Irish People Try Lindt Chocolate Truffles


  1. His Holiness the Pope

    His Holiness the Pope9 hours ago

    If you want a happy life, find a girl that will look at you as Ciara looks at Lindt chocolate.

  2. em f

    em f19 hours ago

    Irish jesus is as annoying af.

  3. Vide Media

    Vide Media22 hours ago

    Democrats just came out against puppy farts. They want to ban them!!!

  4. Mariah Lasley

    Mariah Lasley23 hours ago

    When you realize they are eating half the recommended daily calories in a single video...๐Ÿ˜‚ The strawberries and cream taste like Nesquick. Thereโ€™s so many flavors, there should be a part 2.

  5. musicloverhoney

    musicloverhoneyDay ago

    Nice shirts on two of the "tryers". First "Jesus Saves" lol. Best of all is that Mad Season shirt. ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿป

  6. niki wagner

    niki wagnerDay ago

    You guys need to do Godiva truffles..... In the malls out here there are stores you can go to and pick out the truffles

  7. Jeremy Heck

    Jeremy HeckDay ago

    I love all these guys, literally laughing out loud, these guys are something else

  8. The Omani Chef

    The Omani ChefDay ago

    I love Lindt ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‹


    GUNS GUNSDay ago

    Here in Michigan we have a lindt store where you can get everything lindt makes every flavor of everything

  10. Trish Phillips

    Trish PhillipsDay ago

    Purists don't like "white chocolate" because it's NOT chocolate. It's cocoa butter mixed into some creme and sugar, etc to make "white chocolate". As opposed to real chocolate which has ground cocoa in it. Preferably the bean but powered can work. It has to be tempered, you need to decide if you are making dark, semi-sweet, bitter-sweet or milk. ๐Ÿˆ

  11. rancid pitts

    rancid pitts2 days ago

    I LOVE these people. They are so expressive and entertaining.

  12. Alex Hrabousky

    Alex Hrabousky2 days ago

    I fucking loved Irish Jesus's reactions. They were amazing

  13. rusness59901

    rusness599012 days ago

    Was really wishing for peanut butter

  14. Sarah Stuart

    Sarah Stuart3 days ago

    Is anyone else upset that they didnโ€™t do peanut butter? Because I really just wanted to see the pain in the peanut butter haterโ€™s eyes

  15. In Full Bloom

    In Full Bloom3 days ago

    Try German & Swiss chocolates! That's real quality.

  16. Thrifty Asian

    Thrifty Asian3 days ago

    Wish they would have done peanut butter. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  17. goatitisful

    goatitisful3 days ago

    Attractive Irish women are like bigfoot. Some people are convinced they exist, while most are waiting until they see proof. There are some blurry videos of hot Irish women, but upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that they are just American women wearing ginger wigs.

  18. goatitisful

    goatitisful3 days ago

    But there is such a thing as attractive Irish women, right?

  19. Christina Waldrop

    Christina Waldrop3 days ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if Lindt didn't want to use this vid as an advertisement lol.

  20. Anastasia Steele

    Anastasia Steele3 days ago

    So Ciara doesn't react to spicy nuts. ;) But she gets a orgasms from the best chocolates in the world, she's my dream girl I'm in bloody love.

  21. SnowRabbitmck

    SnowRabbitmck3 days ago

    Here are some flavors, but not all of them (includes seasonal and discontinued): Dark Orange (dark chocolate shell - orange infused dark chocolate filling) Blueberry and Cream (blueberry infused white chocolate shell - blueberry and cream filling) Strawberries and Cream (strawberry infused white chocolate shell - strawberries and cream filling), Milk (milk chocolate shell - milk chocolate filling), White (white chocolate shell - white chocolate filling), Dark (dark chocolate shell - dark chocolate filling), 60% Extra Dark (60% cocoa dark chocolate shell - dark chocolate filling), 70% Extra Dark (70% cocoa dark chocolate shell - dark chocolate filling), Hazelnut (milk chocolate shell with hazelnut pieces - hazelnut infused milk Chocolate filling), Spring (milk chocolate shell - white chocolate filling), Mint (dark chocolate shell - mint infused white chocolate filling) Milk and Mint (milk chocolate shell - mint infused milk chocolate filling), Pistachio (milk chocolate shell - pistachio filling), Caramel (milk chocolate shell - caramel filling), Caramel with Sea Salt Dark (sea salt infused dark chocolate shell - Caramel filling), Fudge Swirl (milk chocolate shell - swirled white and milk chocolate filling), Mangoes and Cream (white chocolate shell infused with mango pieces - mango and cream filling), Stracciatella (white chocolate with cocoa bits shell - white chocolate filling), Cappuccino (White chocolate shell - Cappuccino infused white chocolate filling), Coconut (milk chocolate shell - white chocolate and coconut filling), Almond (milk chocolate shell - almond infused milk filling), Sea Salt (milk chocolate shell - sea salt infused milk filling),

  22. RainbowOwl24

    RainbowOwl244 days ago

    Oh man, this was great but I was REALLY hoping to see everyone react to the peanut butter one at the end... Especially Dermot!! It might change his mind about peanut butter!

