Gordon Ramsay Cooks Breakfast Tacos with Aarón Sanchez | Scrambled


  1. Jose Carlos Arcos

    Jose Carlos ArcosHour ago

    Only a real mexican (and that sanchez is not one) can notice that those are not authentic mexican tacos. They might taste delicious, but not mexican at all

  2. James clark

    James clark2 hours ago


  3. Da O_zone

    Da O_zone3 hours ago

    I'm mexican but Ramsey's looked better

  4. Maximus Prime

    Maximus Prime8 hours ago

    Aaron is probably a magnificent chef but aint no way I would want someone with all those tats touch my food bare handed.

  5. Samuel Green

    Samuel Green14 hours ago

    Aaron Sanchez is a Pitcher in the AL league Gordon, he never swings.

  6. Eden D

    Eden D15 hours ago

    listen guys,,,, a real mexican will make this: Cook the chorizo in the pan with oil, small pieces of tomatos and onions (under 1/3 inches size)... Remove all the chorizo, and than put the tortillas in the pan to get some flavor from the chorizo (just a little) soft tortillas, put double tortillas in each taco beauuse Chorizo with the salsa (tomato and onions) are very watery... Serve in the tacos... Than cook a jalapeño in oil (chile toreado) until it turns gold and black, than cut it in half and serve half jalapeño inside each taco.... Serve fresh cheese in the side (queso fresco)

  7. Eden D

    Eden D15 hours ago

    never trust a "mexican" chef, that doesn't know how to grab a Taco .... And this comment came from a Real Mexican Born and Raised...

  8. Edwar Son

    Edwar Son19 hours ago

    1:55 you sure those are not some uncircumcised penises?

  9. Anthony Occhuizzo

    Anthony Occhuizzo21 hour ago

    GR presentation looks better but great job for being able to tell his story and cook with perfection

  10. Kiera Kiers

    Kiera Kiers21 hour ago

    Thank you for this content.

  11. J Mireles

    J MirelesDay ago

    "I see the budget's gotten bigger..." 😂😂😂 Yep, Latinos go straight for the throat. Observation: who heats the tortilla first, and who uses a skillet? I was taught to put the tortilla on the burner, and to use my fingers.

  12. Cuddling Couple

    Cuddling CoupleDay ago

    Subscribe to my channel and reply with done and I will subscribe you back.

  13. Snap Back

    Snap BackDay ago

    Lol Arron’s recipe isn’t in the description box

  14. Queen Mia

    Queen MiaDay ago

    Both tacos looks delicious! I want to try them BOTH!😩😋😍

  15. John Doe

    John DoeDay ago

    Nice to see the human side of two legends. Great banter and camaraderie between them.

  16. Alexander Holmes

    Alexander HolmesDay ago

    rofl avocado is testicle in Aztec

  17. TheCrownOfSam

    TheCrownOfSamDay ago

    Can they stand still for 1 second

  18. Ferni Mendez

    Ferni MendezDay ago

    As a Mexican both suck big time, that’s a funny way to be white and pretend to make a Mexican food

  19. Châu Nguyễn

    Châu NguyễnDay ago

    Tôi không hiểu ổng nói gì cả


    JUST ME HEREDay ago

    they both tacos look delicious, maybe gordon's tortillas were cold by the time he put the eggs. God bless the good cooking.

  21. Ricardo Mata

    Ricardo MataDay ago

    That isn't real mexican food!!!

  22. Ricardo Saucedo

    Ricardo SaucedoDay ago

    if I had a penny for every Mexican dish Ramsey ruins id have about 10 bucks in my pocket.

  23. theo rinos

    theo rinos2 days ago

    U have become a child Grow up

  24. David Land

    David Land2 days ago

    Your the best chef

  25. Let Go

    Let Go2 days ago

    What a duo 👍

  26. Shinlee jaye Gapz

    Shinlee jaye Gapz3 days ago

    Both of you Is Totally Good.👌🏽nice

  27. MrScucc17

    MrScucc173 days ago

    Gordon couldn’t help himself to Criticizehim haha that’s great

  28. MrTofy1974

    MrTofy19743 days ago

    Taco Bell 😁

  29. Bocrillz

    Bocrillz4 days ago

    Gordon seems geeked up lmao, I heard the UK gets some good blow!

  30. 2 Regular Brothers

    2 Regular Brothers4 days ago

    Aaron Sanchez!!!! I still liked Gordon's tho....

