Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Digital currencies are generating a lot of excitement. John Oliver enlists Keegan-Michael Key to get potential investors equally excited about the concept of caution.
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  1. Ian Visser

    Ian Visser16 hours ago

    The reason Cryptos wont die out and why it doesnt matter what cryptocurrency you use, is because it is the equivalent of (lets use Amazon as an example) putting money into an 'Amazon Wallet' and sending it to someone else's 'Amazon wallet', then they can either buy something from Amazon directly without any extra fees (and the government not knowing, unless you tell them where to look), or send it to anyone else's 'Amazon wallet'. The big argument is, if Amazon is global and worth more than any country, why is your money safer in a bank that has to deal with corruption, government regulation, theft and fluctuation. Vs leave your money in your 'Amazon wallet', where it is safe and go up because Amazon is growing.

  2. Ian Visser

    Ian Visser17 hours ago

    Crypto in english. It is selling computing power. Renting out your hardware (mining is how it defines work. Bitcoin is just a digital bank that runs off of the 'rented' hardware. Ethereum is the same, but can be used to compute anything (Which is why the inventor thinks its better), it turns the mining network into a supercomputer instead of a global bank. That is why both survive in their own right and Bitcoin holds a higher value, because as much as we are willing to pay for computing power, we covet money above it, because its simple and usable anywhere, its unrestricted and will be there when you come back. Ethereum would make themselves vulnerable from internal attacks if they opened up the true use of Ethereum, while people cant see why Bitcoin is better than money, simply put it isnt, its the exact same thing as money as we know it today, just it doesnt crash with the country's economy, because it is linked with the world... and no banking fees, its like "money on the internet" 2.0 and when you want to hide your money in a sock drawer, you just need to save a number (paper wallet) that contains the only access to those coins that you have.

  3. Patrik Tobola

    Patrik Tobola20 hours ago

    I liked to watch this show.,... but having that washed up fuck*r on and doing that? NO FU*KIN THANKS, unsub report dislike, whatever else there is to dislike this shi*

  4. Drak

    Drak21 hour ago

    HODL = Hold On for Dear Life

  5. Sean C

    Sean CDay ago

    The whole bullshit crypto-market is the reason I haven't been able to afford a damn graphics card for the last 5 years, so I'm quite pleased to see that they're mostly burning and dying out, that shit has got to go. It was absolute insanity from the very start; they invented a form of currency that is completely non-physical, has zero stable value, and can be magically "mined' from the aether of the internet in ways the average computer user could never even begin to comprehend.

  6. Sharky Mark

    Sharky MarkDay ago

    Watched the whole thing.....still don’t understand...

  7. Chaquita Granita

    Chaquita GranitaDay ago

    Tulip mania.

  8. D CO

    D CO2 days ago


  9. Samuel Fisher

    Samuel Fisher2 days ago


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  11. alterise

    alterise3 days ago

    Okay so a few things, one, hodl isnt based off of a misspelling of hold, its shorthand for hold on for dear life. Also deep onion isnt really a dumb name, it's based off of the dark websites that can only be accessed through tor and these websites all end in .onion as the web is like an onion where the top layers are easy to get to but you need a special browser to dig deeper into the layers of the onion. The rest though is all spot on.


    JOSE MAURICIO3 days ago

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  13. TheGreatYukon

    TheGreatYukon3 days ago

    Yeah see, you say that DeepOnion is a stupid name, but it's a reference to the Deep Web, and The Onion Router (TOR), which is a secure browsing technology used to traverse the deep web invented by the U.S. Government. So yes, somehow fucking Deep Onion is a phrase that makes sense.

  14. Liam Mullone

    Liam Mullone3 days ago

    40? Add another 12 years.

  15. Steven Ashton Baker

    Steven Ashton Baker4 days ago

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  16. ChrisTopher Turner

    ChrisTopher Turner4 days ago

    1 good joke writer. THE REST SUCK (motivation!). how about some REAL have a week. #idonthavetoberichtolaugh

  17. Hybrid Alien

    Hybrid Alien4 days ago

    You must see "I SMELL A RAT IN CRYPTO" by Financial turmoil explained seriously.

  18. Conner Broeker

    Conner Broeker4 days ago

    That reporter was clearly disturbed about the chicken

  19. Conner Broeker

    Conner Broeker4 days ago

    About 3 and half years ago when I was in middle school a friend of mine but $100 in Bitcoin and made $10,000 that he put in his college fund.

  20. Salut toi!

    Salut toi!5 days ago

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  21. Davis Tisdale

    Davis Tisdale8 days ago

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  22. Daniel Okey-Okoro

    Daniel Okey-Okoro8 days ago

    that Cardi B joke took me out 😂😭

  23. Cris San Juan

    Cris San Juan9 days ago

    Atleast Dan stopped promoting BEEF GUREWITCH!

