Creating An NBA G.O.A.T Pyramid PART 2 (Tier 1 Revealed)


  1. JxmyHighroller

    JxmyHighroller25 days ago

    Thank you all for tuning in to this two part series! I know that cliff hanger in part 1 got some of y’all ready to square up but I hope the end result was worth the wait. Also I just have to say, throughout the process of making this video I spent hours and hours watching old film, looking up obscure stats and facts that only us basketball fans would appreciate, and watched clips of legendary moments and after awhile I caught myself getting lost in these old videos, in amazement at how incredible these players are and how awesome this sport is. Because of y’all I get to watch, dissect and analyze basketball for a living and I CANNOT thank y’all enough. This is truly the best job in the world and I’m going to continue to create this stories and videos for us to watch, share and enjoy. I Appreciate all of you 💯

  2. Jinky

    JinkyDay ago

    Good list, but where’s Brian scalebrine

  3. Austin Edwards

    Austin EdwardsDay ago

    I think you have a fair argument about Dirk but you do need to consider that when you say watching Michael play it was so obvious he was the best player on the court which is true but it was the same for Dirk for a very long time, Dirk literally is the greatest European player of all time and developed a shot that was so unstoppable when he played the heat Dirk looked like the best player on the floor. I feel like you really only considered that point with Jordan and not with players like Dirk, Shaq, or even Bird

  4. J Jones

    J JonesDay ago

    @PW McGowan tier 4

  5. PW McGowan

    PW McGowanDay ago

    Where will Kawhi Leonard be place now willing 2 titles and 2 MVPs under 30 yrs. What do you think...

  6. J Jones

    J JonesDay ago

    Even Curry has the same hardware and has changed the game more than Lebron

  7. BizBoy

    BizBoyMinute ago

    Lebron is the goat because he only lost because he had nobody and ran into a superteam, curry has kd Jordan has pippen, lebron has nobody on this list and he still won once against the warriors and staged the greatest finals comeback of all time

  8. tigger williams

    tigger williams38 minutes ago

    I can't lie its pretty good

  9. abdini ok

    abdini ok3 hours ago

    How is john stockten better then allen iverson

  10. Giorgio Fraguio

    Giorgio Fraguio5 hours ago

    Wade should be tier 3 switch with Russell

  11. Hanzo Main

    Hanzo Main9 hours ago

    Everyone would agree that mj is almost as good as god if he played basketball but I think if Larry bird never did wreck his back or mess up his basketball shot and was able to play longer maybe he could've passed mj in this list but that's the thing exactly he got wrecked by magic and magics drive to win it was hard for Larry to get any finals trophies against him with magic and Larry getting out of the way mj had no big big competition at the current time so he steam rolled the league that was amazing and incredible to watch i love basketball as much as I love air i don't have bias towards player or their character of that player whether your a Celtic, a bull, or a Laker your always valued in my eyes in all honesty I loved Larry bird the way he played with such determination the fire of Blake griffin going for a dunk but in a shooter what's not to love but he had his flaws sure he could run all day but he was slow and couldn't jump or rebound so he had to make up for it with brains and in all honesty I think as a player getting the win or team spirit or being flashy or amazing but there's nobody I'd rather have taking a buzzer beater to save my life than bird hopefully you guys don't hate me for my verbal garbage but in my opinion I loved 70s-90s basketball and there was those players that make you go "hot damn that's spicy" but in all honesty my favorite player isn't either of those amazing players but Blake griffin the man was relentless at certain points and gives monster dunks and at one time could shoot decent threes but do I think Blake is the best? No maybe if kawhi Leonard puts up some better numbers anf gets a few more achievements and I mean two or three more achievements he'd probably be way above Blake on this tier list but I'm speaking honestly without bias or trying to at least sorry for wasting your time

  12. Iain Warren

    Iain Warren9 hours ago

    I have a problem with like 3-4 of these places but this is probably the most accurate analysis I've seen honestly. Also as a self confessed Lakers hater Kobe is massively under appreciated, he was multiple times All NBA AND All Defensive 1st team in the same year but only had one MVP.

  13. SpecialistTV

    SpecialistTV11 hours ago

    You hit the nail in the coffin with MJ. I was born in '92 and I clearly remember my entire family gathering around to watch his games and cheer him on. Funny thing is, none of my family members were or are basketball fans. I must have been about 6yrs old and I still clearly remember all of this down to the details.

  14. CompEdd -

    CompEdd -11 hours ago

    People really think Kobe better then shaq ?

