Spell the Word, Win the Car - Spelling Bee Challenge


  1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug17 days ago

    Do you think you would have won if you were here?!

  2. Cutegirl 226

    Cutegirl 226Day ago


  3. Nope Scr

    Nope ScrDay ago

    FaZe Rug yea

  4. Nazmin Begum

    Nazmin BegumDay ago

    Hey junior only got I wrong not f * junior : grafi Actual spelling : ggraffiti

  5. Alyson Rodriguez

    Alyson Rodriguez2 days ago


  6. HGs

    HGs2 days ago

    Clint is hella cringy 😒🔫 get him out of H-E-R-E

  7. Mia Guajardo

    Mia Guajardo3 hours ago

    It’s Kaitlin hosting

  8. Carson Wyse

    Carson Wyse4 hours ago

    Sub to Carson Wyse

  9. Addison Hawkins

    Addison Hawkins5 hours ago

    I think I know who is behind the camera I think it was Jessica

  10. chandler edwards

    chandler edwards6 hours ago

    Defo isn’t kaytlen given them the words

  11. Hailey Gutierrez

    Hailey Gutierrez8 hours ago

    i think molly is the voicer

  12. AldoFTP

    AldoFTP19 hours ago

    forgot he said badwords

  13. Emily Aguilar

    Emily Aguilar19 hours ago

    More spelling bee video's!!!!!!

  14. Aya Hassan

    Aya Hassan19 hours ago

    The voice is you ex I could tell by her voice

  15. Jeremy Urpman

    Jeremy Urpman21 hour ago

    Is katlen Behind the camera I really don’t know

  16. XX xoMoonlightox XX

    XX xoMoonlightox XX23 hours ago

    I think rug’s ex is behind the camera

  17. Selling stacked Fortnite account

    Selling stacked Fortnite accountDay ago

    It is obviously kaitlyn behind the camera lol

  18. Cutegirl 226

    Cutegirl 226Day ago

    Everyone knows Caitlyn is behind the camera😂

  19. KuteKallie

    KuteKallieDay ago

    Kaelyn was behind the camera, I recognise her voice :)

  20. Anthony santana

    Anthony santanaDay ago

    Did anyone else notice Anthony s headband it upside down

  21. Florinda Kukaj

    Florinda KukajDay ago

    Thats keylin right ❤❤❤

  22. YT__Raidz

    YT__RaidzDay ago

    In every fucking video he makes like its so big he over exaggerate like Sherman said whats that under juniors chair And rug made it over exaggerate

  23. Sketchty

    SketchtyDay ago

    Was it kaytlin behinde the camrea

  24. Rowwberry

    RowwberryDay ago

    I need to have be in one of these

  25. kelly morales

    kelly moralesDay ago

    I’m dead when he out Anthony that laughing edit 😂😂😂

  26. Cesar Ramirez

    Cesar RamirezDay ago

    I can tell the host is kalyen

  27. Dhari Ateeqi

    Dhari AteeqiDay ago

    what is the music in the speaker ??????

  28. las samal

    las samalDay ago

    What was the point just spin the wheel

  29. Sana AS

    Sana ASDay ago

    I think I know who was the girl who was saying the words it’s your ex but not Molly the other one

  30. Mavie Ravelo

    Mavie RaveloDay ago

    the person at the back is katlen

  31. Ash Wolves

    Ash WolvesDay ago

    Look I can spell faZe Rug

  32. Kirsten Connolly

    Kirsten Connolly2 days ago

    It was Katlyn behind the camera


    BLUE LIGHT2 days ago

    Is your ex doing the talking THE HOT ONE NOT MOLLY

  34. Under a Minute

    Under a Minute2 days ago


  35. Juan Framos

    Juan Framos2 days ago

    It was Brian`s Ex that was behind the camera

  36. Damien Harlow

    Damien Harlow2 days ago

    What was that song called that you played on the speaker?

  37. Ashley Barrera

    Ashley Barrera2 days ago

    papa rug should have won

  38. Charlene Kistensamy

    Charlene Kistensamy2 days ago

    You should do a last to leave the haunted house wins 10.000 dollars plz and plz shoutout


    ANSLEY GEESEY2 days ago

    It sounds like Kim k. I'm the background

  40. Kelcie Cunningham

    Kelcie Cunningham2 days ago

    I have the same ripped Jean's as Amanda

  41. Qualia Scott

    Qualia Scott2 days ago

    I love mercedes benz

  42. KokeyPlayz

    KokeyPlayz2 days ago

    5:15 *I LAUGH SO HARD*

  43. Itz Trex- 2.0

    Itz Trex- 2.02 days ago

    Disclaimer! Spoilers are in the comment section. Like so people are aware😁

  44. Erich Jamon

    Erich Jamon2 days ago

    Papa rug is so cute😂💖

  45. Isabela Birrueta

    Isabela Birrueta2 days ago

    The girl sounds like Molly

  46. Emily Rodriguez

    Emily Rodriguez2 days ago

    Why isn’t nor their ? 😕

  47. Ruby plays Roblox

    Ruby plays Roblox2 days ago

    In round 3 when it was junior the g from graffiti was correct

  48. Future Odell

    Future Odell2 days ago

    And the T T I they marked it right but it was wrong at 13:48

  49. Future Odell

    Future Odell2 days ago

    On 13:48 they marked the f wrong but it was right

  50. Thog

    Thog2 days ago

    They couldn’t “graffiti” smh...

