot the spoonful of orange juice! In the episode with randy Travis she mentions she always puts a spoonful of orange juice in

  2. Mr.WrymZombie

    Mr.WrymZombie22 hours ago

    For the brown betty try using cinnamon Chex mix as a breadcrumb substitute.

  3. CazzSDMF

    CazzSDMFDay ago

    When it comes to Peggy's's all about how much you congratulate yourself

  4. lovguru23

    lovguru23Day ago

    fuck it, it a small town comfy foods adn thats good in of itself

  5. Jesus Delgado

    Jesus DelgadoDay ago

    You should have shown the difference with grilling on propane vs charcoal

  6. Xayne

    XayneDay ago


  7. Yanrogue

    YanrogueDay ago

    I've never in my life seen frito pie in a pie dish. Take a bowel, dump in fritos, chili on top, finish with shredded cheese. If you want to get fancy add sour cream.

  8. Punmaster

    Punmaster2 days ago

    Please make Bender's Chilie from the cook off in Regular Show.

  9. gr8 Meme

    gr8 Meme2 days ago

    you know what they say about meatballs

  10. XeroBlackBlur913

    XeroBlackBlur9133 days ago

    was the 80Kth like yeet also this is a good video X3 nicely done

  11. Tea Ess W.

    Tea Ess W.3 days ago

    I rebuke that Frito Pie in the name of Jesus.

  12. BananaKing 505

    BananaKing 5053 days ago

    Bro that’s not a frito pie at all dude

  13. Ulises R

    Ulises R4 days ago

    Is this what Americans call "anime"?

  14. Kyle Crans

    Kyle Crans4 days ago

    I’d love to see you tackle some of the recipes from eureka!!! Vincent always made them sound amazing and I’d love to see you bring them to the real world

  15. Michael Reppond

    Michael Reppond5 days ago

    No real Texan makes a Frito pie that way. I have NEVER seen anyone make an actual pie and butter up a dish. You make the chili separate. Pour over Fritos, add freshly shredded cheese and top with sour cream and jalapenos if desired. It's actually easier than how he made it.

  16. TheMattKarl

    TheMattKarl5 days ago

    Calling whole foods brand Parmesan cheese a bottle of crap

  17. Ethan Stam

    Ethan Stam4 days ago

    You can leave the junk on the counter for 16 hours, and it will still be fine. Fucking preservatives and wood pulp.

  18. BLU3BIRDI3

    BLU3BIRDI36 days ago

    Lol when making frito pie you don't measure it, you just heat up a can and dump it in the bag with cheddar cheese and hot dogs if wanted. 😂

  19. Seth Harris

    Seth Harris7 days ago

    No beans in Texas chili

  20. Truly Boredom

    Truly Boredom7 days ago

    That's my purse I don't know you

  21. Nosmicomicles

    Nosmicomicles7 days ago


  22. Molly Brorman

    Molly Brorman7 days ago

    Does he know “frito pie” isn’t actually a pie? You can literally just hear up chili or make chili put some in a bowl throw some Fritos on top and then sprinkle shredded cheese on it😂or dump chili and cheese into a frito bag😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  23. HeartOn OldBench

    HeartOn OldBench8 days ago

    2 days before this was uploaded you were on a worth it winner ep

  24. nick arenas

    nick arenas8 days ago

    I'm hungry

  25. Vintage Future

    Vintage Future8 days ago

    This channel can help Melenial woman matter.

  26. Marshy

    Marshy8 days ago

    Did you just eat your spaghetti with a fork and spoon?

  27. StillNoPickles 11

    StillNoPickles 119 days ago

    Feel free to call me stupid . Occasionally eating tomato sauce I thought there was a vomit kinda taste. I'm thinking that was the acidity. Good to know

  28. Supreme Sam

    Supreme Sam9 days ago


  29. ąղժɾҽա ҍɾąժӀҽվ

    ąղժɾҽա ҍɾąժӀҽվ9 days ago

    How come canned chilis are not even spicy at all but it smells like BO

  30. James Earl Cash

    James Earl Cash10 days ago

    You forgot the spoonful of orange juice in the brown betty, she mentioned that in the same episode that she “poisoned” brooks and dunn.

  31. Piddy

    Piddy10 days ago

    Anything to do with KOH I’m giving views to

  32. osp80

    osp8010 days ago

    no jalapeno cornbread like from the arroyo diner?

  33. osp80

    osp8010 days ago

    this video is...primo.

  34. EightBal 13

    EightBal 1310 days ago

    In the Hanksgiving episode, Peggy says she uses margin and not butter in brown Betty. But either way, great video!

