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Last we saw Ōkuninushi, he showed kindness to a hare in distress, and the hare of Inaba had foretold that he would be the one that the princess of Yakami would desire. And this was true, because when his 80 brothers showed up at court and declared their intentions, the princess insisted she would only marry him--so thus, his brothers began trying to kill him off...
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  1. Extra Credits

    Extra Credits8 months ago

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  2. Arturo Reyes Cortez

    Arturo Reyes Cortez8 months ago

    @intrepidhero Probably.

  3. intrepidhero

    intrepidhero8 months ago

    @Arturo Reyes Cortez Do you think some of them involve collecting warpstone and traveling the Mortal Realms?

  4. Myst Lunarbane

    Myst Lunarbane8 months ago

    You better keep making good episodes you brainy bastards!

  5. Cédric Rüfenacht

    Cédric Rüfenacht8 months ago

    Do Romulus and Remus at some point

  6. Brandon Murray

    Brandon Murray8 months ago

    top 10 earliest records of anime protagonists

  7. Soleil

    Soleil20 hours ago

    So how did the Storm God not scalp himself?!

  8. Leuhim

    Leuhim7 days ago

    Thanks Mickey mouse Minute 4:40

  9. Pedro Fellipe

    Pedro Fellipe8 days ago

    The favorite of many brothers was the weak and unloved one? And his brothers plotted against him? Where have I seen this before...

  10. ViceRoy

    ViceRoy16 days ago

    The mouse part was the best one XD.

  11. Nathaniel Antonio

    Nathaniel Antonio20 days ago

    He is legit me my friends were strong but thier intelligence is Sh*t but me i were the brain of the group

  12. Lloren

    Lloren10 hours ago

    Nice grammar too, mr "brain of the group" my ass

  13. Gustave Corbet

    Gustave Corbet13 hours ago

    Calling friends stupid is not very friendly

  14. Lloren

    Lloren5 days ago

    Okay Nathaniel, no need to go bragging in a youtube video

  15. Isaiah Weight

    Isaiah Weight21 day ago

    This feels like a narration of a dream

  16. dexter lau

    dexter lau22 days ago

    The mouse should like Mickey Mouse lol

  17. VeRgE _ryde

    VeRgE _ryde22 days ago

    everybody reply how man subs you have! (im not bragging i only have 12)

  18. Happymartin

    Happymartin22 days ago


  19. ホフマン日向

    ホフマン日向27 days ago

    Why do his brothers sound like highschool American football players named Chad, Jeremy or Josh.

  20. febriandri suharto

    febriandri suharto27 days ago

    Rewlm of the dead? Isn't that from the izanagi and izanami video?

  21. Deathly Halløws

    Deathly Halløws29 days ago

    *Brotherly love*

  22. Konráð Ingi

    Konráð IngiMonth ago

    Luting..... Get out.

  23. Drew Johnson

    Drew JohnsonMonth ago

    It is probably a good idea to use local names. The storm god is Susanoo. Like in Naruto.

  24. Drew Johnson

    Drew JohnsonMonth ago

    Hakuna knew she

  25. Thingonometry -

    Thingonometry -Month ago

    The weird voices really detract from the story imo

  26. Daedalus Wyss

    Daedalus WyssMonth ago

    But was Okuninushi a "dutiful" brother, or a "dude-iful" brother?

  27. Nushi Azria

    Nushi AzriaMonth ago

    Dope job on the story and art.

  28. Marie Parisi

    Marie ParisiMonth ago

    These voices kinda suck

  29. ItMadeMeSignUp

    ItMadeMeSignUpMonth ago

    Akunanushi's chased his evil brothers from the land, and named it "The Land".

  30. Tsuru no Ichizoku

    Tsuru no IchizokuMonth ago

    A storm god? Must be Susano'o.

  31. Meme Man

    Meme ManMonth ago

    *y o u s c u m.*

  32. Zaxor Von Skyler

    Zaxor Von Skyler2 months ago

    I don't get why they didn't just make the 1st and 2nd princess the same person?

  33. Peasant Humor

    Peasant Humor2 months ago

    I wonder if these guys play Warframe..

  34. Andrew Glawson'

    Andrew Glawson'2 months ago

    Drop a few thousand Pz.VIII MAUS

  35. Ryuzakai Hirokai

    Ryuzakai Hirokai2 months ago

    The sass of the narrator is how myths should be told.

  36. m a

    m a2 months ago

    Explaining, this story is not uniform because it is from an era when the language was not developed. Since it was before 2000, it is not a letter, Some have the same pronunciation but different meanings. A small tribe of more than 6 countries Because animal names, land names, and human names may have the same pronunciation, they are mixed and inconsistent. If you are interested, Yasuhiko Yoshikazu, who designed GUNDAM, is drawing a manga that interprets the Japanese myth “Namuji”. It's a very interesting manga, so it will be interesting to read it.

