10 Most Insane Bikes In The World

10 Most Insane Bikes In The World
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While most of us ditch the bike as soon as we get automobile licenses, for some it remains an important part of their life.
This explains why every year; the biking industry delivers innovation after innovation. From electric bike conversions to snowmobile replacements and a bike that costs more than most cars, check out these really insane bikes.
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    SHORIF HASAN23 days ago

    nice video

  2. TotalMishap

    TotalMishap25 days ago

    Sorry but if it has a motor it's not a bicycle. More like an electric scooter. Exp, sol motor has no pedals at all. NOT A BICYCLE

  3. Evan Snyder

    Evan SnyderMonth ago

    You guys just rip eachothers videos off? This is damn near identical to the Minds Eye Video over a year ago.

  4. Donald J. Trump

    Donald J. TrumpMonth ago

    The Ebike has a low centre of gravity so it is much quite than others. Whait whut?

  5. Jayden Goldson

    Jayden Goldson2 months ago

    The rocket bike

  6. go evergreen future

    go evergreen future2 months ago

    Add my bike too 😁

  7. Roelien Kamphof

    Roelien Kamphof2 months ago


  8. Roelien Kamphof

    Roelien Kamphof2 months ago

    80 diΓ€

  9. Leilo Miguel Paradero

    Leilo Miguel Paradero2 months ago

    I Love the audi e - bike

  10. Ryan Paragados

    Ryan Paragados3 months ago

    superb at its finest

  11. time to play

    time to play3 months ago

    I'm sorry but way too much editing. Flashing from image to image. I never got a good look at anything

  12. wave x rider

    wave x rider3 months ago

    At 8:00 the narrator claims the Audi bike is 461 pounds, I definitely think that is a mistake

  13. Fojr SeptA

    Fojr SeptA27 days ago


  14. Cass Karo

    Cass Karo3 months ago

    You are a easy target too if I was a croc or a shark I would chew up ya bumbaclaaat

  15. ramzay fiston

    ramzay fiston3 months ago

    The one i like the most is the cyclotron

  16. john hanrahan

    john hanrahan3 months ago

    Remarketing the Penny-Farthing bike. Hilarious.

  17. Phantomneko Cameron

    Phantomneko Cameron3 months ago

    5:47 take my money!!!

  18. Tadas K.

    Tadas K.3 months ago

    yeah... no. just terrible.

  19. Meme Man

    Meme Man3 months ago

    Ever Seen Colin Furze’s Rocket Bike?

  20. HW Smith

    HW Smith3 months ago

    What about sharks

  21. drCasey555

    drCasey5553 months ago

    Well look at that I get a bike ad for this video πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

  22. brianbirc

    brianbirc3 months ago

    the most insane part of those bikes is the price.


    CAPTAIN DABBIN3 months ago


  24. Brian Roberts

    Brian Roberts3 months ago

    Stupid. Every one.

  25. Harry Angel

    Harry Angel3 months ago

    The argumentation is a complete throw-off ..

  26. wide awake

    wide awake3 months ago

    What a load of bollocks........fuckin nonsense.

  27. Manuel Tovar

    Manuel Tovar3 months ago

    Fat wheels fat frame fat seat fat rider....

  28. Manuel Tovar

    Manuel Tovar3 months ago

    Thats a lil scary having a sprocket just in front of your face just pray you font eat it cuz you will Remember that sprocket every time you look in the mirror.

  29. Vikings are better

    Vikings are better3 months ago

    7:56 That's a joke right? My 600cc bike is lighter then that, even believe some 1000cc are. Besides in my country that's a WAY to high top speed, motor assist needs to be limited to max 17mph otherwise it's defined as a motorcycle

  30. Dankulite

    Dankulite2 months ago

    You want a fucking trophy?

  31. demizer1968

    demizer19684 months ago

    If I'm going to get a 461 lb bike, it's gonna be a motorcycle. A loud one.

  32. margic fumani

    margic fumani4 months ago


  33. Emir Latinović

    Emir Latinović4 months ago

    Considering usefulness, the Geo Orbital wheel wins the day and beauty goes to the Soul Bike Pocket Rocket. 9:35

  34. Gavin1130

    Gavin11304 months ago

    Great video, I just wish you would've added the prices.