  35. Anonymous Penguin

    Anonymous Penguin10 days ago

    Could you please make LaBarbaras curried goat from Futurama? As spicy as you can get it? It burns right into robot hell ❤🌶

  36. Evil Koala

    Evil Koala11 days ago

    Did you really baked a bag of chips from the store😌

  37. Person of marshmallow

    Person of marshmallow12 days ago

    TABLE SALT? Kosher has been betrayed

  38. Nasa Peepo

    Nasa Peepo13 days ago

    You do a King of the Hill episode but forget but you forget The Famous Dautrive Barbeque, Lutefisk, Corn chips (fresh of the line), Lucky's syrup soda and the squirrel quesadilla

  39. Damian Martinez

    Damian Martinez13 days ago

    You should watch Food Wars!

  40. Depth Perception

    Depth Perception13 days ago

    everybody gangsta until babish exits the frame

  41. sam carter

    sam carter14 days ago

    Why does every chef say “would you like some freshly ground pepper” when serving you pepper out that big ass grinder

  42. David Moore

    David Moore14 days ago

    I am a Texan and I agree that you should use either cheddar or pepper jack

  43. Angry Dot

    Angry Dot14 days ago

    I nevér ate spaghety and meatballs

  44. Snow_Bitzz

    Snow_Bitzz14 days ago

    do you think i know what a jpeg is? i just want my picture of a goddang hotdog ;w;

  45. Asdayasman

    Asdayasman15 days ago

    Imagine having a loving wife. Imagine having a family. If I don't laugh I'll cry.

  46. Arcadium Brew

    Arcadium Brew13 days ago

    sad but wholesome

  47. Latter Day Arbiter

    Latter Day Arbiter15 days ago

    If you wanna elevate your frito pie, may I suggest getting the Wolf chili without beans, but rather mix it with a can of Bush’s baked beans for a savory sweet composure. As for cheese, I’d go for one layer pepper jack and one layer of Munster. To me it tastes wonderful, but try it for yourself and let me know what you think. Open for criticism, not slander

  48. It's Me

    It's Me15 days ago

    Am i the only one who thought about halo cause of the thumbnail?

  49. Gorgonio Medina

    Gorgonio Medina16 days ago

    Doesn't she add a splash of orange juice into her sauce?

  50. MatuIlMito

    MatuIlMito16 days ago

    Why did he scoop the sauce up 🤦‍♂️

  51. Chibz92

    Chibz9216 days ago


  52. AP CU

    AP CU16 days ago

    Oh gosh, I’m watching your channel as I eat rice crackers.... so sad I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL 🥓💕

  53. UnderCookd

    UnderCookd16 days ago

    Homie knows his king of the hill

  54. Kendall Mccumber

    Kendall Mccumber17 days ago

    I just want to point out authentic Texas frito pie would not have beans in the chili

  55. Praxton-de-Nouveau

    Praxton-de-Nouveau17 days ago

    What Frito pie recipe recommended American cheese?! Never seen that. I've only ever had it with shredded cheddar. Especially here in Texas.

  56. Cheyenne Gomez

    Cheyenne Gomez18 days ago

    Can you make the casserole from Clarence? Or the broodwich from aqua teen?

  57. MonkeyFeed

    MonkeyFeed19 days ago

    I thought i was the only one who used pasta water to get even coating...

  58. Gatsmen

    Gatsmen19 days ago

    Spapeggie is spaghetti secret society confirmed?

  59. xd Pumper

    xd Pumper19 days ago

    Wait please tell me no one actually makes frito pie like this... it’s not actually a pie you just pour chili on some Fritos and a little bit of nacho cheese on top way to make everything so complicated...

  60. The 43rd Firedemon

    The 43rd Firedemon19 days ago

    I hope you used a clean burning flame for those meatballs I'll tell you hwhat

  61. DisgameBoy DOOD

    DisgameBoy DOOD19 days ago

    I’d like if he did the curry from persona 5

  62. The Untoned Gamer

    The Untoned Gamer20 days ago

    Who... who bakes their meatballs...

  63. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach20 days ago


  64. Theodore Oliva

    Theodore Oliva21 day ago

    As an Italian, when you were making the meat balls, I felt nothing but pain

  65. Rehan Buvvaji

    Rehan Buvvaji22 days ago

    Wait a minute he didn’t say kosher salt 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  66. John Eusebio

    John Eusebio19 days ago

    He made it the way Peggy does. No way she uses Kosher salt.

  67. Alex Quintero

    Alex Quintero22 days ago

    It was horse shit that poisoned the guy

  68. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ23 days ago

    You made food in college? Stop flexing

  69. Dao Yang

    Dao Yang7 days ago

    LMAO I made food in college. It wasn't good, but I did it.

  70. Jacob Short

    Jacob Short23 days ago

    I feel like the pie would be better with a frito crust because crusts are great.

  71. factura5

    factura523 days ago

    Damn this guy knows his KOTH

  72. Eloiza Galon

    Eloiza Galon23 days ago

    Please do Meemaw's brisket from Sheldon

  73. J C

    J C23 days ago

    I just put chili, add in shredded cheese, sour cream, Fritos, and hot sauce. No need to bake it lol

  74. Jose Lara

    Jose Lara24 days ago

    Wasn't orange juice the secret ingredient in spapeggy and meatballs?

