6 Strange Ice Cream Scoops Put to the Test!


  1. Cassandra Punzalan

    Cassandra PunzalanDay ago

    you should dip it in water before each scoop

  2. Muhtasim Amin

    Muhtasim Amin4 days ago

    Close your eyes and listen at 1:09

  3. mari lopez

    mari lopez5 days ago


  4. Ms Obeyy

    Ms Obeyy11 days ago

    The first one makes it look like a little piggy nose it’s cute

  5. Madi Lee

    Madi Lee13 days ago

    Look at that, it goes in so well

  6. Jonathan Sarmiento

    Jonathan Sarmiento14 days ago

    Am i the only one that hears him breathing *love his videos though

  7. Swapnil Gaonkar

    Swapnil Gaonkar24 days ago

    in your videos its total wasteg of edible thing. instead of wasting it just donate to poor

  8. Synthia Wells

    Synthia Wells26 days ago

    I think the first one is great for ice cream sandwiches

  9. Johnathan's World

    Johnathan's World27 days ago

    The first scooper is used at Thrift ice cream shops inside rite aids.

  10. Temiloluwa Aderisola

    Temiloluwa Aderisola27 days ago

    Love watching these when I have nothing to do but just try wetting the scooper before scooping

  11. Jake P

    Jake P27 days ago

    Listening to you breath is kind of strenuous on my brain

  12. Priscilla Ramirez

    Priscilla Ramirez28 days ago

    How do u get so missy from serving ice cream

  13. Azureey Kola

    Azureey Kola29 days ago

    7:40 the real purpose of that scoop

  14. My Alsagon

    My Alsagon29 days ago

    4:54 Every Filipino Know This

  15. Rohan Naghera

    Rohan NagheraMonth ago

    Chutna icecream hu bagade

  16. Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers

    Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal CoversMonth ago

    Brand new ice cream is the easiest to scoop. None of these will work two days later with half the tub left.

  17. Cody Simpson

    Cody SimpsonMonth ago

    If you dip any of these in warm water before getting each scoop they will work so much easier.

  18. Gresa Prenga

    Gresa PrengaMonth ago

    0:29 kin a kubes ?????

  19. Shane Black

    Shane BlackMonth ago

    Does this man's lack of fine motor skills bother anyone else? 😂😂

  20. Victor Kristanto

    Victor KristantoMonth ago

    00:50 pig nose ice cream...🤣 01:47 pig nose stacked up...🤣

  21. Elirah San Buenaventura

    Elirah San BuenaventuraMonth ago

    4:29 make it much more bully?

  22. Breezyho Herní Kanál

    Breezyho Herní KanálMonth ago

    Your english is embarasing

  23. ariel thanks

    ariel thanksMonth ago

    Gadjiks * heavy breathing*

  24. Kalista Williams

    Kalista WilliamsMonth ago

    Great now I’m craving ice cream 🤣

  25. Bradleigh Jeppe

    Bradleigh JeppeMonth ago

    Now I want some ice creem

  26. twinklerTwins

    twinklerTwinsMonth ago

    scoop it, make it much more bully

  27. InstantChildBirth

    InstantChildBirth2 months ago


  28. richard bearden

    richard bearden2 months ago

    I bought this bucket of white ice cream.. lol hahaha.

  29. Teresita Blanco

    Teresita Blanco2 months ago


  30. Seira Fie

    Seira Fie2 months ago

    Please tell me you ate those ice cream after you scooped them into the bowl

  31. wait what

    wait what2 months ago

    the amount of times i skip forward to see the next gadget is ridiculous

  32. Toxic Warrior

    Toxic Warrior2 months ago

    Why do you all make fun of him

  33. Trisha Marie

    Trisha Marie2 months ago

    Did he give all the ice cream to his dogs 😁

  34. Chongos

    Chongos2 months ago

    Mans deffos smoked some dank before this video

  35. Sunny Nikhil

    Sunny Nikhil2 months ago


  36. natalie carpio

    natalie carpio2 months ago

    Ice cream BOLLS

  37. simin salim

    simin salim2 months ago

    I wonder if he eats all the leftover ice cream 🍦🧁🧁🍦🍦🍦🍡🍨🍨🍨🎂🎂

  38. The Great 98

    The Great 982 months ago

    me: bored asf with nothing to do me: *refreshes my feed* youtube: *recommends best ways to scoop ice cream*

  39. Excel Buela

    Excel Buela2 months ago

    Remember kids put ur glass before u scoop ice cream

  40. Xxxsky_queenXxx Imaan

    Xxxsky_queenXxx Imaan2 months ago

    Y’all wanna know the the easiest this is to use a spoon ik for a fact nobody uses the scoop😂😂

  41. Kristine Villanueva

    Kristine Villanueva2 months ago

    Who else watchin this while pooping? HAHAHAHA

  42. Your lucky Charm

    Your lucky Charm2 months ago

    He is tired scooping the ice cream

  43. Naimgamer

    Naimgamer2 months ago


  44. QRL RichyDude

    QRL RichyDude2 months ago

    What do you mean by bols😅😅😅

  45. Dhimars Hendrasto

    Dhimars Hendrasto2 months ago

    Badabi badabu phaww....ups sorry l meen BOOOM!!!!

