Binging with Babish: King of the Hill Special


  1. Masterzoroark 666

    Masterzoroark 66619 hours ago

    Ok, when you broke the egg with one hand it was fuckin magical.

  2. wxnhxmx

    wxnhxmxDay ago

    When my mom made frito pie, whe'd just pour the fritos in a bowl pour the chili on top the follow up with cheese. Mix that boy up and maybe if youre up to it put some chopped onion on top.

  3. D.G. Blades

    D.G. Blades3 days ago

    How to make Babish have a mental breakdown: What an AMAZING burger recipe, I’m gonna try it 2:15

  4. Phil Prevost

    Phil Prevost5 days ago

    Adding sugar helps for balancing the acidity and sweetness. In a sense you're combating the acidity by masking it with some sweetness.

  5. SuperDarknut

    SuperDarknut5 days ago

    No promises are made.

  6. AuraMaster

    AuraMaster5 days ago

    "and two time substitute teacher of the year:" *Suddenly Texan* "Peggy Hill"

  7. risha a

    risha a7 days ago

    this is disgusting, is this what americans eat?

  8. Nora Taylor-Hardy

    Nora Taylor-Hardy7 days ago

    "Hand curated chili" 🤣

  9. 后辈

    后辈8 days ago

    I have something to confess, for me spaghetti at it's worst would be just plain spaghetti cooked and seasoned with tiny amount of salt and lightly glazed with butter and it's one of my secret comfort food items just due to how simple it is in preparation as well as taste. So spaghetti with meatballs with proper tomato sauce is really far from spaghetti at it's worst.

  10. Cherti Kinamoto

    Cherti Kinamoto7 days ago

    I really like macaroni and butter. Not ashamed of it.

  11. Paper Plains

    Paper Plains9 days ago

    I def wanna try that apple pie alternative. Looks good a la mode.

  12. Krystal Rossi

    Krystal Rossi12 days ago

    There is one person that adds sugar to jarred tomato sauce. Sadly it’s my mother not Peggy Hill.

  13. Brianna Manning

    Brianna Manning12 days ago

    I like pepper jack CHEESE

  14. U-TOPIC 47

    U-TOPIC 4713 days ago

    it needs *_P R O P A N E_*

  15. Justin Y Not.

    Justin Y Not.14 days ago

    Waynes Brothers Pops Chilli

  16. Ivan the Impoverished

    Ivan the Impoverished15 days ago

    So pretty much make a scandinavian pie add bread crumbs for some reason and add a heart cloging amount of butter? 6:24

  17. Rebeccah Grizzaffi

    Rebeccah Grizzaffi15 days ago

    You overcomplicated the frito pie. Two ways: make a good homemade chili and just pile that shit all over a bowl full of Fritos with shredded cheese over it (Colby jack, Cheddar, or Mexican blend) or do it in a casserole dish because you gotta be able to share that

  18. Ben Mager

    Ben Mager16 days ago

    Does anyone else hate peggy as much as i do?


    THE KEKRONOMICON16 days ago

    I dont get the killing randy travis joke what is that from

  20. NoTalont

    NoTalont14 days ago


  21. Flako Gonzalez

    Flako Gonzalez16 days ago

    Forgot the oj

  22. Doc Purps

    Doc Purps16 days ago

    You should’ve used chili cheese fritos

  23. Ewie M

    Ewie M16 days ago

    You can't possibly be the same guy who made the awesome looking Beef Wellington.

  24. Lukas Brodérus

    Lukas Brodérus17 days ago

    The first thing looks so discusting Classic american food

  25. Shmeffry Shmepstein

    Shmeffry Shmepstein17 days ago


  26. will.m

    will.m17 days ago

    Can you make the apple pie from the seven deadly sins movie

  27. A J

    A J18 days ago

    Peggy hill doesn’t use butter! She only uses margarine !

  28. Dex-dex

    Dex-dex11 days ago

    A J the true 90’s mom thing to use! My mum definitely never let us use the butter for just any Willy nilly meal when I was growing up

  29. Sylvie Butt

    Sylvie Butt19 days ago

    brown Betty is just a cobbler with a name that doesn't confuse Americans

  30. Anna Lee Morris

    Anna Lee Morris19 days ago

    I made this it was good

  31. DouglAsshat

    DouglAsshat19 days ago

    Peggy Hill once said that "if you don't use margarine, it's not a REAL brown betty"

  32. Jesse Brown

    Jesse Brown20 days ago

    Peggy used margarine (not butter) for her brown betty!

  33. Andrew S

    Andrew S20 days ago

    Had to stop watching... making me hungry….

  34. Brittany Gresley

    Brittany Gresley20 days ago

    I'm sorry babish and I hate margarine to Peggy always uses margarine she got into a whole Thanksgiving fight with her mom because they use butter in her mom's house and Peggy needs margarine for her brown Betty

  35. Matthew

    Matthew20 days ago

    Should of used both cheeses

  36. The One True MADAO

    The One True MADAO21 day ago

    I see a whole bowl still full mister, no clean plate badge for you.

