The Game Shows Off His Bulletproof Sneaker Collection On Complex Closets


  1. Complex

    Complex3 months ago

    What would you do if you got a pair of valuable sneakers stolen from you?”

  2. Tommy James

    Tommy James2 hours ago


  3. Fintan Heriot

    Fintan Heriot10 days ago

    Claim them on home and contents insurance and move on with my life

  4. Mikoyanshik

    Mikoyanshik16 days ago

    @Ernest Watts better spend the money on shoes than on food and toys for your child... oh wait, you left the family.

  5. briancie666

    briancie66616 days ago

    I don't have a pairs today but my boss given me 200$ for a pair but dont have a stores near to buy...You give me the idea buy online, But is not the best way for buying shoes can't try then...😉

  6. Tim Davis

    Tim Davis19 days ago


  7. Martin Hernandez

    Martin Hernandez2 hours ago

    I honestly dont understand what the big deal is with Jordan's.

  8. NUN YA

    NUN YA7 hours ago

    Jordan clock 💣

  9. Special 23

    Special 2310 hours ago

    When the 13's came out I was the only one wearing them in my entire School now they r popular

  10. Murph Dogg

    Murph Dogg18 hours ago

    Game is a blood, yet he wears a jacket with a blue C on it😂LOLOLOL

  11. Hectic Erectic

    Hectic Erectic22 hours ago

    I got them XJ-900's behind glass.

  12. n c S y

    n c S yDay ago

    imaging seeing a guy who looks like a californian gangsta is as nice as a teddy bear with a texas accent

  13. derkquon battle

    derkquon battleDay ago

    whos here cause it said BULLET PROOF SNEAKER COLLECTION

  14. swEET noTHINGS irobot

    swEET noTHINGS irobot2 days ago

    Did he say imported from montana?

  15. Rinnel Liwanag

    Rinnel Liwanag3 days ago

    Hey bro. Kindly check this sickest sneaker closet of all time!

  16. #SZTOS

    #SZTOS4 days ago

    Music from 1:59 ??

  17. THELEGEND 27

    THELEGEND 275 days ago

    One of the best

  18. Ben Morris

    Ben Morris6 days ago

    His crib has come along way from the stop snitching stop lying days man. This is hella pimped out.

  19. kamau jeremih

    kamau jeremih6 days ago

    in love with your beats

  20. Jamil Dotson

    Jamil Dotson6 days ago

    Only had 1 pair of Jordan's in my life... And those were the 11's

  21. 1,000 subscribers with no videos

    1,000 subscribers with no videos7 days ago

    Deadass you can go sneaker shopping there 😂

  22. Patron Cgn

    Patron Cgn10 days ago

    Please help me Where can i buy this suit ?

  23. Rawiri williams

    Rawiri williams10 days ago

    Imported the wood from, from Colorado ????????????

  24. Ya Boy Lil' Moe

    Ya Boy Lil' Moe11 days ago

    I need this beat god damn it go stupid hard

  25. Big nose

    Big nose12 days ago

    3:02 track

  26. Ms. Shey

    Ms. Shey12 days ago

    That bullet proof box for the nikes is so fuckin dope!

  27. Soultrain 440

    Soultrain 44013 days ago

    This is probably my favorite complex show. Man I'm proud of that dude. Nigga came a Long Way

  28. Ill blahzay Ill

    Ill blahzay Ill15 days ago

    Wish the game was dead but mac was still alive

  29. briancie666

    briancie66616 days ago

    This is a KID Dream Closets 💲💲💲 All Eyes On Parking Lot Man Dream 🤑🤑🤑 Back Then Early 90 In High School Remember First Penny Hardaway Was Dope... My Brother had The first jordan I Think ???(Bottom Shoes) Was Sick and Rare...Then Oem Vintage Jordan Classic Were Dope In 1992....Kemp Shoes Was Dope Too.... My Best Personal Shoes I Did Have And Wear, Played Basketball in 92 With Sir Charles CB34 Black One 😍❤😘 Cost Me Around 200$ Own Money Was Ultra Expensive And Rare For 12 Years Old KID 💲😛⚜

  30. Adrian Silva

    Adrian Silva16 days ago

    I remember one time this nigga whore fakes

  31. inShftr

    inShftr16 days ago


  32. geordie west

    geordie west17 days ago

    Any of them don't fit ya ? G

  33. Brandon Reynolds

    Brandon Reynolds17 days ago



    OG CAPTION SMOKE17 days ago

    Love them raging bulls 💯🔥

  35. Mr. White

    Mr. White19 days ago

    The Stripper Shows Off His Bulletproof Sneaker Collection On Complex Closets

  36. Oscar Sauce

    Oscar Sauce20 days ago

    Protecting a pair of shoes with a sawn off shotgun, in a bulletproof case, chained to the next room? I must be doing life wrong, I don't even lock the door

  37. erni 49

    erni 4921 day ago

    i think his fav colour is red lmao

  38. Clorox bleach

    Clorox bleach22 days ago

    Rest easy nipsey hustle 🙏

  39. sam aghakhani

    sam aghakhani22 days ago

    Iranian ak-47 lol dont be like this guy "man"

  40. LeeloX

    LeeloX23 days ago

    Just imagine being this rich doing stuff you love

  41. Joel Castaneda

    Joel Castaneda23 days ago

    Why did I want to punch joe in this video?😂😂😂

  42. Blake Simms

    Blake Simms24 days ago

    I'm going to have the same type of room for mutt crock collection one day

  43. Manuel V

    Manuel V24 days ago

    We all know he built all this a day before Joe came over.