  37. Florian

    Florian2 months ago

    So basically, Susanoo gave his seal of approval... Nice!

  38. Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness

    Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness2 months ago

    Japan was always like this, huh? I hope it doesn't change lol

  39. Darth Nihilus

    Darth Nihilus2 months ago

    Wow the mom and dad made babies 80 times wow

  40. Hand Schuh

    Hand Schuh2 months ago

    “The ground is hollow hollow. Huh hah. The surface, narrow narrow. Huh oh boy”

  41. Night Wolf

    Night Wolf2 months ago

    "WOW... who knew motivational screaming was helpful!" My favorite sentence ever.

  42. TUNE PD

    TUNE PD2 months ago

    storm god's lute of heavenly melody attunement, with someone proficient with the lute you gain a +5 to performance rolls storm god's bow attunement once a day cast control weather, can turn it into a form of rainstorm (thunder is optional) or clear skies, whenever raining add 1d10 lightning or thunder damage storm god's sword, attunement you can cast misty step once a day, and 3 times extra per storm only during that storm here you go you dnd nerds

  43. D Hoppp

    D Hoppp2 months ago


  44. Kazumi Zatkin

    Kazumi Zatkin2 months ago

    I'm translating this to Japanese and I"m not sure how to translate the brilliance of "well meaning advicethreat". This Susanoo (Storm God) by the way is one of the 3 precious gods - the one born from Izagagi's nose when he cleansed himself after visiting underworld searching for his dead wife Izanami. If you guys remember EC's other J myth "Izanagi and Izanami". :)

  45. Kevin Arc

    Kevin Arc3 months ago

    Storm God sees son-in-law eating centipedes Storm God : Ah I see, you’re a man of culture

  46. GFM

    GFM3 months ago

    Ha ha ha oh dear 😂

  47. leontar kostas

    leontar kostas3 months ago

    In Greek folklore these "threats" the storm go gives would mean the opposite so they would be actual threats. Curses in Greece are fun

  48. Unknown person

    Unknown person3 months ago


  49. roy -

    roy -3 months ago

    the storm god..the first tsundere.

  50. GypsySprite

    GypsySprite3 months ago

    btw....reminder that (in atleast some versions) Okuninushi is also a descendent of Susanoo and as such he is marrying his like, great-great-great aunt

  51. ian lawrence

    ian lawrence3 months ago

    Did susano o have a child and live in the Underworld?

  52. Adam Steen

    Adam Steen3 months ago

    My favourite part was "his brothers were trying to kill him.... So he ran away and hid in the land of the dead" Like, good job buddy x

  53. Emperor Louis The Retard

    Emperor Louis The Retard3 months ago

    Why are the 80 brothers wearing Edo period clothes while Okuninishi is wearing Yayoi clothes?

  54. Unitato ProductionsTM

    Unitato ProductionsTM3 months ago

    2:10 Don't I know those two somewhere? Oh wait... *_"And he whips out. SOME PEACHES"_* Now I remember-

  55. Mega

    Mega3 months ago

    when zoey is in the outro u know it's gonna be good

  56. Henry Becerra

    Henry Becerra3 months ago

    The myth between the battle of Susanoo and Orochi would be a cool story

  57. BlackCry Dragon

    BlackCry Dragon4 months ago

    That mouse was really nice XD

  58. Matheus Cayres

    Matheus Cayres4 months ago

    That mouse was the best!

  59. Austin Hibdon

    Austin Hibdon4 months ago

    Man you guys leaned into myths being kinda silly a lot harder when you weren't talking about jeudo-christian myths

  60. andyjay729

    andyjay7294 months ago

    Hercules: I wish some gods had made special problem-solving scarves for me.

  61. Deus Vault

    Deus Vault4 months ago

    Well I mean if you have a house with poisoning animals you better have that animals scarf.

  62. Con trau Con

    Con trau Con4 months ago

    The rabbit is from another episode

  63. Taika Tohveli rewamped

    Taika Tohveli rewamped4 months ago

    When you'r father in law screams advice and compliments while trying to kill you.

  64. Ocean Man

    Ocean Man5 months ago

    Storm God: “ Hello MTV, welcome to my crib. This is the the snake room, where I keep my slivery bois”

  65. CookieBoy770

    CookieBoy7705 months ago

    I need myself a wasp scarf

  66. Tammy T

    Tammy T5 months ago

    Zoe doesn't look happy...

  67. Noah whitehouse

    Noah whitehouse5 months ago

    Okuninushi: **scrapes the lute** Susanoo: YABBA DABBA D- **pulls down his own house** ow. **pops out of the debris** You good-for-nothing bastard of a son-in-law! YOU BETTER TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY DAUGHTER!

  68. Kuro Neko

    Kuro Neko5 months ago