Can You Make ROPE With HAIR?


  1. Panda Queen Sam

    Panda Queen SamDay ago

    You got me

  2. kennis_123

    kennis_123Day ago

    WAit dont tell me she cut her hair


    RIPZYEE2 days ago

    🗣 Comb Shop 🗣 Hair Shop Air

  4. Georgia Harper

    Georgia Harper4 days ago

    9:20 Wait! Is that a scrunchy? Omg Callie is a vsco girl!!!

  5. Ender Sap Gaming

    Ender Sap Gaming4 days ago

    Calli would never wear a hat

  6. Violet Studios

    Violet Studios8 days ago

    Put helium in an air mattress! (This wasn’t my original idea but it sounds awesome so I’m reposting)

  7. EnochPlays

    EnochPlays8 days ago

    Rapunzel, *rApUnzEL,* *lET doWN yOur HAIr*

  8. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha8 days ago

    So, Rapunzel was a frickin lie........

  9. Domas Pandagaming304

    Domas Pandagaming3049 days ago

    Fill a air mattress with helium

  10. Ashley Magia

    Ashley Magia9 days ago

    as someone who got a rope around her ankle on a jetski, that warning is legit

  11. Anthony Lin

    Anthony Lin10 days ago

    Do rope with spider webs lol

  12. Fantdm Fan of Dan

    Fantdm Fan of Dan10 days ago

    wait, are yu gonna make rope of wtaerrr!???????????1/1/??!?!?

  13. MR SWAG

    MR SWAG11 days ago

    It's wierd how y'all are talking about hair

  14. Carl Mack

    Carl Mack11 days ago

    Put 0:40 at 0.25 the speed

  15. Blair

    Blair14 days ago

    Figure out a way to finish your experiments! Even if it takes weeks we’d rather see that than a cop out. You do it for some videos already, why say “oh well” with so many? go deeper!

  16. don brink

    don brink19 days ago

    breaking a plastic wrap robe with a vehicle. compared to holding weight. the rope would have held misses pretty pants. the torque of a car wont register correctly on a digital scale. its the human error part of it and the way combustion works. drop test or hold test is going to give you the best readings.. acceleration and holding power

  17. don brink

    don brink19 days ago

    force over time isnt a factor in this experiment.



    Melt glass and put on a car

  19. finley

    finley22 days ago


  20. LadyBeritanavatarius

    LadyBeritanavatarius22 days ago

    Would a fisherman's knot hold better for tying the hair together and being pulled?

  21. That One Guy With The Face

    That One Guy With The Face22 days ago

    Who wished they would've actually used calli's hair

  22. Hope Kay

    Hope Kay23 days ago

    Can u actually put helium in a air mattress? 😂 btw I’m a huge fan, I found y’all and was like wow... I’m not the only one who wants to do weird stuff like this 😂

  23. Precious BautistaStudios

    Precious BautistaStudios24 days ago

    omgggg.... i thought it was ur hair thats why i cliked 😂😂😂

  24. Tai the Nightwolf

    Tai the Nightwolf24 days ago

    U had me at first not gonna lie

  25. Nate Dog

    Nate Dog26 days ago

    Can u make a rope with spaghetti2

  26. goldturtle 10

    goldturtle 1027 days ago

    Calli: Here you go I got this for you Nate: Awwww Calli: and you better keep it...FOREVER ps I ship them

  27. Dylan C-M

    Dylan C-M29 days ago

    That looks like very fine hair, so the fact that it isn’t working to make a “dread” sort of makes sense

  28. KamoGaming

    KamoGaming29 days ago

    You made a giant's dental floss

  29. The Lost Media Library

    The Lost Media LibraryMonth ago

    It works like horsehair so yeah. You just have to have a lot of experience making horsehair thread since it is very fragile

  30. Walmart •

    Walmart •Month ago

    No one else is gonna question how Nate said it hits 145lbs but at 11:31 it hit 200?

  31. Shamilla Wahid

    Shamilla WahidMonth ago

    Can u guys make a jetpack?

  32. Mj Aliparo

    Mj AliparoMonth ago

    Can you make rope with thread?

  33. AcerX Gaming

    AcerX GamingMonth ago

    Someone watching this Omg that’s my hair

  34. Gearedup Tiger65

    Gearedup Tiger65Month ago

    15 < 26 so if it hit 35 then you won not her lol

  35. Clint Doolittle

    Clint DoolittleMonth ago

    Ok lol calli said 15lbs and Nate said 26lbs and after the hair broke Nate said it was 35lbs then calli said she won lol

  36. Kieran Reed

    Kieran ReedMonth ago

    My freind has really long hair so I will tell her to plait it with this machine

  37. Striker Bass

    Striker BassMonth ago

    yo correction, it was NOT calli that won

  38. chuncky buckets

    chuncky bucketsMonth ago

    Me: sees the first 30 seconds also me: Cali please

  39. sasaki haise

    sasaki haiseMonth ago

    The pirates of the Carribean reference was gold.

  40. Zach Godshalk

    Zach GodshalkMonth ago

    I think the plastic wrap will be the least strong. Floss second strongest and hair will be the strongest.

  41. Raul Maningding

    Raul ManingdingMonth ago

    Fill air mattress with helium

  42. Crush Claw Gaming

    Crush Claw GamingMonth ago

    I wanted to see her with short hair damnit

  43. Hannah Hastings

    Hannah HastingsMonth ago

    What abut Phone Gradin?

  44. Aly Ahmed

    Aly AhmedMonth ago

    Can you make water miatress

  45. Mihini GEEKIYANAGE

    Mihini GEEKIYANAGEMonth ago

    0:30 i actually stopped breathing until Callie took off her cap

  46. Wolf Blazer

    Wolf BlazerMonth ago

    Imagine the girl that cut her hair for this “MY HAIRRRR” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  47. P Rose

    P RoseMonth ago

    Look at how they’re wasting those bundles 🤦🏿‍♂️

  48. Blue2 Billionaire

    Blue2 BillionaireMonth ago

    In Dubai vpn is iliigal

  49. Grace Waller

    Grace WallerMonth ago

    2:55 is when the actual video starts

  50. Diamond Smasher 2

    Diamond Smasher 2Month ago

    Helium matress namnamjams idea

  51. Toluwanimi Bankole

    Toluwanimi BankoleMonth ago

    One word. Dreads

  52. Haleytheslimer :3

    Haleytheslimer :3Month ago

    It was 198

  53. Ray Ray wassup

    Ray Ray wassupMonth ago

    He got bundlesssss😂

  54. CookiePlayzz1 FAN

    CookiePlayzz1 FANMonth ago

    i have some real hair that i kept for some reason

  55. goop 0711

    goop 0711Month ago

    The real question is can you make strong rope from rope

  56. LanaTubeAdventures

    LanaTubeAdventuresMonth ago

    For the first part of the video I though she cut *ALL* of her hair off o-o

  57. roosta boy G

    roosta boy GMonth ago

    Repulsive Repulsive Let down your pubes

  58. roosta boy G

    roosta boy GMonth ago

    Can you make chicken nuggets about of bleach

  59. Nataly ashddhdhdh

    Nataly ashddhdhdhMonth ago

    Flex tape rope

  60. Oof Oof

    Oof OofMonth ago

    Put helium in a air mattress!

  61. Kara Ramirez

    Kara RamirezMonth ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue Nate like Cali You know that to