Binging with Babish: The Good Place


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish28 days ago

    Sorry I didn't make my own peeps, I'll leave that to the professionals (aka Claire Saffitz)

  2. ItMeRagnarok

    ItMeRagnarok5 days ago


  3. Anna Williams

    Anna Williams14 days ago

    Why the heck am I just discovering your channel now?!?!?!?!

  4. Tiffany Rowland

    Tiffany Rowland15 days ago


  5. carmelpop1011

    carmelpop10115 hours ago

    you should make the jelly donuts from the umbrella academy :D

  6. Gilian Fries

    Gilian Fries6 hours ago

    CHAMPORADOOOO 😍 I WASN'T EXPECTING THIS, though peeps aren't too easily found around here...

  7. Tom Magennis

    Tom Magennis7 hours ago

    The Peeps Chilli was served cold in the show, you coward.

  8. Soviet Doge

    Soviet Doge8 hours ago

    *_6:19_**_ Where your gloves kid , after handling the peppers I scratched my balls . Did not enjoy that feeling_*

  9. mastrblastr8

    mastrblastr815 hours ago

    Mmm, exactly how I like my Peeps... M I N C E D

  10. SergioSVeron

    SergioSVeronDay ago

    Champurrado is a mexican beverage, similar to Atole. Babish get your facts straight

  11. Len Len

    Len LenDay ago

    I appreciate the rrr sound in champorado✊👌

  12. RockinIan121

    RockinIan121Day ago

    Why was there a pie in the background during the shrimp part????

  13. manas sridhar

    manas sridhar2 days ago

    That day babish got his teeth removed from the dentist

  14. L for Leorio

    L for Leorio2 days ago

    hahah thumbs up on the champorado xD

  15. Kyrie Clutch Irving Mvp

    Kyrie Clutch Irving Mvp2 days ago

    I am a filipino and champorado is so yummy

  16. anna bingham

    anna bingham2 days ago

    you put the peeps in the chilli pot and make it taste... bad.

  17. Nate Boyland

    Nate Boyland3 days ago

    6:25 been there done that

  18. mary williamson

    mary williamson3 days ago

    A vote for more Filipino food on one of your shows 🙏🙏

  19. TheDimondGoldMine DGM

    TheDimondGoldMine DGM3 days ago


  20. LlamaWasHere

    LlamaWasHere3 days ago

    Who’s Filipino Like this comment

  21. Apple Song

    Apple Song3 days ago

    Why ruin perfectly good shrimp

  22. Matthew Antonello

    Matthew Antonello4 days ago

    uuuuummmm thats not a good job hand sign its a white power handsign, dont you read huffpo?

  23. Brainhorn

    Brainhorn3 days ago

    I hope you're joking. In case you're not, that was a hoax started by 4chan to show how gullible liberal media is

  24. Lemaitré A.

    Lemaitré A.4 days ago

    I heard champorado❤️❤️❤️

  25. Joseph Wilson

    Joseph Wilson4 days ago

    Honestly until I watched I didn’t know standard jalapeño poppers weren’t wrapped in bacon

  26. meggnoggs

    meggnoggs4 days ago

    If you can find tablea instead of cocoa powder that shit is goooood

  27. Scrambles the Death Dealer

    Scrambles the Death Dealer4 days ago

    Cool, I'm not the only one to get hot pepper on my dick. I feel better.

  28. Maria E.

    Maria E.4 days ago

    I love that show

  29. Zilnyxツ

    Zilnyxツ5 days ago

    chomperodo is grate alone, take it from a true filipino

  30. Zach Fogel

    Zach Fogel5 days ago

    Those poppers looked really good

  31. Zach Fogel

    Zach Fogel5 days ago

    Do the turkey ass and pimp platter from norbit.

  32. Tanner Clemmons

    Tanner Clemmons5 days ago

    6:21 I wish I could say that hasn’t happened before but is has with a why worse pepper


    SKADABERDOOTLE !!!!!5 days ago

    What about the frozen yogurt

  34. Nathan A

    Nathan A5 days ago

    I was wondering who did your music. I enjoy it.

  35. Kiana Solis

    Kiana Solis6 days ago

    babish is a coward for not putting chili powder in the champorado

  36. Tamara Borten

    Tamara Borten6 days ago

    Any youtuber: *mentions the Philippines* Us filipinos: **REEEEEE**

  37. Judi W.

    Judi W.6 days ago

    Babish, eating the first chili and the shrimp with pure white chocolate: *This is the Bad Place*

  38. Judi W.

    Judi W.6 days ago

    I can't believe you didn't do any Froyo

  39. Niall Carr

    Niall Carr6 days ago

    I demand mayo-nut spoonsies

  40. Gatsurai

    Gatsurai6 days ago

    This is basically champorado

  41. Denise Valencia

    Denise Valencia7 days ago

    I’m glad you made Filipino food!! Too bad that’s not how champorado is made 😭

  42. PBToast

    PBToast7 days ago

    What about nothing flavored fro yo

  43. Regina Billotti

    Regina Billotti7 days ago

    If you added marshmallows to Skyline chili, would anyone notice?