  15. John Justic

    John Justic13 hours ago

    Steve Nash?

  16. Chris Perez

    Chris Perez13 hours ago

    overrating Kobe and underrating KD

  17. Thomasoccer 7

    Thomasoccer 714 hours ago

    kawhi after this title is lowkey tier 5

  18. maxsilver8

    maxsilver815 hours ago

    Kareem over mj

  19. Mark Simko

    Mark Simko15 hours ago

    After Bill Russell (11 NBA Championships, 8 in a row), the next is Marques Haynes.

  20. Edwin Creech

    Edwin Creech17 hours ago

    Replace one of those nobody’s on tier 5, push KD down to 5 and put Kawhi on tier 4

  21. Kacey R.

    Kacey R.17 hours ago

    Does Kawhi have a spot on there now?

  22. Aadit Nistala

    Aadit Nistala18 hours ago

    swap wilt and magic and were gucci

  23. Why SHOW Serious

    Why SHOW Serious19 hours ago

    I mostly agree with your pyramid! I would really like to see Patrick Ewing somewhere between tier 5 and 4!

  24. Itzme Bradley

    Itzme Bradley20 hours ago

    Where is Kawai

  25. Radric Davis

    Radric Davis20 hours ago

    You should do the same format but only using current nba players. LeBron #1. KD #2 ?

  26. Valente Rojas

    Valente Rojas20 hours ago

    Kawhi Lenard ?

  27. Kevin

    Kevin21 hour ago

    Dirk belongs in tier 4 AT LEAST. Carried his team to the finals where he single-handedly beat a team that, by your pyramid, had two top 20 players of all time. Not to mention he revolutionized his position, and along with Steph, completely changed how the game is played. Just found your channel, and your content is amazing. Thank you.

  28. bassmanofc

    bassmanofc22 hours ago

    Yeah, but Dirk was THE guy on his championship team that beat a loaded Heat team. KG had Pierce, Rondo, and Ray Allen, not Tyson Chandler and well-passed-their-primes Jason Kidd and Shawn Marion. And those Celtics teams were not able to beat those Heat teams. That's why Dirk should be higher than KG. And don't get me wrong, I love KG and i hail from MA, land of the Celtics. Dirk was just other worldly good in the playoffs during that finals run and almost single handedly beat Lebron and Wade. Given where they rank on this pyramid and the fact that the Jazz couldn't get over the hump against the Bulls, i'd be ok with swapping Dirk and Karl Malone. Even with mentioning how Dirk doesn't get all the love and respect he deserves, he still doesn't get it in my opinion. But either way, great job on the pyramid. I like this format over others because it's so difficult to rank 1 by 1 and i think you found a good balance in weighting the different criteria we have to make these judgements

  29. bassmanofc

    bassmanofc22 hours ago

    Also, Larry Bird won 3 CONSECUTIVE league mvp awards. Put the man in tear 2 where he belongs

  30. Anon

    Anon22 hours ago

    Lebron is tier 1

  31. Bartosz Burkiewicz

    Bartosz Burkiewicz23 hours ago

    Most dominating Player was wilt

  32. Jay Dubb

    Jay Dubb23 hours ago

    “ nUMber 1 sPOt rEVEalED “ ... like cumon lol

  33. Diego Chavez

    Diego Chavez23 hours ago

    Not gonna even put Steve Nash?like if agree

  34. jmorrow18

    jmorrow18Day ago

    Where is harden

  35. Rob Chesley

    Rob ChesleyDay ago

    wow...f***ing dead on imho!! nice work!

  36. Benjamin DeGroat

    Benjamin DeGroatDay ago

    How do you not have one million subscribers yet, this is top quality content.

  37. Dank Lord

    Dank LordDay ago

    Where is George Mikan?

  38. Kosta Budimcic

    Kosta BudimcicDay ago

    just my opinion but kawhi should be on there

  39. code ceedayy code ceedayy

    code ceedayy code ceedayyDay ago

    Curry isnt the best shooter of all time ray allen is STOOPID

  40. Jayden Castro

    Jayden Castro18 hours ago

    Are you ok

  41. Joseph Kang

    Joseph KangDay ago

    AI in tier 4 for Isiah Thomas

  42. UM oni2007

    UM oni2007Day ago

    Russel Westbrook Kyrie Irving Khawi Leonard James harden Why they need a ring? It’s not about the teams

  43. Shortfuse Film

    Shortfuse FilmDay ago

    Very well balanced list!

