UFC 244: Press Conference

Ahead of UFC 244, UFC will host a press conference with Dana White, Nate Diaz, and Jorge Masvidal on Thursday, September 19 at 7 p.m. ET at The Rooftop at Pier 17 in New York City.
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  1. Cricket Shoes

    Cricket ShoesDay ago

    When half a dozen Danas start clearing the stage 19:55

  2. George Wardell

    George WardellDay ago

    Jorge masvidal hands Diaz a Florida Backyard BBQ you heard it here first this is not going to be a three piece in a soda this ain't going to be a buffet this is going to be a Florida Backyard BBQ

  3. Vic B.

    Vic B.2 days ago

    209 killa Nate Diaz straight checked papa Dana. Said get that shit right I was Defending the BMF .. yeadat

  4. Cali

    Cali2 days ago

    Diaz !!! Diaz!!!! Diaz!!!!! 👊🏻😎

  5. SKWKR

    SKWKR2 days ago

    Vice City and San Andreas gangsters fighting to rule over Liberty City.

  6. Jeronimo Reis

    Jeronimo Reis2 days ago

    Wtf is up with all the weed questions from fatso?

  7. Nicknac93

    Nicknac933 days ago

    How many events will it take for them to figure out how to get the mics to work right 😂😂😂

  8. Aaron Christie

    Aaron Christie3 days ago

    Nate how you feeling?? I cant feel shit I'm high as fuck

  9. Aaron Christie

    Aaron Christie3 days ago

    Mas is a g no matter what you say mans been banging mans from early who are heavier...the guys just different....till who ? Asken...Mas owns this but nates dangerous...I say 60-40 in man's favour.

  10. Dennis Reynolds

    Dennis Reynolds4 days ago

    i think nate diaz is part deaf.. im not trying to be an asshole but it would explain his speech.. hes always having trouble with his mic also, and dana re says the medias questions alot to nate.. has anyone else noticed this?

  11. Fianna

    Fianna4 days ago

    not really a bad ass if you're a vegan..really kills the bad ass moniker

  12. Fianna

    Fianna4 days ago

    if diaz wins it makes mcgregor diaz 3 godly

  13. marklower007

    marklower0075 days ago

    Real bmf would went up there and said he is gunna whoop the other 1 and there isn't nothing they can do about it. or is this the respect championship. They wanna make this a big themed thing it doesn't work with 2 nice guys. hardly a bmf title when neither of em is claiming to be the man.

  14. postman postman

    postman postman5 days ago

    When this fight will be?

  15. mark slater

    mark slater6 days ago

    Either Dana needs a hearing aid or the sound engineering staff are a bunch of idiots. Why is he not tired of this?

  16. TheCriminal OfBusiness

    TheCriminal OfBusiness7 days ago

    BMF just another product of business. Im not buy it. I wanna see real championship fight. Khabib vs Tony. Make it happen very quick

  17. Enmanuel Cubas

    Enmanuel Cubas7 days ago

    Mcgeregor =Sissy

  18. Alexander Klimenko

    Alexander Klimenko7 days ago

    Когда бой?

  19. LawyerServiceDirect dotCOM

    LawyerServiceDirect dotCOM7 days ago

    The ufc will not make movies anytime soon

  20. J Dub W002

    J Dub W0028 days ago

    Best thing to come to UFC in awhile, 2 gladiators

  21. NOZKahnVlogs

    NOZKahnVlogs8 days ago

    This is the best UFC promo I have found on USwork.Way better then the actual ufc.Check this out m.uswork.info/videos/Yyzhen7Z4lg-video.html

  22. Holy Kafir

    Holy Kafir10 days ago

    Gillespie vs Lee is the most interesting fight of that evening.

  23. Youssef Haddouch

    Youssef Haddouch11 days ago

    15:20 best part 😂

  24. Cali

    Cali2 days ago

    Youssef Haddouch That was a stupid question! 🤦🏻‍♀️smh!!! I hope Nate slaps the shit out that guy!

  25. Dustin Borsato

    Dustin Borsato11 days ago

    why are the press reporters always so fucking dorky and annoying. they all should be bullied.

  26. WilD One

    WilD One12 days ago

    Most of the people are confident that Masvidal will KO Nate...but i would say... dont compare Nate with Ben Askren and Darren Till. Nate has a tough and durable Jaw he might get stunned but his is not going to sleep. His lower jaw is wider then most of the people thats why his speech sound slurred. Eg : Mike Tyson have same shape of head like Nate Diaz. As a vegan Nate jaw will last longer then masvidal..eg. Wild buffelo can easily kill a lion in strength and power.

  27. Jack Luminous

    Jack Luminous14 days ago

    I´m here for the cursing .

  28. Scalez

    Scalez14 days ago

    20:36 - Mr. Super Necessary took a step back. He ain't that crazy. I'm with Nate all the way 🤙🏾

  29. Luis Castillo

    Luis Castillo15 days ago

    Dana White acting like the suga daddy that finally got some suga

  30. e smith

    e smith15 days ago

    Baddest MF is gastelum, kelvin

  31. Javohir Muhtaraliev

    Javohir Muhtaraliev15 days ago

    Диас сделает

  32. ABASTAsolo

    ABASTAsolo17 days ago

    Career ending fight for Nate.

