Can You Make ROPE With HAIR?


  1. Hardy boy Anglers

    Hardy boy AnglersDay ago

    Put helium in a air mattress

  2. Diamondfox

    DiamondfoxDay ago

    Fill an air mattress with helium

  3. Excrator

    ExcratorDay ago

    Mkay but can we talk about the fact that Callie said she does cosplay? I don’t think I’m the only one that wants to see that

  4. Critter D Rich

    Critter D Rich2 days ago

    I was so worried when I saw him cut “her” hair off

  5. King Xenos

    King XenosDay ago

    So do i😂

  6. Sebastian Oliva

    Sebastian Oliva2 days ago

    So nobody noticed that Pirates of the Caribbean reference?

  7. Junko subliminals

    Junko subliminals2 days ago

    Bruh they should've used some kinky/wooly hair that would've worked better than straight hair because straight hair is too loose.

  8. axmxa18

    axmxa182 days ago

    Are you Aamariam08 couple cuz you two are cute 🤷🏻‍♀️🧡

  9. Dam Dim

    Dam Dim2 days ago


  10. Szechuan The cat

    Szechuan The cat4 days ago

    Can you try to see how much gummy in a vacuums camber????

  11. Nouhad Anna

    Nouhad Anna4 days ago

    If you put helium in an air mattress would it float

  12. Robi Jakus

    Robi Jakus4 days ago

    OMG since when do u do cosplay???

  13. Nathan Genre

    Nathan Genre5 days ago

    0:33 i think nate is having fun with a girls' hair xd

  14. Alysha Whitehouse

    Alysha Whitehouse5 days ago

    It has been done at a temple in Japan

  15. The Holy Jesus Crist

    The Holy Jesus Crist6 days ago


  16. Masen Goodrich

    Masen Goodrich6 days ago

    Wasn't it weird to be using other people's hair?

  17. Michael Rabil

    Michael Rabil6 days ago

    How strong is rope made from Duct Tape or Flex Tape?

  18. Tyler Evans

    Tyler Evans8 days ago

    OML I thought he actually cut her hair off

  19. Hacker By Night

    Hacker By Night8 days ago

    Anyone else get the sea turtle reference? X3

  20. Ariel Melody

    Ariel Melody7 days ago

    No......Whats it for/Mean?

  21. Luis Perez

    Luis Perez8 days ago

    And the hair reached 29

  22. Luis Perez

    Luis Perez8 days ago

    The dental floss reached 199

  23. Billie McFreakin Eyelash

    Billie McFreakin Eyelash8 days ago

    My science teacher showed one of your videos in class And me and my friend both watch u so we were excited (we had both already watched the video tho)

  24. Marley Dees

    Marley Dees9 days ago

    Was she gonna- Thank goodness..

  25. Famous Quotes with Redstone Bob

    Famous Quotes with Redstone Bob10 days ago

    Lol Calli you got me hard

  26. Chloe Leona

    Chloe Leona10 days ago

    Ice rope.

  27. Amber Pug

    Amber Pug11 days ago

    Make a woolly sweater from hair

  28. Shantal Gomez

    Shantal Gomez11 days ago

    Who’s Robert Stewart?

  29. DeathWolf Gaming

    DeathWolf Gaming11 days ago

    The floss hit 198

  30. ÇÜçÛmBęRîĆëPĮčKłË

    ÇÜçÛmBęRîĆëPĮčKłË12 days ago

    Wait she cosplays .o. I’ve been left out on knowledge

  31. Awesome vlogs awesome

    Awesome vlogs awesome12 days ago

    Can you put dry ice into liquid nitrogen

  32. ___MaxyMax

    ___MaxyMax12 days ago

    Is no one also gonna comment on that she cosplays?

  33. ___MaxyMax

    ___MaxyMax12 days ago

    You should fill a mattress with helium.. please?

