Howie Kendrick 2019 MLB Postseason Highlights (Nationals' veteran came up huge!)

Howie Kendrick came up big this Postseason for the Washington Nationals, launching huge home runs and getting clutch hits through the rounds
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  1. Robert Swanson

    Robert Swanson3 days ago

    you have to pay to play on Robert Swanson

  2. amenra bey

    amenra bey11 days ago

    Those Dodger fans leaving the stadium after an ex Dodger Kendrick hit that grand slam was classic. Now that's the way you get back at your old teammates, beautiful!!!

  3. Ruben Torres

    Ruben Torres15 days ago

    The gnats were stealing signs too!!! Cheaters ws!!!

  4. Ruben Torres

    Ruben Torres15 days ago

    He should have been ws mvp!!!

  5. senororlando2

    senororlando219 days ago

    Up there with 2011 Kemba in terms of most legendary singular championship efforts this century

  6. kai san

    kai sanMonth ago

    another MVP

  7. Brian Wymer

    Brian WymerMonth ago

    VROOM VROOM VROOM!!!! ahhhhh this is Howie do it baby!!!

  8. c burner

    c burnerMonth ago

    Love howie

  9. 애국노

    애국노Month ago


  10. Bongo Cat

    Bongo CatMonth ago

    3:15 ball disappears and reappears me: 😦

  11. Jack Lorenz

    Jack LorenzMonth ago

    If baseball had a Conn Smythe, well honestly there’s like 5 Nats candidates, but Howie’d be one of them. 6, 22, 31, & 37 for the others, with honorable mention to the shark.

  12. John Christian

    John ChristianMonth ago

    Hey, where are the Dodgers fans now? Still stunned, huh? Unless Dave Roberts is still the manager, you will NEVER win the World Series! NEVER! By the way, the sound of his HR ball hitting the foul pole, yeah. That will haunt AJ Hinch!

  13. Forever ThaMac

    Forever ThaMacMonth ago

    🐐🐐🐐 Status Need his jersey

  14. The Angriest Puppy

    The Angriest PuppyMonth ago

    The sound of that home run hitting the foul pole... Boooooong.

  15. Ryne Mehan

    Ryne MehanMonth ago

    If you watch the replay, Harris pretty much hit the exact spot the catcher set-up; Howie just went with the pitch perfectly to the opposite field, and got just enough of it.

  16. Ryne Mehan

    Ryne MehanMonth ago

    @Bongo Cat I'm not understanding what that's supposed to mean.

  17. Bongo Cat

    Bongo CatMonth ago

    Ryne Mehan timestamp nugget

  18. Thomas Nesbitt

    Thomas NesbittMonth ago

    Welp to the astros fans in nationals go the world sorties but I like the Texas rangers

  19. DiosesBueno TV

    DiosesBueno TVMonth ago

    El famoso carro de kendry jjajajajajaj

  20. Felix Marvin

    Felix MarvinMonth ago

    Howie Kendrick deserves respect, everyone has been sleeping on him for years. Now he gets to benefit from the bias between coasts.

  21. Felix Marvin

    Felix MarvinMonth ago

    @Helen G. Pitts you are hilarious!

  22. Helen G. Pitts

    Helen G. PittsMonth ago

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  23. WJ Today

    WJ TodayMonth ago

    Howie do that!!

  24. phobix

    phobixMonth ago

    F bomb @0:49

  25. Oscar Sanchez

    Oscar SanchezMonth ago

    By who?

  26. iNerve-_-

    iNerve-_-Month ago

    In every key game they won it really was the 7th inning or later that they did the most damage.

  27. Clark Townsend

    Clark Townsend25 days ago

    Was that way alot of the regular season too.

  28. General Grevious

    General GreviousMonth ago

    The irony, our bullpen struggled all year, yet we didn’t blow a single late lead with our bullpen, and we constantly took advantage of our opponents supposed “strong” bullpens. Who else loves sports!

  29. 沙娃低卡

    沙娃低卡Month ago


  30. dwoodard78

    dwoodard78Month ago

    Loved him when he was with the Angels. Great to see him help take the Nationals all the way to the World Series. As he's now a free agent, I wish him the best of luck in the remainder of his baseball career.

  31. Mike John

    Mike JohnMonth ago

    Howie was looking like the late tony gwynn during the Nlcs. wow!

  32. evancortez2

    evancortez2Month ago

    This is HOWIE do it! CLUTCH!!! VROOM! VROOM! VROOM!

  33. Ellyksson Cabreja

    Ellyksson CabrejaMonth ago


  34. Steven Brown

    Steven BrownMonth ago


  35. Sublimity

    SublimityMonth ago

    He was one of my favorite players on the Angels back in the day, glad to see how his career turned out!

  36. DodgerFan1988

    DodgerFan1988Month ago

    Howie Wowie!

  37. Gator Den

    Gator DenMonth ago

    He is not a young player so he can not be good right? Well at least that idiotic idea is dead.

  38. Robert Leitch

    Robert LeitchMonth ago

    The nationals just had it man, just were constant under dogs and kept overcoming everything its crazy i been putting videos up of baseball lately check it out

  39. 劉昱諄

    劉昱諄Month ago


  40. el safari Dotel

    el safari DotelMonth ago

  41. Jacob Flowers

    Jacob FlowersMonth ago


  42. Miguel Kill3r

    Miguel Kill3rMonth ago

    Next year #Dodgers

  43. Bobby orgeira

    Bobby orgeira25 days ago

    Miguel Killer nah

  44. Jonathan White

    Jonathan WhiteMonth ago

    This Howie Do it

  45. Gavin’s Savage

    Gavin’s SavageMonth ago

    WhyAre youGuys making videos of USwork no it’s not baseball season

  46. Brian Melendez

    Brian MelendezMonth ago

    Just highlights, yknow recaps

  47. Avi Scheinberg

    Avi ScheinbergMonth ago

    November 2016: Dodgers trade Howie Kendrick to the Phillies July 2017: Phillies Trade Howie Kendrick to the Nationals

  48. Fagner F Souza

    Fagner F SouzaMonth ago

    @Volting Master Nah, the 2019 Dodgers' line up was so terrible in ocboter that even Kendrick couldn't be enough to take LAD to the title.

  49. Volting Master

    Volting MasterMonth ago

    Dodgers made a big mistake.

  50. oboh2000

    oboh2000Month ago

    Avi Scheinberg It goes full-circle.

  51. Highlight Mlb

    Highlight MlbMonth ago

    I love howie

  52. Jacob Flowers

    Jacob FlowersMonth ago

    Underrated player

  53. Jonah Carque

    Jonah CarqueMonth ago

    First comment kids

  54. Jonah Carque

    Jonah CarqueMonth ago

    I do kid

  55. Jacob Flowers

    Jacob FlowersMonth ago

    Who cares

  56. Pats Fan 2005

    Pats Fan 2005Month ago