Photos That PROVE Your Life Is A LIE


  1. SSSniperWolf

    SSSniperWolf2 months ago

    hiiii guysssss I want to vlog but what do u wanna see me doing

  2. Tobie White

    Tobie White6 days ago

    SSSniperWolf do 24 hours in a bounce house or cardboard fort

  3. David Crosby

    David Crosby8 days ago

    Whatever you want!

  4. Ernie Chambers

    Ernie Chambers12 days ago

    Love u

  5. Amy Rose

    Amy Rose12 days ago

    Ur dogsssss

  6. Susan Guerrero

    Susan Guerrero12 days ago

    You guys are not even answering her question! y'all can leave yo a$$ out of the chat if u can't answer one simple question! Btw I want to see you play this game called 'WildCraft'

  7. Riah Stokes

    Riah Stokes11 hours ago

    Right cuz the bag of chips be like family size and you be getting half of it like this if you agree

  8. Kim Morse

    Kim Morse13 hours ago

    They are so good

  9. Maria Perez

    Maria PerezDay ago

    my m&ms have that

  10. Kai Sablan

    Kai SablanDay ago

    2:49 haha me as a baby hahahahahahaha

  11. Tommy One

    Tommy OneDay ago

    I'm from Florida and I'm visiting Florida but I live in North Carolina because my dad is in the military so we got transported there

  12. K Productions

    K Productions2 days ago

    2:35 all the Australians 🤦‍♀️ like if this is relatable Btw love urs vids Lia

  13. Duckeh Tamaleh

    Duckeh Tamaleh2 days ago

    Wombats are in danger

  14. Mercy Montenegro

    Mercy Montenegro2 days ago

    only s

  15. Gacha Shadow Wolf

    Gacha Shadow Wolf2 days ago

    Me nd my friends went to the VERY muddy baseball field and my friend fell and her boot was stuck, both my boots were stuck, my other friend fell from it So we called it QUICKMUD

  16. those two Alaskan kids

    those two Alaskan kids3 days ago

    Here in alska when I walk outside there are moose

  17. Gunnykido7

    Gunnykido73 days ago

    I saw a bag of popcorn and it said "Enlarged to show largeness" and I'm like why bag of popcorn, you make 0 sense, go get some help

  18. King Destroyer

    King Destroyer3 days ago

    Here in Australia we also got crocodiles

  19. wowwalker O.o

    wowwalker O.o3 days ago

    On the icicle part, that happens at our house all the time, and it looks so cool 😂

  20. pancake time

    pancake time3 days ago

    joe boxer is a brand

  21. Rockatoo •_•

    Rockatoo •_•3 days ago

    People who aren’t Australia just see one of our animals and freak out. The wombat is the koala’s ugly cousin

  22. Lynn Nightcore

    Lynn NightcoreDay ago

    ugly? :( I like them.... Its okay though...

  23. Matthew P.

    Matthew P.3 days ago

    Actually, in florida, you have alligators, not crocodiles

  24. Jade Wu

    Jade Wu3 days ago

    Roast me :3

  25. Madison Lam

    Madison Lam3 days ago

    the wombat looks like a giant hamster

  26. Monica Smith

    Monica Smith4 days ago

    I live in Florida

  27. Yeet Jade

    Yeet Jade4 days ago

    “This creature is a WOMBAT! I THOUGHT THEY WERE SO SMALL!!” *totals car when we hit a wombat*

  28. Katie Leigh

    Katie Leigh4 days ago

    When I was 2nd grade a boy pulled the fire alarm and every one over reacted even though every one saw him pull it.

  29. C Has Left This Plane

    C Has Left This Plane4 days ago

    Gotta love those sweet potato tortilla chips

  30. Anastasia's World of Fun

    Anastasia's World of Fun4 days ago

    Que t

  31. Anastasia's World of Fun

    Anastasia's World of Fun4 days ago


  32. Madison Freeman

    Madison Freeman4 days ago

    when i saw the wombat i paused the video and looked it up and now I WANT ONE SO FREAKING BAAAAD 😍😍😱💖💖💖

  33. Midnight Moon

    Midnight Moon4 days ago

    Crocs can walk but they will also swim

  34. Missy Vlogs

    Missy Vlogs4 days ago

    He sssniper wolf a wombat is a Australian native animal and you can’t have them as a pet

  35. Antkillaz 123

    Antkillaz 1234 days ago

    Jack box

  36. Ashish Deb

    Ashish Deb4 days ago

    Cutiepie 💕😍

  37. Flying Coyotes

    Flying Coyotes4 days ago

    I live in florida

  38. Taylorfam Taylor twins

    Taylorfam Taylor twins5 days ago

    I love your vids💖❤️I learned so much❤️💖

  39. Sylvia Luna

    Sylvia Luna5 days ago

    2:46 boi all Australian peeps know that wombat's are one of the largest marsupials in Australia

  40. Myles McClelland

    Myles McClelland3 days ago

    Yes yes they are

  41. Sylvia Luna

    Sylvia Luna5 days ago

    roses are red violets are blue we all love SSSniperWolf too!

  42. Lucid_ Swager

    Lucid_ Swager5 days ago

    No that was a cheap football feald

  43. Deshawn Sheppard

    Deshawn Sheppard5 days ago

    My life is now changed 4 ever

  44. Israel Behar

    Israel Behar5 days ago

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  45. Israel Behar

    Israel Behar5 days ago

    do you have a crush or a boyfriend please comment tell me we need to know

  46. Israel Behar

    Israel Behar5 days ago

    do you have a boyfriend please comment

  47. Israel Behar

    Israel Behar5 days ago

    Do you have a boyfriend please comment

  48. Israel Behar

    Israel Behar5 days ago

    do you have a boyfriend please comment

  49. Israel Behar

    Israel Behar5 days ago

    Do you have a boyfriend please comment

  50. Jaden R

    Jaden R6 days ago

    I live in Florida.. just stay away from the lakes

  51. Lilybug Webster

    Lilybug Webster6 days ago

    sssniperwolf i own 2 alligators there my pets i live in Wisconsin and i am 10 years old

  52. Ride Or Die Clash On

    Ride Or Die Clash On6 days ago

    SSSniperwolf: Im glad I don’t live in Florida Florida man: what’d you say (holding gators by neck)

  53. Mavis Davis

    Mavis Davis6 days ago

    Ride Or Die Clash On A BILLIE EILISH FAN!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  54. Iman Ejaz

    Iman Ejaz7 days ago

    i pressed the fire alarm and got a week detention

  55. Vernon Foye

    Vernon Foye7 days ago

    jakpot for mms

  56. whitney george

    whitney george7 days ago

    Wombats aren’t usually that big in Australia

  57. peytato55 Stein

    peytato55 Stein7 days ago

    sssniper i am sorry but my dog hates u he woke up when he heard ur voice lol but i. love ur vids I guess not my dog

  58. Sandra Lawton

    Sandra Lawton7 days ago

    Get one in Australia