Pre-Talk(프리토크) "JYP(박진영) X 3RACHA(방찬, 창빈, 한)
Stray Kids MINI ALBUM "Clé 1 : MIROH"
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  1. Purnima Gurung

    Purnima Gurung11 days ago

    Chan is legit JYP's adopted child. That boi be disrespecting and hugging the CEO like it's no one's business. And I'm living😂👏

  2. Riri Hash

    Riri Hash11 days ago

    3racha the best producer ever and genius

  3. cracy demo

    cracy demo13 days ago

    I feel like JYPE is a place where artists who want to be independent and could produce their own songs should be. People say solo artists are mistreated in JYPE, but I think it's because they can't produce their own songs alone that fast, so that's why they don't show up in the public(?) that much. I agree that JYPE does not promote their artists that much, but it's a place where they respect and give artists their chance to show their own artistic value.

  4. LOL ipop

    LOL ipop19 days ago


  5. ariana montenegro

    ariana montenegro20 days ago

    Me gusta que jyp ponga todo en español Realmente sabe que el mercado latino es mas

  6. Kelsie Marg

    Kelsie Marg28 days ago

    Okay but how cute was it at 9:00 when Han and Changbin danced and turned their heads at the same time???

  7. Leeknow youKnow

    Leeknow youKnowMonth ago

    Que lindos son💕💕😍 Me encanta ser fan de esta hermosa banda, son unos genios!

  8. the lawnmower

    the lawnmowerMonth ago

    omg i just noticed jaebum (got7) helped arrange “victory song” i actually love that

  9. Akira Min

    Akira MinMonth ago

    16:00 Please ignore this it's just here for me to remember how many followers they expect to have after the Clé series is over.

  10. Priya13 Pinto

    Priya13 PintoMonth ago

    9:00 theyre already in dancing mode


    KPOP LOVERMonth ago

    I really love JYP

  12. robert gabas

    robert gabasMonth ago

    JYP the best Dad❤

  13. Samantha Kristine

    Samantha Kristine2 months ago

    JYP trying to say home in an aussie accent is like JYP being a villager in Minecraft

  14. ZaJiRose

    ZaJiRose2 months ago

    It was so funny watching changbin and jisung trying to restrain themselves from dancing 😂😂😂

  15. d lee

    d lee2 months ago

    i want pre-talks for every song 😩

  16. Sunny Lee

    Sunny Lee2 months ago

    they are truly an ARTIST!!! they are insane..!! they survey, they analyze, they find inspiration all around the world..!! they are really INSANE!! salute mann

  17. jj :3 stan z-girls :3

    jj :3 stan z-girls :32 months ago

    just wanted to let y’all know this is the video that got me into skz ❤️❤️❤️

  18. NO CoOkIEs NO LIfe

    NO CoOkIEs NO LIfe2 months ago

    rewatching this , but why is nobody talking about Han and changbin moving their heads in sync (9:00)

  19. Joanna

    Joanna2 months ago

    That synchronized head twitch at 9:00

  20. just whatever

    just whatever2 months ago

    okay 3:02 jyp learning australian accent from channie is my new favourite thing

  21. Cami G

    Cami G2 months ago

    Awesome! All songs all albums . Love from Chile 🇨🇱💕

  22. seraphym ignaci0

    seraphym ignaci02 months ago

    Bruh 4 months later still not 3.5 million. STAYS WE NEED MORE RECRUITS HELP OUR SKZ C'MON

  23. OneInAMillion EyesOnMe AllinUs

    OneInAMillion EyesOnMe AllinUs2 months ago

    Just wait and Stray Kids will diss JYP just like Got7

  24. OneInAMillion EyesOnMe AllinUs

    OneInAMillion EyesOnMe AllinUs2 months ago

    I hope Stray Kids will be like Got7 who diss JYP😅😅

  25. Purva Shegunshi

    Purva Shegunshi2 months ago

    Their hair colours represent the 3 types of chocolate 😅


    WONDER TWICE2 months ago

    @3:03 jyp is trying to say home in Australian accent 😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Rey Dobrev

    Rey Dobrev2 months ago

    Poor jisung was avoiding eye contact with jyp lol

  28. Rey Dobrev

    Rey Dobrev2 months ago

    Petition for 3racha's debut

  29. vi Vi

    vi Vi2 months ago

    JYP to chan: bro hug JYP to han/changbin: handshake JYP to chan: fistbump to han/changbin: ignores cHaN iS jYp'S sON

  30. Peyton McFarland

    Peyton McFarland2 months ago

    they were are so tense😂

  31. daphy the alien

    daphy the alien2 months ago

    Im so fricking happy coz im Congolese n I speak French~!

