What's Happening to Sony? (The Rise and Stagnation of Sony)

The second part of the story of Sony is here! Sony has been one of the greatest companies of our time but has recently started declining, what's happening? And Why?
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Handbook - Goldmines
0:38 Deccies - Subtle
1:42 Need a Name - Road to Berlin
3:31 Giyo - Are the Animals Gone
5:24 Movediz - Prayer
7:26 86deep - This Is How We Did It
8:20 Swoof - Waves
11:01 Idle Mind - Mine (feat. Paul Francis)
12:39 Balmorhea - Settler
13:24 JAMIE XX & FOUR TET // Seesaw
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  1. Tick Brick

    Tick Brick46 minutes ago

    why didn'n you mention The Emoji Movie

  2. David Carter

    David Carter6 hours ago

    lol, 2 years later and Sony is doing amazing again.

  3. Krish

    Krish11 hours ago

    I love SONY. Thanks for this vedio. Still I am using SONY Wega Trinitron TV. mhc gnz 77d hifi system, sony sbh 20 bluetooth head set. Sony BRAVIA 24 Inches LED TV (KLV 24EX430). sony Ericsson T610 (battery drained). sony psp 3001. How many people using?

  4. falented2

    falented22 days ago

    was expecting some mention of sony mirrorless cameras... and how they shook up things for nikon and canon...

  5. Joypad Bandit

    Joypad Bandit3 days ago

    Only success Sony has is Playstation...Everything else is "Meh". They should let the other divisions die off. Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Google are much more sucessful COMPLETE tech companies. #Perspective

  6. Abraham Aguilar

    Abraham Aguilar5 days ago

    You can't go wrong with Sony, ever.

  7. Nefer Hor

    Nefer Hor5 days ago

    SONY were the Greatest & then some retarded CEOs decided to break the Company...After they started to turn the once amazing VAIO computers into crap & they dropped the brand, & then they dropped Ericsson & started making very ugly & boring phones & shitty Adam Sandler "movies"...short said the SUCK !!!

  8. Vikas Shelke

    Vikas Shelke7 days ago

    Sony is industrictable, they have everything that they can do in electronics. They sell quality components in popular electronics gadgets. Sony will move in future and will never go into extinction like IBM, Xerox, Kodak, Nokia and many more

  9. David Rossington

    David Rossington7 days ago

    the audio is so echo-y

  10. Chisaten

    Chisaten10 days ago

    I say Sony is coming back a bit. This month, it was announced that the PS4 has broken 100 million sold.

  11. Milou Albano

    Milou Albano10 days ago

    Did I just saw Mr Bean at @1:45 ???

  12. Thujaplicata1

    Thujaplicata112 days ago

    A huge part of this is something that has plagued most electronics manufacturers. I said most. Steady decline of quality. I don't do warranty work on anything anymore. But I can say that sony still did have better quality than many other manufacturers later on. Sony stuff used to be associated with very good quality, and was rightly so, more expensive than many others. We're going to reach a point where we greatly regret allowing manufacturing to be contracted out to the lowest offshore bidder. Maybe not this year or next. But we will. The amount of resources that go into manufacturing cheap, poorly designed and made items, that are not made to last 5 years at best is absolutely staggering. The energy it takes to design, manufacture, power, and recycle something that was garbage to begin with is incredible. It's sad, selfish, and irresponsible. Many good engineers and technicians have lost their jobs due to cheap, offshore manufacturing. It utterly destroyed the consumer electronics repair industry. We will regret this one day. Hopefully we will go back to the way things were 30 years ago and longer.

  13. Ultimate MeLyon

    Ultimate MeLyon14 days ago

    that’s mr. bean at 1:45😂

  14. Niniet arvitrida

    Niniet arvitrida15 days ago

    All my home theatres are Sony. My other households are also Japanese brands. Only my phone is not in Japanese brand. In general, I love Japanese brands so far including Sony, because the product quality is good and reliable. Hope it can offer more innovations in the future

  15. tom11zz884

    tom11zz88415 days ago

    Rise of Vizio, TCL and others are coming for SONY

  16. Hrs Ng

    Hrs Ng15 days ago

    Sony was too proud to its products and refused to use compatible technologies at the time. They have all the fund to walk ahead, they missed many oppotunity. Sony deserves to eat these red pills.

  17. Nizah Siame

    Nizah Siame17 days ago

    Watching this on my Sony Xperia Z3 which I've had since 2013!

  18. Master Kamen

    Master Kamen18 days ago

    What a great video!

  19. Cherubino

    Cherubino20 days ago

    Basically, 2 words: people problem.

  20. Southern Boy

    Southern Boy20 days ago

    I love Sony, it's a great brand with great products. I owned the Walkman, the Discman, the Mini-Disc player, the PSP, and I'm about my 3rd Xperia phone (I'd never touch Apple or any Chinese mobile phone). I wish them well and hope to put my hands on a PlayStation one day.

  21. 100 Gb

    100 Gb22 days ago

    Sony Experia was the best phone I've ever had

  22. Makuta S-V

    Makuta S-V22 days ago


  23. louie perez

    louie perez22 days ago

    Look todays American generation thinks getting fat and full of tattoos and listening to Hip Hop is a good thing so this ghetto generation will not help in buying good clothing and electronics it will take the next generation to move to a better time thats so around 2030

  24. Siclmn Cyclerider

    Siclmn Cyclerider25 days ago

    I have always bought Sony products. If you buy their premium products you won't go wrong.

