Mumbo Jumbo Hit With 400 Copyright Claims At Once! Onision Continues Copyright Misuse


  1. TheQuartering

    TheQuarteringMonth ago

    Please Watch, Like & Share This! USwork MUST Fix This Broken A$$ System!

  2. Ike Reviews

    Ike Reviews26 days ago

    Lionsgate claims any videos that even just include the posters

  3. Ryan Navin

    Ryan NavinMonth ago

    Batwoman looks stupid as fuck. Why not a Wonder Woman show? I want a Wonder Woman show.

  4. Zach McMillan

    Zach McMillanMonth ago

    Hey Jeremy are you still workin for Coolio?😂😂😂

  5. Ringization

    RingizationMonth ago

    @TheQuartering All I have to say about this is: 🤬ARTICLE 13🤬 Does not matter what one does...

  6. T. M

    T. MMonth ago

    @Billy Blues yea and the trump era will go down in history as the generation that got fed up with all the bullshit and stopped being silent about it and laughed and punished sjws and fake rape/hate crime reporters back the dead zone.

  7. LogTekG

    LogTekGDay ago

    all copyright claims should be checked BY USwork. The fucking system is always in favor of the claimant, and there is no control.

  8. And The End Is Near

    And The End Is Near12 days ago

    Onion boy still relevant? LMAO

  9. devil hand

    devil hand13 days ago

    lets the community make a new platform and called it OURTUBE!! 🤣

  10. The Wolfen Knight

    The Wolfen Knight14 days ago

    How about USwork makes it to where if a copyright strike is false they have to pay 1.5x the amount of money to the creator. You get 10 false strikes then you get deleted. If u go a certain amount of time without a false strike you go back to 10.

  11. lock dot 2

    lock dot 220 days ago

    359 of my videos are clamed gor ,NO Reason,

  12. Cobruh

    Cobruh23 days ago

    youtubes system is: guilty until proven innocent, GG

  13. Manuel Valiente Cifuentes

    Manuel Valiente CifuentesMonth ago

    Lol Nigel Farage trending for you

  14. Just Chuck

    Just ChuckMonth ago

    It would be great if there was competition for USwork.

  15. shamanik1320

    shamanik1320Month ago

    Keep doing what you're doing Jeremy, and you'll always be my main source for gaming news and intelligent perspectives on it.

  16. Billy Lauwda

    Billy LauwdaMonth ago

    Pirates of The Internet Dead Chappell's Heart

  17. Captain Annetta

    Captain AnnettaMonth ago


  18. mini mei

    mini meiMonth ago

    Is there a possibility to turn this system around and use false copyright claims on videos of companies that issue those bot-driven claims and just let those 30 days run? I mean that in the sense of giving those companies a taste of their own medicine. So that they see how shitty the abuse is. Those companies won't loose any real money, but it would down their views significantly on let's say a trailer, which they want to be viewed by many people to get them into cinemas.

  19. Daniel Boatright

    Daniel BoatrightMonth ago

    If a major company like WB abuses youtube, youtube should just delete their channel and block the company for 30 days, it would make their use of copystrikes more judicious.

  20. Sean Nissen

    Sean NissenMonth ago

    Should have similar policy in place for reports as being reported. 3 false claims and your channel is deleted. Oh boy that would be a full stop

  21. MrBaconBoi

    MrBaconBoiMonth ago

    Now its more than 400

  22. Jesse Collin

    Jesse CollinMonth ago

    wait, what? Wtf? no way? How? the into music or something?

  23. bryan joiner

    bryan joinerMonth ago

    Real simple. You get caught making false claims 3 times you lose auto claim privileges.

  24. Cody Parvin

    Cody ParvinMonth ago

    You tube is a freaking joke. We need another platform for fair competition.

  25. VogonArcLegion

    VogonArcLegionMonth ago

    @The Quartering - Maybe you need to chat with Heelsvsbabyface his batGirl video seems to be going strong with no take down.

