KYLIE COSMETICS 2019 Valentine's Day Collection REVIEW | Face Match

KYLIE JENNER has dropped a NEW Valentine’s Day collection! In the Kylie Cosmetics collection is a glam eyeshadow palette, three lip kits, a blush and GLITTER EYES! I got my hands on the collection and will be putting it to the test with @abbyrobertsartistry in a new episode of FACE MATCH!!!
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Visuals & sound by Studio Beng Beng: studiobengbeng
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  1. NikkieTutorials

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    Yes , myself

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    Nope ;(

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    Natasha Reyes4 days ago

    Wow, completely amazing!

  7. jo K

    jo K6 days ago

    I tried to subscribe to James' channel but there was no volume. I tried everything to no avail.

  8. josephine seitz

    josephine seitz10 days ago

    The volume on this sucks balls. Like it's either too loud or too quiet :(

  9. rebecca lankford

    rebecca lankford12 days ago

    Fix your zoom. We cannot see her nor hear her.

  10. jennifer pichardo

    jennifer pichardo18 days ago

    The ear rings are hot where you get them

  11. BeautyWithBlakley

    BeautyWithBlakley19 days ago

    I’ve noticed whenever you talk about other artists/makeup artist you always talk about them in the highest praise. It’s so wholesome and sweet you help boost other mue/mua wether they’re on your channel or you’re on theirs you always have so much nice to say ❤️ that’s just another reason you’re hands down my fav MUA

  12. Isabell Schelander

    Isabell Schelander22 days ago

    Omg Nikkie u saying u love Leo’s makes me want to meet u so much more 😭😭😭😭

  13. Rina Rexha

    Rina Rexha23 days ago

    July 27th and 18 omg WE ARE TWINS

  14. G.D. Romanov

    G.D. Romanov24 days ago

    She’s a true artist! 😍 I’m going to try Abbeys side for Halloween.

  15. Ashlynn Rich

    Ashlynn Rich26 days ago

    i'm 13 and started makeup at 11 when people see my makeup they ask me who did it

  16. Pushpanjali Nayak

    Pushpanjali Nayak26 days ago

    Abby did best

  17. Agata Lesiuk

    Agata Lesiuk27 days ago

    i'm also 27.07 do you love me too?

  18. Mayumi Garcia

    Mayumi Garcia27 days ago

    abby is so much for soft spoken than i expected, this was adorable and amazing 😭😭😭❤️

  19. Birdie Watts

    Birdie WattsMonth ago

    I’m a Pisces and my besties a Leo

  20. Birdie Watts

    Birdie WattsMonth ago

    Btw My favorite side is Abby’s for a fun look. But yours for an everyday look!

  21. Birdie Watts

    Birdie WattsMonth ago

    And no Nikki I’m a single Pringle

  22. maida iftikhar

    maida iftikharMonth ago

    the side you made has warmed up better than abey's side but rest of the face that abey did is insane

  23. Maja Kåvik

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  24. kotryna

    kotrynaMonth ago

    Abby’s voice is actual asmr hands down

  25. Ava Channer

    Ava ChannerMonth ago

    Even though I love Abby with all my heart I think nikkie's side is so cute and pretty☺️

  26. Sophie Troost

    Sophie TroostMonth ago

    You wanna visit a craftshop with me ? I know an awesome one in Haarlem!

  27. mia&millie •

    mia&millie •Month ago

    She lives sooooo near me im freeeaaaking out😱😱😱

  28. india-Rose moore

    india-Rose mooreMonth ago

    Nikki is a inspirational person who is kind caring,and selfless she actually made me get into my makeup. You also help smaller artists bigger keep it up Nikki 😚

  29. Makaylaa Hottinger

    Makaylaa HottingerMonth ago

    Not on this video particularly because I haven't read the comments, but in the past I have seen so many comments saying "lipless nikki" or comments along those lines... but you have such beautiful lips... I can't understand how anyone could think you have no lips! They're big and juicy and most definitely the perfect size! Lol