  44. Shortfuse Film

    Shortfuse FilmDay ago

    Kawahi definitely figures in there after these finals :)

  45. Andrija Gudelj

    Andrija GudeljDay ago

    This pyramid is great but in my opinion its not fair to put Wilt in tier 3 an Scottie in tier 4. I know Scottie does not compare with someone like Shaq, Bird or Olajuwon but out of all players in tier 4 with 6 rings and as one of the best defenders of all time I think that Pippen deserves tier 3, and for Wilt being No.1 in total rebounds, 2 NBA championships, for scoring 100 points in 1 game I think Chamberlain really deserves tier 2 not among someone like Kobe or Magic, but among Kareem.

  46. LPS TV

    LPS TVDay ago

    How did I know Jordan would be at the top? Maybe the best for his generation but there is so many current players that could beat Jordan on a 1 on 1

  47. LPS TV

    LPS TVDay ago

    How is LeBron higher than Curry or Durant

  48. LPS TV

    LPS TVDay ago

    Jordan better not be on top bc Curry could easily beat him on a 1 on 1

  49. LPS TV

    LPS TVDay ago

    Dank Lord Curry could beat either of the two in a 1 on 1 match Kobe obviously would be harder to beat but he could do it

  50. Dank Lord

    Dank LordDay ago

    Jordan was an elite perimeter defender, where curry was a his best. Kobe on top

  51. LPS TV

    LPS TVDay ago

    How is Curry only in tier 4? He should be higher

  52. LPS TV

    LPS TVDay ago

    Well uh The Warriors beat the record for most regular season back to back wins in the 2015-16 season

  53. LPS TV

    LPS TVDay ago

    Is the top Kareem (my guess before it shows)

  54. Zeros BTW

    Zeros BTWDay ago

    Look, Larry bird is tier 2 curry is better than shaq and tim duncan so is KD and the reason MJ was 1 is because he was in space jam (and he won 6 ships) but come he was in space jam

  55. Dank Lord

    Dank LordDay ago

    dumbass curry was NOWHERE near shaq.

  56. J S

    J SDay ago

    All of tier 3 need to move to 2 except shaq who should be 1. Kobe down to 4 or 5 Iverson in 2 curry should net even be on the list. Stockton 3 Dirk. LeBron 1

  57. J S

    J SDay ago

    Curry hasn't revolutionized the game. He's not even that efficient. The NBA has been trying to get players shoot more 3s for years. Curry is overrated his fg% isn't that good for somebody who some think he's the greatest shooter

  58. REKT

    REKTDay ago

    What about Pistol Pete Maravich

  59. BigDave15

    BigDave15Day ago

    I think it is a shame Maravich didn't make the pyramid. The ball handling rules were stricter and the 3 point shot rule didn't come into the league until his last season; despite this his ball handing was still devastating and he shot from 3 point range with a high rate of success. Add in his elite passing and that he created plays that flashy players like Magic, etc. used later, and able scoring from any range. On the flip side he never played on a great team and didn't win any championships, and injury/ill-health limited his longevity. Also, I don't think Chamberlin deserves to be lower than any of the tier 2 players. He was the full package, great size, athleticism, touch, scoring, rebounding, shot-blocking, assisting, the most dominant player in the history of the NBA.

  60. Dank Lord

    Dank LordDay ago

    Pete was nowhere near allen iverson, who is already tier 5. how could be be on a GOAT list!?

  61. Jiggy Cavalli

    Jiggy CavalliDay ago

    I love how all the tier 2 s are lakers

  62. Jayden Jee

    Jayden JeeDay ago

    Kobe Bryant shouldn't be placed that high. Tier 3/High end of Tier 3 would be perfect. Larry Bird should be placed higher such as Tier 2 along with Magic Johnson.

  63. Jayden Jee

    Jayden Jee12 hours ago

    @LPS TV "Dribbling" doesn't mean anything. Iverson/Irving/Jason/Hardaway all have great handles as well as revolutionizing ways of crossovers but they aren't anything near Bird was. Kobe is better? Lol. That choker doesn't achieve anything after running Shaq out of the town then proceed to choke 3-1 leads to the Phoenix Suns before decided to throw a child's tantrum in game 7, or how he couldn't even get to the playoff after the lack of Shaq or how he got destroyed by the Detroit Piston? He was lucky to have prime Shaq for all 3 of his 5 rings. At his first ring, he averaged less than 17 ppg, shot less than 45%. During his career, his usage rate has been top tier, yet his shooting even for his MVP season has never been higher than 45% FG. I do give him credits for leading his team to two championships, but that's it. Bird, as a ROOKIE had led his team Celtics from a 29, wins season to 61 wins season with just an addition of him, as a rookie without Mchale or Perish. During a stretch of 9 years of his career, he was either the MVP or the second MVP candidate to the MVP. Three consecutive MVP with multiple seasons of 50/40/90 efficiency. Don't talk so much shit when you don't even watch Magic or Bird. Both have led their franchise to where they are now. A winner franchise. Showtime Lakers as well as Big Celtics.