  26. Crazy Redd

    Crazy ReddMonth ago

    14:20 cat cam

  27. Crazy Redd

    Crazy ReddMonth ago

    A Minecraft USworkr wakes up one morning to find loads of his 20 minute long videos were claimed because of a 4-second sample of a song, which he has written permission for, used a sample from a copyrighted work. What a load of bollocks.

  28. Cameron H

    Cameron HMonth ago

    A USworkr should have two options in my opinion, they can either dispute it to the claimant for minimal consequence if they reject it. Or you can dispute it to USwork where if they reject it, the penalties are more severe. I'm not sure what those consequences should be, but it could range from putting the video in USwork jail to getting a strike on your channel.

  29. Spirit Wolf

    Spirit WolfMonth ago

    With so many videos being uploaded, the bots are most likely just harvesting money: claim a video, get the revenue for as long as it goes unnoticed/unchallenged and when it's over they already have thousands of more videos to harvest money from.

  30. UploaderNine

    UploaderNineMonth ago

    does youtube premium increase rev at all?

  31. Dat Burd

    Dat BurdMonth ago

    Onision is just the hugest scumbag on USwork. I would drown him in a deep fryer, but based off how that creep is looking now, I’d say someone beat me to it.

  32. A_Chained_Angel

    A_Chained_AngelMonth ago

    USwork has become’s a shame.

  33. Carrie Webb

    Carrie WebbMonth ago

    Help the Mumbo!!!!!!

  34. Vanessa Hopfe

    Vanessa HopfeMonth ago

    ...and I thought Grian stealing Mumbo's mustache was a low blow 😂😂 But serious, Mumbo is great, I hope he doesn't suffer financially too much while sorting this out!!

  35. GenericUsername

    GenericUsernameMonth ago

    I completely forgot Onision existed. He's been irrelevant for like 10 years or so now.

  36. Shadow Fang

    Shadow FangMonth ago

    if person A load up a video, geting copystriked by person B. Can person C copystrike person A/B aswell? Is it possible to copystrike your own countent to defent it from geting copystriked by others?

  37. brutal penguin collectables

    brutal penguin collectablesMonth ago

    Its sad you were pushed outta MTG. But it's a good thing they unleashed you to say the things that need to be said. Keep fighting the good fight Jeremy!

  38. Tylor Whitt

    Tylor WhittMonth ago

    What is thequorterings day job?

  39. Redsyrup

    RedsyrupMonth ago

    Until claim sharks suffer repercussions by USwork this crap will continue. USwork should put these sharks in a cool down period after hitting a false positive threshold.

  40. Ericson Kennway

    Ericson KennwayMonth ago

    how about a strike system ? 3 false claims you are gone .. simple as that ...

  41. GameUp

    GameUpMonth ago

    Onision is a pussy. He will bail just like he did with removing Repzion's other video

  42. Porg McNuggets

    Porg McNuggetsMonth ago

    Copyright claimants should also get three strikes before having their copyright claiming taken away.

  43. Faint Karma

    Faint KarmaMonth ago

    Easy fix. No revenue from video's. Then you tube channel will have to create their own content, and no one will make money off of stolen content.

  44. HomeWatchViewer

    HomeWatchViewerMonth ago

    Solution: The estimated $ lost by the creator each day, because of false claims, must be paid by the accuser plus 10% interest.

  45. Chaos_Dragoon

    Chaos_DragoonMonth ago

    youtube needs to put into place the following: someone copyright claims on a video, if youtube finds it being in fair use, the claim is removed and the claimant can't place another copyright claim in for 30 days. the second offense claimant can't place another copyright claim, final offense claimant can't place any copyright claim. however, youtube is lazy and doesn't want to monitor in a sense, their like the ESRB and loot boxes.


    Unexpected SPANISH INQUISITIONMonth ago

    I have a feeling youtube at this point is too woke to care about money that their best weapon is the broken copyright system that hurts literally everyone not just "wrong think" youtubers. If they really wanted money they would have fixed this instantly and not demonatize every video ever.

