Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  1. AwwwSweetieDarling

    AwwwSweetieDarlingMinute ago

    Isn't Brock pierce that pedophile from den?

  2. Bwanarob

    Bwanarob17 hours ago

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  3. Jibby nutron

    Jibby nutron2 days ago

    He forgot Jah-coin(search it up)

  4. EcnalKcin

    EcnalKcin2 days ago

    People don't understand the inherent risk in investing in bitcoin. It is a high risk investment because it can go down as fast as it went up. There is no regulatory agency that mitigates sudden raises and plunges in value. I personally regret not investing in it when I first heard about it a little over 9 years ago...when it was just over $5 a coin. I thought it sounded suspicious and would never catch on. I was wrong, but the choice I made was a smart one based on the risks involved. However, if I had been really smart I would have put $50 into it. In today's market the huge gains have already occurred an the price will fluctuate, but there is no telling which way it will go, and there is more potential for a crash then another huge growth spike. If you can get in on the ground floor, put $50 in, and let it sit, once it spikes to crazy price...don't invest, sell.

  5. Ross Smith

    Ross Smith2 days ago

    There is no obvious reason for U.S dollars.

  6. Abdul

    AbdulDay ago

    America needs to use something

  7. Ross Smith

    Ross Smith2 days ago

    Cryptocurrencies can't be traced or taxed. Complete freedom. It's not about making money. John Oliver and Donald Trump want it stopped. For once they agree on something.

  8. solunasunrise

    solunasunrise2 days ago

    its fucking globalism in disguise , crypto will take over and make a cashless global society real and that is what it was made for by the same old elites ... its nothing but a ploy because 1st this shady story about the inventor and how it came to be and 2nd the fact that none of our bankster ruled goverments has fobidden it but instead partially spoke out FOR it wich is in total opposition to how they usually operate wehn something works out of their control ... and this bullshit what they guy said with next to no fees is also not very true ... you pay fees as soon the money gets moved wich is not the case with a regular bank account .. and the other thing is ... wehn huge ammounts of lets say dollars or cash euros get destroyed in a fire for example they can be rebooked and reprinted without any loss of value .... wich is not the case with bitcoins ... once they get lost THEY ARE IN FACT lost because they all have their own individual signature and we all know now that only a limited amount of them can be mined

  9. Hrach играет покер

    Hrach играет покер3 days ago

    Ahahahah, GRAM is already selling out there like regular tokens on *gram-ton. org* ! I thought the price would be much higher. I took my stack of coins xD

  10. Faith Fuldeeds

    Faith Fuldeeds3 days ago


  11. Misterkingdom

    Misterkingdom3 days ago

    This is funny but I still don't understand crypto currency.

  12. Troy Gadbois

    Troy Gadbois3 days ago

  13. John Demetriou

    John Demetriou4 days ago

    Carlos Matos went from Bitconnect to HerbalLife. That guy is asking to be scammed

  14. 4 days ago

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  15. jorge aldridge

    jorge aldridge4 days ago

    Somebody tell me what happened

  16. etru6

    etru64 days ago

    The video explaining how they do pump-and-dump schemes with all the innocence and nonchalance of a video about how to bake a cake is insane.

  17. Abhilash Das

    Abhilash Das4 days ago

    Blockchain seems like a good thing but Cryptocurrency is a complete joke.

  18. midnight

    midnight5 days ago

    this was a good explanation but i still dont understand cryptocurrency or how it works 😔

  19. Beyond Ken

    Beyond Ken5 days ago

  20. Gravecoyote 6497

    Gravecoyote 64975 days ago

    Holy shit, the guy narrating the "Dylan" guy story at 2:49 was literally Bill fucking Nye

  21. Jingjing Du

    Jingjing Du5 days ago

    if Mr. Oliver is my teacher, I will have the motivation to learn anything

  22. q7wasp7

    q7wasp76 days ago

    7-14-2019 - - - BC is just fiat money without Govt. control or FDIC backup. Not that the FED is any better - it isn't backed by gold any more. The FED debt is so large that there isn't enough gold mined, plus un-mined, to back the amount of fiat money in circulation.

  23. q7wasp7

    q7wasp76 days ago

    7-14-2019 - - - Man bitcoin. Coin bit man.

  24. lightning2099

    lightning20997 days ago

    …...I think I see Persona 4 Animation footage at 14:13, with bitcoin emblems over the characters heads.

  25. Quinten Saunders

    Quinten Saunders7 days ago

    Bitcoin is up to $11,000 today.

  26. Lucky Eddy

    Lucky Eddy7 days ago

    @22:56 i really thought it was the bitconnect guy with his microphone. I never expected Key.

  27. Игорь Миллиардер

    Игорь Миллиардер7 days ago

    I didn't even think that Durov's token sale would be open to ordinary mortals. Their website *telegram-ton. site* is available even without pre-registration!

  28. M I K E

    M I K E7 days ago

    The speaker for Eos, Brock Pierce sounds like a young Robert California

  29. Jester Azazel

    Jester Azazel8 days ago

    "Pump and dump schemes" Hold up...

