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Tony Ferguson’s return, Khabib’s next fight, Namajunas in hostile territory | ESPN MMA Fight Notes


  1. J ronnn

    J ronnnMonth ago

    Tony Ferguson grew an inch at the age of 35? Thats amazinnn'

  2. emjay2d

    emjay2dMonth ago

    God.... Tony vs Ceronne is a DOG fight.

  3. Fred Agener

    Fred AgenerMonth ago

    I can't wait for tonight's fight!

  4. Erich Crossland

    Erich CrosslandMonth ago

    Please get rid of Helwani and Okamoto already.

  5. ScryingBiotech

    ScryingBiotechMonth ago

    Nurmagomedov is a pussy if he doesn’t face the Boogeyman again.

  6. Lucky Luke

    Lucky LukeMonth ago

    Glad to have Brett Okamoto on board. Really tired of big nose drama queen Ariel

  7. Youtube Only

    Youtube OnlyMonth ago

    Chicken shit McNuggets keeps running from legit fights he’s a bitch his days are over

  8. Ruben Soto

    Ruben SotoMonth ago

    El cucuy my fav mma warrior

  9. Andrew Slatsky

    Andrew SlatskyMonth ago

    Idk why, but Brett okamotos face pisses me off. I’m sure he’s a nice guy… but for some reason he does

  10. texmexspm

    texmexspmMonth ago

    Dustin vs mcgregor Khabib vs Tony

  11. SUPADUDE4070

    SUPADUDE4070Month ago

    All I want for 2019 is Khabib vs Tony And maybe Khabib vs Gaethje even more. Khabib is the only one we haven’t seen in a hard competitive fight. He’s had the easiest matchups for his style his whole career.

  12. johnathan ray

    johnathan rayMonth ago

    espn sucks dick


    JUPITERRRRR CxMonth ago

    And who's going to fight Nate Diaz !?! Yall sleeping on Nate! Nate deserves a big fight too

  14. Tiffany Q

    Tiffany QMonth ago

    Tony VS Khabib ...fuck the bullshit

  15. Coogi King

    Coogi KingMonth ago

    Nobody wants to see Khabib vs Poirier cmon...

  16. Rexx

    RexxMonth ago

    Respect for actually talking about the topics you put in the title, kinda unusual in this age of clickbait

  17. Peace A

    Peace AMonth ago

    Lets go Khabib!!!

  18. Wiremu

    WiremuMonth ago

    You are completely wrong GSP will never return. Watch his Rogan interview. Looking forward to seeing more Khabib fights though.

  19. itsZukka

    itsZukkaMonth ago

    Glad tony got new management, other management put Connor first


    WHITE LIONMonth ago

    GSP is still pretty active...on Mojahed channel: Alright I'm coming na na! Seriously though, he still trains at Tristar and helps the other fighters too.


    WHITE LIONMonth ago

    Brett: Positive: great work Need improving: that light is too harsh man. Put a diffuser on it or dim it down a bit. 🖐🏻🤓👍🏻

  22. C

    CMonth ago

    The last time McGregor won a fight Doctor Strange wasn't even in the MCU yet.

  23. C

    CMonth ago

    The cursed fight must happen!

  24. Jason Shapiro

    Jason ShapiroMonth ago

    Ferguson should NEVER fight again.

  25. Craig M

    Craig MMonth ago

    Conor vs cerrone(damn Al, this was your fight!) Poirier vs khabib (kinda bullshit but whatever) Then Tony vs winner Then ... Idk

  26. Craig M

    Craig MMonth ago

    Clickbait bulshit, the headline says everything you said about the Tony situation in one phase.. he will be fighting again.. we just have no idea who or when.. thanks for the update brent

  27. Jay R.

    Jay R.Month ago

    As much as I hate to say this, if Cowboy beats Ferguson then Cowboy vs Khabib would be a bigger fight than GSP vs Khabib.

