VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 3


  1. Jaylin Wood

    Jaylin WoodHour ago

    You guys should react to transformers cgi

  2. CTrent1025

    CTrent1025Hour ago

    VFX artists react to Geico commercials!!

  3. mirror tape

    mirror tapeHour ago

    Wren is so smart jesus

  4. Alexis Sarabia

    Alexis Sarabia2 hours ago

    now i remember why i stopped watching Corridor videos.

  5. Grandma ?

    Grandma ?3 hours ago

    I don't know if anyone else thinks this but I think Henry Cavil (Superman) looks so similar to Sam Claflin (Finnick, Hunger games)

  6. jordanMJK

    jordanMJK3 hours ago

    Do the rami spiderman trilogy mang

  7. TeacupTempest

    TeacupTempest4 hours ago

    It's minor, but please react to the Bethany Hamilton movie where the main actress has to pretend she has one arm. You can see where the green sleeve is on where they cut off her arm.

  8. Jose De Los Santos

    Jose De Los Santos5 hours ago

    the *m a t t r i k s*

  9. HN YS

    HN YS5 hours ago

    VFX artists don't get the recognition they deserve.

  10. Md. Samiul Alim

    Md. Samiul Alim5 hours ago

    Plz review the vxf of an Hindi film "RA One". uswork.info/videos/d9PlHc_qVKw-video.html

  11. pricey0986ify

    pricey0986ify5 hours ago

    Just watched King Kong (2005) you guys should do that movie.

  12. Robyn Eaton

    Robyn Eaton5 hours ago

    Great that you have Spider-Man on your crew

  13. Glorfindel

    Glorfindel5 hours ago

    Okay okay okay, hold up. "The Mattrix"? 25 seconds in and i'm done watching

  14. Fig Igle

    Fig Igle6 hours ago

    "tuf tuf tuf tuf wii tuf"

  15. Scottie Steiner

    Scottie Steiner6 hours ago

    React to the movie Gladiator as they had to use computer graphics for scenes of Oliver Reed as he died during filming.

  16. Jet Us

    Jet Us6 hours ago

    Rampage Parachute scene. uswork.info/videos/aLbcT7hSeHk-video.html

  17. Scottie Steiner

    Scottie Steiner6 hours ago

    12:38 The piece hits his shoulder, that's why it "floats" there for a second.

  18. Elthon Herrera

    Elthon Herrera6 hours ago


  19. JOSH2625

    JOSH26257 hours ago

    Did he just call it "The MAT-RIX" ?! I instantly discredited him.

  20. Damian Reaves

    Damian Reaves7 hours ago

    Battlefield los Angeles


    NIKHILESH SINGH7 hours ago

    Meanwhile in Bollywood, Salman removes his shirt to show CG 6 packs.

  22. dollysinn

    dollysinn7 hours ago

    Three cucks. Are these even men?

  23. Andrew

    Andrew7 hours ago

    On the Children of Men shot as well they re-shot the scene with a couple of VFX guys that sprayed compressed air around to make it look like the breath of the characters in the cold air. They had to line up where they were misting perfectly with the actors mouths, then later on they over laid the two shots, and removed the VFX guys with the air hoses so it just looked like the actors breath was showing.

  24. GeekQ

    GeekQ7 hours ago

    Can you guys please react to deadpool and deadpool 2? I would love to see your opinions on the effects and action sequences, not to mention Colossus and Juggernaut.

  25. Sony Rosario

    Sony Rosario8 hours ago

    that reactions are so fake

  26. Alec Whitehouse

    Alec Whitehouse8 hours ago

    Solid Gold Nerds

  27. hard mode

    hard mode8 hours ago

    Are you fucking kidding me with the superman mustage????? bruh,l never whatched themovie cause,well, Superman sucks so bad and shit but. That was litterally a gross deformity. Sorry my english

  28. thales henrique

    thales henrique9 hours ago

    react to brazilian cgi commercial, like dollynho, barriguinha mole PLZ

  29. Matthew Hirt

    Matthew Hirt9 hours ago

    Do the Star Wars special editions!

  30. Derp Cookies

    Derp Cookies9 hours ago

    Can you guys Reac to iT movie scene where Georgie gets chomped on? I thought that movie... specially that part is review worthy

  31. Driver7

    Driver710 hours ago


  32. anomie nous

    anomie nous10 hours ago

    12:39 I would argue that humans have shoulders.

  33. MrYeetYeeterson

    MrYeetYeeterson10 hours ago

    Yall should react to The Jungle Book (2016) cgi shtuff

  34. Micah Groenevelt

    Micah Groenevelt10 hours ago

    These are amazing and I'll never get tired of them.

  35. Flusx Online

    Flusx Online11 hours ago

    Do Atomic Blonde long takes fights

  36. Andres zabala

    Andres zabala11 hours ago

    Children of men's baby was CGI? Holy Shit.