  35. Grafight23

    Grafight234 months ago

    LOL! "The Manta bike is easy to ride... you won't fall over". As they show footage of a guy falling over.

  36. Lux-Anna Scott

    Lux-Anna Scott3 months ago

    Lol technically he fell 'backwards', not 'over', but I was thinking the same thing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  37. kght222

    kght2224 months ago

    5:39 or you could just get lights for your wheels, on... any bike.

  38. vondahe

    vondahe4 months ago

    2:23 "..the Manta 5 is also surprisingly easy to ride..." ---> Rider falls into water.

  39. Aleksandra Makari

    Aleksandra MakariDay ago

    I guess that was Peter then. He fell when he tried to walk on the water.

  40. kght222

    kght2224 months ago

    1:11 front wheel drive on a bike isn't fun, and outside fair weather it can be downright dangerous.

  41. TheAgentDeus

    TheAgentDeus4 months ago

    "As the bike has lower center of gravity, the e-bike is much quieter then others". Hard to brake your science @Interestin Facts but this is not how any of this works and I mean sound waves.

  42. tha nks

    tha nks4 months ago

    wtf are you talking about holyssssssshhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt

  43. ThunderRealm

    ThunderRealm4 months ago

    manta 5: we got a cool bike that can operate in the water ready to pay more than 6000 euros

  44. Hassan Kamal

    Hassan Kamal4 months ago

    Somebody hacked your computer and spliced in a bunch of pointless unrelated clips.

  45. He B

    He B4 months ago

    Narrator talks weird


    MY NAME: HITEK4 months ago


  47. Alan Bodnar

    Alan Bodnar4 months ago


  48. MonsterPlayz

    MonsterPlayz4 months ago

    Why do I watch these if I’m poor

  49. BMX BOI

    BMX BOI4 months ago

    If the cyclatron gets stolen in a parkinglot...

  50. Ra Ze

    Ra Ze2 months ago

    Than 3000euros are gone

  51. cj palymbo

    cj palymbo4 months ago

    Didnt the show "weeds" already invent the Copenhagen wheel

  52. Puppy Fanatic

    Puppy Fanatic4 months ago

    I like how the manta 5 costs 7500$

  53. jthepickle7

    jthepickle74 months ago

    Wanna bike that goes out 17 miles, comes back and tells me how I did.

  54. Ahmed Ali

    Ahmed Ali4 months ago

    7:32 nice editing lol

  55. Nommadd57

    Nommadd574 months ago

    Those that ride bicycles are 'cyclists'. 'Bikers' ride motorcycles (and do NOT wear spandex). : )

  56. alanmeires

    alanmeires4 months ago

    Penny farthing that's what the bike with the big wheel and small wheel is called.

  57. YMC Breifs

    YMC Breifs4 months ago

    Basically a long ass ad

  58. tony bautista

    tony bautista4 months ago

    im surprised SONDORS Ebike wasnt in the video. lol.

  59. gary schraa

    gary schraa4 months ago

    adding all the other stupid clips as fill in ? Dumb . the snow track bike ? dumb . cyclotron ? please . "Twycycle"? hahahahahaha combat fatigue ?hahaha you have to hold yourself up in a bent position no leverage hahaha funny. audi ebike ? are you f..... kidding me ? uh balls hello . is this a girl bike ? yikes either way . 35,000 $ buhahahahaha

  60. pen house2

    pen house24 months ago

    I have all cycles tell me something new

  61. Caragea Elvis

    Caragea Elvis4 months ago

    More of them are just stupid

  62. Dear HRS

    Dear HRS4 months ago

    13:44 what has center of gravity to do with being quiet..... (. -.) who wrote this script....

  63. Crypto Sonic

    Crypto Sonic4 months ago

    1:43 thank me later

  64. Fozzy Muan

    Fozzy Muan4 months ago

    They all look cool and advanc but look way too expensive just for abike .. Instead i will buy an engine bike that run on gas..

  65. john hanrahan

    john hanrahan3 months ago

    Yep. Anything that costs that much should power itself.

  66. gothic pagan

    gothic pagan4 months ago

    This vid is messed up

  67. Fernando Palomo

    Fernando Palomo4 months ago


  68. Daniel Brown

    Daniel Brown4 months ago

    So glad they had capt obvious narrate. I would have never figured out lights help people see. That is very interesting.