  47. Fabian Radakovitz

    Fabian RadakovitzMonth ago

    There should be a captcha before you can claim a Video

  48. Kamil Jach

    Kamil JachMonth ago

    What USwork should do is to introduce lost dispute strikes system similar to the strike system itself. As far as I know, now when you lose a dispute you get a strike. If you get 3 strikes, you're in trouble. True? Well, pressure USwork to do the same with these predators. If they claim a video and they lose the dispute they should get a strike. If they get 3 strikes, you lose the ability to dispute. Problem would get solved and pretty quickly in my opinion.

  49. TheLinkoln18

    TheLinkoln18Month ago

    For me it is UMG, they own my voice, my silence, my farts, my coughs...

  50. D M

    D MMonth ago

    Copyright claims should place the money in escrow from the time of claim until claim is proven as contested funds. The claimant should then have burden of proof and be required to substantiate their claim within 30 days, failure to do so will prevent any further copyright claims of that video without an appeal to youtube. Funds in escrow would then be released to the appropriate party based on approval or denial of copyright claim. Just my $0.02 The ease of abuse this system has seems it caters to false accusers and scammers, makes me wonder if youtube gets a cut of that. But hey that's just my conspiracy theorist side and be warned my yard is full of rabbit holes lol.

  51. D M

    D MMonth ago

    Credit to @dirty dave productions for my idea his comment about fining false claims gave me idea. Strikes against multiple false claims(3 false claims flags account as risk, maybe in a time period) banning account to get rid of bot claims. Additionally removing revenue from false claimers entirely once flagged and sending it to the victims as a form of reparation. Give them enough rope to hang themselves and watch their tactics backfire.

  52. ZenoDovahkiin

    ZenoDovahkiinMonth ago

    What... that dude made Minecraft redstone videos. Why would you attack somebody who makes Minecraft redstone videos?

  53. Turi Drowned

    Turi DrownedMonth ago

    There needs to be more legal repercussions for false copyright claims.

  54. chemicalmix

    chemicalmixMonth ago

    Seems like a bizarre and overly harsh and officious system. Surely if someone runs a copy claim and it turns out to be false, then you should be able to claim the projected loss of revenue from the false claimer? 30 days is an absurd length of time.

  55. electro chemical

    electro chemicalMonth ago

    Set up a sysyem where you have to manually claim to prevent bot claims

  56. SolidJunkernaut

    SolidJunkernautMonth ago

    Let's not pretend you're a "content creator".

  57. Zach McMillan

    Zach McMillanMonth ago

    Warner Brothers has always been sleazy;Prince purportedly legally changed his name to screw WB out of his contractual obligations(about 7 or 8 albums I think),b/c he was @ their headquarters for a meeting and as he was leaving overheard one music exec say to another "We're making all kinds of money off this 'n*****' music."

  58. Adam Ant

    Adam AntMonth ago

    Someone should set up some bots to Autoclaim EVERYTHING coming out of WB. Betting they'd force USwork to fix this nonsense pretty fast.

  59. J o l l y G r a p e f r u i t

    J o l l y G r a p e f r u i tMonth ago

    USwork wont do anything about this

  60. Zachary Scovel

    Zachary ScovelMonth ago

    Nobody should be allowed to bot claim. If you want to claim it it must be done manually.

  61. Ringization

    RingizationMonth ago

    All I have to say about this is: 🤬ARTICLE 13🤬 Does not matter what you do...

  62. Flynn Flynn

    Flynn FlynnMonth ago

    Why is this freak show Onision still relevant in this gen of USwork?!! He needs to go the way of =3

  63. Naleb Makoto

    Naleb MakotoMonth ago

    I bet you call yourself a content creator, if for you content is whinning in front of a camera... low tier influencer

  64. Alex Duos

    Alex DuosMonth ago

    "Videos that still get a couple thousand views a day... that were at one time popular" I'm just gonna be over here in the tiny youtuber corner crying about my insignificance lol

  65. Wind of change

    Wind of changeMonth ago

    the Claiment has far too much power, there needs to be punishment for false claims, as well as other ways to disinstifiy false claims and reduce the power of the claim itself too.