  44. titanium wolf20

    titanium wolf207 days ago

    His names Andy

  45. RaeSyngKane

    RaeSyngKane8 days ago

    As someone who has experienced jalapeño d*** always wear gloves.

  46. DixNutz

    DixNutz8 days ago

    : ^)

  47. Indigo A

    Indigo A9 days ago

    Good job on the champorado, although I haven't found peeps anywhere here in the Philippines 😂 especially since that one guy in the Good Place is Filipino

  48. DFW_Motorrad

    DFW_Motorrad9 days ago

    3:41 You missed an opportunity. "pretty shrimple process"

  49. Sad_Old_Wise_One

    Sad_Old_Wise_One9 days ago

    If I ever see people within a 1 mile radius of Chill Again people will suffer

  50. zKal

    zKal9 days ago

    Remove the vanilla and espresso powder champorado is all good

  51. Matthew F

    Matthew F10 days ago

    He tried to rip the jalapeño popper in half 😂😂

  52. zans_the_comic

    zans_the_comic10 days ago

    Please make the chocolate suprise from agent codybanks

  53. james lebron

    james lebron10 days ago

    Filipino support

  54. yvvone von

    yvvone von10 days ago

    Could have added Korean red beans into the dessert version of the chilli

  55. Meow Meow Kapow

    Meow Meow Kapow10 days ago

    Good job hand signs?!?! MBMBaM?!??!?!!! Is this what that kid meant when he wanted Shrimp Heaven NOW?!?!

  56. Seraphine Almandine

    Seraphine Almandine10 days ago

    Hotdog churro...Arizona delicacy

  57. Kelly Graves

    Kelly Graves10 days ago

    You should make puttanesca sauce with homemade pasta from A Series of Unfortunate Events

  58. this is so sad can we hit 12 subs

    this is so sad can we hit 12 subs9 days ago

    ...he die, learn to check the videos.

  59. Mei

    Mei11 days ago

    my filipino ass YELLED when i heard champorado 😳🇵🇭

  60. 쀵쀵귀염이

    쀵쀵귀염이11 days ago

    You can't seriously have spit out the white chocolate with fried shrimp, right? Lmaoo that doesn't even seem THAT bad, more like an overreaction 😕😅

  61. Jennifer G

    Jennifer G9 days ago

    쀵쀵귀염이 why eat something that’s not even good when you can just spit it out?

  62. MidnightStratos

    MidnightStratos11 days ago

    6:21 It happened to me at a New Year's Party. Couldn't sit down for a while

  63. ATesia E

    ATesia E11 days ago

    Always wear gloves when cutting up jalapenos. Once I cut up a gallon bucket full of jalapenos for poppers without gloves (bc others are weak who wear gloves). My hands burned for 3 days, very painful.

  64. Pengoon

    Pengoon11 days ago

    That peep-m&m-chili must be a diabetic's worst nightmare

  65. john francis cruzado

    john francis cruzado11 days ago

    Eyyyy!! shamporado

  66. Aaliyah Williams

    Aaliyah Williams11 days ago

    This dude putting piping hot food in his mouth without panicking where did you learn these skills I need them

  67. punpkin-314-pi

    punpkin-314-pi11 days ago

    i love the good place and i love food, so thank you.

  68. akidin06

    akidin0612 days ago

    omo omo champorado

  69. oce

    oce12 days ago

    “Ok let’s get this out of me”

  70. The Trio Champions21

    The Trio Champions2112 days ago

    I love the chocolate pudding since im filipino. Its cool to see foods from my country being made!!!

  71. Ghost

    Ghost13 days ago

    Here's a suggestion "maid made parfey " from the anime Amnesia

  72. Tyler Rivay

    Tyler Rivay13 days ago

    He got the jingle wrong. "You put the peeps in the chili pot and add the M&Ms. You put the peeps in the chili pot and make it taste....bad."

  73. Hey Cutieee!!!

    Hey Cutieee!!!13 days ago

    Your champorado is so fancy cause of its ingredients.

  74. Jose Lara

    Jose Lara13 days ago

    Wrap some of that homemade bacon around those jalapeno poppers

  75. Chris Crow

    Chris Crow13 days ago

    Why do people dislike I mean it's binging with babish there is nothing wrong here

  76. Aneka Fernandez

    Aneka Fernandez13 days ago


  77. wwuld

    wwuld13 days ago

    Champorado is like a thicker hot chocolate with a different flavor. It’s so cool how same words have different meanings in cultures

  78. Cameron ÙwÚ

    Cameron ÙwÚ13 days ago

    Put the w**d in the coconut and light that shit up

  79. Jude Sloboda

    Jude Sloboda13 days ago

    literally no body: Babish:*gags*

  80. Gab Soco

    Gab Soco14 days ago

    im filipino and i find it still disgusting with the champorado and peeps

  81. Rondre

    Rondre14 days ago

    1:48 all the Filipinos pooped their pants that their desert is in a binging with babish video

  82. Soggy Cookie

    Soggy Cookie14 days ago

    Make ponyo ramen

  83. lena

    lena14 days ago

    calzones from we bare bears!