  28. T Polis

    T PolisMonth ago


  29. Steven Roark

    Steven RoarkMonth ago

    Ferguson vs Geatche

  30. Ryan Merritt

    Ryan MerrittMonth ago

    The card in Abu Dhabi is .. Khabib v. Dustin Tony v. Nate Pettis v. McGregor

  31. stuart kounce

    stuart kounceMonth ago

    You forgot your mom and I

  32. Martian

    MartianMonth ago

    Her hands didnt bleed gtfo

  33. Source Light

    Source LightMonth ago

    Brett has obvioisly never ever been in a fight

  34. This is straight cancer Boi

    This is straight cancer BoiMonth ago

    Rose is mentally weak as fuck

  35. TheBig Nig

    TheBig NigMonth ago

    Bret you are a fucking clown PoS.

  36. Fedi Boi

    Fedi BoiMonth ago

    Conor fucked in the division. Making interim belts useless. Has people like Tony Ferguson fighting his ass off just to get nothing in return. Conor didn’t faze Khabib once in the fight yet they might give him a rematch. Fuck that

  37. Tshering Doji

    Tshering DojiMonth ago

    Hi Dana u r not doing favours to Tony

  38. Tshering Doji

    Tshering DojiMonth ago

    Hi Dana Tony vs Khabab is the best fight that we will ever see in ufc history.

  39. Gia McIntyre

    Gia McIntyreMonth ago

    Rose, you are an inspiration to many. Thank you for sharing your challenges with us from the very beginning. Motivation to win!

  40. C Daniels

    C DanielsMonth ago

    How does Kevin Lee play into this though ?


    commentsMonth ago

    long road back


    commentsMonth ago

    Conor will not fight again- it will not happen

  43. Dan Martin

    Dan MartinMonth ago

    I honestly would have gotten a new manager a long time ago if I were Tony. It's hard enough to get opportunities as a Lightweight just with Conor being there. But to have your manager, the person who's supposed to get you money and opportunities, also be Conor's manager. Audie would have been fired a long time ago.

  44. Ryan McGuire

    Ryan McGuireMonth ago

    I like this idea of Fight Notes videos, giving people mma updates. Thanks Brett👍👊

  45. DPER4

    DPER4Month ago

    Khabib is not the champion until he beats Ferguson


    commentsMonth ago

    ...but do you see that happening- there are much easier and profitable fights for KN

  47. Cheese&Bacon 009

    Cheese&Bacon 009Month ago

    Tony shouldn’t have to fight again to get a title shot .I wouldn’t have took the pettis fight if I was him but he got it done.

  48. Eduardo Flores

    Eduardo FloresMonth ago

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to deserve a title fight more than the interim champion.


    commentsMonth ago

    ...a very good use of the "Tony is the type of guy" meme- well done sir!


    THE TRUTHMonth ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to call McGregor a POS RAPIST.

  51. Daniel Yerke

    Daniel YerkeMonth ago

    If Khabib beats Dustin and Tony which will be tough. He might retire so give him GSP.

  52. Martian

    MartianMonth ago

    Wont happen

  53. StrykesV3 StrykesV3

    StrykesV3 StrykesV3Month ago

    El Cucuy deserves the title shot after Poirier vs Khabib. Nothing less.


    commentsMonth ago

    No one wants to fight Tony... there are easier ways to make money. This is literally true

  55. puntsize

    puntsizeMonth ago

    Tony vs Poirier should happen right now and the winner fight Khabib. It’s amazing that Michael Johnson has wins over both of them .

  56. Eduardo Flores

    Eduardo FloresMonth ago

    puntsize MJ KO Dustin. MJ beat Tony by UD after Tony broke his arm

  57. Bofo90

    Bofo90Month ago

    You have to fight the best to be considered the best. If Conor cares about his legacy he'll ASK to fight Tony. If he takes the fight vs Cerrone we will know his fighting career is over. Even business wise I believe a Tony fight makes him way more money

  58. Javi 96

    Javi 96Month ago

    Tony vs Conor, even though that would totally kill Conor’s stock when he loses.


    commentsMonth ago

    Conor is done- he will not fight again

  60. Bofo90

    Bofo90Month ago

    Tony vs Conor is the fight to make. If Conor fights Cerrone it's a bitch move and the real fight fans know it


    commentsMonth ago

    to be real Conor has too many legal issues to fight- he is tied up for the next year- after that he if he is not in prison he will step away from public life.... he is done with fighting.

