Siege of Vienna & Queen Nzinga - Lies - Extra History

Writer Rob Rath talks about all the cool stories and facts we didn't get to cover in our two special short series on the Siege of Vienna, and the life of Queen Nzinga.
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  1. Extra Credits

    Extra Credits9 months ago

    Timestamps: 2:00 - Demonetization sucks. THANK YOU PATRONS! 7:15 - istanbul was constantinople now it's istanbul not constantinople been a long time gone oh constantinople 11:07 - the arrival of the Winged Hussars wasn't exactly the same as Rohan answering Gondor's call for aid 16:20 - Nzinga's controversial role in slavery 19:25 - what's next on Extra History? 21:02 - SIX DEGREES OF WALPOLE Recommended reading: The Enemy at the Gate: Habsburgs, Ottomans, and the Battle for Europe, by Andrew Wheatcroft The Siege of Vienna: The Last Great Trial Between Cross & Crescent , by John Stoye Hispanics and the Civil War: From Battlefield to Homefront, by the National Park Service Music videos: Queen Nzinga: Siege of Vienna:

  2. john doe

    john doe7 months ago

    How ironic you would mention lies. You are some of the worst liars. Please stop.

  3. Alex The Only

    Alex The Only9 months ago

    Do Journey to the West Book of Five Rings and its authors biography Ambedkar of india

  4. just another nobody

    just another nobody9 months ago

    @Dominick Morsell watch a history of paper money

  5. TheCringe Kid

    TheCringe Kid9 months ago

    can you guys make a series about Romania?

  6. Alex The Only

    Alex The Only9 months ago

    The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi.

  7. sjewitt22

    sjewitt2210 days ago

    They don't have to explain why they demonetize you. That messed up.

  8. Surriya Jabeen

    Surriya JabeenMonth ago

    The lipka tatars helped the polish cavalry

  9. Surriya Jabeen

    Surriya JabeenMonth ago

    If they won in 1529 it would've been different

  10. Quiwi Lin Lisolet

    Quiwi Lin Lisolet3 months ago

    Yeah the whole century thing is something we actually have to learn when we study English. For us 19th century would mean 1900-1999 if we didn't know how you use it

  11. wilson

    wilson3 months ago

    Executioner “ You know what I’m here for” Kara Mustafa “ Just do it”

  12. MegaMementoMori

    MegaMementoMori5 months ago

    Do yourselves a favour and skip to 4:30. Before he just talks about recommended books, museums in Vienna, demonetization and sucks up to patrons and art department.

  13. maximaldinotrap

    maximaldinotrap7 months ago

    History is more complicated than people realize. Even the Crusades were more complicated than simply Christianity vs Islam.

  14. Ben Siener

    Ben Siener8 months ago

    The ottoman werent trying to take over Europe? Tell that to Spain.

  15. Wolf mech Ace13

    Wolf mech Ace138 months ago

    You still got the colors on the winged wrong you used black and yellow, it should have been red and white

  16. Nicholas Ogburn

    Nicholas Ogburn8 months ago

    I love that you guys do this

  17. Jens Kosch

    Jens Kosch8 months ago

    Sabaton has great Song about Polish Infantry "40:1". It is about another battle of course (The battle of Wizna, 1939).

  18. Vampy_Rhombus5006

    Vampy_Rhombus50068 months ago

    Congrats on the baby daughter!

  19. Giovanni Ripaldi

    Giovanni Ripaldi8 months ago

    We need episodes about the boshin war! I think that would be an excellent series

  20. Mopium Pilon

    Mopium Pilon8 months ago

    lies, errors, flawes, shit basicly

  21. ArkadiBolschek

    ArkadiBolschek9 months ago

    The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth _is_ a pretty interesting subject, with plenty of ramifications for the history of Europe.

  22. chavamara

    chavamara9 months ago

    Honestly, Incan Mummy-Kings have dinner together is NOT the weirdest corpse story I've ever heard.

  23. Subtle rants

    Subtle rants9 months ago

    Idea for next extra history series. The assassination of Murutala Mohammed

  24. chavamara

    chavamara9 months ago

    Thaaaaanks, like I didn't have enough fantasy books I want to read! :P

  25. you will never find out

    you will never find out9 months ago

    Machiavelli ?

  26. Peoples Republic of Kurdistan

    Peoples Republic of Kurdistan9 months ago

    Please do Sultan Saladin

  27. The ConquerorX96

    The ConquerorX969 months ago

    When can we see a proper series on the Great Siege of Malta? What was covered in the Suleiman series barely scratched the surface of one of most fascinating events in history which, much like the siege of Vienna, is often oversimplified as Christianity V Islam.

  28. Jonathan Thurlow

    Jonathan Thurlow9 months ago

    Extra History please do the French revouliton

  29. ⲈⲘⲒⳐ ϝᚱⲀ ⱌεᚣⳚϟⲯssέᛇ

    ⲈⲘⲒⳐ ϝᚱⲀ ⱌεᚣⳚϟⲯssέᛇ9 months ago

    Mamluks, the mamluks needs some shine

  30. Samuel Appiah

    Samuel Appiah9 months ago

    Good breakdown on Queen Zinga, out of all historical channels, you guys are not rigid and you actually use nuance

  31. Tarion Marsden

    Tarion Marsden9 months ago

    Do a bio on Gustav Mahler

  32. Pony4Koma

    Pony4Koma9 months ago

    Thank you for adding the stuff about Nzinga's aide to this episode of "Lies". Much appreciated. (I was hopping that the episode "Lies" Siege of Vienna was going to be 3 hours long tho.)