  33. WilD One

    WilD One12 days ago

    You will see... dont compare Nate with Ben Askren and Darren Till. Nate has a tough and durable Jaw he might get stunned but his is not going to sleep.

  34. Glianostiano TheAlba16

    Glianostiano TheAlba1617 days ago

    Soo people are excited to see 2 journeyman fighting for a fake bmf belt, one is 2 and 2 in his last 4 and won against Darren Till and Ben Askren 😂 and got pieced up by wonderboy and he claims himself as the BADDEST MOTHER FUCKER, he ducks everyone with the excuse of famous, Leon would beat him and he knows that, Kamaru would beat him, and Colby would destroy him that’s why he choose this fake belt instead of the real belt, he’s a pussy who sucker punches fighters and ducks the hardest fights, in March he said he would fight Leon if Leon beats first a top 10, well Edwards beated RDA and Masvidal keeps ducking him, he claims himself like Scarface but Scarface wasn’t afraid of anyone. And Nate, dudes smoking Joints at press conference and his most notable wins are against featherweights with one fight in short notice, sorry for the long comment but I hate when people gets excited for nothing, for two fighters who would lost to everyone in top 6

  35. Carlo Vee

    Carlo Vee18 days ago

    Jailbird tattoos don't intimated me nate Diaz scares intimidate me!. He is a real solder of god s.

  36. Carlo Vee

    Carlo Vee18 days ago

    Pure scars nate Diaz is one bad dude no ink on his body but only pure scares that intimidate everyone.

  37. patti malik

    patti malik18 days ago

    the nerd with the glasses is such a damn dork asking stupid questions. Sit down clown

  38. patti malik

    patti malik18 days ago

    what dumb questions that people ask, just stupid. Jorge is hot

  39. patti malik

    patti malik18 days ago

    love me some nate diaz

  40. The Tony Cam

    The Tony Cam18 days ago

    Ariel is the real star here.

  41. e smith

    e smith19 days ago

    This fight will not live up to the hype, in $$$...Dana is lame in press conferences as a speaker, he needs Connor to make events really exciting

  42. e smith

    e smith19 days ago

    Lame conference

  43. Jojo Mojo

    Jojo Mojo19 days ago

    Dana is jacked

  44. Jim Bo

    Jim Bo20 days ago

    Both are goofs an middle of the road fighters.GOOFS......Fuck this shit bullshit fight a funsy

  45. PasoFreak

    PasoFreak20 days ago

    New York is such a shithole they couldn’t even put together a proper press conference

  46. Steven Dub

    Steven Dub20 days ago

    You ppl are such dum fucks the reason there making this Bmf belt is a ploy to get conor back it’s so obvious & look whoose fighting for the belt

  47. Ron Thunders

    Ron Thunders20 days ago

    this fight makes me smile like leonard ellerbe watching mcgregor !!!

  48. Derek Blackthorne

    Derek Blackthorne20 days ago

    UFC is worth 4 billion, but still cannot have a single press conference without audio problems. *smfh*

  49. The Wilde Ones

    The Wilde Ones21 day ago

    Let's goooo

  50. G0EZ LE0NARD

    G0EZ LE0NARD21 day ago

    Not to much trash talk here. Couldn’t hear it even if there was any. Microphones sound like garbage.

  51. RyanTreks

    RyanTreks21 day ago

    I'm going to throw this out there....no disrespect to Dana...but he has stated he has a problem hearing in the past. Dana, you should wear an earpiece in one ear so you can hear the questions. Same goes for the fighters. It has been hard for them to hear also because of echos in the presser area, background noise, etc. Test some ear pieces so they are there if the fighters or Dana wants to hear therm.

  52. RyanTreks

    RyanTreks21 day ago

    Dana showing respect by making a belt for two of a few of the longest running fighters. This is one of the best moves Dana and UFC have done!! Thank you Dana and UFC!

  53. californian socal

    californian socal21 day ago

    What kind of shirt is nate wearing?

  54. Crimson Blue

    Crimson Blue21 day ago

    Conor awaiting the winner no doubt

  55. Sammy Jankiss

    Sammy Jankiss22 days ago

    So tired of these stupid questions the UFC allows people to ask. So tired. Not every UFC fan is a barely literate child.

  56. Michael J.F.

    Michael J.F.22 days ago

    I like seeing trash talk between fighters but seeing respect is something I love. I won’t be bitter or upset if either guy wins

  57. graxaim urbano

    graxaim urbano22 days ago

    Vai tomar no CÚ Dana White.

  58. Reesham Seeram

    Reesham Seeram22 days ago

    If these guys want to be the BMF they need to both come to the weight ins at 165 lbs just to mess with Dana. They both are 155ers that moved up so it would be hilarious

  59. Minadell Editz

    Minadell Editz22 days ago

    not even a million view :/

  60. xVENOMx97

    xVENOMx9722 days ago

    nate high af

  61. David

    David22 days ago

    Damn this audience full of retards screaming like morons when the fighters talk. Disgusting pigtards.

  62. Vincent H.

    Vincent H.23 days ago

    These guys asking the questions are fucking faggots, especially that first guy