Mumbo Jumbo Hit With 400 Copyright Claims At Once! Onision Continues Copyright Misuse


  1. TheQuartering

    TheQuartering4 months ago

    Please Watch, Like & Share This! USwork MUST Fix This Broken A$$ System!

  2. Ike Reviews

    Ike Reviews3 months ago

    Lionsgate claims any videos that even just include the posters

  3. Ryan Navin

    Ryan Navin3 months ago

    Batwoman looks stupid as fuck. Why not a Wonder Woman show? I want a Wonder Woman show.

  4. Zach McMillan

    Zach McMillan4 months ago

    Hey Jeremy are you still workin for Coolio?😂😂😂

  5. Ringization

    Ringization4 months ago

    @TheQuartering All I have to say about this is: 🤬ARTICLE 13🤬 Does not matter what one does...

  6. T. M

    T. M4 months ago

    @Billy Blues yea and the trump era will go down in history as the generation that got fed up with all the bullshit and stopped being silent about it and laughed and punished sjws and fake rape/hate crime reporters back the dead zone.

  7. Screw The Net

    Screw The Net22 days ago

    I got the number one sog vid I made forrom an anime, and even with just 2500 views over 3 years, it finally got taken down..*smfh * I feel the pain from a lesser point of view.

  8. 2000subscribers with no videos challenge

    2000subscribers with no videos challengeMonth ago

    idk how recatcha thinks im a bot but those bots not?

  9. Mmlrr

    Mmlrr2 months ago

    USwork is treating these companies like gods and by doing so USwork and warnal chapel and gaining money this is also happening to a channel called jake eyes his work is original and he got copyrighted by a company that said he stole there content but what he does is original and USwork is going to lose tons of money if they don’t stop

  10. leon The zombie

    leon The zombie2 months ago

    Mumbo jumbo does nothing more than make minecraft redstone tutorials, how the frick do they expect to warrant those claims?

  11. LogTekG

    LogTekG2 months ago

    all copyright claims should be checked BY USwork. The fucking system is always in favor of the claimant, and there is no control.

  12. And The End Is Near

    And The End Is Near3 months ago

    Onion boy still relevant? LMAO

  13. devil hand

    devil hand3 months ago

    lets the community make a new platform and called it OURTUBE!! 🤣

  14. The Wolfen Knight

    The Wolfen Knight3 months ago

    How about USwork makes it to where if a copyright strike is false they have to pay 1.5x the amount of money to the creator. You get 10 false strikes then you get deleted. If u go a certain amount of time without a false strike you go back to 10.

  15. lock dot 2

    lock dot 23 months ago

    359 of my videos are clamed gor ,NO Reason,

  16. Cobruh

    Cobruh3 months ago

    youtubes system is: guilty until proven innocent, GG

  17. Manuel Valiente Cifuentes

    Manuel Valiente Cifuentes3 months ago

    Lol Nigel Farage trending for you

  18. Raw Chuck

    Raw Chuck3 months ago

    It would be great if there was competition for USwork.

  19. shamanik1320

    shamanik13203 months ago

    Keep doing what you're doing Jeremy, and you'll always be my main source for gaming news and intelligent perspectives on it.

  20. Billy Lauwda

    Billy Lauwda3 months ago

    Pirates of The Internet Dead Chappell's Heart

  21. Captain Annetta

    Captain Annetta3 months ago


  22. mini mei

    mini mei3 months ago

    Is there a possibility to turn this system around and use false copyright claims on videos of companies that issue those bot-driven claims and just let those 30 days run? I mean that in the sense of giving those companies a taste of their own medicine. So that they see how shitty the abuse is. Those companies won't loose any real money, but it would down their views significantly on let's say a trailer, which they want to be viewed by many people to get them into cinemas.

  23. Daniel Boatright

    Daniel Boatright3 months ago

    If a major company like WB abuses youtube, youtube should just delete their channel and block the company for 30 days, it would make their use of copystrikes more judicious.

