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    *Zorra :")*

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    They have robot eyes hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha

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    A should react to the video of ryan trahan he is saying your a bad youtuber

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    This is actually awesome, I’m so into this 🔥

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    These videos will be a historical reference for the coming generations

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    OMG! That's such a truth that scares

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    That is sad

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    But actually Lele and Jeff look really good together

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    Im reading your book, Surviving High School. It’s awesome and hilarious. And I had no idea who Alexie was until I recognized the last name. And then once I saw your vines I related it to the book and was like I remember readying that in the book. But I have no idea who Darcy is.

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    Better than last black mirror's season

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    Didnt get it much

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    Destucsion de la umanidad

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    05:45 that part is so pleasing to listen Rudy is so talented omg

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    is this real ???

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    I think Rudy's one was the best

  39. it so sad that your life is safer byjarlyn Vitug

    it so sad that your life is safer byjarlyn Vitug13 hours ago

    The boy look up his eyes is so scary and the song

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    that NGAGE tool looks like the one from Arkangel

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    Does any one else feel like Hannah and lele kinda split up with iannna

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    I dislike lele pins but omg this made think about our future

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    Keanu Reeves’ degenerate brother

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    Who else thought Lucy was the boy and mike was lele

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    The end made me cry a little because i thought she gave him poison

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    Is This A Brandon Rogers Skit?

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    Vrchat Date DLC

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    Lele, thank you for being my inspiration to be myself you are so amazing and you have officially cured my sadness forever and always I love you so much I learned how to speak Spanish and learned how to salsa just so I could be more like you so just keep doing you ❤️ you

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    Omg what a good story they knew each other in VR but not irl but always end up in the same place sometimes

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    this is scary man

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    That was actually really good....

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    I don't want the future to be like's creepy AF

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    Lele this is different coming from you But I love this new thing that your trying I believe you will be great at it I would love to see more of this Love you Lele 🧡💚❤️

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    Is *NAGAGE* Real? 'Cause i wanna know if you can really really do that in real life

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    Lol this video was published on my birthday

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    This reminds me of that one episode on black mirror season five

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    one thing: She has an NGAGE Chip. now what?

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    Lioness catches her prey

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    My only question is how did you get that huge needle through the skull? unless we have some kind of hole in our skull there.... So, in this reality, our skulls have holes in the side so people can stick needles into it? Hmm, interesting depth.

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    You know what I simply love to bits? The idea that we see ourselves in future living past (vintage) meets modern.

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    Many made fun of Jeff about his acting in some one old video, now look at him haters.

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    We love seeing sisters tagteam to take down m*n.

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