  31. ICC FILM

    ICC FILM5 hours ago

    +2 Regular Brothers nice

  32. 2 Regular Brothers

    2 Regular Brothers6 hours ago

    +ICC FILM Yeah, I usually taste Aaron Sanchez style of breakfast tacos every other weekend 👍🏾

  33. ICC FILM

    ICC FILM6 hours ago

    2 Regular Brothers did you taste it?

  34. Keaton Hunter

    Keaton Hunter4 days ago

    ramseys interview skills could use some work

  35. Andi Maddux

    Andi Maddux4 days ago

    I'm not voting until I can taste it.

  36. Frosty Los

    Frosty Los4 days ago

    Ramsey is right the tortilla needed extra time



    i loooove your playful banter! and you both finished cooking at the same time. amazing!!!

  38. niceguy217

    niceguy2175 days ago

    Would like to see Aarón add some tomato to those delicious creations of his..but really, both of them looked absolutely scrumptious! And a well made breakfast taco, or burrito as they call them around here, is never a bad thing.

  39. De LaMar

    De LaMar5 days ago

    Came from a Japanese Sushi Chef video. Nope, leaving here right away. Sorry Gordon...

  40. jeffro Belmots

    jeffro Belmots5 days ago

    The valley 956

  41. Edward English

    Edward English5 days ago

    I do like a crispier taco.

  42. Eduardo Hernandez

    Eduardo Hernandez5 days ago

    Both tacos look amazing! I will say that for breakfast I feel like your tortillas Should be soft; Crunchy for lunch or dinner.

  43. Timothy Freeman

    Timothy Freeman5 days ago

    Man I can't choose whose looks better I gotta taste it is LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to eat Gordon's food I'd say I'd love to cook for him but I think I can only cook one thing

  44. EDZiLLUH

    EDZiLLUH5 days ago

    gotta go with Aaron on this one

  45. xPhantomBear V

    xPhantomBear V5 days ago

    IdgaFuckkk who did better I jus want both of them in my MOUTH!

  46. sandra huff

    sandra huff5 days ago

    Yall dont know how long im been waiting to see a video with gordon and aaron

  47. mexyfolifebaby

    mexyfolifebaby5 days ago

    Both did it with style

  48. Prudencio Muñoz-Miranda

    Prudencio Muñoz-Miranda5 days ago

    Chorizo con huevo is sooo good, he shouldve added beans on them and cilantro, and tomato salsa.

  49. AmazingButters

    AmazingButters5 days ago

    I wanna see a show with just these 2

  50. Jael Abraham

    Jael Abraham5 days ago

    If I were Sanchez, I would laugh but take Ramsay's advice, whatever it was!! Ramsay's net worth and reputation spell ginormous success at a much higher level than Sanchez.

  51. Plant Manager

    Plant Manager6 days ago

    You both have done well, a twist to interest the pallets

  52. Lady Liz

    Lady Liz6 days ago

    Team Sanchez, but both tacos looked good! Love it 😍

  53. 5jd1

    5jd16 days ago

    they both look fantastic! i think i would eat yours for breakfast or lunch and Aaron's for lunch or dinner! both got my mouth watering! :)

  54. Carpe Díem

    Carpe Díem6 days ago

    Dream team oyeaaa señorrrr

  55. John Barons

    John Barons6 days ago

    There is no bad mexican food!

  56. DOTA 2 RAGE

    DOTA 2 RAGE6 days ago

    This show is actually really good

  57. son kam9001

    son kam90016 days ago

    My mom and grandma can also free you from bad and fake Mexican food

  58. Papyrus

    Papyrus7 days ago

    How the fuck do we decide who did the best XD.

  59. Maureen Smith

    Maureen Smith7 days ago

    This is great.

  60. Armando Delgado

    Armando Delgado7 days ago

    Man what an amazing Interview/ cook off. Very entertaining and comical. Tacos both look amazing. I like the hispanic style more personally but I bet they were both nothing like I'll ever taste in this lifetime. Glad this video popped up on my feed.

  61. The Athenaeum

    The Athenaeum7 days ago

    Ramsay wins my vote! Not a fan of chorizo so a little goes a long way.

  62. The Athenaeum

    The Athenaeum4 days ago

    +robert limon Fool? I'll pass your kind words on to my Mexican tia; she limits the chorizo in her authentic Mexican cooking too.

  63. robert limon

    robert limon5 days ago

    That what makes it Mexican fool

  64. Mr Toskane

    Mr Toskane7 days ago

    That was an attempt for Tacos Dorados hahahahahaha, good try tho.

  65. beckyngreene

    beckyngreene7 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay can we count how many times you touch your face, ew

  66. TeresaFree

    TeresaFree7 days ago

    Aarón for the win!!! .... Love Gordon!


