Matt and Rebecca vs Drone Battle RZ Twin Trap! (Searching for 24 hours Hidden Game Master Clues irl)

Rebecca Zamolo and husband Matt found quadrant clues that turns into a battle Royale in real life!
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When Rebecca says i don’t trust Daniel! (GAME MASTER Secret Message Reveal Lie Detector Test on RZ Twin Trap) we realize that Cameraman Daniel is a Liar and we have to do a Lie Detector Test on the Game Master Spy to Find the Truth about the Quadrant. After spending almost 24 hours at our Cabin in Big Bear we receive a message from Daniel saying the RZ twin was back at our house. We needed to track her so we wouldn’t be last to leave to find the next spy gadget. When we arrived at home Daniel broke into our house. After confronting him he said the RZ twin found something and is still inside. After searching using devices like in the treehouse we unboxed a haul from wish. She might be in the garage in our car so we need to get there before she escapes. We spent almost $10,000 on it so we will see who wins. Matt and Rebecca couldn’t find her so we looked up on the roof and a drone appeared from the quadrant. The gamemaster would want us to use a drone do a battle royal in real life. The drone ended up dropping clues like Chad Wild Clay (CWC) and Vy Qwaint in their safe house. The note gave us the coordinates to find the secret holding place of the GM. Also could this be the start the next event E2? I don’t trust our cameraman but we need to find the game master! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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  1. Matt and Rebecca

    Matt and Rebecca7 months ago

    Do you think we will now be able to find the Game Master?

  2. Niesha jenkins

    Niesha jenkins4 days ago

    She is in the spare room.

  3. twin1life

    twin1lifeMonth ago

    I hope love you I am in spain

  4. Jessica Neuls

    Jessica NeulsMonth ago

    Matt and Rebacca i have benn hympontized by the real Game Master i Need help Please i canť rstst it Please Help me and do not say the code if you do say it i have to say it Please

  5. Jessica Neuls

    Jessica NeulsMonth ago

    Code 10

  6. Emma Williams

    Emma WilliamsMonth ago


  7. vanessa Oclinaria

    vanessa OclinariaDay ago

    I saw rz twin was on rebeccas room all along we saw him when mat was climing

  8. Puppy

    PuppyDay ago

    I saw Rz twin in your room!!!

  9. solange leitch

    solange leitchDay ago

    I saw rz twin

  10. Aesthetic Nyabol

    Aesthetic NyabolDay ago

    I see her she at the door

  11. George Mathews

    George MathewsDay ago


  12. JMCross

    JMCross2 days ago

    Hey I’m sorry I did get my computer back with my phone 📱 is the day you get to your appointment and you can do it a few hours before you go back to the bed and get it to me I gotta was your birthday 🎂 is y’all going home today or tomorrow I have a appointment with you guys and I will get you some stuff and I get you a job or you can do it a little while I’m doing something like this