  64. LPS TV

    LPS TVDay ago

    Jayden Jee Kobe was better than both magic and bird... bird wasn’t even good at dribbling

  65. Nicholas Beaver

    Nicholas BeaverDay ago

    Jimmy, Great video, bro!! Very well thought out and conclusive. Rings are the pinnacle of why the players play and that HAS to be a factor - do a degree. I appreciate your thought on that. We miss the jazz, bro!!

  66. Andrew Weinrich

    Andrew WeinrichDay ago

    It is nice pyramid. kobe is only person where i am like "that's wrong" (tier 3 imo. elevate hakeem, bird or wilt in his place).

  67. CFronk

    CFronkDay ago

    amazing list tbh

  68. Loaster Toaster

    Loaster ToasterDay ago

    And also i think larry bird should be tier 2, he was very talented but it was too hard to see with magic playing around the same time

  69. Loaster Toaster

    Loaster ToasterDay ago

    Soon i see a few more goats to the talk (giannis, kawhi, harden, etc.)

  70. Redcatstorm

    RedcatstormDay ago

    I just cant fathom how you can have Moses Malone in such a low tier compared to some of the guys above him, just outrageously disrespectful of a 3 time league MVP 8 time All-NBA player.

  71. MrMilkShaikh

    MrMilkShaikhDay ago

    Okay kawhi has a ring now. Put him in.

  72. Kqrizッ

    KqrizッDay ago

    where is yao ming ://

  73. Jude Hindi

    Jude HindiDay ago

    Kd get down on tier 5 :/ Also bill Russell is the goat :/

  74. Jude Hindi

    Jude Hindi23 hours ago

    jmorrow18 opinion

  75. jmorrow18

    jmorrow18Day ago


  76. David Arevalo

    David ArevaloDay ago

    you killed it. you always do your research and numbers don't lie. big up!!!

  77. Nathan Elder

    Nathan ElderDay ago

    I’d put Duncan tier 2, the only thing that might keep him down is his lack of personality

  78. JiFF Bubble_Nugget

    JiFF Bubble_NuggetDay ago

    Jxmy: KD has alot of basketball ahead of him KDs Achilles: SIKE BITCH U THOUGHT

  79. Tochdog 21

    Tochdog 21Day ago


  80. Sal Ahmed

    Sal AhmedDay ago

    Now, after Kawhi beat the Warriors and played his best. He should be here if Curry is. In my opinion I’d Curry’s in tier 4, he should be there too. He’s a 2 time finals MVP, won 2 titles, one of the most well rounded players. Is amazing in any statistical category, winning mindset. Since you said that we should replace him with someone then I think that it would be a decision that would differ on who we talk to. Although I believe that it would be Jerry West. Many reasons but I think that his record in the finals is the biggest con. I know that it was because of the Bill Russell era but I just think that it was the 1960’s Warriors

  81. Evan

    EvanDay ago

    Wilt over Kobe for me

  82. Spee Spa

    Spee SpaDay ago

    Drop Kobe to tier 3, he passes the eye test and accolades but not the shooting efficiency test(plus Shaq and Pau). Bring up Shaq and Bird to tier 2. Shaq was a more dominating force than kobe. Bird and Magic were rivals that are equal GOAT talent level. Drop Scottie(Jordan) and Wade(Lebron/Shaq) to tier 5. Karl Malone and Curry could go up to 3. KG and Barkley must be up in 4. Good Video!

  83. J Jones

    J JonesDay ago

    Lebron should be tier 3 and Bird on Tier 2 Lebron 3 and 6 hoped around to 4 different team ... Bird is Boston forever and he has 3 rings Duncan and Shaq have more rings and just as much longevity

  84. Zach

    ZachDay ago

    bird has to be tier 2, top 5 of all-time, best player in the world throughout most of the 80s

  85. LPS TV

    LPS TVDay ago

    Zach but most current players are better than him

  86. Snowest

    SnowestDay ago

    where is manu ginobili?

