Eating at the WORST reviewed restaurant in Singapore

You guys voted for this!! We went to eat the WORST reviewed restaurant in Singapore this time round. 😱
Thank you Royce (Left Profile Artiste) for joining us!
Do let us know if you want us to continue the series by commenting below.
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  1. Sam Adams

    Sam Adams5 days ago

    My family and I got scammed by these scammers. They charged us $15 USD for bread, $2000 for 2 chili king crabs and $26 for a plate of fried rice. We reported them to the tourism board and they offered us a one time 10% refund through the boat quay tourism board. What a joke. Tourism board does nothing to help. Crooks.

  2. DutyOGT _

    DutyOGT _16 days ago

    We need Gordon Ramsay here

  3. sgdkdl

    sgdkdl17 days ago

    Got cockroach?

  4. jamilah dash

    jamilah dash17 days ago

    Clark Quay?

  5. JC Wonder

    JC Wonder18 days ago

    Where can we complain for this. Consumer association?

  6. FIreFr0zE

    FIreFr0zE18 days ago

    you guys maybe can go TO the most review resturant can? plz ans me and if you do that vid plz show them a pic screenshot and react to this

  7. Stacey Brindle

    Stacey Brindle22 days ago

    18 dollers for broccoli wtf

  8. I Like

    I Like23 days ago

    I feel like a luxury restaurant overseas also wont cost so much. The scenery was not worth it.

  9. ᗰIᑎᕼᗩᑎ

    ᗰIᑎᕼᗩᑎ23 days ago

    I seriously want to die I bet it’s nothing like my food at home

  10. Terry Wee Chow Tan

    Terry Wee Chow Tan25 days ago

    Try the most expensive FOOD in Singapore

  11. Wellkinson Teggong

    Wellkinson TeggongMonth ago

    Even Malaysia have a better grade food

  12. jazzjacelyn

    jazzjacelynMonth ago

    My downstairs zhi char cheaper and nicer to eat lor

  13. Brandy lewis

    Brandy lewisMonth ago

    Let's go try the worst mala xiang guo and the best mala xiang guo in Singapore! Hahaha

  14. Chloe ZiYu

    Chloe ZiYuMonth ago

    Can u vlog the best restaurant in singapore

  15. Ying Jia Lim

    Ying Jia LimMonth ago

    haha my grandmother food is better and its free XD

  16. Udhaya Shanmugam

    Udhaya ShanmugamMonth ago

    what a shitty place

  17. Autumn Lavender

    Autumn LavenderMonth ago

    Your friend eyebrow..........

  18. チピーチ

    チピーチMonth ago

    At 6:03 . I laugh so hard. 😂

  19. Jimin love jam

    Jimin love jamMonth ago

    Why is brocolli $18

  20. Ashraf Malakian

    Ashraf MalakianMonth ago

    Better go bali Thai...

  21. Mike Gan

    Mike Gan2 months ago

    I subscribe only becos u die for us lol

  22. Tzi Yu Chai

    Tzi Yu Chai2 months ago

    1 star rated eyebrow embroidery

  23. Tzi Yu Chai

    Tzi Yu Chai2 months ago

    Cheapest eyebrow embroidery

  24. chen meiyan

    chen meiyan2 months ago

    $77.70 can go Ntuc or Cold Storage buy better food to cook . 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️all dishes 看了不开胃👎👎👎👎👎

  25. Vicky YS

    Vicky YS2 months ago

    Maybe just the king n the Queen can go that 2 eat😂😂😂😂😂

  26. venise iscool

    venise iscool2 months ago

    oh guys u should have went to dintaifung and get like at least 2 plates of their signature fried rice


    XIAO TING KAM2 months ago

    Yes continue this kind of series but don’t go broke 😂😂

  28. 20S5-O see yanni

    20S5-O see yanni2 months ago

    Real Rate For Worst Restaurant Excellent: 0 Very Good: 0 Average: 5 Poor: 10 Terrible: 6,999,999,985 Edit: Zero Zero Five Ten Six Billion,Nine Hundred Ninety Nine,Nine Hundred Ninety Nine and Nine Hundred and Eighty Five

  29. xue hao .pang

    xue hao .pang2 months ago

    this is at boat quay, not clarke quay...