  13. mkango family love

    mkango family love2 days ago

    She is in rebecca's room


    REEM ALSAFFAR2 days ago

    RZ twin was in Rebecca s room

  15. kristina mcdonald

    kristina mcdonald2 days ago

    she not on the top she in the apartmet

  16. Cackling Crow

    Cackling Crow2 days ago

    That is not the real Rebecca

  17. Samantha Sallee

    Samantha Sallee2 days ago

    I soll txtwen in Impartment

  18. Caitlin Sz

    Caitlin Sz3 days ago

    I saw rząd twin in one Of the rooms when u guys were going Up stiers

  19. Aliya Mazhar

    Aliya Mazhar3 days ago

    The game master was in your bedrooms

  20. Elda DeLeon-Vasquez

    Elda DeLeon-Vasquez3 days ago

    Guys I saw her in a room

  21. Alexis Durden

    Alexis Durden3 days ago


  22. nevaeh Perez

    nevaeh Perez4 days ago

    Check the bathroom down stairs

  23. nevaeh Perez

    nevaeh Perez4 days ago

    Rz twin is in yall house when yall are going up to the roof

  24. Isobel Eccleston

    Isobel Eccleston4 days ago

    I saw rz twin at 10.02

  25. sinead e

    sinead e4 days ago

    Love you Rebecca and matt

  26. sinead e

    sinead e4 days ago

    Love you favour

  27. Addy Keller

    Addy Keller6 days ago

    At 10:02: rz

  28. anecito adorable

    anecito adorable6 days ago

    Yes we found rz twen

  29. Kerica Sykes

    Kerica Sykes6 days ago

    I see rz twin in the door

  30. Jayleh Porter

    Jayleh Porter6 days ago

    She’s in your room

  31. Daniella Picariello

    Daniella Picariello7 days ago

    RZ twin was in the back room at 10.02

  32. Rose Bauman

    Rose Bauman7 days ago

    I saw rz Twain

  33. jesica Hernadez

    jesica Hernadez8 days ago


  34. Melanie Jimenez

    Melanie Jimenez8 days ago

    Matt Rebecca RC twin was in your bedroom

  35. Chezelle Avie

    Chezelle Avie8 days ago

    At 10:02 have rztwin

  36. Jackalyn Jones

    Jackalyn Jones9 days ago

    i seen her

  37. GTA-Killa-gang -

    GTA-Killa-gang -9 days ago

    When was in the room Matt and Rebecca room she was peeking out the door

  38. Alleyna Garcia

    Alleyna Garcia10 days ago

    rz twin was in your room rebecca

  39. Denise flores

    Denise flores10 days ago

    Maybe rebecca zamolo was turned around and daniel accidentally put it on rebecca not rztwin

  40. Tyler Mitchell

    Tyler Mitchell10 days ago

    I saw her

  41. Agustin Escobedo

    Agustin Escobedo11 days ago

    I saw RZ twin in your room and I trust Daniel

  42. Lilly Prater

    Lilly Prater11 days ago

    Tree train in Sprite at the door next to the stairs

  43. Lilly Prater

    Lilly Prater9 days ago

    lillyrocks06 Roblox Lillian real life

  44. Crystal River

    Crystal River11 days ago

    If you see rz twin in 10:03 like if you see it

  45. Deserai Williams

    Deserai Williams11 days ago

    She was down as she was down the stairs in the room in the back

  46. Gabby's channel

    Gabby's channel12 days ago

    I saw the rz twin when you guys were going to the roof

  47. Cerenity Gonzalez

    Cerenity Gonzalez12 days ago

    I saw Rez twin in one of the rooms

  48. Eladute Matulaityte

    Eladute Matulaityte13 days ago

    The rz twin was in one off your rooms wen you was going appsters Like if you saw her to

  49. Eladute Matulaityte

    Eladute Matulaityte13 days ago

    Is someone in the kitcen

  50. Emmyboy Emmyboy

    Emmyboy Emmyboy13 days ago

    I. Saw. Her

  51. Talia Lopez Canales

    Talia Lopez Canales13 days ago

    I saw Rz twin when you guys were going to the roof

  52. Tristan Stanton

    Tristan Stanton13 days ago

    isaw rz twin when you where going up stairs

  53. Tristan Stanton

    Tristan Stanton13 days ago

    I saw rz twin when u are going upstairs

  54. Tamika Gantt

    Tamika Gantt13 days ago

    RZ twin was on on the backyard

  55. nerys evans

    nerys evans14 days ago

    the rz twin was 10:03 ish like if you saw her to

  56. Alisen McGee

    Alisen McGee14 days ago

    I saw RZ Twin at 10:02

  57. Darnell Clark

    Darnell Clark14 days ago

    She was in the bathroom

  58. Charlotte Burke

    Charlotte Burke15 days ago

    i saw rz twin in your room

  59. Lina Mejdoubi

    Lina Mejdoubi15 days ago

    Repecca its on your Rome

  60. Eric Cusack

    Eric Cusack15 days ago

    i saw rz twin

  61. WIZARD GOD 303

    WIZARD GOD 30316 days ago

    Rz twin was in his room

  62. Midget Borba

    Midget Borba16 days ago

    Rebecca at 10 :00 RZ twin was in a room looking

  63. Nonceba Lushaba

    Nonceba Lushaba17 days ago

    RZ twin is in the house 🤔

  64. teresa weinkam

    teresa weinkam17 days ago

    When you guys were running up the room and Daniel turn the camera i sees RZ twin

  65. Metro Pcs

    Metro Pcs17 days ago

    Can you guys post a brand new video please right now

  66. Alfred Washington

    Alfred Washington18 days ago

    RZ twin is maybe at the secret spot

  67. Alfred Washington

    Alfred Washington18 days ago

    the game master

  68. Alfred Washington

    Alfred Washington18 days ago

    RZ twin is maybe at the secret spot