Tony Ferguson’s return, Khabib’s next fight, Namajunas in hostile territory | ESPN MMA Fight Notes


  1. J ronnn

    J ronnn4 months ago

    Tony Ferguson grew an inch at the age of 35? Thats amazinnn'

  2. emjay2d

    emjay2d4 months ago

    God.... Tony vs Ceronne is a DOG fight.

  3. Fred Agener

    Fred Agener4 months ago

    I can't wait for tonight's fight!

  4. Erich Crossland

    Erich Crossland4 months ago

    Please get rid of Helwani and Okamoto already.

  5. ScryingBiotech

    ScryingBiotech4 months ago

    Nurmagomedov is a pussy if he doesn’t face the Boogeyman again.

  6. Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke4 months ago

    Glad to have Brett Okamoto on board. Really tired of big nose drama queen Ariel

  7. Youtube Only

    Youtube Only4 months ago

    Chicken shit McNuggets keeps running from legit fights he’s a bitch his days are over

  8. Ruben Soto

    Ruben Soto4 months ago

    El cucuy my fav mma warrior

  9. Andrew Slatsky

    Andrew Slatsky4 months ago

    Idk why, but Brett okamotos face pisses me off. I’m sure he’s a nice guy… but for some reason he does

  10. texmexspm

    texmexspm4 months ago

    Dustin vs mcgregor Khabib vs Tony

  11. SUPADUDE4070

    SUPADUDE40704 months ago

    All I want for 2019 is Khabib vs Tony And maybe Khabib vs Gaethje even more. Khabib is the only one we haven’t seen in a hard competitive fight. He’s had the easiest matchups for his style his whole career.

  12. johnathan ray

    johnathan ray4 months ago

    espn sucks dick

  13. Faded Jupiterrr

    Faded Jupiterrr4 months ago

    And who's going to fight Nate Diaz !?! Yall sleeping on Nate! Nate deserves a big fight too

  14. Tiffany Q

    Tiffany Q4 months ago

    Tony VS Khabib ...fuck the bullshit

  15. GodZilla

    GodZilla4 months ago

    Nobody wants to see Khabib vs Poirier cmon...

  16. Rexx

    Rexx4 months ago

    Respect for actually talking about the topics you put in the title, kinda unusual in this age of clickbait

  17. Peace A

    Peace A4 months ago

    Lets go Khabib!!!

  18. William

    William4 months ago

    You are completely wrong GSP will never return. Watch his Rogan interview. Looking forward to seeing more Khabib fights though.

  19. itsZukka

    itsZukka4 months ago

    Glad tony got new management, other management put Connor first


    WHITE LION4 months ago

    GSP is still pretty active...on Mojahed channel: Alright I'm coming na na! Seriously though, he still trains at Tristar and helps the other fighters too.


    WHITE LION4 months ago

    Brett: Positive: great work Need improving: that light is too harsh man. Put a diffuser on it or dim it down a bit. 🖐🏻🤓👍🏻

  22. C

    C4 months ago

    The last time McGregor won a fight Doctor Strange wasn't even in the MCU yet.

  23. C

    C4 months ago

    The cursed fight must happen!

  24. Jason Shapiro

    Jason Shapiro4 months ago

    Ferguson should NEVER fight again.

  25. Craig M

    Craig M4 months ago

    Conor vs cerrone(damn Al, this was your fight!) Poirier vs khabib (kinda bullshit but whatever) Then Tony vs winner Then ... Idk

  26. Craig M

    Craig M4 months ago

    Clickbait bulshit, the headline says everything you said about the Tony situation in one phase.. he will be fighting again.. we just have no idea who or when.. thanks for the update brent

  27. Jay R.

    Jay R.4 months ago

    As much as I hate to say this, if Cowboy beats Ferguson then Cowboy vs Khabib would be a bigger fight than GSP vs Khabib.

  28. T Polis

    T Polis4 months ago


  29. Steven Roark

    Steven Roark4 months ago

    Ferguson vs Geatche

  30. Ryan Merritt

    Ryan Merritt4 months ago

    The card in Abu Dhabi is .. Khabib v. Dustin Tony v. Nate Pettis v. McGregor

  31. stuart kounce

    stuart kounce4 months ago

    You forgot your mom and I

  32. Martian

    Martian4 months ago

    Her hands didnt bleed gtfo

  33. Source Light

    Source Light4 months ago

    Brett has obvioisly never ever been in a fight

  34. This is straight cancer Boi

    This is straight cancer Boi4 months ago

    Rose is mentally weak as fuck

  35. TheBig Nig

    TheBig Nig4 months ago

    Bret you are a fucking clown PoS.

