The Auction Corvette Attempts an 8 SECOND PASS Part 3: Boost Creep Edition


  1. James Holbrook

    James HolbrookMonth ago

    I know you have that water to air intercooler but you look like you have plenty of room in the front you should do an air to air as well

  2. JonEilertsen (HellsatanX)

    JonEilertsen (HellsatanX)3 months ago

    400 treadwear is a hard tire?? shit... mine are 580 lol

  3. Clay Sellers

    Clay Sellers4 months ago

    Go ahead and just buy James a ford 9inch

  4. Spencer rounds

    Spencer rounds4 months ago

    Lol coop stuffing his face with a sandwich at 3:00

  5. J M

    J M4 months ago


  6. ReFLeX

    ReFLeX5 months ago

    Will you allow a us to sponsor Cletus and car we would love to send you a car and some money and tires to support the bald eagle getting ripped out there this weekend

  7. Brett Baxter

    Brett Baxter5 months ago

    “Has my favorite logo on it, 1320” Mountain Dew has left the chat 😭

  8. Rapiddogsattack

    Rapiddogsattack5 months ago

    Couldn't find part 1 or part 2, Am I blind? Do I need Bald Eagle glasses? TURBSKIE eye contacts?

  9. Flat4Buggy 2

    Flat4Buggy 25 months ago

    Part 1: Part 2:

  10. Joshua Morris

    Joshua Morris5 months ago

    I MADE IT INTO THE VIDEO, YES! - Guy at the end. 19:22 INTERVIEW ME

  11. Steven Bailey

    Steven Bailey5 months ago

    Joshua is that you? CONGRATS to my sweet baby angel <333

  12. Chevra

    Chevra5 months ago

    I was kind of noticing that on the dyno in the last video also. Seemed like RPMs weren't climbing very fast, taking a long time to build up. Compared to previous Ruby engines at least.

  13. yindyamarra

    yindyamarra5 months ago

    The 6lbs of weld you put on is weighting her down ,lol

  14. LN54

    LN545 months ago

    Closes door by pulling the window 😬 3:45

  15. nolan barrie

    nolan barrie5 months ago

  16. steve beuchert

    steve beuchert5 months ago

    I love the 240 but James needs to do something different with that hood scoop

  17. N. Vzla

    N. Vzla5 months ago

    That LTD though. Foxy.

  18. SCS Sarge

    SCS Sarge5 months ago

    Love your Holly Dog teeshirt but think a teeshirt with you three boys on the back with ruby or the ford with mountain Dew on the front would be stunning Aye.

  19. tristan odato

    tristan odato5 months ago

    Put a go pro on James helmet

  20. Da’vy Youngin

    Da’vy Youngin5 months ago

    30 psi on a single turbo is that not a lot of what I see ppl with twin doing that .! I need a answer

  21. Dylan Hall

    Dylan Hall5 months ago

    Ruby is starting to rip! But you might want to readjust your belts. With how you have them now with the adjuster tab sitting on your collar bone, if you ever did wreck, it would most likely break your collar bones. The shoulder belts should be set up so that when you have them cinched down ready to race, the adjuster tab should be about half way between your collar bone and your nipple.

  22. Jocelyn Brisebois

    Jocelyn Brisebois5 months ago

    how is the compression of Ruby each cylinder, wet and dry ? for future data comparison in his 'health dossier' after the peanut butter re-torque, if it happen and wile your turbo design work well on LeeRoy, why not do the same on ruby. and maybe swap the motor between lee Roy and Ruby, each one of them will received their initial motor, 4.8 in Ruby and 5.3 in Leeroy. Yahoo, Mountain Dew.

  23. Blythelife

    Blythelife5 months ago

    Boost is a measure of restriction, 28psi single small turbo will flow significantly less than a twin turbo setup will. Cfm is a more accurate measurement in this instance. The relief valve should be in the direction of air flow, air will flow by it and build pressure if there is not a direct path to the valve.

  24. Jon Bidinger

    Jon Bidinger5 months ago

    16:42 That was just cruel!

  25. ParadigmUnkn0wn

    ParadigmUnkn0wn5 months ago

    Drag racing with a powerglide just seems so boring from the inside-view. We want more of Leroy's savagery!!!

  26. outlaw videos

    outlaw videos5 months ago

    Go twin turbskies and raise hello and praise dale

  27. Kenny Townsend

    Kenny Townsend5 months ago

    Not sure if you watch Jimmy Kimmel or not, but it was a guy on the show watching this video.

  28. NeverTalkToCops1

    NeverTalkToCops15 months ago

    What's this, StankBoyz still at it? There are no words to describe the stench of this endeavor.

