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  1. Alicia Navarrete

    Alicia Navarrete3 months ago

    Agan sexso

  2. Edward Blends

    Edward Blends3 months ago

    jazz what is your sign?

  3. Kendra Stanton

    Kendra Stanton3 months ago

    #teamtae and #teamjazz

  4. Kornn Breeze

    Kornn Breeze3 months ago

    Yhu Actually Live Twice Twinn 🤦🏽‍♀️

  5. Kornn Breeze

    Kornn Breeze3 months ago

    My Favorite Gay USwork Kouple ♥️🥰 Imma Get There. Sub To My Khannel.

  6. Kornn Breeze

    Kornn Breeze3 months ago

    Jazz So Aggy Dawg🤣🤣🤣 “ Like Yo Booty Kheeks”🤣

  7. legend Jahseh

    legend Jahseh3 months ago

    10:06 "why my cousin look like you are we relateddd" 😂😂😂 I'm dead

  8. Alaina Henderson

    Alaina Henderson4 months ago


  9. Corey Mims

    Corey Mims4 months ago

    And here my music ok

  10. Bessie Jackson

    Bessie Jackson4 months ago

    Who sanitize the 🛒 cart handle I know I do watching doctor oz will open your eyes so much germs 🦠 be on there please wipe them off

  11. Imoni Davis

    Imoni Davis4 months ago

    when do we get a house tour !! 😫

  12. Laura Touchstone

    Laura Touchstone4 months ago

    Team jazz and tae all day everyday forever 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

  13. Azyriaa Cannon

    Azyriaa Cannon4 months ago

    when is the furniture going to be in house tour

  14. GeNya Randolph

    GeNya Randolph4 months ago

    4:13 Jazz-it do look smackable tho like yo boot cheeks Tae-🤪

  15. nado & jess

    nado & jess4 months ago

    yall want money quick check this out uswork.info/videos/vyo-oU-LGPw-video.html

  16. Shantae Marshall

    Shantae Marshall4 months ago


  17. The Crutchfield Family

    The Crutchfield Family4 months ago

    Team jazz and Tae

  18. Lisa Clark

    Lisa Clark4 months ago

    Did yall buy this house or are yall renting?

  19. Du Nk

    Du Nk4 months ago

    Im on a cruise

  20. Michelle Watkins

    Michelle Watkins4 months ago

    I have OCD every thing have to be right

  21. Breanna Green

    Breanna Green4 months ago

    Do a car video👏🏽👏🏽

  22. yepits_ nitaaa

    yepits_ nitaaa4 months ago

    I wan't to see tae real here

  23. theyluv.raee: 101

    theyluv.raee: 1014 months ago

    Who all gone get to the fact that tae is cute asfffff❤️ 👇🏾

  24. The Black Southern Belle

    The Black Southern Belle4 months ago

    Furniture shopping video!! uswork.info/videos/Ew19wYwBQmA-video.html

  25. Damir Richardson

    Damir Richardson4 months ago

    Me and my feet stank

  26. cami rose

    cami rose4 months ago

    this video is chill asf. i love jazz and tae🤣

  27. Na’Dariyel Reed

    Na’Dariyel Reed4 months ago

    Omg same taeeee ! Like everything has to be organized or I’ll feel weird or like I’ll keep thinking about it & eventually fix it

  28. zach arthur

    zach arthur4 months ago

    Yall amazing

  29. Kiya Koala bears

    Kiya Koala bears4 months ago


  30. Adrienne Boddie

    Adrienne Boddie4 months ago

    New theme video for channel please 😩

  31. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide4 months ago

    Who watches garbage consistently enough for it to be trending ?

  32. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss4 months ago

    Who watches garbage consistently enough for it to be trending ?

  33. A N O N Y M O U S

    A N O N Y M O U S4 months ago

    the guy is so noisy af, I DIDNT FINISH THE VIDEO! Anyone who knows how to block this account

  34. Rock girl

    Rock girl4 months ago

    That was brilliant.. thank you!!!?

  35. Sapphire Ali

    Sapphire Ali4 months ago

    im a big fan

  36. Joanna

    Joanna4 months ago

    OMG I love it so much?

  37. Puppet lover

    Puppet lover4 months ago

    Having so much fun jazz

  38. Ranekwa Powell

    Ranekwa Powell4 months ago

    I love y'all 🥰🥰🥰😝

  39. Cassie

    Cassie4 months ago


  40. Doreen Small

    Doreen Small4 months ago

    Can we do some food shopping

  41. Alyvia Roberts

    Alyvia Roberts4 months ago

    Team jazz and tae

  42. Leopard Bra Brado

    Leopard Bra Brado4 months ago

    looks so cool

  43. Uduak Enyong

    Uduak Enyong4 months ago

    They are gay

  44. Sharon Hall

    Sharon Hall4 months ago

    Y'all so funny

  45. Tishas Cre8tive Cooking

    Tishas Cre8tive Cooking4 months ago

    What is up to the JT squadddddd . Love it every time 💖

  46. Mammie Barry

    Mammie Barry4 months ago


  47. Tanvir Ahmed

    Tanvir Ahmed4 months ago

    what a cringe ..

  48. Sierra Leone

    Sierra Leone4 months ago

    I wish I had a friend like you guys

  49. David Shaffer

    David Shaffer4 months ago

    WTF. Stop

  50. Lil Monsta

    Lil Monsta4 months ago

    She look like sol twin lol

  51. CookieGod666

    CookieGod6664 months ago

    Who watches garbage consistently enough for it to be trending ?

  52. Zepphire

    Zepphire4 months ago

    Seeings this reccomended ik she was gay af

  53. ruben d

    ruben d4 months ago

    Zero taste.lool

  54. Maria The Chosen One

    Maria The Chosen One4 months ago

    Having so much fun jazz

  55. ShadowDemon17

    ShadowDemon174 months ago


  56. DLoad This1

    DLoad This14 months ago


  57. Stephanie Rodriquez

    Stephanie Rodriquez4 months ago

    Ugly pedo and ugly thin tranny looking whore

  58. Ana Moon

    Ana Moon4 months ago

    So awesome. One day!


    KAYLA WAYLA_4 months ago

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  60. Sanaa Stewart

    Sanaa Stewart4 months ago

    I am at dance👧👧