  66. Shidelerdan The ogre

    Shidelerdan The ogreMonth ago

    Jeremy can you change the thumbnail? I cannot STAND looking at Onision’s fucking face when I’m scrolling through my recommended

  67. vvlmm

    vvlmmMonth ago

    bawt wahman

  68. VersedComet 21

    VersedComet 21Month ago


  69. Splunchy

    SplunchyMonth ago

    Oh my lord, I haven't heard about Onision since his "how to open a box" video.

  70. Granola Bob

    Granola BobMonth ago

    Onision is still alive? Weird.

  71. James Bassham

    James BasshamMonth ago

    It's complete b.s. if they are gonna have a copyright policy it should be fair and balanced. I understand why the copyright policy exist though I it should protect the interest of both parties equally.

  72. 1983GoldenBoy

    1983GoldenBoyMonth ago

    Hi! Have you seen Angry Joe´s Video this year when he was at the USwork Conference? 1-2 strikes will mean nothing in the future and when you get them after a time they will vanish.

  73. GetColtured

    GetColturedMonth ago

    There needs to be more consequences for false claiming videos. This bullshit needs to stop.

  74. Aleksander Golanowski-Górecki

    Aleksander Golanowski-GóreckiMonth ago

    Wait, so if you battle a claim and win, the revenue that was taken for the duration of claim still goes to whoever made a claim?!? That's plain theft!

  75. Azralynn

    AzralynnMonth ago

    I completely agree with you that this is total bullshit. That said, you say to stand up, but the fact is that a little person like me simply cannot. The best I can do is remove the music IF the stream isn't more than six hours long. I can't afford the legal action, and if it did come down to a strike, I wouldn't be able to do anything or even get noticed. I would lose my ability to stream on USwork, and have to beg for someone that matters to get USwork's attention about the strike. The system is is fucked! I only lose small amounts of money; videos being blocked happens, but not that often to me since I just play games. It's the principle of the thing though, most of us, we are helpless as creators to fight back, and they know that. Thankfully I have folks who support me through tips and memberships while streaming, but ad revenue is almost non-existent, and many others aren't even that fortunate.

  76. Breodin

    BreodinMonth ago

    Eze solution. Just make the accuser pay ×2 projected, earned, revenue from the vid.

  77. Wrath Az

    Wrath AzMonth ago

    People or companies that make bogus copyright claims should have to pay damages when found out. Something strong enough to discourage disingenuous actors.

  78. Neural Blankes

    Neural BlankesMonth ago

    So do I understand this correctly that if WB claims a video, they are able to say "don't take it down, but give us the money", and then they get that monetary stream for a guaranteed 30 days while they drag their feet on dealing with a creator who fights back?

  79. Crimson Sin

    Crimson SinMonth ago

    I get them for just showing pictures for a trailer reaction. And yes the more confident your response the more likely you are to win

  80. Heatalatur

    HeatalaturMonth ago

    Can you copyright claim your own material first?

  81. Clown World

    Clown WorldMonth ago

    USwork should do that : To copyright claim you need to have a verified account older than 12 month. If you have 5 rejected copyright claim within 30 days, you get deactivated for 90 days. It will teach these fuckers to stay humble.

  82. Smwad 710

    Smwad 710Month ago

    That 30 days ruins the relevance of the video a lot of channels need their video to come out as close to the content they cover as possible.

  83. Maddog3060

    Maddog3060Month ago

    So Warner Brothers are cowardly cucks who can't stand just criticism. Hashtag WB so Fragile.



    You should delete and reupload videos that have been struck and had the claims got revoked to see if they get claimed again like some double jeopardy shit

  85. Travis Walls

    Travis WallsMonth ago

    Onision vs Repsion. Asshole vs asshole.

  86. Espinoth

    EspinothMonth ago

    Round 2 of #WTFU when?

  87. ShortbusMooner

    ShortbusMoonerMonth ago

    Onion Boy is going down..