  29. matt shea

    matt shea5 months ago

    a junk yard motor that has been 2 the machine shop with all new aftermarket part typical chevy guy that blows a ls a week

  30. Dale Furno

    Dale Furno5 months ago


  31. Jerad The Angry Atheist

    Jerad The Angry Atheist5 months ago

    You guys are fucking awesome!! Keep up the good work boys!!

  32. Todd Bearden

    Todd Bearden5 months ago

    So bottom line of it James is going to be riding on snot!!

  33. little man Or dj emberson

    little man Or dj emberson5 months ago

    What's with the smoke in the cab ??

  34. drfrenchfry

    drfrenchfry5 months ago

    Only one way to fix it. Put another Gary on that bad boy

  35. Rhett Krecic

    Rhett Krecic5 months ago

    The fact that Ruby's gauges aren't working is driving me insane.

  36. webduelist

    webduelist5 months ago

    Anyone else still trying to figure out why they are suddenly having this issue when on the other blocks it creeped but not up to 30 psi.... It’s not producing the power I would expect at that kind of psi and the psi is really high, then it blew off the in pipe from the intake..... is the air even getting into the motor?

  37. Gunhole

    Gunhole5 months ago

    need more exhaust on that turbo kit were its glowing is were its restricted

  38. KlipschHead281

    KlipschHead2815 months ago

    Water burnouts on BFG hard tires actually make them grip less.... not that it matters on that 240. :)

  39. Anglers Guide

    Anglers Guide5 months ago

    I still kept looking for that time when he passed the 1/4 mile mark lol

  40. david adams

    david adams5 months ago

    When are we going to see more of the Dell truck

  41. Never Enuff Power Channel

    Never Enuff Power Channel5 months ago

    Ruby is going to fly once the bugs are worked out. Might need funny car bars soon! Hehehe.

  42. Ivana Notyers

    Ivana Notyers5 months ago

    That cherry red exhaust looks like more than boost creep..... could be soggy rich......

  43. Ivana Notyers

    Ivana Notyers5 months ago

    Leroy style boost in Ruby equals = change out the head gaskets anyway......

  44. harold garcia

    harold garcia5 months ago

    Put a 9 in in you car James

  45. Nate Kaemingk

    Nate Kaemingk5 months ago

    delayed timing creates more boost. Add some of Jeremy's tuner sprinkles and your boost creep will get better.

  46. BillJr971

    BillJr9715 months ago

    What y'all think? I have a 5.3 but with a budget build should I go turbo or bore it over to a 5.7 and go naturally aspirated

  47. Jose Romero

    Jose Romero5 months ago

    Where’s Leroy the savage !!!

  48. Trey Petersen

    Trey Petersen5 months ago

    See ya in KC buddy

  49. _ Gross

    _ Gross5 months ago

    Sloppy mechanics threw a wastegate on the exhaust housing to fix his creep issue I think.

  50. Bennendetti

    Bennendetti5 months ago

    James won’t get a full actual pass until March 2020 at this rate of bad passes.


    ALiEN TEXAS5 months ago



    ALiEN TEXAS5 months ago

  53. Cliff P

    Cliff P5 months ago

    When James runs everyone at the starting like is saying “fender bender”...

  54. Cliff P

    Cliff P5 months ago

    Please please please get a cool suite to put on under it!

  55. Cliff P

    Cliff P5 months ago

    Imagine that. Where you guys have a problem with any thing you put together.

  56. Tyler Donovan

    Tyler Donovan5 months ago

    At 4:14 can someone tell me what car is lining up behind cleetus

  57. Tom Ahoks

    Tom Ahoks5 months ago

    Please focus on Leroy, best bet.

  58. Steve L

    Steve L5 months ago

    Cleetus McFarland I don't KNOW very much about boost but am I right or wrong in the thought that twin terbskies on Ruby would fix a lot of the turbo build time on the line? Don't take this as me saying what to do, Love everything you guys do. PEACE

  59. John Hall

    John Hall5 months ago

    Do it for erectile dysfunction!

  60. TJ Berry

    TJ Berry5 months ago

    Nice job getting her to the track this week. Ruby might need a larger turbo exhaust housing and bigger wastegate. Sounds like she’s all chocked up.

  61. Christopher Downey

    Christopher Downey5 months ago

    reaction time 3 seconds?

  62. Emil Leirud

    Emil Leirud5 months ago

    Well, pushing those powerfigures you guys are pushing, a 44mm isn't sufficient, and especially with thos angles on the exhaust. The left bank entering the "uppipe" at 90 degrees, and has to do a full 160 degrees to go out the wastegate. You should concider to cut the left bank off, and make another 90 degree and notch into the uppipe. Then have the wg pipe in front of the "uppipe" If you do that, you're gonna have plenty of flow to the WG

  63. Space Emperor Karl

    Space Emperor Karl5 months ago

    Lol he was sweating balls after he put that suit on XD