  32. Jimin's Flexible Neck

    Jimin's Flexible Neck2 months ago

    *but jyp looks like a scolded kin in the thumbnail lmaoooo*

  33. Caroline Krauth

    Caroline Krauth2 months ago

    I really want to show JYP a stray kids on crack video and see how he reacts

  34. ??????????

    ??????????11 days ago


  35. suga kookies and tae

    suga kookies and tae3 months ago

    i love how jyp asks them questions about how the feel and how they go about their music, it really shows how interested he is in what they have to offer, he really respects them, one of the best bosses in kpop

  36. Kyonchi

    Kyonchi3 months ago

    I can't stop giggling at how nervous they are throughout the video, especially Han- Cute. I respect tho

  37. Ari Fiani

    Ari Fiani3 months ago


  38. the gurl.

    the gurl.3 months ago


  39. the gurl.

    the gurl.3 months ago

    2:57 oh yea, australian accent for lyfe

  40. Life is beautiful raaj

    Life is beautiful raaj3 months ago

    Han spoke my mind literally 😭

  41. Marie-Loan Aubry

    Marie-Loan Aubry3 months ago

    I want to protect Han

  42. Zannatul Tahsin

    Zannatul Tahsin3 months ago

    6:40 Omg they had a domino effect reaction and it's literally the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  43. Safira Rahman

    Safira Rahman3 months ago

    Semakin di liat semakin gw bangga ama 3racha.. Semakin gw cinta ama 3racha..

  44. Fenny Zega

    Fenny Zega3 months ago

    Stray kids😍😍😍

  45. xxx 00000

    xxx 000003 months ago


  46. Maya Hadlory

    Maya Hadlory3 months ago

    Chan here seems younger



    What is JYP to you? Bang Chan: a brother and a father... a bOtHeR(?) Weird flex but kinda true lol indeed a genius man

  48. ryu ryujin shin

    ryu ryujin shin3 months ago

    3racha not playing with music

  49. Mariana Somnyadeul

    Mariana Somnyadeul3 months ago

    OMG wow voy a ver cuándo puedo ver todo esto ah

  50. Auburn Radke

    Auburn Radke3 months ago

    Everytime I watch this, it always gets me that Chan is all buddy buddy with JYP and Jisung and Changbin is so respectful. Chan is like he said 'JYP's son' .

  51. Lewish Haokip

    Lewish Haokip3 months ago

    Everyday if I did not listen to straykids song at least one time my mind cannot stay at ease my tears will roll down I don't have my own phone yet I will support straykids through all of my family phone subscribe like I will do through my whole family's phone of their videos and song

  52. Lewish Haokip

    Lewish Haokip3 months ago

    So straykids wrote the lyrics of most of their song wow so bad that I have exam right now or else I would spend my day listening to their song

  53. Lewish Haokip

    Lewish Haokip3 months ago

    Did all three of them write the song wow awsome

  54. Lewish Haokip

    Lewish Haokip3 months ago

    M dying

  55. Lewish Haokip

    Lewish Haokip3 months ago

    Bangchan is too cute

  56. Aina Maisara

    Aina Maisara3 months ago

    Can you imagine how much trust JYP put in Chan? From choosing his own members to producing their own musics. That's our leader's power, STAYs

  57. Ayceeyou

    Ayceeyou3 months ago

    stay is the proudest fandom

  58. Zyn Agatha Alexandra

    Zyn Agatha Alexandra4 months ago

    Gw si ngerti ga ngerti yang penting bisa liat suamiqu

  59. Anjeleena

    Anjeleena4 months ago

    11:10 Of course we will 😈*evil smile*🙀

  60. Gianne Nathalie Valenzuela

    Gianne Nathalie Valenzuela4 months ago

    JYP takes good care of his artists, and i like it. He lets his artists grow and improve.

  61. Caitlin

    Caitlin4 months ago

    This is such a contrast to the JYP i just watched who roasted all of JBs songs