  46. Crystalcosmic highlights

    Crystalcosmic highlights2 months ago

    *just use a spoon*

  47. Hassan Iftikhar Views

    Hassan Iftikhar Views2 months ago

    "It goes in so well".....hmmmm

  48. Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro

    Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro2 months ago

    Youre supossed to dip it or rinse it in water for it to work better. Those metal scoops work better doing thar everytime you scoop.

  49. Syazwan

    Syazwan2 months ago

    The ice cream got stuck at the ice scoop after a few scoop bcoz the ice cream scoop should be cleaned n moist after every use..dats the reason why most people dip the ice scoop in the water before scooping the ice cream..cheers

  50. Afizul Islam

    Afizul Islam2 months ago


  51. IChangedMyName

    IChangedMyName2 months ago

    Who ate all that icecream?

  52. the binge watcher

    the binge watcher2 months ago

    Icecream seller:how many icecreams do you want? Taras:yessss!!

  53. youlookyoufind

    youlookyoufind2 months ago

    First scooper is used at “Thriftys”

  54. Louis chiraq

    Louis chiraq2 months ago

    Always remember safety

  55. Kaden E

    Kaden E2 months ago

    Cubes? WOW 0:28

  56. mark Bohamed

    mark Bohamed2 months ago

    The first ice cream scoop was used back in the 70’s maybe late 60’s. I remember getting served ice cream by one of those at Thrifty Drug Stores. Also if you rinse or at least stick the scoop in warm water before each scoop it’s MUCH EASIER!!

  57. Majestic Rose 14

    Majestic Rose 142 months ago

    Wait, is this the bee keeper guy?

  58. BTZyNcs

    BTZyNcs2 months ago


  59. Reymond Baruslao

    Reymond Baruslao2 months ago

    Or you can just use a normal ice cream scoop.

  60. Vaishnavi Srinivas

    Vaishnavi Srinivas2 months ago

    This one makes it much more 'bally' awh boom

  61. DingSkie

    DingSkie2 months ago

    SO EZ

  62. Samrina Siddiqui

    Samrina Siddiqui2 months ago

    I have second one

  63. Sid552

    Sid5522 months ago

    “And this is a *frozen* ice cream”


    CHILL FROST2 months ago

    Those ice cream scoop gadgets -straight to my mouth. I love ice cream!


    CHILL FROST2 months ago

    His fridge is full of ice cream and cake

  66. Reneel Joshua Ong

    Reneel Joshua Ong2 months ago


  67. it's lizelle

    it's lizelle2 months ago

    Taraz: struggling Also taraz:look it so easy

  68. Fauzan1n

    Fauzan1n2 months ago

    0:29 *C* *U* *B* *E*

  69. Im Lynx

    Im Lynx2 months ago

    “This is a frozen ice cream” - CrazyRussianHacker 2019

  70. afvmedia

    afvmedia2 months ago

    ... the first scoop looks like a pig's nose... 🤣🤣🤣

  71. Arm 6959

    Arm 69592 months ago

    Ya know wat also works the same spoon you eat the ice cream with

  72. DIO Brando

    DIO Brando2 months ago

    They make eating ice cream feels like drinking wine

  73. eager beaver

    eager beaver2 months ago

    Use hot water

  74. hannah crown

    hannah crown2 months ago


  75. friartuck103

    friartuck1032 months ago

    Did he call a circle, cubes?

  76. Gaming Witcher

    Gaming Witcher2 months ago

    Why does your ice cream melt so fast?

  77. N-Tense

    N-Tense2 months ago

    u r losing your breath pushing it in then say ( look at it going very easily )

  78. Must Stay Anonymous

    Must Stay Anonymous2 months ago

    2:46 "So I'm going get myself another little scoop." *Proceeds to make the scoop as big as possible.*

  79. Soviet Marshmallow

    Soviet Marshmallow2 months ago


  80. FaTe Blowfish

    FaTe Blowfish2 months ago

    *All Hail Mother Russia*