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Last we saw Ōkuninushi, he showed kindness to a hare in distress, and the hare of Inaba had foretold that he would be the one that the princess of Yakami would desire. And this was true, because when his 80 brothers showed up at court and declared their intentions, the princess insisted she would only marry him--so thus, his brothers began trying to kill him off...
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    Arturo Reyes Cortez3 months ago

    @intrepidhero Probably.

  3. intrepidhero

    intrepidhero3 months ago

    @Arturo Reyes Cortez Do you think some of them involve collecting warpstone and traveling the Mortal Realms?

  4. Myst Lunarbane

    Myst Lunarbane3 months ago

    You better keep making good episodes you brainy bastards!

  5. Cédric Rüfenacht

    Cédric Rüfenacht3 months ago

    Do Romulus and Remus at some point

  6. Brandon Murray

    Brandon Murray3 months ago

    top 10 earliest records of anime protagonists

  7. Ocean Man

    Ocean Man4 days ago

    Storm God: “ Hello MTV, welcome to my crib. This is the the snake room, where I keep my slivery bois”

  8. CookieBoy770

    CookieBoy7708 days ago

    I need myself a wasp scarf

  9. Tammy T

    Tammy T9 days ago

    Zoe doesn't look happy...

  10. Noah whitehouse

    Noah whitehouse10 days ago

    Okuninushi: **scrapes the lute** Susanoo: YABBA DABBA D- **pulls down his own house** oof. **pops out of the debris** You good-for-nothing bastard of a son-in-law! YOU BETTER TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY DAUGHTER!

  11. Kuro Neko

    Kuro Neko11 days ago


  12. Itz_Matt _Playz

    Itz_Matt _Playz12 days ago

    Mickey is da mouse

  13. Trollvolk

    Trollvolk21 day ago

    Damn I love your vids XD

  14. Anselma Reich

    Anselma Reich22 days ago

    This gets even weirder, when you consider that Susanoo is Okuninushi's distant ancestor. Which would make the daughter, Suserihime, also a distant ancestor. So … that's incest? Kinda? Oh well, it's mythology, I'm sure it's fine!

  15. Easyus Prime

    Easyus Prime29 days ago

    Ancient Mickey

  16. Shania Chua

    Shania ChuaMonth ago

    XD this myth is the best XD

  17. sheller153

    sheller153Month ago

    The thing with the centipedes and berries reminds me of an old Superman comic (golden age, maybe.) where a hit man had been hired to off Clark Kent because he was doing his nosy reporter schtick too close to some mob boss or politician. So the hitman holes up in a hotel or whatnot near a place where Clark and Lois often have their lunch. Clark is eating a salad when the hitman fires his first shot. Of course, Clark is fully aware of this, but with miss Intrepid Reporter right effin’ there he can’t do a damn thing about it. The hitman thinks he missed when his first shot didn’t fell the reporter, so he fires again. And again. And again. Until Clark’s salad is chock full of all the misshaped slugs that the sniper thought had missed. He can’t just pick them out, Lois would see them and start asking all sorts of reportery questions he couldn’t afford, so he hides the evidence in the only way he can. By eating the bullets like croutons. The sniper lines up his next shot, sees this weird nerd in the baggy clothes just noshing down on bullet salad, backs his shit up, and books it out of metropolis. If the fucking mid level reporters eat bullets in their salads, there’s no telling what other absurd badass fuckery was going on there and he wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.

  18. The Serbian Cunt

    The Serbian CuntMonth ago

    One more mouse impression like that and Disney will know

  19. Snugglepuff

    SnugglepuffMonth ago

    This makes me feel like a lil kid and my dad reading me stories again lol I love it

  20. jamcdonald120

    jamcdonald120Month ago

    every time you do your storm god voice I cant help but think of the death of the disk

  21. TurtleShell

    TurtleShellMonth ago

    Those deaths are even crazier than all those hundred of ways to die games on the internet...

  22. Akshat Shah

    Akshat ShahMonth ago

    Japan is weird


    GENJI SHIMADAMonth ago

    Advice threats......because "myths"

  24. Kelly Seastar

    Kelly SeastarMonth ago

    How to be successful: 1. Marry a goddess 2. Piss off her dad

  25. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro KujoMonth ago

    He catch th Boar-der

  26. AnaxErik4ever

    AnaxErik4ever2 months ago

    Awwww. This episode is brought to you by unquenchable sibling jealousy, helpful goddesses, magic scarves, and sleepy snakes. And that Susano-o... what a dude; typical man, covering up their elation with trying to act strong and stoic/threatening death if their daughters aren't treated right.