  34. hari haran

    hari haran13 days ago

    Nate Haircut vlog upload please

  35. CrewRanger Gaming

    CrewRanger Gaming13 days ago

    I was super mad thinking you trimmed your hair. You are so beautiful anyways without the hair but with the hair, it just is something magical. I love you Calli 😍

  36. P. Riley

    P. Riley13 days ago

    Can you please fill an air mattress with helium please!!!!!🙏🏼 (To support Haewon Choi)

  37. royal darknight

    royal darknight13 days ago

    They already did

  38. murda blood

    murda blood13 days ago

    Can u make lemon head cotton candy

  39. SimplyCece

    SimplyCece14 days ago

    Them bundles 🤭

  40. Raesheka antwine

    Raesheka antwine14 days ago

    Marley hair is the type you should have used it's kinky kinda like dread hair

  41. Katelyn FireWolfie

    Katelyn FireWolfie15 days ago

    * grabs a piece of hair off the ground * Here you go! Awww~ YoU bEtTeR KeEp It FoReVeR *Considered viewer* *Fandom still asking science stuff*

  42. pana lover

    pana lover15 days ago


  43. Name

    Name15 days ago

    Lol I fell for that troll

  44. Sunshine McLain

    Sunshine McLain15 days ago

    I have seen a video that is kinda like this, the hair does work they dreaded and i think braided the hair, but it was alot more hair. So this would be really cool to retry.

  45. basically monky

    basically monky15 days ago

    Carding boards are actually rather easy to find. Runnings stores always have them, that is if you happen to have one near you. And if not, amazon.

  46. Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer Morningstar15 days ago

    I really like how they just don’t experiment on the thumb nail but also on other stuff

  47. Kendra Holloway

    Kendra Holloway15 days ago

    I really wanted to see her wit a bob

  48. Slime & Squishies

    Slime & Squishies16 days ago

    Can you not put water in Mac and cheese and put it in the microwave

  49. Raina Datta

    Raina Datta16 days ago

    OMG I actually thought Nate cut Cali’s hair at the beginning!!

  50. Toque Tuber

    Toque Tuber17 days ago

    Can u make hAiR wItH air?

  51. Tiaynna Anderson

    Tiaynna Anderson17 days ago

    That is not how you make a wig

  52. Tyler Pulsifer

    Tyler Pulsifer17 days ago

    You scared me when he cut off “your hair”

  53. Nastaysha Nelson

    Nastaysha Nelson17 days ago

    Weave snatched

  54. Nora Spingarn

    Nora Spingarn17 days ago

    Calli: here I got a present for you! Nate: aw... Calli: you better keep it forever. Everyone: oooffff!!!

  55. Jaala Wicker

    Jaala Wicker17 days ago

    Balloon in vacuum chamber

  56. Weslyne Vilcin

    Weslyne Vilcin18 days ago

    Lemme get them bundles 👀

  57. David Quintero

    David Quintero18 days ago

    I always find it hilarious that he always wanna taste errthang lmaoo

  58. EdgarSketches

    EdgarSketches18 days ago

    0:40 Oh wow, dat hair! xD

  59. Bruce

    Bruce18 days ago


  60. Rhianna Hilger

    Rhianna Hilger18 days ago

    U can make a rope with water *by freezing the water*

  61. Morayo Dosunmu

    Morayo Dosunmu19 days ago


  62. Dakota Bray

    Dakota Bray19 days ago

    Fill a mattress with helium PLEASE

  63. Hailey Speck

    Hailey Speck19 days ago

    Can you make a silly putty human

  64. Taylor Jimenez

    Taylor Jimenez19 days ago

    What happens when glass is heated at 90 degrees

  65. Connie nails and more

    Connie nails and more19 days ago

    The floss rope I seen 198 lbs I watched that same seen 5 times

  66. Jonathan Bates

    Jonathan Bates20 days ago

    Like to send flex tape to MaRs🌚ಠωಠ

  67. Sans typeface

    Sans typeface20 days ago

    RIP cosplay hair extensions

  68. Student Denys Rojo

    Student Denys Rojo20 days ago

    U gave me a heart attack when u cut her hair omg who else got a heart attacking when that happened like if u had a heart attacking

  69. Greyson Westerbeck

    Greyson Westerbeck20 days ago

    The floss rope got to 198 lbs

  70. Ali Matar

    Ali Matar20 days ago

    Real human hair will be much stronger I am sure more than the rest of the ropes

  71. Done By Miya

    Done By Miya21 day ago

    All my African American girls (not excluding girls not of African decent but I know from experience they relate to this the most) I KNOWWWWW y’all was hurt when those bundles were damaged 😭😭😭 I deff shed a tear 😂😭

  72. Lauren S

    Lauren S21 day ago

    I got so scared for her because she looked like she was going to cry.