    BryanSWAGGBEAST7 days ago

    Mmmh counters where you at? 3:17

  68. Xyman Ruthenberg

    Xyman Ruthenberg7 days ago

    Amazing video

  69. Marco

    Marco7 days ago

    the sexual tension lol JK

  70. That Random Guy

    That Random Guy7 days ago

    So I'm the only one watching this hungry at 3am?

  71. Deserae Ward

    Deserae Ward5 days ago

    Me too it's 1am and I'm fasting

  72. Ruhul Justice

    Ruhul Justice8 days ago

    Both of you doin well :D

  73. Chrztl Paredes

    Chrztl Paredes8 days ago

    is it just me ? cause i always picture Gordon Ramsey with a Blurr on his Lips, thinking all he's saying is bad words.

  74. Santos Valdez

    Santos Valdez8 days ago

    This mthrfkr put mushrooms in a taco 🤦🏽‍♂️

  75. Todd Peucker

    Todd Peucker7 days ago

    Santos Valdez Yep, as he should have. Mushrooms and cilantro are yummy, they taste good in about anything.

  76. Gerry Gonzalez

    Gerry Gonzalez8 days ago

    These two should be on TV together hosting a cooking show.

  77. Mr V

    Mr V8 days ago

    I liked the mushroom idea

  78. Charles Dapaah

    Charles Dapaah8 days ago

    What a cool guy Aaron

  79. Debbie O

    Debbie O8 days ago


  80. H TAV

    H TAV8 days ago

    AS got FAT. Bro you don't have to eat EVERYTHING you make.

  81. Abraham Reyes

    Abraham Reyes8 days ago

    I love you guys

  82. Shaun Walford

    Shaun Walford8 days ago

    I want tacos now

  83. Erin isawesome

    Erin isawesome8 days ago

    Aaron Sanchez wins. But Gordon Ramsey has already won my life.

  84. bob loblaw

    bob loblaw8 days ago

    Great chemistry between these two. It all looked delicious.

  85. ALady&Gent Tale

    ALady&Gent Tale8 days ago

    I love this Episode!

  86. vicky pearl

    vicky pearl8 days ago

    I wanna try Gordons! All my favorite toppings together

  87. Jay-ar Ganaban

    Jay-ar Ganaban8 days ago

    Who won?

  88. Dey M

    Dey M8 days ago

    you two are the dynamic duo I never knew I needed lol

  89. Amin Duk

    Amin Duk8 days ago

    What a tem!!!!

  90. Stefany pagoaga

    Stefany pagoaga8 days ago

    I love this, there is so much love

  91. Mark W.

    Mark W.8 days ago

    Next show: Chili dogs.

  92. Mavra Waseem

    Mavra Waseem9 days ago

    Can't choose one, both chefs are my favorite 😊👍 both recipes are perfect!

  93. Asmaa Gilliland

    Asmaa Gilliland9 days ago


  94. joneslaakso

    joneslaakso9 days ago

    Gordon looks like 146 year old took steroids.

  95. p m

    p m9 days ago

    I thought they were gonna teach me how to cook it😂 great content though!

  96. Kripto_ b5

    Kripto_ b59 days ago

    Made me hungry! Two Goats!

  97. panajot andoni

    panajot andoni9 days ago

    Mr Sanchez try dat with feta cheese and Tell what you think

  98. Harling Mayes

    Harling Mayes9 days ago

    damn gordon hitting the gains lately

  99. Quantay Peoples

    Quantay Peoples9 days ago

    I had fun editing this one! :D

  100. SoundRex

    SoundRex9 days ago

    I know I’m not the only one who could smell what Aarón was cooking!

  101. Michael Kohlman

    Michael Kohlman9 days ago

    Both worth a try!

  102. Beth Kerner

    Beth Kerner9 days ago

    That was so fun. Love these two together. Aaron truly is Gordon's "brother from another mother."

  103. gb benner

    gb benner9 days ago

    How to make "spotted dick" though?

  104. ashley Moreno

    ashley Moreno9 days ago

    Tacos agringados vs tacos mexicanos

  105. Marthy Penilla Lopez

    Marthy Penilla Lopez9 days ago

    Id never taste tacos before but i want to try it

  106. Geo Stussy

    Geo Stussy9 days ago

    Mexican Moms have the craziest back stories ever. My mother is probably the bravest/motivated person i know

  107. King Blaze

    King Blaze9 days ago

    My mom used to make tacos just like that damn i miss those days!!! Seriously delicious my mom was born in acapulco.. They probably taste similar.. They taste amazing.