  27. Majami Heart

    Majami Heart2 months ago

    “ Or we’re gonna kill you...... BRO “

  28. MandaloretheSavage

    MandaloretheSavage2 months ago

    Copyright strike coming i am being Hope not though.

  29. Edy Lai

    Edy Lai2 months ago

    Man dad's really hate their daughter's dating

  30. Edy Lai

    Edy Lai2 months ago

    Man I should use motivational threats on my brother

  31. Mango Seabiscuit

    Mango Seabiscuit2 months ago

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnmmmmmmmm what did I just witness!Unbelievable 😣😣😣😣😣

  32. nmwbYwbd

    nmwbYwbd2 months ago


  33. Deal_yuh R

    Deal_yuh R2 months ago



    ALUCARD2 months ago

    so.... what exactly did the hare had to do with any of that?

  35. SoupCanGuy

    SoupCanGuy2 months ago

    7:40 Zoey is *A N G E R Y*

  36. Laura Elizabeth

    Laura Elizabeth2 months ago

    Extra history and mythology should be separate channels to follow

  37. 超大学校級の「可愛い」

    超大学校級の「可愛い」2 months ago

    As a sequel to the story, Yagamihime (the one the hare predicted) was brought back to Izumo. But Susanoo's daughter got jealous, Yagamihime scared, she leave her baby behind and run haha. And Okuninushi went to Koshi to court some princess. Susanoo's daughter get even more jealous. Izumo dislike and left for trip across Yamato (or simply, the rest of Japan). They reconcile and.... I'm lazy to type more haha

  38. 超大学校級の「可愛い」

    超大学校級の「可愛い」2 months ago


  39. BCFG Suspect

    BCFG Suspect2 months ago

    Play war thunder its better

  40. Manash J Boruah

    Manash J Boruah2 months ago

    The story teller is not good no fun no interesting

  41. Loose_ Pocket_Lint

    Loose_ Pocket_Lint2 months ago

    Those voices get me everytime 😂

  42. Classy Compositions

    Classy Compositions2 months ago

    Can't wait to test out my own new anti-lion-scarf at the zoo...

  43. Atalantic Bow

    Atalantic Bow2 months ago

    oh nu

  44. Kirbymeister2

    Kirbymeister22 months ago


  45. Brady Menting

    Brady Menting2 months ago

    you mean you don't have a snake room?

  46. Anna Taylor

    Anna Taylor2 months ago

    The sass and sarcasm in this video is wonderful. 😂

  47. GamerFromJump

    GamerFromJump3 months ago

    Anyone else feel sorry for the first princess?

  48. dark knight

    dark knight3 months ago

    That Mickey mouse voice XD

  49. Catherine Cao

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  50. TheMakersRage

    TheMakersRage3 months ago

    Okay, someone was on acid

  51. Олег Козлов

    Олег Козлов3 months ago

    You better keep producing high quality educational videos, you smartasses!!!

  52. Infected Galaxy

    Infected Galaxy3 months ago

    1:24 has those brothers like... so snobby looking

  53. cat in a bucket

    cat in a bucket3 months ago

    god i was never aware that japanese myths were so goddamn ridiculous-

  54. heyj64

    heyj643 months ago

    What was the moral of the story again?

  55. McGeias

    McGeias3 months ago

    Welp, this episode would have been a great time for one of those acid flashbacks I should be getting occasionally. Was there something serious lost in translation or does the original sound just as,... Disjointed,... Unintelligible,... Bananas, as this did?

  56. lonewolf gaming

    lonewolf gaming3 months ago

    Micky get out of this story this is not your

  57. Mayur

    Mayur3 months ago

    It all feels so random

  58. the sour cookie

    the sour cookie3 months ago

    Siblings am i right

  59. Mike

    Mike3 months ago

    Hmm, that mouse sounds familiar.

  60. Kaitensatsuma

    Kaitensatsuma3 months ago

    I remember reading this one in Shadow Warrior II XD Somewhat funny considering how many times I victimized the rabbits to get slightly better loot.

  61. Viktor F

    Viktor F3 months ago

    Man i got a car to sell him, nice tale japan!

  62. War time Banana

    War time Banana3 months ago

    I feel like my dad would yell the same advice-threats but without being mad just whenever...MY DAD IS A STORM GOD

  63. Zarvid Noom

    Zarvid Noom3 months ago

    that cat looks like ralsei

  64. Josse Nunez

    Josse Nunez3 months ago

    I loved this motivational screaming

  65. AiDeN KiNg inc.

    AiDeN KiNg inc.3 months ago

    Do a episode about the myth of SKELE-Tom

  66. Ozan Akyıldız

    Ozan Akyıldız3 months ago

    What the f...

  67. SkyWolfAlpha

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