Nationals ride 6-run 7th to World Series Game 2 win | Nationals-Astros MLB Highlights

Stephen Strasburg dazzled in his World Series debut and the Nationals scored six in the 7th en route to a 2-0 World Series lead!
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  1. Europa

    Europa14 days ago

    2:00 watches that HR like he hit that without knowing what pitch was coming. It ain't cool buddy when you're cheating.

  2. Scott Price

    Scott Price20 days ago

    1:58 *Bang Bang*

  3. Dylan Janney

    Dylan Janney24 days ago

    3:24 “Homered on a changeup” hmm wonder why??

  4. saleem

    saleem24 days ago

    Here after the Nationals won game 6 and 7 to win the World Series against the Houston Cheaters.

  5. Durrell Kitchen

    Durrell KitchenMonth ago

    2019 World Series (Game 2) (10/23/19) At the Top of the 7th Inning, Kurt Suzuki #28 (Catcher) delivers a Solo Home Run Blast and the Nationals scored 6 more runs and at the Top of the 8th Inning, Adam Eaton #2 (OF) belted a 2-Run Home Run shot and at the Top of the 9th Inning, Michael A. Taylor #3 (CF) smokes up a Solo Home Run Jack and Stephen Strasburg #37 (Pitcher) dazzled in his World Series debut and the Nationals win a 12-3 winning game victory over the Houston Astros en route to a 2-0 lead!!!! ⚾🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. William Robert

    William RobertMonth ago

    Homeless in CA will be wearing Astros 2019 WS champs hats and shirts.

  7. William Robert

    William RobertMonth ago

    Astros got their butts kicked, they were out coached !

  8. Martin Perez

    Martin PerezMonth ago

    Andreina from Buenos dias America 😅😝😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Svpreme RYANZ

    Svpreme RYANZMonth ago

    Nationals won

  10. Dbass

    DbassMonth ago

    I would like to know, when a batter admires his home run its showing up the pitcher, then the pitcher plunks the batter next time up, Pedro Martinez said he would have tried to knock Bregmans block off, Bregman CARRIED HIS BAT TO FIRST, REALLY?? Why wasn't Joe Buck and the others, calling that BUSH LEAGUE!! no place for that in Baseball!!, Baseball is so petty with its unwritten rules, why wasn't that denounced!! Any baseball people out there? Help me out with that, Ps, Soto didn't have to retaliate

  11. Moises Morla

    Moises MorlaMonth ago

    verlander en serie mundial no existe.....un coje palo total...nunca a podido ganar un juego de serie mundial

  12. Hell's favorite NPC #69OU812 . exe

    Hell's favorite NPC #69OU812 . exeMonth ago

    The Nationals will LOSE, and deserve to lose. your fans are a disgrace! No matter your political affiliation, have some respect for the office of the presidency, you dirtbags. I despise that worthless fake black that was in office for 8 years prior, that wasn't even a legitimate president! a kenyan-born person is NOT allowed to be a president in this country! he defrauded america and all low IQ libtards, (not hard to do), sold our secrets to the enemy, as well as our uranium to his butt buddy Putin. He's the real Putin's puppet. GO ASTROS!

  13. Shark007

    Shark007Month ago

    @RoundenBrown lmao the astros lost too

  14. RoundenBrown

    RoundenBrownMonth ago

    Awww, poor baby.

  15. Clayton Myers

    Clayton MyersMonth ago

    Crazy how 4 days ago people were thinking Astros were going to get swept... Now look whats happened lol

  16. Mark Teasley

    Mark TeasleyMonth ago

    Nice game!

  17. Legion

    LegionMonth ago

    And the nationals thought they were gonna win it all.thats what happens when your from Washington...

  18. Richard Harryman

    Richard HarrymanMonth ago

    Yay rematch 😅

  19. The Irishpanic

    The IrishpanicMonth ago

    Who's here after game 5? 😂

  20. The Irishpanic

    The IrishpanicMonth ago

    @RZARECTAH7 me too 😭


    RZARECTAH7Month ago

    Me lol

  22. SSJPunchoutkid

    SSJPunchoutkidMonth ago

    A team hasn’t won the World Series at home since 2013 Red Sox weow

  23. Gerardo Aguilar

    Gerardo AguilarMonth ago

    Our boys have made it up with a 3 win streak in Washington. Time to win and finish this at home.

  24. SSJPunchoutkid

    SSJPunchoutkidMonth ago

    Gerardo Aguilar or everyone just wins on the road

  25. Jeff Garcia

    Jeff GarciaMonth ago

    and then the Otros win 3 in a row in Washington!!!!

  26. Fellow Deplorable

    Fellow DeplorableMonth ago

    Astros take game 5. WTH happened Nats?

  27. T G

    T GMonth ago

    Sleeping giant has woken up.

  28. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Book of shadows contributor BrianMonth ago

    Hi folks 🇺🇸🕧🇦🇷

  29. MaSs GeNoCiDeS

    MaSs GeNoCiDeSMonth ago

    Wheres the Brooms now??? Hmmm where the nats trash talkers at??

  30. Marwin Washington

    Marwin WashingtonMonth ago

    Where are all the national fans talking about a sweep?🤔🤔🤔🤔 i can see the look on there faces now 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

  31. Juz Jokez

    Juz JokezMonth ago

    I just came thru to look at all the "Astros are going to get swept" comments.......smh....the Nationals are a great team......but dont disrespect the Astros with such blasphemous comments... Series is tied 2-2....keep watching

  32. Gerardo Aguilar

    Gerardo AguilarMonth ago

    Now Astros lead! Shows you how quickly things can turn.

  33. James Whitehead

    James WhiteheadMonth ago


  34. James Whitehead

    James WhiteheadMonth ago


  35. Wayne Cockerham

    Wayne CockerhamMonth ago

    their last win ... theyre not gonna win another one

  36. Zachary Young

    Zachary YoungMonth ago

    That was the greatest scoring inning I have EVER seen!!!

  37. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuMonth ago

    “Strausburgs emphatic high fives” 😂

  38. Steven Jackson

    Steven JacksonMonth ago

    I wish krauthammer could watch the nationals in the series he would have loved it. RIP

  39. Phong Vong

    Phong VongMonth ago

    Coach, Hinch! According To This Specific Game. Team Astros, All You Need Are being Exuberantly Enthusiastic Carry The Situation Through The Entire Game Today. We Shall Do Way Better In Any Aspects Impacting With Every Realm We are Possessing. Talk You Coach, Teammates Later On. Thanks

  40. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas DoyiMonth ago

    Love you videos???

  41. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuMonth ago

    Kurt Suzuki's home run "See! You! Later!!" - Nats caller Bob Carpenter

  42. OzO_ 9

    OzO_ 9Month ago


  43. Mark Oliver

    Mark OliverMonth ago

    I got this one Nats in 5

  44. Mike Russo

    Mike RussoMonth ago

    Astros in 6... book it

  45. saleem

    saleem24 days ago

    Mike Russo WRONG!

  46. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas DoyiMonth ago

    Love the video ??

  47. Jacob Langley

    Jacob LangleyMonth ago

    8:25 smacks a HR.. casually blow a huge bubble 😂😂😂

  48. Chuckie Greatness

    Chuckie GreatnessMonth ago

  49. Bojokowski

    BojokowskiMonth ago

    Seats too expensive to fill them. nice

  50. Mark Oliver

    Mark OliverMonth ago

    Same as a biden rally but the seats are free and 50,000 less people.