  88. Ryan

    RyanMonth ago

    Idk why they don’t have a captcha system for submitting copyright claims



    I think the best way to handle a copyright strike is if you claim a video and it turns out that the claim was false then the individual or company that claimed the strike should be forced to pay some kind of monetary compensation. And I think the way to value that monetary compensation would be to take the average per video monthly income and that's what the copyright strike holder would be forced to pay. Because the truth of the matter is is that you're no longer just copyright striking you're fundamentally destroying Revenue which there in would leave them legally liable

  90. krepsy K

    krepsy KMonth ago

    How about they leave the money in a side account until the issue is resolved

  91. Nat Knutson

    Nat KnutsonMonth ago

    there is an organization called fupa.... wow...

  92. Duster29to86

    Duster29to86Month ago

    Can't you sue these idiots for disregarding the Fair Use Act?

  93. Rogue Music Freak

    Rogue Music FreakMonth ago

    This is why i'm not going to give them a dime ever again. USwork is hostile to creators and i would love to get a big financial hit. Because people now go to patreon, ko-fi, you name it to earn the money they deserve.

  94. TheZeroSbr

    TheZeroSbrMonth ago

    Onision is still relevant?

  95. rascal6543

    rascal6543Month ago

    Is there any reason why youtubers cant sue these companies? I've heard that it's because youtubers don't make a lot of money and the money they would lose from the video is less than what it would cost to take them to court, but that sounds like bullshit to me because if no one does anything they're just going to keep doing it not just to them but to hundreds of other creators as well.

  96. The Maphio

    The MaphioMonth ago

    Well would you look at that: USwork is both financially and morally bankrupt.

  97. liquidflorian

    liquidflorianMonth ago

    Crowder beat Warner Chapple too.🤘

  98. Graphic Design

    Graphic DesignMonth ago

    Install a bot that auto disputes *ALL* content ID claims the second it is claimed *Robot Wars anyone?*

  99. Billy Lauwda

    Billy LauwdaMonth ago


  100. Clarence Randall

    Clarence RandallMonth ago

    make copyright claims criminal you go to jail for it youtube can stay out of it and let the courts decide

  101. Thomas Vöckel

    Thomas VöckelMonth ago

    Every cow is going to be milked =)

  102. RocketSurgeon

    RocketSurgeonMonth ago

    A company that files multiple claims that aren't legit should have their copyright claim form privileges revoked. If they DMCA like 50 videos, and none of them actually infringed, for the next couple of months they should have to pay their lawyers to file claims in letter form. Most companies don't have in-house legal department, they rent out services; if those claims would cost them 1000 bucks a piece, they wouldn't be so fast to pull the trigger.. and the lawyers would make sure to do due diligence (which they SHOULD do anyways, it's a requirement of filing a DMCA. There's no way a bot can do the work properly, this would discourage automation).

  103. Scorpius1691

    Scorpius1691Month ago

    Is the content ID claim the same as the DMCA? As far as I understand, filing a false DMCA technically a Federal crime - if I am understanding how it has been explained to me?

  104. MuzzaBuzza100

    MuzzaBuzza100Month ago

    The person/company claiming a video should also get a strike if they make a false claim to disincentives frivolous copystrike claims

  105. Kris Tee

    Kris TeeMonth ago

    I didn't get the notification on your batwoman video. I only saw it yesterday cause I checked your video history. I actually missed out on a few of your videos the past few weeks.. so I think copyright has something to do with notifications.. maybe

  106. James smith

    James smithMonth ago

    Is that Ruby Rose in the thumbnail?

  107. Frizky

    FrizkyMonth ago

    I've had secret claims that are monetizing my vids without even telling me. I'm lazy enough to have ignored them for years at this point because I had no notifications telling me it. I would have had to go to my video lists and check their status. I do not receive ad rev as choice, so perhaps that is why they do not even tell me. I have fought many strikes and won. You would be surprised how much obscure content can be owned by the same companies across multiple platforms.