  30. leah mcewan

    leah mcewanMonth ago

    I didn’t know Abby was from England I thought she was american

  31. Danielle Schmid

    Danielle SchmidMonth ago

    I fucking loveeeee Abbey

  32. Monica Rodriguez

    Monica RodriguezMonth ago

    this is a whole nother level of TALENTED

  33. Hannah Online

    Hannah OnlineMonth ago

    I watched this video so long ago. Then I found Abby in tik tok. Then in nikkie’s video transforming into a mii I put two and two together and I realised I knew of Abby months before. 😂

  34. cl

    clMonth ago

    I follow her on tik tok and now I know how talented she is!!!

  35. Catherine 14

    Catherine 14Month ago

    I prefer BOTH sides! So much talent on one face ❤️

  36. Chelsy Feys

    Chelsy FeysMonth ago

    Watching her apply make-up have me magor asmr vibes 🤤

  37. Elizabeth Adnan

    Elizabeth AdnanMonth ago

    I heard Abby’s accent and I was like OMG YES NORTHERN QUEEN

  38. Cassidy Lima

    Cassidy LimaMonth ago

    Who's else came from Nikkie's video today?

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    Caroline Costa `Month ago

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    Mercy Davila2 months ago

    Hey I’m an Aquarius😚

  43. Jemma Barrett

    Jemma Barrett2 months ago

    Love the ahs reference

  44. Samantha Bernardy

    Samantha Bernardy2 months ago

    They both look so good!!! I'm in love 💕💕💕

  45. Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina2 months ago

    I like that one side is more tamed down. It gives the look an era of mystery.

  46. Mariam Alammadi

    Mariam Alammadi2 months ago

    Abby ik her from tiktok and damn she is creative 🥵💖🥴👏😪✌️✋

  47. Helena Elizabeth

    Helena Elizabeth2 months ago

    Asmr vibes from Abby

  48. Monica Taylor

    Monica Taylor2 months ago

    That’s not makeup, it’s art!🤗

  49. emilie wubs

    emilie wubs2 months ago

    I saw in a video of James Charles en Zhavia that she watched your channel! So cool! You should do her make-up

  50. Janice Mcgill

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  51. Bitchs And hoes

    Bitchs And hoes3 months ago

    Yall r both really great artist in the make up community y'all both did a wonderful job on this look I live it TBH with my I love both of the together like the whole face look side by side looks perfect on u Nikki now that's a look lol

  52. Chloe Kit

    Chloe Kit3 months ago

    Her skin must be crying with all that full coverage makeup she wears it’s not natural looking

  53. Hello. Ryleigh

    Hello. Ryleigh3 months ago

    Shane/ hey what’s up you guys, yes James/ hi sisters Jeffree/ welcome back to my channel, hi how are ya Nikkie/ hellllo guys, it’s me nikkie, hi Joey/ ah good day everyone

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  55. Евгения USA

    Евгения USA3 months ago

    That's awesome but the low lashes of the left eye are missing:(

  56. Ghail Ray

    Ghail Ray3 months ago

    It's an art 😍

  57. A&T GANG

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  58. Lorena Massotti

    Lorena Massotti3 months ago

    omg she speaks so quietly jesus SPEAK GIRL OH MY

  59. Lorena Massotti

    Lorena Massotti3 months ago

    but still...the make up is FLAWLESS

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    Leo gang 💓

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    What’s the tvshow called omg I wanna watch it too😭😭

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    Eunbi Sup3 months ago

    ... is she Canadian ... her pronunciation sounds like it

  63. Avacodo

    Avacodo3 months ago

    If Abby ever did my makeup I would never wash my face again

  64. Jhvh 1975

    Jhvh 19754 months ago

    When are you going to change your eyebrows though?

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    Baby Fred is DUMMY thicc

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    Leesa Rashid4 months ago

    you should checkout regina picturesque instagram and youtube channel her makeup is amazing!!!!

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