Eating at the WORST reviewed restaurant in Singapore

You guys voted for this!! We went to eat the WORST reviewed restaurant in Singapore this time round. 😱
Thank you Royce (Left Profile Artiste) for joining us!
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  1. Memory

    Memory16 hours ago

    Even din tai Fung fried rice cheaper

  2. Hexroad Ammo

    Hexroad Ammo18 hours ago

    Just a quick question. Did you all shit gold after that lunch?

  3. Anthony Wong

    Anthony WongDay ago

    Less talking, more action. Just start your video at that place you gonna eat. You should really learn from Mr Watermelon.

  4. Peng Pan

    Peng PanDay ago

    Go to a random supermarket, get 2 to 3 broccolis and hard boil it with sauce. BOOM! 18 SGD! 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Jen Lisa

    Jen Lisa2 days ago

    0:46 That's me when I quarrel with my Brother over a game.

  6. Archt GD

    Archt GD3 days ago

    so if they took so long, *they want to make it bad!* which is why it took so long, and it says 3 stars because they "know" what they are doing.

  7. vincent liong

    vincent liong3 days ago

    Woahlao. Everyone know this one boat quay one.

  8. ebonyloveivory

    ebonyloveivory4 days ago


  9. Puterisitinabilah Lemon

    Puterisitinabilah Lemon4 days ago

    🤣walao i love the food review.

  10. l•ѕнαηє

    l•ѕнαηє4 days ago

    The middle one looks gay

  11. Charles Zhu

    Charles Zhu5 days ago

    77 SGD can eat a lot of seafood at batam already

  12. Gail Anne

    Gail Anne5 days ago

    me when looking at the menu..... are you kidding me!

  13. FrostBite Pokin

    FrostBite Pokin6 days ago

    Hold up. Fried rice, chicken and broccoli for $77? What the fu

  14. Fresh Raw Honey

    Fresh Raw Honey6 days ago

    I feel like im watching 3 faggots reviewing horribly

  15. Min Yoongi

    Min Yoongi6 days ago

    Order only the fried chicken that they said was spicy then lie to your friend that u can eat

  16. limin chen

    limin chen6 days ago

    Try best restaurant!!

  17. Don't touch that

    Don't touch that6 days ago

    3 of you are so feminine. Yall gay or some shit?

  18. Tan Yew Loong

    Tan Yew Loong6 days ago

    Is Boat Quay that area

  19. bubble_tea _gurl

    bubble_tea _gurl6 days ago

    If my mother was there she would complain face to face... Ummm so yeah...

  20. Harith Ismail

    Harith Ismail7 days ago

    The la ci chi is might as well like tumeric fried chicken

  21. Roland Tan

    Roland Tan7 days ago

    OMG. I was there when I was visiting SG. Is this the Thai restaurant?

  22. Naufal

    Naufal7 days ago

    I can buy a lot of mcd by the amount of money.What a scam

  23. Renee Alexandra

    Renee Alexandra7 days ago

    Why dont you guys go to like the crappiest flea market to buy clothes, etc or whatever idk

  24. YH Shannon Ching

    YH Shannon Ching7 days ago

    You can have even better and cheaper 辣子鸡 at People's Park Hawker Centre

  25. Fabulous Boy

    Fabulous Boy7 days ago

    This is what happen if you put three GAYS together hahahah

  26. Nad and friends

    Nad and friends7 days ago

    12 August is my birthday and you published this video..

  27. Jason Zeigler

    Jason Zeigler7 days ago

    56 US dollars for this meal OMG😂. What a ripoff. What idiot doesn't walkout and leave after seeing the price of the fried rice on the menu. Unfortunately, most people don't have common sense. P.s. I've lived in Southeast Asia for 10 years and have been to Singapore several times and have never seen a plate of rice for that price in Southeast Asia.

  28. Malaysian in uk foofoo

    Malaysian in uk foofoo8 days ago

    Is the guy with the colourful shirt Randy? He's cute

  29. Malaysian in uk foofoo

    Malaysian in uk foofoo8 days ago

    Cockroach and dried chillies look the same Mah!

  30. dfamz dsign

    dfamz dsign8 days ago


  31. wen_and_xuan

    wen_and_xuan8 days ago

    Ok wtf $18 for just broccoli ?????!!!