  87. Ethan Haught

    Ethan HaughtDay ago

    Kawhi needs to be in there somewhere

  88. Stevan Trkulja

    Stevan TrkuljaDay ago

    LeBron > Jordan

  89. Biology

    Biology2 days ago

    Wilt is tier 1

  90. Nate pfalz

    Nate pfalz2 days ago

    Giannis is so under rated 😭

  91. One Punch

    One Punch2 days ago

    AI TIER 5 damn

  92. thanasis Chris

    thanasis Chris2 days ago

    i didnt see the last player at tier 2 but i already know its lebron and jordan on tier 1 but lebron should be at 1 with jordan

  93. Dank Lord

    Dank LordDay ago

    I agree. MJ was a more selfish player, and lebron is the best all around we have EVER seen

  94. sadp 90

    sadp 902 days ago

    Khawi for barkley now? Ahah

  95. rocco sifredox

    rocco sifredox2 days ago

    Pippen over dirk and barkley doesnt feel right

  96. nemo Johnson

    nemo Johnson2 days ago

    No ray allen? He a tear 5

  97. 5allum

    5allum2 days ago

    Kawhi > Iverson

  98. TREN

    TREN2 days ago

    Where is Kawhi lol you have curry

  99. Welfred Chiu

    Welfred Chiu2 days ago

    kawai shd be here now

  100. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith2 days ago

    whats the song he usually uses in his intro?

  101. ganDra vićSa

    ganDra vićSa2 days ago


  102. 52 god

    52 god2 days ago

    Kobe in tier2? c'mon man. I do love mamba though, it's clearly overrated. Kobe should be in somewhere between 3&4.

  103. biologyprodigy

    biologyprodigy2 days ago

    This looks different than Lavar Ball's NBA G.O.A.T Pyramid

  104. Bodega Bandit

    Bodega Bandit2 days ago

    I would've brought brian scalabrine down to tier 2 and move Jordan up but otherwise great list

  105. Jack Ziluck

    Jack Ziluck2 days ago

    How is tier 2 all lakers 😞

  106. We got Tricks

    We got Tricks2 days ago

    Tier 1=Boban

  107. We got Tricks

    We got Tricks2 days ago

    Vince Carter

  108. Alexandre Ollé

    Alexandre Ollé2 days ago

    I 99% agree with this pyramid ! I just have Bird in Tier 2. I can't put him below or above Magic the same way I can't put Kobe below or above LeBron.

  109. Patrick Shuman

    Patrick Shuman2 days ago

    Call it Celtics bias but I would switch Kobe and Bird. That's really my only qualm

  110. LPS TV

    LPS TVDay ago

    Patrick Shuman plus bird looks like an owl

  111. LPS TV

    LPS TVDay ago

    Patrick Shuman Kobe was way better than bird

  112. Sol_Rak

    Sol_Rak2 days ago


  113. Winnie Tsui

    Winnie Tsui2 days ago

    Don’t confuse difficult shot making (Kobe) with being a GOAT candidate. His career achievements and stats aren’t tier 2 quality. His later championship teams were stacked. And the west was weaker than people realise: Utah? Houston? Denver? Who did he beat in the finals? Weaker Magic and Celtics teams....

  114. jbpt_ 205

    jbpt_ 2052 days ago

    Damn, if Jordan didn’t retire (the first time), this wouldn’t be video, bc there would be no question that Jordan is the best player ever, which he is.

  115. LPS TV

    LPS TVDay ago

    jbpt_ 205 he was only the best for his generation... maybe... and so many current players could beat him at a 1 on 1 game I don’t even like LeBron but, LeBron could easily beat him, even if Jordan had all his skills still

  116. Andrew Cobb

    Andrew Cobb2 days ago

    LeBron the goat

  117. Young Dread The Caprisun God

    Young Dread The Caprisun God2 days ago

    i would replace isaiah thomas wit pete maravich

  118. dark_ekko

    dark_ekko2 days ago

    Who the fuck is disrespecting Mr. Fundamental out here? Obviously don't know shit about basketball.

  119. Reee Snuffles

    Reee Snuffles2 days ago

    Larry behind johnson?

  120. Daddy Home

    Daddy Home2 days ago

    You said 90s was the most talented era but then circled people from the 80s

  121. Bodega Bandit

    Bodega Bandit2 days ago

    Daddy Home he said that guys usually dominate the decade following their draft which is why most 90s players were circled for the 80s

  122. Jacob Richards

    Jacob Richards2 days ago

    Kawhi has 2 rings