  37. Spencer Grant

    Spencer Grant11 hours ago

    I would love to see you guys react to all academy award winners of vfx from 1929 to present

  38. YouTube Account

    YouTube Account11 hours ago

    The very first reaction in the first second of the video is what you can expect throughout this entire clip - fake as fuck.

  39. James

    James12 hours ago

    anyone else getting 8 ads in this? 8 ads for a 14 min video , that's a bit excessive

  40. Cestarian Inhabitant

    Cestarian Inhabitant12 hours ago

    "I just realized that".

  41. Do Bo

    Do Bo12 hours ago

    ya but what work have these "pros" done? I mean jstu calling them pros means nothing. If their work isnt any better then what are they laughing at?

  42. R Rockwell

    R Rockwell13 hours ago

    The Children of Men baby had steam coming off the baby in completly believable waves. I never would have guessed that was cgi.

  43. GW Epyon

    GW Epyon13 hours ago

    Guy in the middle has a very distinct voice. I think he would be pretty successful as a voice actor.

  44. dirac_luap

    dirac_luap13 hours ago

    What do you think about Equilibrium ending scene

  45. Some Guy

    Some Guy14 hours ago

    That's it im calling *Baba Yaga*

  46. Sectum samuri

    Sectum samuri14 hours ago

    I love how they say THE Keanu Reeves instead of Keanu

  47. Lennaert van Mierlo

    Lennaert van Mierlo15 hours ago

    Do the Russian war movie “T34” next. You’ll have a field day with that one. 👍

  48. Dominic Tringali

    Dominic Tringali15 hours ago

    I really love you guys. I would really like to have you speak to my class of media students.

  49. FutureMan

    FutureMan16 hours ago

    you guys should try reacting to Godzilla maybe? The old 1998 one and the newer ones. Would be interesting to hear from three artists who probably don't know anything about it.

  50. Federico Speroni

    Federico Speroni16 hours ago

    7:21 I want it as a ringtone

  51. Tzeff NL

    Tzeff NL16 hours ago

    Watch This Show From The Beginning ► Oopsy! Video NOT available! ^_^'

  52. Guts The Berserker

    Guts The Berserker17 hours ago

    Mat Trixx??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Who are these cringey hipsters and how are they actually an authority on this subject? I could do a better reaction without the background.

  53. Anthony Mars

    Anthony Mars17 hours ago

    venom or spiderman

  54. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump18 hours ago

    What is the last movie name

  55. Marty McFlyness

    Marty McFlyness18 hours ago

    still think thats just will arnett in a superman costume lol. shit was bad as hell

  56. ラビオリDank

    ラビオリDank18 hours ago

    4:24 Lmao that's basically a mohawk for his mustache

  57. Stu Buckland

    Stu Buckland18 hours ago

    Resident Evil - that 'chunk' that just hangs there... it's hit the shoulder, that's why.

  58. Niclas

    Niclas19 hours ago

    I think it would be cool if you would animate smth with cgi in your react videos and we as the viewers have to identify it.

  59. Lil Dairy

    Lil Dairy19 hours ago

    The Mātrix

  60. Jade Venegas

    Jade Venegas20 hours ago

    I have been waiting for something like this YESSS!!

  61. Cristina Sponchiado

    Cristina Sponchiado20 hours ago

    This series is so freaking interesting, I’m learning so much!! You guys are awesome

  62. Lazarus Zoolander

    Lazarus Zoolander20 hours ago

    I'd still let her give me head.

  63. Ali Hassan

    Ali Hassan20 hours ago

    i still don't know how to pronounce keanu reeves

  64. Muhammad waleed

    Muhammad waleed21 hour ago

    Being a vfx artist is a curse hahahahaha

  65. Dooker T

    Dooker T21 hour ago

    I had no idea the baby in Children of Men was CG. Amazing.

  66. Hollow Blue

    Hollow Blue21 hour ago

    On board lol

  67. Aneta

    Aneta21 hour ago

    Please do a graphic (gory) warning next time. I really didn’t want to see people being diced! 😱🤭🤢🤭🤮

  68. Trumpatier

    Trumpatier12 hours ago


  69. Jacob Gallagher

    Jacob Gallagher21 hour ago

    Y’all should do district 9!!

  70. Dooker T

    Dooker T21 hour ago

    Why isn't this crew diverse? These cis straight white men *spits on the ground*, need to check their privilege, resign, or be fired for not being "inclusive".

  71. Tomi Lyn

    Tomi Lyn23 hours ago

    Definitely react to the Power Rangers movie if you guys are looking for some fun CGI

  72. LeSphinx InFoTech

    LeSphinx InFoTech23 hours ago

    Would love to see à VFX Artists React to Terminator one and two ! i remember seeing T2 in the theater and being blown away !!! Now we can see all the flaws in it but at the time it was incredible !