  24. valenius the kat

    valenius the kat9 days ago


  25. Isaac Mayer

    Isaac Mayer9 days ago

    2:16 I just fucking realized that the Dan in that picture is none other than Dan Gurewitch, CollegeHumor alum and inventor of worst beef dish ever

  26. Dr. Kira

    Dr. Kira9 days ago

    18:11 isn't that the entire plot of The Proud Family?

  27. Poutsokoumnis

    Poutsokoumnis10 days ago

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  28. Aubergine Bellen

    Aubergine Bellen10 days ago

    When a currency is so volatile, has such hyper-inflation and deflation, that it's better to just hold onto it than spend it; that's a recipe for disaster. The only people making money on cryptocurrencies are speculators. They make that money from idiots.

  29. Theolonius Assington

    Theolonius Assington10 days ago


  30. Amazed Alloy

    Amazed Alloy10 days ago

    Pump and dump are completely legal. It's just advertising to investors who choose to invest

  31. Amazed Alloy

    Amazed Alloy10 days ago

    Blockchain has great potential for video games too

  32. BitStash Marketplace

    BitStash Marketplace10 days ago

    Great video, would you mind giving us your thoughts on BitStash?

  33. VideoAce

    VideoAce11 days ago

    D O G E C O I N

  34. AnimationBTC Bit

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  35. ronkirk50

    ronkirk5015 days ago

    Totally insane hyper-crap. Just people getting scammed by flimflam artists. There is a sucker born every minute.

  36. Bubba Vickery

    Bubba Vickery10 days ago


  37. dengel72

    dengel7215 days ago

    Who the AF is that Bitconnect guy? It's like a younger Steve Balmer.

  38. dengel72

    dengel7215 days ago

    The "Cryptocalls" thing is blatant insider trading. Wow...

  39. Declan Handley-Byrne

    Declan Handley-Byrne16 days ago

    Guess that means HBO now stands for Home Blockchain Office

  40. Gert Duvenage

    Gert Duvenage17 days ago

    I love this I want to go to a live show !!!!

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  42. Captaininseino

    Captaininseino17 days ago

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  43. Sapphire Spire

    Sapphire Spire17 days ago

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  44. Anne H

    Anne H18 days ago

    John Oliver - you are so, so entertaining! I’m glad you became an American ! 🇺🇸

  45. Emily Speck

    Emily Speck18 days ago

    Icy oh

  46. Dan Smith

    Dan Smith19 days ago

    It’s algorithms looking for cryptocurrencies

  47. M Y

    M Y19 days ago

    Tulip mania.

  48. Alpha Omega

    Alpha Omega19 days ago

    10:26 I, too, would like to try cocaine one day.

  49. Alex wilson

    Alex wilson21 day ago


  50. Cody Greenland

    Cody Greenland21 day ago

    Fantard the Bernard's Face Melter into Component Parts coin.

  51. denk

    denk22 days ago

    HODL means 'hold on for dear life' ... Not hold spelt wrong

  52. denk

    denk21 day ago

    @SAL OKay, yeah... HODL means hold on for dear life... and started when someone spelled holding wrong

  53. SAL

    SAL21 day ago

    Hodl became the bitcoin meme when someone misspelled it.

  54. Death Larsen

    Death Larsen23 days ago

    Lol the molested failed child actor

  55. Death Larsen

    Death Larsen23 days ago

    Joke is most John Oliver viewers are ripe for these scams

  56. Lara Ethan

    Lara Ethan23 days ago

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  57. NanoGrande

    NanoGrande22 days ago

    Wow, these scam comments are getting much more elaborate xD

  58. Jeff Keniston

    Jeff Keniston23 days ago

    You can get across to her on ****

  59. Steve Donaldson

    Steve Donaldson23 days ago

    Any idea how i can reach her?

  60. Rebecca A. Clark

    Rebecca A. Clark23 days ago

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  61. The Tito Truth Totem

    The Tito Truth Totem24 days ago

    8:10 - 8:52: That analogy needs therapy.

  62. System Error Message

    System Error Message25 days ago

    thats not an accurate description. With bitcoin every transaction is charged for, its not free. This is to pay the miners who will be verifying your transaction. Its not suited as an everyday usable currency. Cash does not have an overhead, card payments do, paypal does, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do.

  63. Malicious Intent

    Malicious Intent28 days ago

    Take that to the bank....The bank is not involved bro!

  64. Alex Krab

    Alex Krab28 days ago

    Bitcoin is the king 👑 ...the rest is garbagiooo

  65. Thomas Pastor

    Thomas Pastor28 days ago

    Some time ago, I watch CollegeHumor's "Tinder Profile Picture Day" sketch, and nearly had a stroke when I saw "Dan" from this segment there.

  66. Thomas Pastor

    Thomas Pastor28 days ago

    John, would you prefer it if Dan decided to start talking about Beef Gurewitch?

  67. shethewriter

    shethewriter28 days ago