25 Questions Avengers: Endgame Left Unanswered


  1. moloek tripper

    moloek tripper2 hours ago

    Where did cap take the hammer he dosent have it when hes the old cap ...is this som beta ray bill ref i seem to recall that he will wield stormbreaker and recall a story were a old dude give thor the hammer in the past

  2. Ty Wendel

    Ty Wendel15 hours ago

    So what about the fact that the thor in the older dimension wont have a hammer anymore, because new thor called it and brought it into the future?

  3. Miri Ilai

    Miri Ilai3 days ago

    Is Disney trying to make every possible marvel duo spinoff?

  4. Nurain Suamin

    Nurain Suamin3 days ago


  5. jason mobberley

    jason mobberley3 days ago

    Sam has no super powers, how can he be the the next Captain America ???


    ZNCO VIEDOS5 days ago


  7. survival goat

    survival goat7 days ago

    Did loki will have solo movie😏

  8. Cadee L

    Cadee L7 days ago

    So Hawkeye loves black widow more than his wife🤔

  9. Rodney Vinson

    Rodney Vinson8 days ago

    Hawkeye did sacrifice black widow when they where hanging on to the wall & he didn’t wanna let her go but he had to

  10. Jonathan may

    Jonathan may8 days ago

    did anyone else realize team sam and buck equals team suck ;)

  11. Rumi W

    Rumi W9 days ago

    SPOILERS I theorize that Thanos was physically weaker with the infinity stones because they put too much strain on his body. They gave him power, and the infinity gauntlet helped channel said power, and he was a titan as well, so he could at least use them. However, Iron Man died in one snap, and the guardians nearly died from touching one stone, so even Thanos was weakened a bit by their incredible power.

  12. Robert Field

    Robert Field12 days ago

    The hammer sound is his daughter or maybe iron heart. Making her own suite

  13. Redhead Update

    Redhead Update13 days ago

    I think some of these questions have holes

  14. Redhead Update

    Redhead Update13 days ago

    Wow can't tell the difference between a rat and a mouse

  15. Rizmar Jhon

    Rizmar Jhon13 days ago

    3rd question was answered in spiderman far from home

  16. Jimbo B.

    Jimbo B.16 days ago

    Another question about Loki. Where is his ice casket weapon he used to freeze Heimdall? Another question where is HIS army of frost giants? I assume he would be able to rule them?

  17. Kento

    Kento16 days ago

    Black Widow and Hawkeye are narcissists who love themselves more than anything, so when they both were willing to sacrifice themselves, either one of them could have gotten the stone.

  18. N/A N/A

    N/A N/A16 days ago

    So the five year gap with Ned and Peter at the end of the movie it shows them both still in high school that means Ned didn't survive the snap

  19. Becky Rexroad

    Becky Rexroad17 days ago

    2008 : I am iron man 2019: I am...... iron man

  20. Roland The Good

    Roland The Good17 days ago

    bruh, at the end of infinity war, Nick Fury paged captain marvel to come back to earth. we can only assume that she came upon them on her way to earth.

  21. Justy Tractors

    Justy Tractors18 days ago

    5 years reversed... ultron

  22. Samantha Powell

    Samantha Powell19 days ago

    I always wondered why Doctor Strange didn’t just like, break the time stone. Because if we look at the mind stone, Wanda was the only one who could destroy it cause she connected to it the most. So if that were the case for all the stones than Strange would’ve been able to break the time stone so that Thanos wouldn’t have been able to get it along with the mind stone.

  23. Atticus Evans

    Atticus Evans19 days ago

    Loki died he didn’t take the tesseract anywhere

  24. transformers gamer

    transformers gamer20 days ago

    Scott was there for 5 hours

  25. Mythicalgaming YT

    Mythicalgaming YT20 days ago

    Honestly I hated the movie

  26. Neto Aguilar

    Neto Aguilar21 day ago

    Really?omg! The soul stone required a sacrifice, a soul for a soul ,not for one to specifically throw someone in and it had to be someone you love not "someone you love the MOST" . you're a moron dude

  27. PandaGameeng233

    PandaGameeng23322 days ago

    what if *steve rogers dies* Bucky cried iron man died spider-man cried now new fight is here bucky vs spider-man civil war 2

  28. BISK KJ

    BISK KJ22 days ago

    biggest question ever? if Captain America went back to the past and stay with his lover.What about the other captain america trap in that ice?where is he now?

  29. Juliana Galindo

    Juliana Galindo22 days ago

    5: Maybe Peter's friends weren't affected by the 5 year skip and still are the same age because they were also part of the half that was gone. They could have been dust too

  30. Rudy Affandy

    Rudy Affandy23 days ago

    Sam is not as strong as Captain America...

