Spell the Word, Win the Car - Spelling Bee Challenge


  1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug3 months ago

    Do you think you would have won if you were here?!

  2. Cherolle Pierre

    Cherolle Pierre10 days ago


  3. Aaron Perez

    Aaron Perez28 days ago

    100% I would lose

  4. alex churchill

    alex churchillMonth ago

    FaZe Rug is the best

  5. Mshock 22

    Mshock 22Month ago


  6. Aiman Harith

    Aiman Harith2 months ago

    Honestly I can get all the answer right and English is my second language. 😁

  7. Miko Jaden

    Miko Jaden44 minutes ago

    That’s Kaylen

  8. Martin Stefanoski

    Martin StefanoskiHour ago

    KAYLEN behin the camera

  9. Gacha Bread

    Gacha Bread2 hours ago

    I got 2nd Place In my school spelling bee - Last word was fuchsia 😂 2nd 3rd and 4th grade.

  10. lin ching

    lin ching11 hours ago

    smart a** wow..

  11. šsaid

    šsaid12 hours ago

    And I thought papa rug had 10 lives not 2

  12. Careless_ Void

    Careless_ Void12 hours ago

    Even if jr won would he be able to drive it If he won rug prolly would have hired him a driver

  13. Zomblacka Zomblacka

    Zomblacka ZomblackaDay ago

    Its Kealyn behind the cam.

  14. Mykale Fisher

    Mykale FisherDay ago

    i can tell kaelyn's voice thats her behind the camera :)

  15. David’s outlet 1d

    David’s outlet 1dDay ago

    Can junior even drive

  16. Isaac Reaves

    Isaac ReavesDay ago

    Go to 11:54 and put on subtitles 🤨😳🤭

  17. Akram Productions

    Akram Productions2 days ago


  18. Akram Productions

    Akram Productions2 days ago

    This video is made on my Birthday🥳 so umm Happy birthday to me!!!🥳

  19. Akram Productions

    Akram Productions2 days ago

    This is how confident Clint is ⬇️↙️ ⤵️ 🔽



    Yo I came 6th out of the 25 kids in my 6th grade spelling bee 😂🤣

  21. Pieros Gt

    Pieros Gt2 days ago

    5:25 I’m dead

  22. Piper Herlugson

    Piper Herlugson3 days ago

    I’m HORRIBLE at spelling! I would be the first to get out lol

  23. Muhammad Adil

    Muhammad Adil3 days ago

    Is Jessica rec

  24. Sophie genix

    Sophie genix3 days ago

    Yes I would have won. I'm confident.

  25. Kevin Caldwell

    Kevin Caldwell3 days ago

    Leave a like on this comment if u knew kaelyen was behind the camera

  26. Josiah Elliman

    Josiah Elliman4 days ago

    Who thinks the person behind the camera is kaelyn

  27. itz.nataliee

    itz.nataliee4 days ago

    I know that It’s Kaelyn

  28. Athlete GamingYT

    Athlete GamingYT4 days ago

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  29. Athlete GamingYT

    Athlete GamingYT4 days ago

    It’s katlyn

  30. Joeseph Pimentel

    Joeseph Pimentel4 days ago

    host was kaylen

  31. KingZ Vince

    KingZ Vince4 days ago

    I couldn't stop laughing on 5:20 to 5:30 LOL xD

  32. Max the Wolf

    Max the Wolf5 days ago

    Wow kailyn or is it kaylin idk sorry but that the girl behind the camera

  33. Jeeva Vijatathas

    Jeeva Vijatathas5 days ago

    The person. Asking is faze rug ex girlfriend

  34. Roblox Boi's YT

    Roblox Boi's YT5 days ago

    Person behind cam is Kaelyn

  35. Celia Alvarado

    Celia Alvarado5 days ago

    Its kaelyn i hear her voice

  36. Shy Laine

    Shy Laine5 days ago

    Did anyone else see what Chanel mouthed to kaelyn ? Looked like she said “f*** you” 13:13

  37. Anthony Martinez

    Anthony Martinez6 days ago

    Good job papa rug

  38. A default In a bush

    A default In a bush6 days ago

    The girl who’s talking is kaelyn


    GHOSTGAMERS_GG6 days ago

    The person in the back it kaylen

  40. XDFortnite God

    XDFortnite God6 days ago

    It’s kaelyn behind the camera

  41. Factionzzz Enabled -_-

    Factionzzz Enabled -_-6 days ago

    Everyone knows who the Person is behind the camera It’s his Ex

  42. ツPawz

    ツPawz6 days ago

    Who else thinks that papa rug should have won😭 Bless his soul

  43. karanveer singh

    karanveer singh6 days ago

    what camera do you use bro

  44. Caleb Karnick

    Caleb Karnick6 days ago

    bro that speaker is only $70 with that discount that’s a cop☝🏼

  45. thatgirlzii edits

    thatgirlzii edits6 days ago

    it’s not that hard to tell that kaylen or katlyn { sorry if i didn’t spell it right} is the “guess” speaker