  62. Kyle Elpel

    Kyle ElpelMonth ago

    Cerrone, McGregor, Gaethje, and Ferguson all deserve top ranked guys. Cerrone vs McGregor Gaethje vs Ferguson If they all win then Tony gets next title shot, if Tony loses Conor gets it, if Gaethje wins and Conor loses, he gets it

  63. Fidan Rexhepi

    Fidan RexhepiMonth ago

    don't blame khabib he's the1 who got screwed half a mil +more and dustin vs khabib is a great match tony vs conner or cowboy if conner don't fight ..and i dont think tony will be hard for khabib with his long legs very easy take downs also tony dont have ko power so against khabib he will get mauled now dustin is big guy and tough as fuk he has better chance against khabib


    commentsMonth ago

    I respect Dustin all day but Khabib is just miles above him- it would be a very one sided fight... as for Tony and Khabib that fight will not happen because Khabib does not want the type of serious injury that is likely in that fight- Tony is violent on a different level than mixed martial arts- it is a different level of violence.

  65. srinivas kumar

    srinivas kumarMonth ago

    Why are you just writing Dustin off? He could be the one to beat Khabib!!

  66. Horatio Redgreenblue

    Horatio RedgreenblueMonth ago

    Footage of McGregor at his peak to get you excited - he's not going to be like that in any future fight. How long is it going to be before everyone stops flogging that dead horse? A long fucking time...

  67. shinobi1g fff

    shinobi1g fffMonth ago

    😈😈 he he heeeeee the boogyman is back

  68. Sky Burial

    Sky BurialMonth ago

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to earn a fight for the belt but get handed #15

  69. Strapping Young Chad

    Strapping Young ChadMonth ago

    #thisismymat #snapdowncity #snapjitsu E L C U C U Y I S B A C K #howlongmustiwait

  70. Junior diaz

    Junior diazMonth ago

    Khabib not getting past Ferguson

  71. Theron Nelson

    Theron NelsonMonth ago

    Tony why did you lose your mind you could have done what miocic did take it easy don't party and relax and be a good guy it'll eventually happen don't act like you're entitled or angry or hostile just be cool knowing that you chose this f***** up sport therefore you have to do the right things you can't act like a spoiled brat and get your way all the time it's just a weird scenario the whole sport is run by a bunch of scummy people anyway so it's a bad scenario

  72. Chef Antonio Giovanni

    Chef Antonio GiovanniMonth ago

    Greatest featherweight of all time? Did you see the two Holloway fights? He showed no discipline, improvement in the rematch, tactics just to name a few attributes of a goat, not to mention the Conor fight where he got so emotionally invested he almost kod himself

  73. abeeftec

    abeeftecMonth ago

    McGregor was WAY bigger during the Alvarez fight than he was vs Khabib. WTF happened to him? ALCOHOL

  74. Shaun Walker

    Shaun WalkerMonth ago

    Cocaine is a helluva drug

  75. Karma Vagus

    Karma VagusMonth ago

    Alcohol is really high in calories and would make someone gain weight, not lose it.

  76. Sid Bakshi

    Sid BakshiMonth ago

    Khabib saying he will fight 3 times sounds like he is keeping the door open for Tony. What a champ.

  77. Karma Vagus

    Karma VagusMonth ago

    @puntsize he fought Barboza, Al and Conor in the space of 11 months so he's already done it before lol solid theory though. You sound like a butthurt Mcnuthugger.

  78. Sid Bakshi

    Sid BakshiMonth ago

    @puntsize till now hes ducked no one. He's no pussy like Conor. Like Okomoto mentioned he did that last year against top 10 opponents. So I dont know what you're on.

  79. puntsize

    puntsizeMonth ago

    Sid Bakshi I highly doubt seeing Khabib defend against 3 super tough opponents within a year. He has a difficult time making weight, and if they give him the right matchup he will lose .

  80. gordon anirah

    gordon anirahMonth ago

    Tony vs McNuggets

  81. Sideshow B.A.B.S.

    Sideshow B.A.B.S.Month ago

    Need more of these Brett! I’d love for you to have your own show, even if it was only 15-30 minutes

  82. Bfns 23

    Bfns 23Month ago

    If Connor really is that guy that isn't scared to fight anybody, as long as the money is right, then he'll fight Tony Ferguson. If he's scared then he'll just fight Cerrone for less money and we all will know that Khabib took his pride

  83. C Daniels

    C DanielsMonth ago

    Floyd already stole it

  84. scgamerd

    scgamerdMonth ago

    The mentally unstable alcoholic is back

  85. Karma Vagus

    Karma VagusMonth ago

    what do you mean? Conor hasnt announced his return yet.