  24. Sean Nissen

    Sean Nissen3 months ago

    Should have similar policy in place for reports as being reported. 3 false claims and your channel is deleted. Oh boy that would be a full stop

  25. MrBaconBoi

    MrBaconBoi3 months ago

    Now its more than 400

  26. Jesse Collin

    Jesse Collin3 months ago

    wait, what? Wtf? no way? How? the into music or something?

  27. bryan joiner

    bryan joiner3 months ago

    Real simple. You get caught making false claims 3 times you lose auto claim privileges.

  28. Cody Parvin

    Cody Parvin3 months ago

    You tube is a freaking joke. We need another platform for fair competition.

  29. VogonArcLegion

    VogonArcLegion3 months ago

    @The Quartering - Maybe you need to chat with Heelsvsbabyface his batGirl video seems to be going strong with no take down.

  30. Crazy Redd

    Crazy Redd3 months ago

    14:20 cat cam

  31. Crazy Redd

    Crazy Redd3 months ago

    A Minecraft USworkr wakes up one morning to find loads of his 20 minute long videos were claimed because of a 4-second sample of a song, which he has written permission for, used a sample from a copyrighted work. What a load of bollocks.

  32. Cameron H

    Cameron H3 months ago

    A USworkr should have two options in my opinion, they can either dispute it to the claimant for minimal consequence if they reject it. Or you can dispute it to USwork where if they reject it, the penalties are more severe. I'm not sure what those consequences should be, but it could range from putting the video in USwork jail to getting a strike on your channel.

  33. Spirit Wolf

    Spirit Wolf3 months ago

    With so many videos being uploaded, the bots are most likely just harvesting money: claim a video, get the revenue for as long as it goes unnoticed/unchallenged and when it's over they already have thousands of more videos to harvest money from.

  34. UploaderNine

    UploaderNine3 months ago

    does youtube premium increase rev at all?

  35. Dat Burd

    Dat Burd3 months ago

    Onision is just the hugest scumbag on USwork. I would drown him in a deep fryer, but based off how that creep is looking now, I’d say someone beat me to it.

  36. A_Chained_Angel

    A_Chained_Angel3 months ago

    USwork has become’s a shame.

  37. Carrie Webb

    Carrie Webb3 months ago

    Help the Mumbo!!!!!!

  38. Vanessa Hopfe

    Vanessa Hopfe4 months ago

    ...and I thought Grian stealing Mumbo's mustache was a low blow 😂😂 But serious, Mumbo is great, I hope he doesn't suffer financially too much while sorting this out!!

  39. GenericUsername

    GenericUsername4 months ago

    I completely forgot Onision existed. He's been irrelevant for like 10 years or so now.

  40. Shadow Fang

    Shadow Fang4 months ago

    if person A load up a video, geting copystriked by person B. Can person C copystrike person A/B aswell? Is it possible to copystrike your own countent to defent it from geting copystriked by others?

  41. brutal penguin collectables

    brutal penguin collectables4 months ago

    Its sad you were pushed outta MTG. But it's a good thing they unleashed you to say the things that need to be said. Keep fighting the good fight Jeremy!

  42. Tylor Whitt

    Tylor Whitt4 months ago

    What is thequorterings day job?

  43. Redsyrup

    Redsyrup4 months ago

    Until claim sharks suffer repercussions by USwork this crap will continue. USwork should put these sharks in a cool down period after hitting a false positive threshold.

  44. Ericson Kennway

    Ericson Kennway4 months ago

    how about a strike system ? 3 false claims you are gone .. simple as that ...

  45. GameUp

    GameUp4 months ago

    Onision is a pussy. He will bail just like he did with removing Repzion's other video

  46. Porg McNuggets

    Porg McNuggets4 months ago

    Copyright claimants should also get three strikes before having their copyright claiming taken away.

  47. Faint Karma

    Faint Karma4 months ago

    Easy fix. No revenue from video's. Then you tube channel will have to create their own content, and no one will make money off of stolen content.

  48. HomeWatchViewer

    HomeWatchViewer4 months ago

    Solution: The estimated $ lost by the creator each day, because of false claims, must be paid by the accuser plus 10% interest.