  46. Evelyn Pacheco

    Evelyn Pacheco6 days ago

    I did a spelling bee in my school I was a runner upper once again I was in second place technically

  47. Ericka J

    Ericka J7 days ago

    You suck

  48. Yanni Fait des trucs

    Yanni Fait des trucs7 days ago

    Pourquoi il y a des mot français dans la final (why it is word in French in the final)

  49. Assil Mouslimani

    Assil Mouslimani7 days ago

    I died of laughing 😂

  50. Payton Doty

    Payton Doty7 days ago

    Yes that has to be katilyn

  51. Flav396 Dan

    Flav396 Dan7 days ago

    Papa rug lol

  52. Joanna Chen

    Joanna Chen7 days ago

    I saw your shirt have your name

  53. Supreme Ken

    Supreme Ken7 days ago

    Whats the song that brian plays in the speaker

  54. VerySpooky

    VerySpooky7 days ago

    I think Kaylen is behind the camera. Like if u agree

  55. Fox2fox

    Fox2fox7 days ago

    5:25 LOL😂😂😂😂

  56. Hamad Naimi

    Hamad Naimi8 days ago

    What is that music

  57. Laura Kilgast

    Laura Kilgast8 days ago

    Hypothesis- Hypo the sis

  58. Amir and Nancy Abdul-Shakur

    Amir and Nancy Abdul-Shakur8 days ago


  59. Oli Hall

    Oli Hall8 days ago

    I’m in year 6 I’m the best speller in my class so that means I’m the best speller in my school

  60. Kedric Yeo

    Kedric Yeo8 days ago

    kaelyn is behind the camera

  61. Blue Sky

    Blue Sky8 days ago

    I dont think thats how you spell MARVELLOUS

  62. Daily Gamer guy

    Daily Gamer guy8 days ago

    Me: wHaT hApPeNs If BoSlEy WiNs My friend: beep boop beep bop 911 what’s your emergency

  63. GetYeeted

    GetYeeted8 days ago

    Papa rugs first word has got me dying

  64. ZiggyYT

    ZiggyYT9 days ago

    Sub to my channel u wont

  65. Hayden Orlando

    Hayden Orlando9 days ago

    Where’s your huracan rug

  66. Helene Botha

    Helene Botha9 days ago

    At 5:11 Amanda said papa rugs real name Ron

  67. Brayden Bezinski

    Brayden Bezinski9 days ago

    The prize is a car and junior cant drive

  68. Scarlet Sparks

    Scarlet Sparks9 days ago

    Papa rug should of gotten more try’s scince he doesn’t speak naturally English

  69. Jerry Lee

    Jerry Lee10 days ago

    Soon as papa rug said d and intro cut I was dead laughing

  70. Brooklyn Low

    Brooklyn Low10 days ago

    It’s Katlyn

  71. Igota gota1

    Igota gota110 days ago

    I hate how the person behind the camera is trying to act all professional it’s cringy..

  72. Altrayian 21

    Altrayian 2110 days ago

    why is everyone saying kaetlyn it is kaelyn

  73. احمد عبدالعزيز

    احمد عبدالعزيز10 days ago

    the girl behind the camera sounds like cardi b

  74. pikleman356 YouTube

    pikleman356 YouTube10 days ago

    I recognize that's voice! That's Kaelyn behind the camera!!!

  75. Krissy Franks

    Krissy Franks10 days ago

    I think I no who the person behind the camera is kaelyn because Ive been watching you for a very long time your my idol

  76. Edie Haning

    Edie Haning10 days ago

    Faze rug is the only one with no shoes on AWKWARD BUT I LOVE U FAZE

  77. ZWIZI

    ZWIZI10 days ago

    imagine papa rug won the mercedes cause of the wheel

  78. Snotty

    Snotty11 days ago

    I lost 4th grade spelling bee cause I had a disadvantage

  79. XXgamer lifeXX

    XXgamer lifeXX11 days ago

    14:01 when they all laugh @ sherman bc he said gri🤣

  80. Kayla Paradise

    Kayla Paradise11 days ago

    The special guest who was behind the camera was rugs ex

  81. cristina johnny Fred

    cristina johnny Fred11 days ago

    save video as mah watch later brooooo

  82. dat vo

    dat vo11 days ago

    this is good\

  83. Tymon Bros

    Tymon Bros11 days ago

    Rugs ex is behind the camera

  84. Nick Hernandez

    Nick Hernandez11 days ago

    Imagine the wheel landed on papa rug

  85. Subadra Subadra

    Subadra Subadra11 days ago

    I love you faze rug