  44. Darren Rainey

    Darren Rainey25 days ago


  45. Stevano Wilson

    Stevano Wilson25 days ago

    All that money and u doin shit but bullet proof sneaker , who the fuck shooting ya foot smft

  46. b s

    b s27 days ago

    Imagine wearing champion

  47. Mushi Mauha

    Mushi Mauha27 days ago

    What ze "F" is bullet proof sneaker?

  48. Rob

    Rob27 days ago

    Jordans are ugly as fuck. Dont know why so many people like this shoe

  49. Supercharger283

    Supercharger28327 days ago

    damn his mom an OG she got the sawed off

  50. Genuine_84

    Genuine_8427 days ago

    so out of all the things he says "You can shoot it with an Iranian AK47"??????first of all Iran does not produce AK47's lol two why Iran for fuck sake??its cause of all the shit that Donald Trump has stirred up lately I guess that made him say that lol!!!

  51. ruffgook

    ruffgook27 days ago

    red rose white ceiling....

  52. Tr00p3r /210

    Tr00p3r /21027 days ago

    also I wouldn't wear champion when it was at walmart and I damn sure wouldn't wear it now!!

  53. Tr00p3r /210

    Tr00p3r /21027 days ago

    This video is pathetic, lmao game showing off his shoes is Penny's. Bro this is nothing to brag about.. I've spent more money on jewelry. Dude dont be proud of this video lmao smh

  54. crypto bond 007

    crypto bond 00728 days ago

    So glad this man made it!!! My teenage years would not of been the same without his music. Still as humble as he was when he first started. Big up from the UK

  55. Click

    Click28 days ago

    White people invest in companies. Double their investments. My people buy shoes. Watches cars. Just consume.


    Mr GOOVERNOR28 days ago

    Complex try to visit bigboycheng in the ph to see his collection

  57. luisvega666

    luisvega66628 days ago

    surely they will shoot at ankle

  58. A-ru Llc

    A-ru Llc29 days ago

    The song at the very end what’s the name?!!!!

  59. 林家驹

    林家驹29 days ago


  60. Matt An

    Matt An29 days ago

    Game is the last Gangsta rapper of his era before the newschool shit came around and he is Under Rated as fuck!

  61. Nathan Villa

    Nathan Villa29 days ago

    He said his mom got a sawed off... Damn 👀

  62. Adam A.J

    Adam A.J29 days ago

    Fuck, I don’t understand why people show their shoes or clothes on social media 🤣🤣

  63. Mine Calos

    Mine CalosMonth ago

    rapper the game makes everybody feel very poor for 11 minutes

  64. cristian gonzalez

    cristian gonzalezMonth ago

    congrats yall got someone who actually knows something about shoes

  65. Romick Vieira

    Romick VieiraMonth ago

    If i had a room like that id probably get a bed and sleep on it

  66. mahery rakoto

    mahery rakotoMonth ago

    sto[p lying

  67. Andrei Man

    Andrei ManMonth ago

    he got fat wtf ...

  68. popu tupu

    popu tupuMonth ago

    He are gogo dancer hhhh

  69. Nicholaus Lumenta

    Nicholaus LumentaMonth ago

    The Game has evolved from a somewhat unpredictable, gang bangin, rapper; to a calm, cool, collected, approachable, businessman who seems much more marketable. I like it. I def still wouldn't fuck with him though lol. He's probably even tuckin in this video.

  70. Claudio Stivaletti

    Claudio StivalettiMonth ago

    that gay ass stripper wanna be gangbanger faggot should know that bulletproof sneakers are as good as bulletproof condoms. Nobody shoots in your foot you fucking faggot! Mr. i only move with 30 bodyguards ,fucking leva

  71. Chris 5401

    Chris 5401Month ago

    Who finna aim at your feet and shoot😂

  72. LifeonMaz

    LifeonMazMonth ago

    The clock idea isn't the first one . There is many I saw way back in the day

  73. Amir Ridzuan

    Amir RidzuanMonth ago

    damn this dude be serious about a shoe o.o

  74. Geechi Guapo

    Geechi GuapoMonth ago

    He Better Off Investing In Bullet Proof Fitted Caps🤣🤣🤣

  75. Geechi Guapo

    Geechi GuapoMonth ago


  76. Fire The Truth Marcus Carroll

    Fire The Truth Marcus CarrollMonth ago

    I Saw Jadakiss with a Jordan clock

  77. Green AND Blue

    Green AND BlueMonth ago

    One of the best sneaker vids i've seen!!!

  78. Bosnian Gamer

    Bosnian GamerMonth ago

    k-swiss shoes big up from amsterdam

  79. Dmoney95

    Dmoney95Month ago

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  80. PompadourJohnson23

    PompadourJohnson23Month ago

    IRS bout to snatch all dat

  81. Đ!Rع !и ተիع Շปተ

    Đ!Rع !и ተիع ՇปተMonth ago


  82. Griego Lucus

    Griego LucusMonth ago


  83. Woldini - Real Rap & Hip-Hop Music

    Woldini - Real Rap & Hip-Hop MusicMonth ago

    BULLETPROOF Sneakers??? 🤨🤨🤔Since when is shooting feet a thing? E.g. someone in a Wild West movie is saying "Dance for mem, mf!" and The Game is standing there, keeping a straight face with his bulletproof sneakers???

  84. hamed karimi

    hamed karimiMonth ago

    Damn you dumb he said bulletproof glass for that nike mag

  85. Shawn Platinum321

    Shawn Platinum321Month ago

    The game is at the shop

  86. cherise

    cheriseMonth ago

    why he sound so nice

  87. mael5183

    mael5183Month ago

    Am I the only one that noticed the amount of times he said “dope”?