  86. Shaiq Jamal

    Shaiq JamalMonth ago

    Tow fighter have contender belt they should fight winner of them face khabib..

  87. Conor Mac

    Conor MacMonth ago

    I swear bro if Tony doesn’t get Khabib or a money fight such as McGregor, Diaz or Cowboy I’m gonna lose it. If they try giving him Gaetje Dana White needs to be fired on the spot

  88. Shaiq Jamal

    Shaiq JamalMonth ago

    Conor is not ready for tap.. he will come after awhile...

  89. Tripper Harrison

    Tripper HarrisonMonth ago

    Suck it up Thug Rose ! You got this !!! Represent !!!

  90. UMAR Nurmagomedov

    UMAR NurmagomedovMonth ago

    Khabib beats poirier ferguson gsp and rematch tap machine 30-0 that's crazy MMA record no other ufc fighter in history has done that

  91. Karma Vagus

    Karma VagusMonth ago

    I love Khabib but he's not beating GSP, he'll beat everyone else though but not George.

  92. Austin Barnes

    Austin BarnesMonth ago

    Is it really a death chant if you can’t understand it? 🤔

  93. Austin Barnes

    Austin BarnesMonth ago

    @The Isaiahnator I know I just think it kinda sounds cool and it would pump me up instead intimidating me

  94. The Isaiahnator

    The IsaiahnatorMonth ago

    Everyone knows what it means by now.

  95. Shable

    ShableMonth ago

    Dana is conors bitch, he runs the UFC and we all are sick of hearing about him unless he is actually fighting or has a fight coming up

  96. L. G.

    L. G.Month ago

    its a Circus. ranked fighters dont mean shit anymore. its all about ESPN ruined UFC. Mickey mouse taking over

  97. Eric Koenig

    Eric KoenigMonth ago

    Tony Ferguson is going to lose his punching bag filed a restraining order

  98. pintiocu

    pintiocuMonth ago

    you guys are talking like khabib already beats dustin , get out of here , dustin is gonna ko this guy

  99. Karma Vagus

    Karma VagusMonth ago

    Dustin got beaten by Michael Johnson who Khabib absolutely raped lol.

  100. Ahmad Qazi

    Ahmad QaziMonth ago

    Nice joke.

  101. Mehul Bhole

    Mehul BholeMonth ago

    So let's get a perspective here, Khabib is booked against porier McGregor against cowboy Al just lost a fight so did edson Who's left ? Tony vs gaethje 🤔😀🙂 That would be fucking crazy.

  102. SoCalprio

    SoCalprioMonth ago

    Conor NEEDS to fight SOMEONE soon. Khabib isn’t playing about not deserving the rematch. As much money as that would generate, fuuuuuck that. Of course it’s his choice but as a fan, selfishly I just wanna see Conor back.

  103. Ye7ia07

    Ye7ia07Month ago

    Who is this chump? They should hire retired UFC fighters.

  104. SoCalprio

    SoCalprioMonth ago

    I feel like Brett has the job of a lifetime. Killing it 🤙🏽

  105. Dafydd Johnson

    Dafydd JohnsonMonth ago

    i think theres a chance rose is the first away from home athlete not to get death chanted, or at least its not as loud

  106. The Isaiahnator

    The IsaiahnatorMonth ago

    I don't think Ronda got one when she fought Bethe.

  107. hasaan prentiss

    hasaan prentissMonth ago

    Tony vs Justin Connor vs Cerrone Dustin vs Khabib Cmon now it only makes sense

  108. hasaan prentiss

    hasaan prentissMonth ago

    Or they can do Connor vs Tony Cerrone Vs Justin Khabib vs Porier ....if I butchered they names I’m sorry

  109. ya mom said I could

    ya mom said I couldMonth ago

    Im scared for rose. If she beats andrage shes the best in my book

  110. JMB23

    JMB23Month ago

    An Olympic Gold Medal has a Henry Cejudo

  111. JM Dylan

    JM DylanMonth ago

    Please! Tony Ferguson vs Justin Gaethje.! What ya think?