  49. Chaos_Dragoon

    Chaos_Dragoon4 months ago

    youtube needs to put into place the following: someone copyright claims on a video, if youtube finds it being in fair use, the claim is removed and the claimant can't place another copyright claim in for 30 days. the second offense claimant can't place another copyright claim, final offense claimant can't place any copyright claim. however, youtube is lazy and doesn't want to monitor in a sense, their like the ESRB and loot boxes.


    Unexpected SPANISH INQUISITION4 months ago

    I have a feeling youtube at this point is too woke to care about money that their best weapon is the broken copyright system that hurts literally everyone not just "wrong think" youtubers. If they really wanted money they would have fixed this instantly and not demonatize every video ever.

  51. Fabian Radakovitz

    Fabian Radakovitz4 months ago

    There should be a captcha before you can claim a Video

  52. Kamil Jach

    Kamil Jach4 months ago

    What USwork should do is to introduce lost dispute strikes system similar to the strike system itself. As far as I know, now when you lose a dispute you get a strike. If you get 3 strikes, you're in trouble. True? Well, pressure USwork to do the same with these predators. If they claim a video and they lose the dispute they should get a strike. If they get 3 strikes, you lose the ability to dispute. Problem would get solved and pretty quickly in my opinion.

  53. TheLinkoln18

    TheLinkoln184 months ago

    For me it is UMG, they own my voice, my silence, my farts, my coughs...

  54. Braxton

    Braxton4 months ago

    Copyright claims should place the money in escrow from the time of claim until claim is proven as contested funds. The claimant should then have burden of proof and be required to substantiate their claim within 30 days, failure to do so will prevent any further copyright claims of that video without an appeal to youtube. Funds in escrow would then be released to the appropriate party based on approval or denial of copyright claim. Just my $0.02 The ease of abuse this system has seems it caters to false accusers and scammers, makes me wonder if youtube gets a cut of that. But hey that's just my conspiracy theorist side and be warned my yard is full of rabbit holes lol.

  55. Braxton

    Braxton4 months ago

    Credit to @dirty dave productions for my idea his comment about fining false claims gave me idea. Strikes against multiple false claims(3 false claims flags account as risk, maybe in a time period) banning account to get rid of bot claims. Additionally removing revenue from false claimers entirely once flagged and sending it to the victims as a form of reparation. Give them enough rope to hang themselves and watch their tactics backfire.

  56. ZenoDovahkiin

    ZenoDovahkiin4 months ago

    What... that dude made Minecraft redstone videos. Why would you attack somebody who makes Minecraft redstone videos?

  57. Turi Drowned

    Turi Drowned4 months ago

    There needs to be more legal repercussions for false copyright claims.

  58. chemicalmix

    chemicalmix4 months ago

    Seems like a bizarre and overly harsh and officious system. Surely if someone runs a copy claim and it turns out to be false, then you should be able to claim the projected loss of revenue from the false claimer? 30 days is an absurd length of time.

  59. electro chemical

    electro chemical4 months ago

    Set up a sysyem where you have to manually claim to prevent bot claims

  60. SolidJunkernaut

    SolidJunkernaut4 months ago

    Let's not pretend you're a "content creator".

  61. Zach McMillan

    Zach McMillan4 months ago

    Warner Brothers has always been sleazy;Prince purportedly legally changed his name to screw WB out of his contractual obligations(about 7 or 8 albums I think),b/c he was @ their headquarters for a meeting and as he was leaving overheard one music exec say to another "We're making all kinds of money off this 'n*****' music."

  62. Adam Ant

    Adam Ant4 months ago

    Someone should set up some bots to Autoclaim EVERYTHING coming out of WB. Betting they'd force USwork to fix this nonsense pretty fast.

  63. J o l l y G r a p e f r u i t

    J o l l y G r a p e f r u i t4 months ago

    USwork wont do anything about this

  64. Zachary Scovel

    Zachary Scovel4 months ago

    Nobody should be allowed to bot claim. If you want to claim it it must be done manually.

  65. Ringization

    Ringization4 months ago

    All I have to say about this is: 🤬ARTICLE 13🤬 Does not matter what you do...

  66. Naleb Makoto

    Naleb Makoto4 months ago

    I bet you call yourself a content creator, if for you content is whinning in front of a camera... low tier influencer