  73. Audrey Moss

    Audrey Moss23 hours ago

    React to The Owls of Ga'hoole, "to battle" scene.

  74. Omar Roncal

    Omar RoncalDay ago

    7:13 the gayers?

  75. alphazoom II

    alphazoom IIDay ago

    Breakdown some of Cloverfield... they did some impressive shots in that for the time.

  76. ShadowGamer00

    ShadowGamer00Day ago

    I was waiting for the Cyberpunk cinematic but i don't know if it counts

  77. ColourfulSushi

    ColourfulSushiDay ago

    I'd like to hear your reactions to Men in Black if you haven't yet!

  78. FreshTillDeath56

    FreshTillDeath56Day ago

    Please react to Into the Spider Verse!

  79. Jereth Khan

    Jereth KhanDay ago

    "Cube" did a really good job at slicing up a body and it was years before the other movies mentioned here.

  80. El Onigiri

    El OnigiriDay ago

    Im hoping there is a Video only about pacific rim, crossing my Fingers 🤞

  81. Διονύσιος Ζυγούρας

    Διονύσιος ΖυγούραςDay ago

    What about Mad Max?

  82. Shaddad AL-Ahmary

    Shaddad AL-AhmaryDay ago

    You should use separate cheers

  83. Rogue Sly

    Rogue SlyDay ago


  84. sigurda

    sigurdaDay ago

    But now we have RTX cards

  85. shimafeiyan

    shimafeiyanDay ago

    Agree with pasific rims uprising flaws. Why ultraman, power rangers, any giants figure movies from pre1990-before 2000 is good is because they are slow, so theres realistic moveset of standing on earth gravity, details of shots, and gives them better feels as they are giants not some costume suits.

  86. Sam GG

    Sam GGDay ago

    "SUCH A REVOLUTIONARY SHOT!" What a fucking nerd mate

  87. Token WhiteGuy

    Token WhiteGuyDay ago

    why dont you guys do a reaction video to getting laid......or are you to afraid to have to pay a hooker?....

  88. EmperorJosh

    EmperorJoshDay ago

    I watched justice league on my phone with really bad internet at 240p, and even then you can notice the bad mouth CG.

  89. Warren R

    Warren RDay ago

    When I saw Superman's CGI face my first thought was: was he in a horrible accident that he had to be replaced by CGI?

  90. Wuchta

    WuchtaDay ago

    Cube did the slicing better, it wasnt CGI tho.

  91. Jared Peragine

    Jared PeragineDay ago

    Check out the new Godzilla when you can

  92. omacktube

    omacktubeDay ago

    I said, the hardest part to cg in the entire history of film and tv has been the upper lip. Thanks for the conformation.

  93. dacypher22

    dacypher22Day ago

    The eyeball melting in the Resident Evil scene actually ruined that effect for me. The white of your eyes would not start running out like an eye. If they were going with the idea that the laser is hot and is searing through their bodies (which you have to assume since there is not much blood), I think they missed a good opportunity for some brutal gore. What would likely happen is that the eye would immediately shrink, darken and then start to boil as the hot laser moved through it since the eye is, for the most part, a liquid bag.

  94. Unikkorns

    UnikkornsDay ago

    The one movie this guy has actually seen he mispronounces.

  95. jaredmarkleady

    jaredmarkleadyDay ago


  96. Deathberry

    DeathberryDay ago

    everyone losing their mind over the way he pronounced Matrix in the beginning but americans out there pronouncing Adidas however they feel is right

  97. KraYarK

    KraYarKDay ago

    They on some petty nitpicky shit with that Matrix pronunciation.

  98. Rob Games

    Rob GamesDay ago

    What went wrong in the dinosaur scene on Peter Jacksons King Kong and what went right?

  99. Paulo Azevedo

    Paulo AzevedoDay ago

    Crappy CGI hair of the guy on the left. Can totally see it's fake

  100. I correctly

    I correctlyDay ago

    I don't know if you can call The Matrix one of your most favorite movies of all time if you mispronounce it's title... 0:24

  101. I correctly

    I correctly6 hours ago

    @KraYarK It's an English movie title... And even if he was, for some random reason, pronouncing it with a Spanish accent, it was still incorrect. It'd be pronounced Mah-treeks, not Ma-tricks. The latter sounds like a Spanglish pronunciation, but the way he said it just sounded like a silly mistake or ignorance.

  102. KraYarK

    KraYarKDay ago

    Im spanish, he said it correctly.

  103. Phoenix Smith

    Phoenix SmithDay ago

    Can u so stranger things

  104. The Brown Sinatra

    The Brown SinatraDay ago

    The Mah-trix