  23. Maloyo

    Maloyo4 days ago

    Next Xmas get peppermint bark.

  24. Blissful Arrogance

    Blissful Arrogance4 days ago

    There is a Lindt Chocolate store in New Jersey and you can browse and they will give you a sample.

  25. Afreeca Fulton

    Afreeca Fulton4 days ago

    ๐Ÿ‘€DAMMIT SEAN!!!!๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  26. Bill Rayvan

    Bill Rayvan4 days ago

    As if Irish matter

  27. John Cottengim

    John Cottengim4 days ago

    High Proof Alcohol - No reaction, Ultra Hot Food - No reaction. Chocolate - Ciara drooling and grunting all over the place

  28. Tzivia Margolis

    Tzivia Margolis4 days ago


  29. Stephanie Boggs

    Stephanie Boggs4 days ago

    Ciara is absolutely gorgeous

  30. Marty McParty

    Marty McParty4 days ago

    What's the song at the beginning??

  31. Renee Nordeen

    Renee Nordeen4 days ago

    Oh, Irish Jesus you make my day.

  32. Kimberly Henry

    Kimberly Henry5 days ago

    The blueberry ones are good, but there's a white chocolate mango one that is AMAZING. But you can only get them in bulk at the Lindt chocolate stores least that's the only place I've been able to find them here in Canada.

  33. BRie Cantwell

    BRie Cantwell5 days ago

    I'm not crazy about white chocolate unless it's on a pretzel. I love the milk chocolate caramel Lindt though, very dangerous. Also.... Dermot " I love your balls Linda" "mmm" LOL๐Ÿ˜‚

  34. J Dub

    J Dub5 days ago

    Of course the Irish say "caramel" correctly! Thank you!

  35. shahid kalimur

    shahid kalimur5 days ago

    Clara is the epitome of beauty.

  36. Charlotte Hill

    Charlotte Hill5 days ago

    My husband actually proposed with my ring inside a white chocolate one.

  37. Sampaguita85

    Sampaguita855 days ago

    They make a coconut cream white chocolate that is delicious, too!

  38. CaptainRaptor847

    CaptainRaptor8475 days ago

    I love ciara so much, If I win the lottery I'm moving to Ireland and sweeping her off her feet.

  39. nnfltr

    nnfltr5 days ago

    Showcase Dermot on a TRY peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

  40. Lisa Fawcett

    Lisa Fawcett5 days ago

    They have so many more flavors here in the US. Iโ€™ve never seen the blueberry one. Sounds nummy!

  41. W0lf 22

    W0lf 223 days ago

    Ray Hopkins Now that I think of it Iโ€™m pretty sure I did get the blueberry around Easter time! I guess Iโ€™ll have to wait till next Easter to grab โ€˜em!

  42. Ray Hopkins

    Ray Hopkins3 days ago

    W0lf 22 I've checked my local Kroger's, Food City, and Walmart and none of them have the blueberry. Looked on eBay and Amazon and it seems it was a limited edition for Easter; I'll have to check next year. BTW, in case anyone is wondering, they're around $14 on eBay and up to $37 on Amazon, yikes!

  43. W0lf 22

    W0lf 224 days ago

    Lisa Fawcett haha maybe youโ€™re not looking in the right places! I live in the US and Iโ€™ve found blueberry, strawberries and cream, gingerbread, mocha, milk, dark, white, caramel, coconut, cookies and cream..... and so much more!!!!!! so many freaking types! Hehe I found it in my local grocery store ๐Ÿ˜‹ (And dude... blueberry is so dang good)

  44. Random Tube

    Random Tube5 days ago

    Drugs are bad um okay

  45. Astro Wolvez

    Astro Wolvez5 days ago

    Eat the milk and dark chocolate at the same time!

  46. Astro Wolvez

    Astro Wolvez5 days ago

    My candy brands make white chocolate too sweet so there's barley any actual white chocolate flavor, but lindt knows how to do it perfectly.

  47. Astro Wolvez

    Astro Wolvez5 days ago

    The caramel one is probably white chocolate or something like that with caramel mixed in it.

  48. Stephanie Chambers

    Stephanie Chambers6 days ago

    They do have a peanut butter one! Lol

  49. Reem 2007

    Reem 20076 days ago

    Itโ€™s not fair why donโ€™t I get some

  50. Ryan McCallum

    Ryan McCallum6 days ago

    4:46 & 5:54 Damn it Dermot!

  51. MrDICKO80

    MrDICKO806 days ago

    If Ciara was a chocolate, she'd be a sexy chocolate!!!!

  52. Loose Canon LTD

    Loose Canon LTD6 days ago

    I've never seen Irish Jesus so excited about anything as he was here! ๐Ÿคฃ

  53. ParanoiaGentlman

    ParanoiaGentlman7 days ago

    More flavors please ! ๐Ÿ˜