  112. rated 21

    rated 21Month ago

    @JM Dylan haha yeah he better. i think dustin deserves it for sure but i don't see him doing anything to khabib unlike tony

  113. JM Dylan

    JM DylanMonth ago

    @rated 21 You can agree or disagree all you want. Tony is not going to fight Khabib next. Unless some unforseen accident or injury keeps Dustin from fighting. If Tony is good and ready to fight he should just fight. No point in waiting. He will get his shot in all due time.

  114. rated 21

    rated 21Month ago

    @JM Dylan yes of course i do and i did not say i do not want him to fight justin. that would be insane! but i do not agree about the fact that dustin should get the next shot. tony deserves it more and he never fucking lost his belt he rightfully won. he got stripped yeah but for no reason and came back in record time and made pettis quit in there.

  115. JM Dylan

    JM DylanMonth ago

    @rated 21 Im not hearing a question! Sooner or later Tony F. will have to face Justin G. My point is he shouldn't wait to fight Khabib in September that fight is already booked. If your a true fan of Tony wouldn't you just want to see him fight!

  116. rated 21

    rated 21Month ago

    @JM Dylan tony should have gotten everybody's attention long ago. the guy has even better fights then justin and finishes all these guys at their own game

  117. jon jones

    jon jonesMonth ago

    dustin porier will beat khabib 27-1

  118. strength out of weakness

    strength out of weaknessMonth ago

    I'm a British Yorkshire man!! I would flatten anyone in that cage, cant move like me, no 1 has my strengh. I back up what I say.

  119. Anderson Silva

    Anderson SilvaMonth ago

    Problem with mma comment sections is everyone's so emotional. If you cant discuss who should match up without bringing in bias, uneducated fandom for one guy, then Just stfu. Nobody cares that you think only your favorite guy who you've been a fan of for 3 months - is the end all be all answer to this lightweight clusterfuck

  120. Alejandro Ramirez

    Alejandro RamirezMonth ago

    If Conor beat Tony he would get a rematch with Khabib which is what he wants the most. Beating Cowboy, however, probably won't be enough to warrant him the title shot. Thus, the fight with Tony makes the most sense.

  121. TreesAblaze420

    TreesAblaze420Month ago

    Sure but his chances of winning that are slim

  122. UMAR Nurmagomedov

    UMAR NurmagomedovMonth ago

    🤣🤣Your delusional to even think mcgregor would beat Tony ferguson.

  123. TheWizardOfOsborne

    TheWizardOfOsborneMonth ago

    I LOVE this segment!! Please give Bret the opportunity to make as many of these as possible

  124. Josh Spawn

    Josh SpawnMonth ago

    good fights but no way near $60 worthy

  125. Tony Montana

    Tony MontanaMonth ago

    Let Khabib enjoys hes Ramadan!!😬

  126. Yer Da

    Yer DaMonth ago

    Still don’t understand how Tony wasn’t fit to fight Khabib yet fought Pettis like 5 minutes before Khabib fought McNuggets.

  127. Ratep

    RatepMonth ago

    He was fit, but UFC wanted Conor fight unfortunately

  128. salil pai

    salil paiMonth ago

    UFC to Tony: Hey Tony, you are about 8 fights ahead of the next deserving contender, how about you fight this rank 7 guy with a 2 fight winstreak so that you succumb to pressure and lose your opportunity at the title shot that you deserved 4 years ago?


    DEEP MMA & BOXINGMonth ago

    khabib having 3 fights in 11 months is great and all but hes also took 11 months exactly off after conor and before johnson

  130. MannElite

    MannEliteMonth ago

    Can they hire 1 full time, non-fighter journalist who is not a cocksucker?

  131. Comical Ali

    Comical AliMonth ago

    Good that Tony left his management that kept screwing him over in favour of Conor, Audie Attar is a sleezeball, Ali Abdelaziz might be a rat but his fighters love him and he takes care of his fighters.

  132. Eduardo Flores

    Eduardo FloresMonth ago

    Comical Ali Do you think Audie didn’t want Tony to beat his golden goose Conor

  133. Alex Chaparro

    Alex ChaparroMonth ago

    Who the fuuuuuk is this guy.