  73. Nicole OKeefe

    Nicole OKeefe21 day ago

    Can you make duck tape to make a couch, bed, chair or table

  74. pablo escobar

    pablo escobar21 day ago

    if it was made of real hair , it would be the strongest

  75. pablo escobar

    pablo escobar21 day ago

    that is disgusting

  76. Zrage VII

    Zrage VII21 day ago

    For the guy who wanted one made with water... braid some vinyl or rubber tube full of water and viola... problem solved..

  77. Jackrabbit_ 357

    Jackrabbit_ 35722 days ago

    How did you get hair

  78. Jacob Glanville

    Jacob Glanville22 days ago

    You should make a cotton candy rope

  79. Cara Herne

    Cara Herne22 days ago

    Can you make a rope of ice

  80. Jezzabel Miller-Gilbert

    Jezzabel Miller-Gilbert23 days ago

    What's that machine thing you're using to make the dental floss rope?

  81. Dj Balkan

    Dj Balkan23 days ago

    can you make rope from clothes like if you were stranded and had nothing else

  82. Alsana3

    Alsana323 days ago

    2:15 is this your real info?

  83. Mikayla Appleton

    Mikayla Appleton24 days ago

    is it just me or does Nate try to taste the weirdest of things


    NEISSAN24 days ago

    Is it possible to make rope from the fibers in cigarette filters (that you find on the street

  85. J T

    J T25 days ago

    Make a rope with Silicone

  86. Dee Dee Hunter

    Dee Dee Hunter26 days ago

    when did you have to use your emergency box? someone help me

  87. Brynley Goshorn

    Brynley Goshorn23 days ago

    They lit a sticky hand on fire

  88. Clout king

    Clout king26 days ago

    you need African American hair it works out better

  89. shadowxninjas shadow

    shadowxninjas shadow26 days ago

    Make a rope from twist ties

  90. letha hamilton

    letha hamilton27 days ago

    Can you use toothpaste to remove scratches on a car fenders

  91. Maggie.

    Maggie.27 days ago

    You should try fishing line! (Try the different strengths)

  92. Taylor Brown

    Taylor Brown28 days ago

    What happens when you put coca cola in a vacuum chamber?

  93. Reagan Bledsoe

    Reagan Bledsoe28 days ago

    What happens when you freeze dry water

  94. HowToBurnWater 101

    HowToBurnWater 10129 days ago

    You know what? I watch this like its a TV show and not a youtube video.

  95. Survival Boss

    Survival BossMonth ago

    Rope of horse hair

  96. Josie

    JosieMonth ago

    What about making a rope with apple skin? Or paper plates? Or even bottles!

  97. Dj Black lion

    Dj Black lionMonth ago

    Als je het haar en het andere materiaal vlecht wordt het wel 5 keer zo sterk

  98. Alexander Box

    Alexander BoxMonth ago

    I would love to see a rope made of silly string

  99. Gaby Duarte

    Gaby DuarteMonth ago

    Do slime whit gume

  100. Dallas Ray

    Dallas RayMonth ago

    1:45 - 2:35 shamless advertising.

  101. Crazy Kelsy

    Crazy KelsyMonth ago

    What happened to the og king of random 🥺

  102. Brysen May

    Brysen MayMonth ago

    Make a rope of tinfoil

  103. Meowed sky

    Meowed skyMonth ago

    1:15 jest get a rilly long icicle

  104. justin thompson

    justin thompsonMonth ago

    Random history facts from the kid who has too much time on their hands Assassin's during the medieval time with use human hair to strangle their targets because it doesn't break easily