  75. Joseph Omega

    Joseph Omega24 days ago

    Pooh: I'm not sure what I do to this chili... Gopher: 0:47

  76. gamer20555

    gamer2055525 days ago

    What was that frito pie it strange and im from NM the orign of frito pie

  77. Sabri Samat

    Sabri Samat25 days ago

    Didnt know peggy hill is a Foot Festish

  78. Heartworm Injection Okay?

    Heartworm Injection Okay?27 days ago

    You know Hank’s favorite cheese. It’s good to know that you’re a true King of the Hill fan.

  79. Logan Huntley

    Logan Huntley25 days ago

    You need to re-brand

  80. Swey Swey

    Swey Swey27 days ago

    Apple Pie Betty is just a lazy version of Apfelstrudel

  81. Robert Bane II

    Robert Bane II27 days ago

    Or if you're my mom, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning 😂

  82. Amanda Anderson

    Amanda Anderson28 days ago

    My parents shamelessly made prego spaghetti. As in a jar of Prego, chopped raw onion, and over cooked pasta. After learning to cook it right I felt cheated. My father does not like the real way, STILL!! Arrrggghhhhh

  83. Reeve Coble

    Reeve Coble28 days ago

    My only complaint is that he didn’t print out a picture of a got dang hotdog

  84. Eli R

    Eli R28 days ago

    i am in love with king of the hill once again, used to watch it with my cousins as a kid. Im so glad i came across this today!

  85. Your Local Bee

    Your Local Bee29 days ago

    I eat vicariously, in my mind, through your videos. Thank you.

  86. David Myrick

    David Myrick29 days ago

    You added water to your sauce.....but why????

  87. Jessie Vasquez

    Jessie Vasquez29 days ago

    You found a good niche by making food how-to videos from movies and shows

  88. Victoria Light

    Victoria Light29 days ago

    My parents never made this this sad?

  89. SS_ Mr.DeadMan

    SS_ Mr.DeadManMonth ago

    Im still upset that the first clip shown of KOTH wasn't a "Damnit Bobby" clip.

  90. Wendel Bolide

    Wendel BolideMonth ago


  91. Long duk dong

    Long duk dongMonth ago

    I fucking love spaghetti and meatballs.

  92. C0RNMEAL _

    C0RNMEAL _Month ago

    No OJ in the Brown Betty? SMH.

  93. BrooklynBaller101

    BrooklynBaller101Month ago

    I think I know why I didn’t have homemade spaghetti and meatballs growing up, all that much. Probably because my parents idea of homemade meatballs is just balling up ground beef (no seasonings at all.) Then tossing them in the oven. My god, lol. No wonder I didn’t taste good.

  94. Brooks Walker

    Brooks WalkerMonth ago


  95. John zero

    John zeroMonth ago

    No promises. Randy knows what he did.

  96. Gherman Raul

    Gherman RaulMonth ago

    Nobody: Babish: “this isn’t good enough so we’re going to make our own glass bowl and cast our own pan”

  97. Gherman Raul

    Gherman RaulMonth ago

    Trunks Vegeta Briefs , and the home made bricks for the homemade oven

  98. Trunks Vegeta Briefs

    Trunks Vegeta BriefsMonth ago

    Gherman Raul Come on be realistic You forgot the homemade oven

  99. Joseph Robert Butler

    Joseph Robert ButlerMonth ago

    You have to do “Sunday Gravy” from the Sapranos :)

  100. F e l i X t r e m e

    F e l i X t r e m eMonth ago

    It'd be pretty neat if any cartoon show would invite bwb to make a cameo in it. He definitely deserves it.

  101. AnnaThePuddz

    AnnaThePuddzMonth ago

    If you don't want your Frito pie to turn gluey use shredded cheese instead of slices. *coughnativetexancough*

  102. Nick

    NickMonth ago

    I propaned

  103. Chungus 3000

    Chungus 3000Month ago

    Instructions not clear, got an actual wolf instead of Wolf chili

  104. wheremyhose

    wheremyhoseMonth ago

    Peggy probably uses applesauce for Brown Betty. If they bring the show back, an episode with her getting a comedy cooking show should be one. But she is oblivious to it thinking everyone lives her cooking. Then she reads comments with people making fun of her, Hank threatens to kick someone's ass, then Peggy embraces Hank and he gives her a hug while feeling very uncomfortable...because for some reason Hank doesn't like to be intimate with Peggy or anyone. Like Buck said to him one episode "I know you don't have sex" lol.

  105. Filippo

    FilippoMonth ago

    Frying meatballs is an Italian thing? I thought it was normal

  106. sweaty sweaty cheeses

    sweaty sweaty cheesesMonth ago

    So good. Next you could do Bill (Fontaine Delatoix) Dauterive’s bbq rib recipe!

  107. ajchapeliere

    ajchapeliereMonth ago

    I personally vote for canned nacho cheese lol