  30. TTecchio JR

    TTecchio JR8 days ago

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  31. Kyle Mouttet

    Kyle Mouttet8 days ago

    wait, so there's actually nothing behind bitcoin? it's not backed up by gold or silver? so... it's exactly like the US Dollar, then? come on folks, we all know the truth. there's nothing inside fort knox other than a huge trollface.jpg

  32. James64 Gemy

    James64 Gemy8 days ago

    Kyle Mouttet it’s backed by the most secure network in world, with value able to be sent anywhere in the world within minutes and no government or central authority can stop you. There’s so much more then that, but I’m not here to educate you. You need to do that yourself

  33. Андрей Литовченко

    Андрей Литовченко9 days ago

    I don't know if you guys are aware of that, but GRAM is already on sale to everyone. On their official website - *ton-gram .org/en* . And they said, "only for whales, blah, blah, blah"...

  34. Licht Schluusseln

    Licht Schluusseln10 days ago

    We don't even believe in the global scam of paper money a k a "dollar",because my underdeveloped country falls for it eternally thanks to endless waves of politicians dictated from Washington that exchange our public and natural resources for paper.Those bankers and their Jewish tricks had no limits to come up with the invention of Credit Cards,which are by now largely exposed,to desperately transition to its offsprings namely bitcoins,cryptocurrency and all kinds of online monetization.How to trust hoards of cheats and hackers working for usurious bankers whose newly objective is only to hook us up to their money sucking servers to milk us dry?

  35. Allen Christian

    Allen Christian10 days ago

    Let's be honest! How many bitcoins and crypto do you own?

  36. Johnny Blaze

    Johnny Blaze10 days ago

    Majority of the actual money goes to the companies paid to hype things up. That's the age we live in. They are making all the money from using bots to give false views, reviews, likes, faked interests...everything. Nothing is regulated online so it is like Oliver said, the Wild West. You can cheat people left and right and they won't even have a clue you did it and even if they did, there's really nothing they can do about it. Bottom line, use an ample amount of precaution, paranoia and basic common sense when dealing with new technology.

  37. James64 Gemy

    James64 Gemy9 days ago

    Johnny Blaze you need to learn what bitcoin is. It eliminates all of what you just stated. It’s decentralised, there is no ceo of bitcoin, no office and no one controls it

  38. Brett Mansfield

    Brett Mansfield11 days ago

    The bitconnect guy reminds me of the old quiznos commercials

  39. Ginger P

    Ginger P12 days ago

    I initially heard of Bitcoin during an episode of “The Good Wife” years ago. I started doing a bit of research. Still not clear in how this works because the explanation back then had to do with solving cryptographic problems to obtain Bitcoin. Oh, how we have evolved.

  40. Marc Vezina

    Marc Vezina12 days ago

    Someone needs to make snake oil coin, I bet it would be huge!

  41. Jason Coomer

    Jason Coomer12 days ago

    When the international bankers realize something has become a threat and then attempt to monopolize the market. And they send their very own foreign paid pet Owl to rationalize to you that its the ONLY safe way... #BankerHandInAnOwlPuppetsAss

  42. praveen dharne

    praveen dharne13 days ago


  43. John Geselman

    John Geselman13 days ago

    Good time for a recap? There has to have been some ridiculous stuff that's occurred in the crypto space since this. And additionally there are likely some cool things that have occurred as the market matured a little. Might be funnier if you wait til after the next runup though.

  44. wild flowers

    wild flowers14 days ago

    bs jO is 40... seriously?

  45. TheLeptosom

    TheLeptosom14 days ago

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  46. Brandon Dean

    Brandon Dean15 days ago

    lol this video is the definition of FUD.

  47. The Top Tyr

    The Top Tyr15 days ago

    Telling Tom Cruise whos involved with Scientology to stay clear is next level burns 🔥

  48. Michael GKL

    Michael GKL15 days ago

    many of altcoins are scam thats right. But one of those crypto will be a real money worldwide usd is fraudulent against inflation. by jul 5th EOS total market value is $5,303,862,163 yes 5 billion and FBI own the biggest stake of bitcoin because of seizures.

  49. Hugh Mann

    Hugh Mann15 days ago

    Wow!! This is some good bud.. ☺️.. lol I just got done smokin and seen Mr Oliver had 120k likes and was like.. hmmm 🤔 I wonder what that would be like to have 120k likes.. and then it hit me.. HOLY CRAP!!!! THATS 120,000 LIKES!! 120,000 👍🏻 = 120,000 PEE PLE 👀😆. And I had a cartoon pop in my head that kept playing over like a song, but it’s ok because it tickles 😂😂😂 Meanwhile... 👈😂 I STOLE THAT OFF OF STEPHEN COLBERT!!! THAT WAS NO ACCIDENT!!! # PUREPLAGIARISM # WOOOOOO 😂😂

  50. meh!

    meh!16 days ago

    I don't think that reporter looked happy. I was laughing because he looked freaked out to me.

  51. Eric Anderson

    Eric Anderson17 days ago

    LOL this video got Brock Pierce fired.

  52. Ben Kent

    Ben Kent17 days ago

    Man... Fuck Dan

  53. Mom's Basement

    Mom's Basement17 days ago

    Bitcoin. The preferred currency for child pornographers.