  51. Grand Master YODA

    Grand Master YODA2 days ago

    How do u guys struggle in the beginning, the words are so freakin easy i could do them in my 4th grade year

  52. Ryan Bhatt

    Ryan Bhatt3 days ago

    Easy Dub

  53. Brooke Floyd

    Brooke Floyd3 days ago

    Rug rigs all his vids. Even if he didn’t he still got WAY easier words

  54. Adam Hussain

    Adam Hussain3 days ago

    BIG FAN but Brian swearing to trying to act cool

  55. Crystal Barriga

    Crystal Barriga3 days ago

    Sounds like the speaker for FBE

  56. Ebony Martin

    Ebony Martin3 days ago

    You should give the car to amnd

  57. Creeper Gamer

    Creeper Gamer3 days ago

    Does anyone notice the speaker is rugs ex

  58. Lil Dabooo

    Lil Dabooo3 days ago

    That speaker is too expensive :(

  59. Sabika Batool

    Sabika Batool3 days ago


  60. Lol

    Lol3 days ago

    Kid no one asked you what speaker you use LOL

  61. Lena Khamis

    Lena Khamis3 days ago

    We all know that Caitlyn is the host

  62. Dagamon _007

    Dagamon _0073 days ago

    The person behind the camera is ur exgirlfriend

  63. Michael Montone

    Michael Montone3 days ago

    The speaker is Brian’s x girl friend

  64. Jennifer Rivera

    Jennifer Rivera3 days ago

    I wish I was his cousin mbn😂

  65. Diamondkid 118

    Diamondkid 1183 days ago

    How come there so cocky?

  66. Chrys Mqz

    Chrys Mqz3 days ago

    Papa rug: ur gonna pass that too me ... (W a look of concern in his face) 😂

  67. N04H SP31GH7 ツ

    N04H SP31GH7 ツ3 days ago

    I swear that is Kaylin

  68. toast playz

    toast playz3 days ago

    The person behind the voice is rug ex not molly the other one I can't remember what her name meant is

  69. Ariana Figueroa

    Ariana Figueroa3 days ago

    For some reason i really wanted Papa Rug to win the car 🚗

  70. Amina Siljkovic

    Amina Siljkovic3 days ago

    Yay Amanda won!

  71. Dee Serugendo

    Dee Serugendo3 days ago

    the girl who talks behinde the cam is smart

  72. Dee Serugendo

    Dee Serugendo3 days ago

    is nora in the background

  73. jj world for life squad

    jj world for life squad3 days ago

    i know who is behind the camera

  74. Estella Benitez

    Estella Benitez4 days ago

    I wasn't done watching and I didn't look at the comments and I feel like it was Brian that won.

  75. Dawson Hawksby

    Dawson Hawksby4 days ago

    Anyone see the pug at 16:12

  76. Erick Guandique

    Erick Guandique4 days ago

    Bruh I love papa rug fr he’s probably my favorite then rug sorry

  77. Anthony magic

    Anthony magic4 days ago

    The one in the back is Katelyn

  78. Ellie Buckley

    Ellie Buckley4 days ago

    insidious is my fav movie

  79. king slayer

    king slayer4 days ago

    The person behind the camera is ur ex (not molly)

  80. Dalia Fakhouri

    Dalia Fakhouri4 days ago

    is it Kaylyn behind the camera? Lol 😂

  81. Dalia Fakhouri

    Dalia Fakhouri4 days ago

    i love that he has the microphone 🎤 😂 💗

  82. Deadlly Targget

    Deadlly Targget4 days ago

    song at 2:50?

  83. champ boy vlogs

    champ boy vlogs4 days ago

    What an amazing vedio bro

  84. Darius Jackson

    Darius Jackson4 days ago

    Do another spelling bee that was very entertaining

  85. Rafael Carbajal

    Rafael Carbajal4 days ago

    These are easy ass words dead ass

  86. Mandy Pandu

    Mandy Pandu4 days ago

    I know this is late but every time the girl said Amanda I thought she. Was calling my name

  87. Rafael Carbajal

    Rafael Carbajal4 days ago

    Beats pill is better

  88. The_official _london

    The_official _london4 days ago

    Steph actually looks like an older Sophia grace

  89. megahert100

    megahert1004 days ago

    When papa rug messed up the first time had dying

  90. Jenny Torres

    Jenny Torres4 days ago

    The the special guest was katelyn

  91. Nick Gaming

    Nick Gaming4 days ago

    5:17 XD I was playing MK11

  92. Amrit Gill - Springdale PS (1438)

    Amrit Gill - Springdale PS (1438)4 days ago

    Behind the camera was Kayla

  93. Adriana Valvano

    Adriana Valvano4 days ago

    *Anthony’s Nike headband is upside down LMAO*😂

  94. Adriana Valvano

    Adriana Valvano4 days ago

    *Brian*- I lost in my 6th grade spelling bee *me*- same

  95. gaylord1537

    gaylord15374 days ago


  96. Henry Dao

    Henry Dao4 days ago

    What is the music at 2:50?

  97. Alexandra Contreras

    Alexandra Contreras5 days ago

    That was cheating Because you already knew all the answers

  98. Nibba Nibba

    Nibba Nibba5 days ago

    Endgame Fact: Rug Wins The Spelling Bee

  99. Nibba Nibba

    Nibba Nibba5 days ago

    13:11 Whispers **Fuck You**

  100. Milla Nasha

    Milla Nasha5 days ago

    It can fit in anything.... hmmm? How about my 👌

  101. Puppet master159

    Puppet master1595 days ago

    What song did he use for the speaker example?

  102. starbucks N.A

    starbucks N.A5 days ago

    Faze rug

  103. Elizabeth Lopez

    Elizabeth Lopez5 days ago

    Faze rug is gonna win

  104. Hailey Muglia

    Hailey Muglia5 days ago

    not me

  105. Diamond Wolf

    Diamond Wolf5 days ago

    Pfft my grandma and grandpa already have one

  106. Karabo Byron

    Karabo Byron5 days ago

    Should’ve gave them more lives honestly