  84. Emotional Chromosome

    Emotional Chromosome14 days ago

    I wonder what he has in his fridge/cupboards...

  85. Emotional Chromosome

    Emotional Chromosome12 days ago

    Chase Legoman ok then lol

  86. Chase Legoman

    Chase Legoman12 days ago

    The corpses of his enemies.

  87. Ryoji Martinez

    Ryoji Martinez14 days ago

    you totally said wouder (if we're talking BA)

  88. Crannisha willis

    Crannisha willis14 days ago

    Can you please make the nacho burrito from Kim possible

  89. CfypticNando

    CfypticNando13 days ago

    Crannisha willis he did

  90. Jordan Vasquez

    Jordan Vasquez15 days ago

    You should make the every type of cereal bar from fresh off the boat

  91. Mark Ilyas Adrian Binalla

    Mark Ilyas Adrian Binalla15 days ago

    Here in the philippines, we make champorado with premade chocolate mix like milo or ovaltine and that equals a darker color. My father's recipe doesn't add the milk during the cooking because of the milk in the milo or ovaltine (depends on what you use/want) and it spoils quicker due to the milk.

  92. ink poisoning

    ink poisoning15 days ago

    Hey weird question are you Jewish because it always seems but you use kosher salt (Or is all salt kosher)(I'm not sure)

  93. A.J L

    A.J L13 days ago

    Kosher salt is coarser, and often preferred by cooks.

  94. AlwaysGonnaSing

    AlwaysGonnaSing15 days ago

    I think it's probably just what happens to be available?

  95. Haley Jones

    Haley Jones15 days ago

    All I want now are videos of recipes from earlier decades done to see if they're gross and then remade into something not gross. Like when Alix from BuzzFeed made the chicken and oyster pie! Remake that 🙌

  96. Pat Go

    Pat Go15 days ago

    yeahhh philippines represent! champorado gang, where yall at

  97. Andrea Paredes López

    Andrea Paredes López15 days ago

    You should do "locro", from Argentina. You won't regret it 😁

  98. an alias

    an alias15 days ago

    you put the peeps in the CHILLI POT and add the dr. dre's

  99. Enzo Cruz

    Enzo Cruz16 days ago

    Wow filipino champorado i love you na! I subscribe bdw! Mabuhay ka!

  100. JReiNC

    JReiNC16 days ago

    Tngina may imention lng sa video about sa pilipinas Ang dami nang pilipino nag paparamdam😂

  101. timothy loayza

    timothy loayza16 days ago

    +Binging with Babish I have a idea for you, do three or five recipes from Kirby Right back at ya! Look up episodes: Spice Odyssey (Hot Cha Chowder with spicy beef gyoza and Toxic Atomic Curry/super spicy curry) A recipe for disaster (look up the food they have and make a decision) and Chow Challenge (look up the food for the right recipe) and Meal Moocher (look up food for the right one)

  102. A16AdamWalker

    A16AdamWalker16 days ago

    Wow... I wonder how Babish would react to Heston Blumenthal's Rice Pudding - he goes right back to the medieval recipe which was cooked inside a sausage casing. As a nod to this he serves it as a sausage with mash... don't worry it's not mashed potato.

  103. G_H_O_S_T

    G_H_O_S_T16 days ago

    I can hear my dentist writhing in pain.

  104. Riley Walker

    Riley Walker16 days ago


  105. Reece Schrader

    Reece Schrader16 days ago

    Babish: We have to stuff these with cheese, but not just any cheese.... Bubble Bass: dO yOu hAvE aNy AgEd HaRoOoOgA

  106. Sweating The Small Stuff

    Sweating The Small Stuff17 days ago

    You okay there babish? Couldn't help but notice some blood on the grater around 6:28-6:30

  107. Chaos Formula

    Chaos Formula17 days ago

    Am i the only person that noticed all that damn weed at the end like holy shit 🤣


    HIGHTOP GAMER17 days ago

    You should do shark puppets quessidilla

  109. NewEvolution

    NewEvolution17 days ago

    Thanks for the heads-up, hitting up BFF on Bandcamp, I dig your jams ever since the Ratatat days

  110. TheWarTuna

    TheWarTuna17 days ago

    Babbish, please do an episode dedicated to "Shokugeki no Soma ( Food Wars)" There are innumerable content options to explore from this anime dedicated to creative cooking.

  111. Emil Galvan

    Emil Galvan18 days ago

    Champorado is yummy (i am a filipino thats why i shock when he says champorado!!)