Duramax on Horse and Buggy Wheels Fails Miserably

OMG. What am I looking at? It’s a no from Mose....... Pretty much wont even climb Mount Everest even if we wanted to :( Join us next time to do some boosted launches on them. #AMISHMAX


  1. Jaxen Laney

    Jaxen LaneyMonth ago

    Wow that’s literally the first time I’ve ever seen whistlendeisel ever let the jack down slowly 😂😂

  2. Karely cota

    Karely cota8 hours ago

    @Dragon800 ep

  3. Enrique Garcia

    Enrique Garcia5 days ago

    Jaxen Laney eres pende go

  4. Karlene Moody

    Karlene Moody6 days ago

    Jozef Weglarz a

  5. Jiffy Lube

    Jiffy Lube6 hours ago

    First song playing I ment

  6. Jiffy Lube

    Jiffy Lube6 hours ago

    Hey bro what's the song name

  7. Gary Gurniak

    Gary Gurniak18 hours ago

    Put some Chrome on them wheels and the brothers would like to roll with that

  8. Henry Manuel Guerrero Frias

    Henry Manuel Guerrero Frias20 hours ago

    Stupent boy

  9. Jeremy Heley

    Jeremy HeleyDay ago

    daddys money much

  10. Hack Games

    Hack GamesDay ago

    2:30 thank me later

  11. HUgo Amillcart

    HUgo AmillcartDay ago


  12. Tub Nquag Channel

    Tub Nquag ChannelDay ago

    Hey dude, you have no brain!!! You tried to ruin your truck.

  13. Robert White

    Robert WhiteDay ago

    U should put huge rims on one of ur duramaxs n go for wheeling with it no rubber just rim and do burnouts on pavement

  14. ColwellProductions

    ColwellProductionsDay ago

    Ayyyyy your from Indiana me to

  15. Weerachai Saengchan

    Weerachai Saengchan2 days ago

    Strength and strong 😂😂

  16. Eronildes é Humor

    Eronildes é Humor2 days ago

    *Ficou muito tooop, parabéns!*

  17. adam M

    adam M2 days ago

    That’s a stupid idea.. What’s the fun if you massacre your truck?😭😭 What’s the fun if you did spend money and time to make that ugly rims and broke down again quickly.

  18. Daddy SmokesYams

    Daddy SmokesYams2 days ago

    On today's episode *How to break your axles*

  19. Patricia Graciela

    Patricia Graciela16 hours ago


  20. Jorge julian Villalobos solis

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  21. Jorge julian Villalobos solis

    Jorge julian Villalobos solis2 days ago


  22. Angel Alejo

    Angel Alejo2 days ago

    Next year sema trucks be like

  23. Angel Alejo

    Angel Alejo2 days ago

    Did you balance the tires first?

  24. graveyardrumblers

    graveyardrumblers2 days ago

    Amish donk

  25. Mr Moms Racing

    Mr Moms Racing3 days ago

    Are you from Nappanee In. cuz those look like amish buggy wheels lol

  26. williams fried chicken

    williams fried chicken3 days ago

    this channel is so dumb i actually like it. (keep it up)

  27. brandon dellangelo

    brandon dellangelo3 days ago

    I love his laugh

  28. Dione Jose

    Dione Jose3 days ago

    Tem grana pra jogar fora

  29. Kuukerin Nelli

    Kuukerin Nelli3 days ago

    Damn! Im so glad I found this channel! Cheers man!!


    CONCEPT DESIGNS3 days ago

    Why do you hate your truck so much?? :( how you gonna throw a jack at it

  31. RowanElEz

    RowanElEz3 days ago

    No quema cuhh

  32. مؤمل قاسم

    مؤمل قاسم3 days ago

    فاك 🖕🖕

  33. Daniel Marmolejo

    Daniel Marmolejo4 days ago

    It’s street speed 717 he’s a cool guy

  34. Salvador Ramos

    Salvador Ramos4 days ago

    Nice Wells to decorate my garden

  35. Leo Lopez

    Leo Lopez4 days ago

    Whatta funk men

  36. Casey Hobbs

    Casey Hobbs4 days ago

    Basically putting the dirtymax to the test. I approve of all these videos.


    SACTOWNOG4 days ago

    This muthaphucka said 18,000 lb. come on now, that truck is 8K max. with stuff in the bed. but good video. but stop embellishing.

  38. Hernan Gerardo Calzoncit

    Hernan Gerardo Calzoncit4 days ago

    Estás bien puñetassssssssssssss.......s




  40. Roberto C

    Roberto C5 days ago

    Farm kids with money!!!

  41. Marc Paulin

    Marc Paulin5 days ago

    Criss d imbecile

  42. Leonardo Bravo

    Leonardo Bravo5 days ago

    Que loco este pibe

  43. Steve Frost

    Steve Frost5 days ago

    This guy say 18000lbs truck?

  44. Panda King

    Panda King5 days ago

    Looking good and it's funny too.Thanks you for your video.

  45. Derrick Russian

    Derrick Russian5 days ago

    Your off by a slight bit on the truck weight. 18,000lbs Your looking at about 6,000lbs at the most.

  46. Jake B

    Jake B5 days ago

    Now we gotta put the other rims on a buggy

  47. mao مصر

    mao مصر4 days ago


  48. Jake B

    Jake B5 days ago

    Those things were pretty damn strong except when it had a side load..I think the Amish need to start reinforcing them.

  49. Cristo Nabarrete

    Cristo Nabarrete6 days ago

    Duramax and wheels don’t fail ( only you are a dumbass fucking stupid

  50. Trenton MCCall

    Trenton MCCall6 days ago


  51. FaZe_GodlyK

    FaZe_GodlyK6 days ago

    Your a fuckin idiot

  52. Murse Life

    Murse Life6 days ago

    At least this dude doesn't clickbait. #NoClickBaitFAM

  53. Volcom R Us

    Volcom R Us6 days ago

    did i just witness insurance fraud?

  54. christopher cipollone

    christopher cipollone6 days ago

    Should have started out on the black top.

  55. mario garcia

    mario garcia6 days ago

    Wish I had that money to screw shit up... Wait a minute... Even if I had the money I wouldn't do

  56. Frankie J Smith

    Frankie J Smith6 days ago

    Whistlindiesle you live in indiana ?? I watch about all of your vids. Theyr funny I like the cab over. But I live up by county road 38. And wakarusa . Any where close to where this cool shit goes down???

  57. Trea Santana

    Trea Santana6 days ago

    La silla de ruedas de mi abuela 🤣😂

  58. Trea Santana

    Trea Santana6 days ago

    Esto es lo más Idiota 😂 y estúpido que e visto

  59. Bed Time

    Bed Time7 days ago

    Best USworkr watched 10 videos and all NO CLICKBAIT!

  60. Hector Moreno

    Hector Moreno7 days ago

    Tas bien pendejo

  61. abe rafa

    abe rafa7 days ago

    Please do not eat the same shi$$t you had for breakfast , as you can see is not good

  62. Gav Central

    Gav Central7 days ago

    You’re a Hoosier, fucking awesome! Do you ever arrowhead hunt your fields?

  63. Mario Reglin

    Mario Reglin7 days ago

    Did you all notice while more stupid a video is, it becomes more successful with views?

  64. mao مصر

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  65. Amy Anderson

    Amy Anderson7 days ago

    Lesst resistance youll get better mileage

  66. Antonio kauele

    Antonio kauele7 days ago

    u are the better sheet boy ive ever known , mad boy non sense , empty head no brain!

  67. elvis cagas

    elvis cagas7 days ago

    You just ruin your time and a nice truck......Think the weight and the wheels