  32. Pity me Nonchalang

    Pity me Nonchalang8 days ago

    So expensive 🤣

  33. Mildred Tay

    Mildred Tay8 days ago

    How bout to a worst rated karaoke place like if u agree

  34. Benson Tan

    Benson Tan8 days ago

    Normal la. Clarke quay area, what do you expect? Confirm jack up prices to chop tourists. Lol.

  35. Roland Tan

    Roland Tan7 days ago

    I agree.

  36. thatsmallgirl

    thatsmallgirl8 days ago

    Kopitiam one way better only $2 SGD

  37. Woofy HD

    Woofy HD9 days ago

    Try the worst review makeup

  38. Woofy HD

    Woofy HD9 days ago

    Try the worst ice cream place

  39. Jayden Peh

    Jayden Peh9 days ago

    What.......Lobster is 288/kg? That's so expensive as it weighs a lot and plus, that hotel 5-star restaurant only sell it for like 80 dollar plus. Fried rice is $26, I don't think is the food that gave it 1-star, is the price.

  40. yellayeah

    yellayeah9 days ago

    I know this place haha. Even if I’m feeling rich I would rather eat tze char.

  41. Terence Lee

    Terence Lee9 days ago

    They buy from the tze char behind n serve u la. Haha

  42. james yao

    james yao9 days ago

    ben, may i ask why you always look like you’re going to kiss randy?

  43. cHaRiS tAn

    cHaRiS tAn9 days ago

    800SD can go dian xiao er eat a whole big family meal sia 😂

  44. Ken Sim

    Ken Sim10 days ago

    hey guyswhatis thenameofthidresturant? lokks like atboat quay do everyone a great favor to avoid thisplceso it will close finally andnot con heunaware eso tourists orthis ill give spore/boatquay a bad adwrongimpression nofsinkapore! tksguys nice video though abut i dont encouraged dishonest busineses and cheats! who alwaysprey on the hapless elderly pple

  45. G

    G10 days ago

    Are you boyfriends?

  46. Rosland Mohd

    Rosland Mohd10 days ago

    WTF why do broccolli cost 18 $

  47. Black Hole

    Black Hole11 days ago

    4:34 thats actually true. My grandmother cook fried rice only 6mins liao

  48. Patrick Chak

    Patrick Chak11 days ago

    the food may not seem appetizing but the 3 of you are even more disgusting. not sure whether the 3 of you are male or female.

  49. Kawaii Rainbow

    Kawaii Rainbow11 days ago

    y’all twins or siblings ? whose older ? Love this series of videos from y’all 👍👍

  50. tinnie bui

    tinnie bui11 days ago

    Great episode very funny. Love your show.

  51. starshar

    starshar11 days ago

    I think u guys are very courageous to try this series of "worst review" but you guys really need to improve your hosting. Honestly your friend host it better than u guys. During the food tasting, both of u were like lost for words and the friend had to comment to avoid the silence. So awkward you guys just keep exchanging glances but speechless

  52. T3502SJN -

    T3502SJN -3 days ago

    starshar because the ‘friend’ is a real host......

  53. XxSugaGrainsXx

    XxSugaGrainsXx12 days ago

    Some of the restaurants I go to a three course meal for all of us cost £100

  54. Joseph David

    Joseph David13 days ago

    that's interesting...finding the worst food in SIngapore shouldn't be a problem...pretty much the whole country would qualify.

  55. Aki Akabane

    Aki Akabane13 days ago

    Please tell me where is this so that i can avoid that place >

  56. T. Arianna

    T. Arianna14 days ago

    The chicken is not that fresh already... Look at that color I think I have seen this restaurant before



    When a whole meal for 6-9 people at a coffee shop downstairs could be cheaper than a single plate of food here

  58. therowellproductions

    therowellproductions14 days ago

    omg sian sia.. when the food is served, I damn disappointed for yall… even some zichar stall downstairs can serve similar or more appetizing versions at only a fraction of the cost.. wutttt…. and then you guys waited so long for the food somemore..

  59. chhan loveC

    chhan loveC14 days ago

    randy looks kind of like sheldon frm cantomando 😊😁 anyone..... oh just me ....😂

  60. ChimChim BTSTrash

    ChimChim BTSTrash14 days ago

    Me: *cHaNgE tHe tItLe oF tHe vIdEo tO "Mukbang Eaters" tHeN i WiLl fOrGiVe u*

  61. Sherwinphilipp :D

    Sherwinphilipp :D14 days ago

    Why this restaurant is still open???

  62. teethso funny

    teethso funny14 days ago

    I love this kind of series , srsly LOVE to the max!