  37. vincenzo841993

    vincenzo84199321 day ago

    Just to say, "Spaghetti and meatballs" is not an italian recipe and Parmesan is not Parmigiano 😉

  38. samuel joya

    samuel joya21 day ago

    Dammit bobby

  39. Aspen

    Aspen21 day ago

    Is it honestly a BWB video if there's no kosher salt and freshly-ground pepper

  40. Trent Gerein

    Trent Gerein21 day ago

    You forgot Peggy's secret ingredient to her famous "Apple Brown Peggy"; a tablespoon of orange juice.

  41. debs_universe

    debs_universe22 days ago

    Oh my god i love frito pies but we usually had it in the chip bag with chili and nacho cheese

  42. von junzt

    von junzt19 days ago

    that's the right way to do it. at 711 or any convenience store buy fritos, take them to the self serve nacho station and pump out the cheese (optional jalapenos!) and then the same at the self serve hot dog station for the pump out chili.

  43. Vincent mays

    Vincent mays22 days ago

    Ummmmm three time substitute teacher of the year

  44. castledragonsword

    castledragonsword22 days ago

    i cant make a tomato sauce without adding sherry

  45. Molloch 56

    Molloch 5622 days ago

    Why is that Brown Sugar crumble like in its texture and consistence? At local shops in my place (hamburg,germany) the brown sugar is like grainy just like the fully raffined white sugar.... O.o iam affraid that apple dish wont work with the sugar i can buy here xD

  46. Fourthgirl

    Fourthgirl22 days ago

    Everything better with Nutmeg!

  47. Cryptz Ransomed

    Cryptz Ransomed22 days ago

    HAHA! Got the stupidest look on my face when you started scooping the sauce out with a measuring cup.

  48. Kennedy Wilson

    Kennedy Wilson23 days ago

    Should have used both cheeses

  49. Miranda Etchison

    Miranda Etchison24 days ago

    3rd Rock from the sun- trout butter, trout and peanut butter

  50. Braven Burris

    Braven Burris24 days ago

    You made the Frito pie wrong. it's made with cheddar

  51. ActuallyKent

    ActuallyKent24 days ago

    I've never had sphagetti WITH meatballs

  52. Nobel Tv

    Nobel Tv24 days ago

    peggy like my colone, BAH BAHH ,lloll only ogs get that

  53. Dalvan Buchanan

    Dalvan Buchanan24 days ago

    Boy that frito pi some high shit

  54. Avram Hartman

    Avram Hartman24 days ago

    Rainey street? Do you live in Austin?

  55. Michellesinfuego

    Michellesinfuego24 days ago

    If I remember that episode correctly, I’m pretty sure at the end she tells hank that she adds a splash of OJ to make it her own dish

  56. Joe Ammo

    Joe Ammo22 days ago

    Michellesinfuego I was waiting for the OJ!

  57. Aurojia

    Aurojia25 days ago

    No lutefisk. Shame.

  58. Brebdob

    Brebdob25 days ago

    I like to add a little bit of hot sauce to my spaghetti and meatballs

  59. Joe Lucas

    Joe Lucas25 days ago

    Peggy insisted on MARGARINE not butter as she divulged in the Thanksgiving episode where they were stuck at the airport

  60. LOCKED Beo

    LOCKED Beo25 days ago

    what happened to homemade tomato sauce

  61. The Official Earrape entertainment

    The Official Earrape entertainment25 days ago

    You should make bill dauterive's BBQ ribs.

  62. Disney Des

    Disney Des25 days ago

    Where is the spoonful of orange juice in the Brown Betty (it's what makes hers different)

  63. Rome The Revenant

    Rome The Revenant15 days ago

    This comment is gold

  64. Jaegar Ultima

    Jaegar Ultima25 days ago

    Why the fuck did you do it by the book if you hate it??? Money for fuck's sake it's all about fucking money....That's just pathetic.

  65. Korey Williams

    Korey Williams25 days ago


  66. Death Mwauthzyx

    Death Mwauthzyx26 days ago

    Actually, sugar is added to tomato sauces to mask the bitterness, yes, but the bitterness from the seeds in the tomatoes that are almost always left in and used in generic or bottled sauces. It also aides in masking the metallic taste in food that has been canned too long ago. Perhaps you have associated the "under cooked" bottled sauces as those who never bothered to remove tomato seeds from their sauces? San Marzano are the tomatoes that should be used as they not only provide a thicker and more meaty tomato with a deeper and richer taste but also have very little seeds inside them as opposed to normal tomatoes used in generic spaghetti sauce bottles on the shelf.

  67. JesusIsGOD

    JesusIsGOD26 days ago

    Before baking your meatballs make a test patty first to see if it needs any additional seasoning. I made the mistake of not having enough salt.

  68. Obedient Wife Material

    Obedient Wife Material26 days ago

    This episode should be renamed "how to block your arteries in one meal"