  33. Олег Козлов

    Олег Козлов9 months ago

    Just as with girls, you can relieve Vienna from a siege but the only thing that matters is the size of your wings

  34. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf9 months ago

    When there is a party, it's for all.

  35. barbiquearea

    barbiquearea9 months ago

    Do the Ming Treasure Fleet.

  36. Coolbule 123

    Coolbule 1239 months ago

    Do history of Sculpture techniques or styles , that would neat.

  37. Jaxondorf

    Jaxondorf9 months ago

    You guys flat out PLAGIARIZED Famine Plot by Tim Pat Coogan. You dont even have the decency to reference his central argument.

  38. PhantomGamer28

    PhantomGamer289 months ago

    Winged Hussars of the Poland Lithuanian Commonwealth, MY PEOPLE!

  39. Daniel Geloso

    Daniel Geloso9 months ago

    There is a bit of the wall left in vienna near the university


    TKDMIKEP9 months ago

    Why didn’t you condemn the Easter Bombing???? Far more Christians died, than is NZ. Why show bias to the religion that was founded by a Pedophile.

  41. George Weavers

    George Weavers9 months ago

    So glad you mentioned the Winged Hussars and Sabaton :)

  42. Jesse Kennedy

    Jesse Kennedy9 months ago


  43. MJBull515

    MJBull5159 months ago

    Everything is usually more complicated than the synopses events like Vienna usually receive, but the Ottoman Apple imagery was part of their Islam asserting dominance over the world. One should remember the Ottoman Sultans also claimed the mantle of being Caliph of all Islam. He was the theological leader of Islam, the analogue of the Pope, not simply the secular leader of a powerful empire that happened to have Islam as its official religion.

  44. echalone

    echalone9 months ago

    Hey, greetings fom a Patreon from one of your favorite cities, Vienna

  45. Matthew Kelley

    Matthew Kelley9 months ago


  46. UnitedJupiter

    UnitedJupiter9 months ago

    9:35 I’m curious what this mining technique looks like. Anyone have a source for that that I could check out?

  47. William Cox

    William Cox9 months ago

    The Japanese call that quality of unnatural endurance and persistence Makoto or Ninjo.

  48. Alex The Only

    Alex The Only9 months ago

    Plz do The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi Bengal Famines under British

  49. The Long 19th Century Seo

    The Long 19th Century Seo9 months ago

    Ooooh. First LIVE!!!

  50. Stalles

    Stalles9 months ago

    cu ck

  51. Alex The Only

    Alex The Only9 months ago

    Plz do The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi

  52. dragonrykr

    dragonrykr9 months ago

    So is any legend true?

  53. Per Ekholm

    Per Ekholm9 months ago

    Flag and banner art are the reals villains of this show.

  54. David Gustavsson

    David Gustavsson9 months ago

    In Swedish and I believe (ironically) Danish, Danish pastry is called Vienna bread.

  55. Inebolu Balikcisi

    Inebolu Balikcisi9 months ago

    A series about Ataturk?

  56. Harjawalda

    Harjawalda9 months ago

    Both the crossaint and the coffee story are fact. There are documents that some merchants bought coffee from the sacked camp or was granted, and some started to run official coffee houses a couple of years after the siege. The crossaint how it is known world wide is called kipferl and was brought to france suposedly by marie antoinette. I heard the stories about how it was invented way back as a kid in the city museum.

  57. KendrixTermina

    KendrixTermina9 months ago

    CROISSANTS ARE AUSTRIAN?! Has my whole life been a lieeee??? Next time someone will tell me that Raclette is actually Danish or something.

  58. Sam De Loatch

    Sam De Loatch9 months ago

    Wow, all of the OG's from extra history seem to be gone.

  59. random guy

    random guy9 months ago

    Hundred Years War: Phase 1) Longbows > Knights Phase 2) France gets combat bonuses on core territory.

  60. Pike

    Pike9 months ago

    French Artillery > English Longbows

  61. G W

    G W9 months ago

    I want to buy something with an extra history logo, but I really don't need another t-shirt. Think we can get some stickers on the shop of the logos?

  62. PApa STAlin

    PApa STAlin9 months ago

    Nerd City get on this shit.

  63. 天吉Mark

    天吉Mark9 months ago

    20:18 haha nice inca ritual, maybe that's how i can meet my crush after i die

  64. The One Millionth Roger

    The One Millionth Roger9 months ago

    At some point you guys should do a series on the development of the atomic bomb. Juat putting that out there, very interesting topic.

  65. Gödeke Michels

    Gödeke Michels9 months ago

    The propaganda of this being a struggle between Christianity versus Islam started way back before the Siege. Even Martin Luther gave so called Türckenreden which is how fear speaches against the Turks of the time were called. So Kudos for fighting this but it has been long going and is deeply rooted.

  66. Michael Ikenwe

    Michael Ikenwe9 months ago

    Hey Extra History. Great work you're doing. Somehow you still didn't address the mistake of calling Angola a "West African" country. Angola is in South Central Africa. As a non-African, I know it's not a biggy to you but it is to us in Africa when people who should know better Africa don't

  67. Максим Ряховский

    Максим Ряховский9 months ago

    At last! Recognition of Sabaton and comments with its lyrics under the every other episode. You really should do crossover with Sabaton History.