6 Strange Ice Cream Scoops Put to the Test!


  1. Erika Juarez

    Erika JuarezDay ago

    I would do this for an excuse to eat ice cream

  2. Ridha Samreen

    Ridha SamreenDay ago

    What the hakk was that !!!!🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  3. Crackercrumbs LOL

    Crackercrumbs LOLDay ago

    I have the 4th gadget the one that you squeeze 4:52

  4. NERDSGO33

    NERDSGO33Day ago

    Hey CrazyRussianHacker where did you get the first ice cream scooper you reviewed that gun looking thing where and how much thanks

  5. Nawaz a

    Nawaz a2 days ago


  6. Fatal Death

    Fatal Death2 days ago


  7. Shadow ayy

    Shadow ayy3 days ago


  8. BabypineappleZ12

    BabypineappleZ123 days ago

    "It goes in so well!" Well then.

  9. ASMR_surprise

    ASMR_surprise3 days ago

    I’ve seen the first spoon in rite aid when I get ice cream

  10. Dianova Soeltanong

    Dianova Soeltanong4 days ago

    “scoop it,make it much more bally”🤣

  11. rudy mancuso

    rudy mancuso4 days ago

    Just use a fkin spoon

  12. John Aguinaga

    John Aguinaga4 days ago

    dip the scooper in warm water after each scoop

  13. super life

    super life4 days ago

    Mother fucker

  14. MySecret Tutor

    MySecret Tutor4 days ago

    What’s a bow doing in the kitchen?

  15. Sufyan Ariff Shafrie

    Sufyan Ariff Shafrie4 days ago

    I am so sorry but 4:51 in my contry makaysian i think we used that.;-;

  16. Drippu

    Drippu4 days ago

    Has cylindrical ice cream scooper. “It makes these kind of cubes” *Facepalm*

  17. DeadBarbieDoll13

    DeadBarbieDoll134 days ago

    Dip scoop gun in water first. There was an ice cream shop where I lived as a kid that used that ice cream gun. They had a larger one for double scoops.

  18. PewDie Pie

    PewDie Pie4 days ago

    So how many gadgets do you have?

  19. Stephanie L

    Stephanie L4 days ago

    Works better if you dip them in hot water before you scoop. I love your accent so much, you make me want to play GTA 4 lol 😘

  20. Dŕ. Ëvil

    Dŕ. Ëvil4 days ago

    It goes in so well 😀😀thats what she said

  21. Eagleclaw

    Eagleclaw5 days ago

    The amount of food that he wastes makes me upset

  22. Slot Addict Slots

    Slot Addict Slots5 days ago

    Ba boom

  23. Dianne Smith

    Dianne Smith5 days ago

    Cube?? ⬜ I think it's tube⚪

  24. thefirst last

    thefirst last5 days ago

    Goodbye BenandJerry

  25. rember2day

    rember2day5 days ago

    Taras - makes a video about Ice Cream Scoops... "Wow so cool." Sorry I meant "Kul"

  26. Pirate - Peach

    Pirate - Peach5 days ago

    I got diabetes from this video

  27. Carlos Gemperle

    Carlos Gemperle5 days ago

    1:16 Boom is now evolving....... Boom is now BABOOOM

  28. iGamerindia

    iGamerindia5 days ago

    1:16 “ BABOON “

  29. yeonhee

    yeonhee5 days ago

    The disappointment in his voice everytime the ice cream gets stuck made me laugh so hard. 😂

  30. Polar Gaming

    Polar Gaming5 days ago

    4:51 that scoop is what we *(Filipinos)* use..

  31. Dark Phoneix

    Dark Phoneix5 days ago

    Gajiks review👏👏👏

  32. RichAnimator YT

    RichAnimator YT5 days ago

    Give me some ice cream and so hungry

  33. princewill osazuwa

    princewill osazuwa5 days ago

    Nobody: Crazyrussianhacker: Boom!

  34. you know WHO

    you know WHO5 days ago

    Push it twist it push it BOOM

  35. gaming ryan

    gaming ryan5 days ago

    The 4th ice cream scopper is actual cookie scoop lol

  36. wiccan!!! wonder

    wiccan!!! wonder5 days ago

    “And this is a frozen ice cream”


    JAMES RAMSEY5 days ago

    I love this guy’s accent😄

  38. Toxic Immortality

    Toxic Immortality5 days ago

    Life hack just use a shovel

  39. justin Fyffe

    justin Fyffe5 days ago


  40. mike jordan cryface

    mike jordan cryface5 days ago

    It looks like wet cat food

  41. J0nthan

    J0nthan5 days ago


  42. TheRandomFortniteUser

    TheRandomFortniteUser5 days ago

    Yeah cause your using different brands

  43. Lisa

    Lisa5 days ago

    I wonder if he ate all that scooped ice cream or put it back in the tub 🤔🤔

  44. Cameron Hillman

    Cameron Hillman5 days ago

    00:35 that’s what she said

  45. WestSlice YT

    WestSlice YT5 days ago

    Lowkey wondering what he’s going to do with all the scoops

  46. Reniel Molina

    Reniel Molina5 days ago

    Bboom Bboom

  47. Tvt Tjhay

    Tvt Tjhay5 days ago

    The fourth ice cream scoop is the scoop of ice cream vendors here in philippines

  48. Tony Garcia

    Tony Garcia5 days ago

    The first one is made for Mexico icecream

  49. Fat Burrito

    Fat Burrito5 days ago

    How much ice cream did you eat for this video

  50. fishy nightfury

    fishy nightfury5 days ago

    I want ice creammmmm!!!!