  36. Fedi Boi

    Fedi Boi4 months ago

    Conor fucked in the division. Making interim belts useless. Has people like Tony Ferguson fighting his ass off just to get nothing in return. Conor didn’t faze Khabib once in the fight yet they might give him a rematch. Fuck that

  37. Tshering Doji

    Tshering Doji4 months ago

    Hi Dana u r not doing favours to Tony

  38. Tshering Doji

    Tshering Doji4 months ago

    Hi Dana Tony vs Khabab is the best fight that we will ever see in ufc history.

  39. Gia McIntyre

    Gia McIntyre4 months ago

    Rose, you are an inspiration to many. Thank you for sharing your challenges with us from the very beginning. Motivation to win!

  40. C Daniels

    C Daniels4 months ago

    How does Kevin Lee play into this though ?

  41. Dan Martin

    Dan Martin4 months ago

    I honestly would have gotten a new manager a long time ago if I were Tony. It's hard enough to get opportunities as a Lightweight just with Conor being there. But to have your manager, the person who's supposed to get you money and opportunities, also be Conor's manager. Audie would have been fired a long time ago.

  42. Ryan McGuire

    Ryan McGuire4 months ago

    I like this idea of Fight Notes videos, giving people mma updates. Thanks Brett👍👊

  43. DPER4

    DPER44 months ago

    Khabib is not the champion until he beats Ferguson

  44. Cheese&Bacon 009

    Cheese&Bacon 0094 months ago

    Tony shouldn’t have to fight again to get a title shot .I wouldn’t have took the pettis fight if I was him but he got it done.

  45. Eduardo Flores

    Eduardo Flores4 months ago

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to deserve a title fight more than the interim champion.


    THE TRUTH4 months ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to call McGregor a POS RAPIST.

  47. Daniel Yerke

    Daniel Yerke4 months ago

    If Khabib beats Dustin and Tony which will be tough. He might retire so give him GSP.

  48. Martian

    Martian4 months ago

    Wont happen

  49. StrykesV3 StrykesV3

    StrykesV3 StrykesV34 months ago

    El Cucuy deserves the title shot after Poirier vs Khabib. Nothing less.

  50. puntsize

    puntsize4 months ago

    Tony vs Poirier should happen right now and the winner fight Khabib. It’s amazing that Michael Johnson has wins over both of them .

  51. Eduardo Flores

    Eduardo Flores4 months ago

    puntsize MJ KO Dustin. MJ beat Tony by UD after Tony broke his arm

  52. Bofo90

    Bofo904 months ago

    You have to fight the best to be considered the best. If Conor cares about his legacy he'll ASK to fight Tony. If he takes the fight vs Cerrone we will know his fighting career is over. Even business wise I believe a Tony fight makes him way more money

  53. Javi 96

    Javi 964 months ago

    Tony vs Conor, even though that would totally kill Conor’s stock when he loses.

  54. Bofo90

    Bofo904 months ago

    Tony vs Conor is the fight to make. If Conor fights Cerrone it's a bitch move and the real fight fans know it

  55. Kyle Elpel

    Kyle Elpel4 months ago

    Cerrone, McGregor, Gaethje, and Ferguson all deserve top ranked guys. Cerrone vs McGregor Gaethje vs Ferguson If they all win then Tony gets next title shot, if Tony loses Conor gets it, if Gaethje wins and Conor loses, he gets it

  56. Fidan Rexhepi

    Fidan Rexhepi4 months ago

    don't blame khabib he's the1 who got screwed half a mil +more and dustin vs khabib is a great match tony vs conner or cowboy if conner don't fight ..and i dont think tony will be hard for khabib with his long legs very easy take downs also tony dont have ko power so against khabib he will get mauled now dustin is big guy and tough as fuk he has better chance against khabib

  57. srinivas kumar

    srinivas kumar4 months ago

    Why are you just writing Dustin off? He could be the one to beat Khabib!!

  58. Horatio Redgreenblue

    Horatio Redgreenblue4 months ago

    Footage of McGregor at his peak to get you excited - he's not going to be like that in any future fight. How long is it going to be before everyone stops flogging that dead horse? A long fucking time...

  59. shinobi1g fff

    shinobi1g fff4 months ago

    😈😈 he he heeeeee the boogyman is back

  60. Sky Burial

    Sky Burial4 months ago

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to earn a fight for the belt but get handed #15

  61. Strapping Young Chad

    Strapping Young Chad4 months ago

    #thisismymat #snapdowncity #snapjitsu E L C U C U Y I S B A C K #howlongmustiwait

  62. Junior diaz

    Junior diaz4 months ago

    Khabib not getting past Ferguson

  63. Theron Nelson

    Theron Nelson4 months ago

    Tony why did you lose your mind you could have done what miocic did take it easy don't party and relax and be a good guy it'll eventually happen don't act like you're entitled or angry or hostile just be cool knowing that you chose this f***** up sport therefore you have to do the right things you can't act like a spoiled brat and get your way all the time it's just a weird scenario the whole sport is run by a bunch of scummy people anyway so it's a bad scenario