KYLIE COSMETICS 2019 Valentine's Day Collection REVIEW | Face Match


  1. NikkieTutorials

    NikkieTutorials5 months ago


  2. Itz Atalia

    Itz Atalia5 months ago

    Nope ;(

  3. Daniel Zhou

    Daniel Zhou5 months ago


  4. Analise Gore

    Analise Gore5 months ago

    No. 😁

  5. Narimane Bejaia

    Narimane Bejaia5 months ago

    No 😭😭💔

  6. Alize Tyler

    Alize TylerDay ago

    Yall r both really great artist in the make up community y'all both did a wonderful job on this look I live it TBH with my I love both of the together like the whole face look side by side looks perfect on u Nikki now that's a look lol

  7. Chloe Kit

    Chloe Kit6 days ago

    Her skin must be crying with all that full coverage makeup she wears it’s not natural looking

  8. Hello. Ryleigh

    Hello. Ryleigh7 days ago

    Shane/ hey what’s up you guys, yes James/ hi sisters Jeffree/ welcome back to my channel, hi how are ya Nikkie/ hellllo guys, it’s me nikkie, hi Joey/ ah good day everyone

  9. Septembergirl

    Septembergirl10 days ago


  10. Евгения USA

    Евгения USA12 days ago

    That's awesome but the low lashes of the left eye are missing:(

  11. Ghail Ray

    Ghail Ray15 days ago

    It's an art 😍

  12. A&T GANG

    A&T GANG15 days ago


  13. Lorena Massotti

    Lorena Massotti15 days ago

    omg she speaks so quietly jesus SPEAK GIRL OH MY

  14. Lorena Massotti

    Lorena Massotti15 days ago

    but still...the make up is FLAWLESS

  15. Bell Uh

    Bell Uh16 days ago

    Leo gang 💓

  16. John Ramos

    John Ramos22 days ago

    What’s the tvshow called omg I wanna watch it too😭😭

  17. Eunbi Sup

    Eunbi Sup26 days ago

    ... is she Canadian ... her pronunciation sounds like it

  18. Duck Duck Goose

    Duck Duck Goose28 days ago

    If Abby ever did my makeup I would never wash my face again

  19. Jhvh 1975

    Jhvh 1975Month ago

    When are you going to change your eyebrows though?

  20. ciciad2010

    ciciad2010Month ago

    Baby Fred is DUMMY thicc

  21. Alhnouf

    AlhnoufMonth ago

    Wow Abby did amazing job 💖💖💖💖

  22. Victoria Sickafoose

    Victoria SickafooseMonth ago


  23. hI sIsTeRs

    hI sIsTeRsMonth ago


  24. Leesa Rashid

    Leesa RashidMonth ago

    you should checkout regina picturesque instagram and youtube channel her makeup is amazing!!!!

  25. Lara Toya

    Lara ToyaMonth ago

    nikkie finds out she doesn’t have something and she just immediately is like nope have mine

  26. Matheus Velleda Rampe

    Matheus Velleda RampeMonth ago

    I need this earring thoo aaa

  27. FashionistasRus !

    FashionistasRus !Month ago

    Nikki dragging herself for 24:35 minutes straight

  28. Diana Mmsadeghi

    Diana MmsadeghiMonth ago

    you look beauuuutifuuuulllllllllll

  29. candy cane

    candy caneMonth ago

    haaaaaaaaaaalo Nikki

  30. Aisha Mumtaz

    Aisha MumtazMonth ago

    Abby side is amazing and nikkie your side is stunning

  31. Trish Custer

    Trish CusterMonth ago

    I love that you are really encouraging her to fallow her dreams! Fantastic work both of you

  32. Birgitta Stangertz

    Birgitta StangertzMonth ago


  33. Disha Giri

    Disha Giri2 months ago

    Nikkie I prefer you're side always 🖤❤

  34. Amari Bannerman

    Amari Bannerman2 months ago

    i wish her energy matched nikkie's

  35. Stephanie Smead

    Stephanie Smead2 months ago

    Sooooo much love for this beautiful look!

  36. Min Kim

    Min Kim2 months ago

    What concealer is that? Abby speaks so softly, it's hard to hear ... thanks!

  37. Arbana Rexhepi

    Arbana Rexhepi2 months ago

    Omg I have the same birthday as Abby Thumbs up if your a Leo

  38. Caoilainn Morton

    Caoilainn Morton2 months ago

    That look u done was soo great 👍

  39. Rima Begum

    Rima Begum2 months ago

    My birthday is on July 27th!!!

  40. Sylvia Louise Meechan

    Sylvia Louise Meechan2 months ago

    Which shade of Makeup revolution concealer was used????🥰🥰

  41. Lauryn Renea

    Lauryn Renea2 months ago

    The queen of makeup and the queen of making makeup art.... i stan

  42. Lauryn Renea

    Lauryn Renea2 months ago

    It was such a smart idea to put a powder puff as a barrier between the skin so she didn't remove any makeup off of Nikkie, literally Abby is so smart and talented.

  43. JustDontAskIDK

    JustDontAskIDK2 months ago

    I just can't, Valentine's day is long over and I still can't. My wig is snatched all the way to the heavens.

  44. Deonica Veronica

    Deonica Veronica2 months ago

    USwork needs a "LOVE" button!! why am i jus seeing this! Love love it!

  45. julie christensen

    julie christensen2 months ago


  46. Trevon Buckhanon

    Trevon Buckhanon2 months ago

    She just Bob Rossed her face

  47. Antoinette Marlow

    Antoinette Marlow2 months ago

    Calling Abby the "Makeup Bob Ross" is an insult to Abby! Ugh!! Bob Ross is to painting as a Big Mac is to cuisine - a quick & easy replica.

  48. Serena Tsukino

    Serena Tsukino3 months ago

    I'm in love with what Abby did!!! I also like the heart Nikkie added to the side of her eye! It reminds me of freckles.

  49. Killunyaa lol

    Killunyaa lol3 months ago

    Im THAT kid that asks everyone what their sign is, then tells them how everything suddenly makes sense and how much it fits. And then i force ppl to make a test about their moon sign and ascendant and tell them how everything just cleared up even more lol

  50. Desirey Fierro

    Desirey Fierro3 months ago

    I’m a Gemini My birthday June 20

  51. Shay Shay Does makeup

    Shay Shay Does makeup3 months ago

    More face match pleaseee

  52. neisha poo

    neisha poo3 months ago

    i’m a leo too❤️ good to know Nikkie loves me😂💕

  53. Jasmine Jugmohan

    Jasmine Jugmohan3 months ago

    Oh my gosh, those earrings 😍

  54. sinéad xx

    sinéad xx3 months ago

    omg abbys voice is so soft and literally asmr i cant

  55. Magdalena Tietze

    Magdalena Tietze3 months ago

    You such an amazing Person Nikkie ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  56. Jade T.

    Jade T.3 months ago

    When she said the cupid got eyes. I thought she'd say "Im giving birth" 😍💕