  30. Shannna Ng

    Shannna Ng3 months ago

    omg pls do a best rated hotel

  31. Raine Gaming

    Raine Gaming3 months ago

    7:35 see the name of the restaurant

  32. Master Yoda

    Master Yoda3 months ago

    I can get a 4x bigger fried rice for only $15 and it’s huge

  33. banana monkey allergy

    banana monkey allergy3 months ago

    Huh, i wouldnt pay more than $25 total for that 3 disgusting looking dishes....

  34. Callie Seah

    Callie Seah3 months ago

    What about the worst air b n b

  35. Catycat4 Gt

    Catycat4 Gt3 months ago

    Wts broccoli $18?!

  36. idiot321321321

    idiot3213213213 months ago

    3:23 I think they put the price after seeing the complaint on whatever that review site was.

  37. ferfrenz

    ferfrenz3 months ago

    Randy is sho cute when he's laugh 😍

  38. Luke Tan

    Luke Tan3 months ago

    Everything here is overpriced!

  39. Clarissa Lee

    Clarissa Lee3 months ago

    I cannot believe anyone still eating this. It should be close down. One like=close down the shop

  40. Kennedy Poi

    Kennedy Poi3 months ago

    Boat Quay is rated ? star? How do you expect better from its tenant commercial restaurants

  41. seanplays_

    seanplays_3 months ago

    $18 for broccoli? lol joke of my life

  42. Fluff Puff

    Fluff Puff3 months ago

    isnt tat guy john frm the Michelle Chong channel or smthng

  43. OhlieVher Arango

    OhlieVher Arango3 months ago

    $288 sgd per kg obviously bad lah 🤣

  44. Fuck Muslim

    Fuck Muslim3 months ago


  45. Jasmine Jonathan Andrews

    Jasmine Jonathan Andrews3 months ago

    Should shut down already.

  46. Drink Water

    Drink Water3 months ago

    5:27 Ran: it’s very bland *immediately looks over at waitress(?)* 👀

  47. Showren Caty

    Showren Caty3 months ago

    To frankly say it. This situation can be happening all over the world.

  48. Jessep Francis

    Jessep Francis3 months ago Singapore PMD ban truly is a good thing as many won't realize unless you see what has happened all over including those idiotic accidents caused by idiots, mostly young stupid ones ( AH BENG's with their techno as well apart from riding at night with no lights and no concern for anyone else.

  49. Steven Chung

    Steven Chung3 months ago

    I'm not Singaporean but pleaseeeee do more of this series, I found it interesting af Btw, at the moment he said "How to say ah... Taste very healthy yah" I was laughing fk hard hahahaha

  50. E Ng

    E Ng3 months ago

    Laahch( lunch)

  51. ༆Earthy gachs༆

    ༆Earthy gachs༆3 months ago

    Can you do the best restaurant ever

  52. Abdul Hakim Anuar

    Abdul Hakim Anuar3 months ago

    Is that squirtward?

  53. Mocha

    Mocha3 months ago

    Wah, total rip off..gee

  54. kuki six

    kuki six3 months ago

    Maybe their strategy is to take a very long time and make you hungry so that the food will taste better than it actually is.

  55. Goh Siew How

    Goh Siew How3 months ago

    They order from other Zhi char store send over n put on new plate , very cheap

  56. Zoran

    Zoran3 months ago

    Come to Murrica! For that much you can have a Kings Feast!

  57. A G

    A G3 months ago

    Any dude looking at the prices on their menu should know you’re over paying for such fare. Even if you want seafood, go somewhere else and not get butchered by these mongers. I’m horrified they made you wait for 45 mins for 3 simple dishes and the eatery was literally empty of customers. I’ll just voice out my displeasure and walk out in no time. This restaurant should be boycotted at all cost! In fact food prices in Singapore restaurants and eateries are getting ridiculous and the quality and freshness of food are less than desirable, not forgetting the measly portions as well. Absolutely no value for money. I tend to stay away from our restaurants/eateries here and eat at Hawker centres and Food courts. I rather use the same amount of money in other countries where I can dine in 5-stars restaurants.

  58. Yun En

    Yun En3 months ago

    The fried rice $26 my house downstairs only $3.50

  59. David Chan

    David Chan3 months ago

    It is a terrible place to go for a meal there. Shut it down

  60. Gabriel Ganesa Mohan

    Gabriel Ganesa Mohan3 months ago

    Boat Quay wats so great about that area..waste time/money