  31. Hershel S

    Hershel S23 days ago

    The mysterious sound at the end of Endgame was Tony Stark building his first Iron Man armor in the caves when he was captured in the first Iron Man movie

  32. ØMÆŘ ŠÆßĘŘ

    ØMÆŘ ŠÆßĘŘ23 days ago

    In the black widow they will show us that last scene if Natasha in end game and will show us that she did something to survive 😂

  33. clarissa35f

    clarissa35f24 days ago

    #13. Watch Endgame again,...the line goes " you must LOSE one you love." They BOTH qualify for the other. Not sure if it was changed froim Infinity war, or if that was aalways the line in Infinity War, and everyone just assumed,...since Thanos sacrificed Gamora it's possible everyone heard what they wanted to hear....after the fact.

  34. Swade Cassi OFFICIAL

    Swade Cassi OFFICIAL24 days ago

    5 years, am I tipping? 5 years after the snap right, so how long was Tony & Nebula in space for? Hmm.

  35. ExGamArs

    ExGamArs24 days ago

    26, actually. They gathered the infinity stones and intended to bring them back so as to not screw up the timeline. However, Thanos from the past with past Gamorra, Nebula, and his entire army came to the future and were all killed in the future. The timeline is already fucked. With that Thanos and company dead, many things could have been altered. In original timeline, he destroyed Planet Zandar for the Power Stone, then Nowhere for the Reality Stone, killed off half/most of the surviving Asgardians including Loki, and finally Vision. How can they still be dead if the past Thanos was killed before those events? THAT is the biggest plothole of them all.

  36. TendoFan

    TendoFan24 days ago

    Also...idk her name, but the actress we didn’t see in Endgame? She was meant to play an older version of Tony’s daughter in a cut scene.

  37. TendoFan

    TendoFan24 days ago

    The reason young Thanos is stronger than old Thanos is just that...he’s younger. He’s in his prime, peak physical condition. The Infinity stones also drained some of old Thanos’ energy when he did the first snap.

  38. Random Gamers

    Random Gamers25 days ago

    And about the voremier (not sure how to spell that) i agree with you how do they put the soul stone back they should get someones life who sacrificed back Who is it gamora or black widow

  39. Random Gamers

    Random Gamers25 days ago

    Maybe the old thanos is younger my guess

  40. Shubham Pawar

    Shubham Pawar25 days ago

    One other thing nit many people noticed was when tony and steve go back in time to get the stones tony meets his father unexpended but the thing to notice is that at the end of the meet Tony's father Howard asks his assistant to take the flowers and calls his assistant by the name of 'Jarvis'. I think Jarvis has a hugh role in Tony's life so after growing up he names his artificial intelligence assistant as Jarvis as a memory to the original Jarvis.

  41. Darrow Hall

    Darrow Hall25 days ago

    the black widow movie is a prequel

  42. James G

    James G25 days ago

    And the BIGGEST question after Endgame. Who cares.

  43. JohnTavares IsALeaF

    JohnTavares IsALeaF25 days ago

    The women unite and fight scene is more of a plot hole than an excitement, how or when did they coordinate it? It made no sense It was honestly silly and did more of a disservice the characters by thinking it was necessary to have this “girl power only” scene when they were already great without every women together. Had this happened organically it would have been fine, kind of like how it happened in IW, but a little better, it was just so unnecessary and it was more of a distraction than anything else.

  44. Katten o Åkgräsklippare

    Katten o Åkgräsklippare25 days ago

    Please read this. Take the one with that captain America could actually use Lightning’s and thunder from the hammer tho he don’t have that powers. Thor can use Lightning’s but that is his power so captain America should not be able to do that. Was just thinking about that. Love ur videos by the way.

  45. Shadow Dragon

    Shadow Dragon25 days ago

    8:00 he sacrificed her by letting her fall with remorse

  46. Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari

    Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari26 days ago

    7:45 dude after end credits of infinity war, Nick Fury, pressed a button on a call thingy which, was given by Danvers to Fury to call her in problem. that was why she came. And the machine was explained in Captain Marvel 2019..

  47. Bobby C

    Bobby C26 days ago

    KEEP finding weaknesses for Captain marvel? That implies they've given her some already. They have not.

  48. Frosty

    Frosty26 days ago

    Black Widow could come from an alternate timeline

  49. Project: Garchomp

    Project: Garchomp26 days ago

    Well, let me ask my own question about “Vision being dead?” If Vision was an Android that drew life from the soul stone, which was later destroyed by Thanos, how would you bring him back?

  50. Louis Santiago

    Louis Santiago26 days ago

    When did Thanos hold his own against Captain Marvel without the stones???Meanwhile he had the gauntlet on. And caught captain marvel around her neck with the gauntlet on. Then he head butted her. Then he took the power stone and punched her away. Am I wrong. What part are you referring to? Just wondering.