  51. Cracked Upp

    Cracked Upp6 days ago

    Do everyone who watches him have to do homework

  52. Hayden Fernandes

    Hayden Fernandes6 days ago

    Bomm Bomm Bomm Bomm Bomm Bomm Bomm

  53. Mark Wassy

    Mark Wassy6 days ago

    What is safety again?

  54. ExRow -ExRow

    ExRow -ExRow6 days ago

    Why is he always breathing so hard lol

  55. Emokid Jones

    Emokid Jones6 days ago

    Anybody else really craving icecream after this?

  56. beautaeful

    beautaeful6 days ago

    why shape it when it will melt anyways


    SKROLLDEX6 days ago

    my favorite youtuber!💪

  58. AK Live

    AK Live6 days ago

    Wash them 1st

  59. 5PieceNugget

    5PieceNugget6 days ago

    why do you scoop like that

  60. Stephen Andrezeywski Jr

    Stephen Andrezeywski Jr6 days ago

    That first scoop would be great for ice cream cookie sandwiches.

  61. C.D.B canto del barrio.

    C.D.B canto del barrio.6 days ago

    Saludame en el próximo vídeo plis

  62. biggreenleaf

    biggreenleaf6 days ago

    Bro they got breyers in russia?

  63. The Fun Files

    The Fun Files6 days ago

    Great gadjickts lol

  64. Michael Fuentes

    Michael Fuentes6 days ago

    YOOOOO that’s the joint they use at Thrifty’s Ice Cream

  65. Press F

    Press F6 days ago

    This is how many times he says boom ⬇️

  66. LaziLy

    LaziLy6 days ago

    I'm on a diet why am I watching this


    STREET EATER6 days ago


  68. Sage The Wierdo

    Sage The Wierdo6 days ago

    Maybe it's just me but something about this man is so wholesome

  69. ChimChim andJams

    ChimChim andJams6 days ago

    Why am I watching this instead of studying for exams

  70. Reina Arana

    Reina Arana6 days ago


  71. Tania Sagar

    Tania Sagar6 days ago

    i hav a parabolem, where can i buy these gadjiks?

  72. KenTG

    KenTG6 days ago

    Ice cream scoop? RussianHacker: Another one

  73. johnny najera SirFace

    johnny najera SirFace6 days ago

    4:27 "Make it more bally"

  74. Adriana Koutsouri

    Adriana Koutsouri6 days ago

    0:40 " this is a frozen ice cream" (Ice cream drips)

  75. John Nelo Morata

    John Nelo Morata6 days ago

    Where's your laboratory now?

  76. An. Drei

    An. Drei6 days ago

    This video wants me to eat a bucket of ice cream while im playing ASAP!

  77. The Gaming Adventures

    The Gaming Adventures6 days ago

    Anyone else notice the picture says 5 ice cream scoop, but the title says 6?

  78. Fang WolfX

    Fang WolfX6 days ago

    i have been wondering what will he do to the food that he had been using for the gadjiks or what he does with it?hmmm

  79. SpectrePH

    SpectrePH6 days ago

    When did he say gajik?

  80. Kassey Vlogs

    Kassey Vlogs6 days ago

    I've got one question, what do you do with the ice cream after you scoop it?

  81. Lukis LTU

    Lukis LTU6 days ago

    If you use hot water its non of them gonna stick

  82. Lanka Suryakantham

    Lanka Suryakantham6 days ago

    Have you heard of Eiffel tower.I did but I also heard the ice cream tower 1:57 😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  83. تاتتلتى هعانعل

    تاتتلتى هعانعل6 days ago


  84. Phey Mabait

    Phey Mabait6 days ago

    Better use spoon .

  85. Kagura

    Kagura6 days ago


  86. Isabella Nguyen

    Isabella Nguyen6 days ago

    I’m perfectly fine eating it straight from the jar.

  87. Spilled Joe 안녕하세요

    Spilled Joe 안녕하세요6 days ago

    Imagine when he was buying the ice creams and gadgets. And the cashier is literally like "What are you going to do with this much ice cream and gadget?"

  88. aniamalicdan

    aniamalicdan6 days ago

    *breathes heavily* bOOM LOOK AT THAT GAJIK

  89. aniamalicdan

    aniamalicdan6 days ago

    we love a gajik wOw

  90. Steven Ng

    Steven Ng6 days ago

    Wet the scoopers before you scoop

  91. Pakistan ka Baap Afghan hain

    Pakistan ka Baap Afghan hain6 days ago

    When you make a lot of ice cream 🍨 the scoop have to dipping in water that make Mach easy

  92. Peter Johnson

    Peter Johnson6 days ago

    Dip in water after each use it works sick

  93. Daffer Rex

    Daffer Rex6 days ago

    It says 5 icecream scoops in the thumnail but the title says 6 WHAT THE F

  94. Nico Roth

    Nico Roth6 days ago

    4:52 who wants to tell him that it’s for cookie dough😂

  95. Charles Molina

    Charles Molina6 days ago

    He is the KITCHEN MAN!!!

  96. George Washington

    George Washington6 days ago

    what does he do with all gagits hes bought in all the videos

  97. Nayla Rizka Dwifani

    Nayla Rizka Dwifani6 days ago

    My simple question in the end is " Have you wash your hand before? "

  98. FBI

    FBI6 days ago

    8:38 “and look at this hole”

  99. INSIGNIA 628

    INSIGNIA 6286 days ago

    the first one is only useful for the top layer...everything beyond that is unreachable

  100. Naomi Morales

    Naomi Morales6 days ago

    What does he do with all the food afterwards?