  25. Renato Urbano

    Renato Urbano26 days ago

    The reasons: -Terrible Smartphones and Notebooks -Terrible Movies from Columbia Pictures (7 diferent spider-man movies, and that emoji movie crap)

  26. wednesdaysmooches

    wednesdaysmooches26 days ago

    Broke my heart when they stopped vaio

  27. Micki Sei

    Micki Sei26 days ago

    1:34 Where did the black baby come from??

  28. Sliff

    Sliff26 days ago

    I got a fucking Sony TV that costs 3k and broke 2x. They gave me a new one and broke again. I will probably never buy a Sony TV anymore.

  29. minyaksayur

    minyaksayur28 days ago

    The problem with sony is they start making garbage product, my ps one had to be flipped so that the heat is not accumulating in the bottom, and I bought $2000 vaio pc bear in mind this was year 2000, and the vaio totally disappointing, I had to claim warranty 7 times in 3 years, but what is interesting my sony tv is still working in good condition purchased in year 1995, and it has never once break down. Why can't they keep making quality product?

  30. louie gargar

    louie gargarMonth ago

    Sony is much more innovative than Apple and hopefully they'll bounce back. I do hope they'll make The Interview 2.

  31. Peter Walker

    Peter WalkerMonth ago

    What happened to Pye What happened to Astor & AWA What happened to RCA Motorola? The same shit that happens to everyone ... new slave market with a lower exchange rate makes them cheaper, becomes middle class and the business moves on.

  32. Tomi Ajayi-Dopemu

    Tomi Ajayi-DopemuMonth ago

    All they have is playstation... thats what is going on

  33. bjthedjdutchdude1992

    bjthedjdutchdude1992Month ago

    i still have working Sony electronics from 2010. Radio CD/Cassette player (played more then 3000 CDs, still no aging), my Sony vaio laptop (still running), headphone (still hanging on. one speaker broke but i can live with that), Sony portable world radio (only use it in summers), TVs. My mother still has a Sony Bravia that i picked out in 2008. Sony's are great

  34. Peter Walker

    Peter WalkerMonth ago

    My Sony TV, surround sound n and Stuff from 2003 are still going....

  35. Y637 Gaming

    Y637 GamingMonth ago

    Hey Sony wanna rise up? Allow External Assets for Skyrim and Fallout 4 mods!! Pls like👇

  36. ghazi hussain

    ghazi hussainMonth ago

    I dont want sony to die . I want ps4 ongoing line

  37. Tony Faxton

    Tony FaxtonMonth ago

    It's too bad...this video was published in 2017...and a lot worse happened since then for Sony. Just in the first quarter of this year, they recorded the worst net profit for phone division, and they are leaving European market. One of their biggest money maker which was image sensor unit for all the smartphone cameras...is losing battle to Samsung again...Samsung just came out with twice the capacity of Sony image sensor, and Huawei and other brands have announced they will leave Sony to Samsung. I love Sony...this is one brand I grew up with since I was a kid and would hate to see it go down.

  38. Justwantahover

    JustwantahoverMonth ago

    SONY don't make good speakers, their 7.2 plastic tower horn loaded speakers are the WORST (full size) speakers I ever heard. That is without a doubt.

  39. SomeRandom Guy

    SomeRandom GuyMonth ago

    Oh man, give me that 1000fps camera and I'm right there with you Sony, daddy.

  40. michael s

    michael sMonth ago

    Ok,so Sony is just BIG,and needs to trim it down a bit..Make 3 FF and 3 APS_C cameras...Make more VR,games,and educational content...Start developing learning interactive centers like Samsung does,which keeps bringing in fresh,efficient ideas..make some smartphones like they did when it was Sony Erricson,like the P900,instead of what everyone is is doing..kind of a mix between Blackberry and Note devices..

  41. Heru Irawan

    Heru IrawanMonth ago

    japanese always better. watching this vid in my xperia

  42. Craig Schultz

    Craig SchultzMonth ago

    "JVC", "Japanese Victor Group" which was essentially a tie-up between the then Matsushita, now Panasonic, and RCA Victor. What actually killed Beta as the dominant format is a law suit initiated by the entertainment industry, which in part was owned by people who preferred that Beta NOT become the dominant format.

  43. Xbox live is evil.

    Xbox live is evil.Month ago

    sony just posted a 666% rise. 666 that's the nuumber of the devil

  44. Matthew Wynne

    Matthew WynneMonth ago

    I wonder how much headphones came into play with their stagnation? They were always my brand of choice. Then along came Beats by Dre, which were more of a status symbol. Sony still made great headphones but didn't have that trendy factor.

  45. Real.Piece.Of.Work

    Real.Piece.Of.WorkMonth ago

    I love the Experia apart for one thing that stops my from ever owning another one. The volume. When listening to music with headphones on i can still hold a conversation even at full volume, its not good.

  46. Jared Brandt

    Jared BrandtMonth ago

    Necessity is the mother of all inventions; not even tech companies can escape this truth.

  47. stcsuresh

    stcsuresh2 months ago

    Mr Bean @1.45 lolz

  48. Bob Martens

    Bob Martens2 months ago

    Sony lost me when they kept forcing proprietary tech on consumers, the same reason i don't buy into Apple...

  49. Chris Baumgarten

    Chris Baumgarten2 months ago

    Japanese people are skilled and disciplined. I'd still rather pay more for quality Japanese-made electronics. Still lots of Pioneer stereo receivers around from the 1970's that sound better than the crap sold today.

  50. Jip Jackson

    Jip Jackson2 months ago

    Sony has a spot with me. I've got a 8mm camcorder sitting next to me and to look at it and handle it. The thing is AMAZING. Sony were the masters at designing electronics. The amount of buttons, buttons on buttons. It's just an amazing feat of engineering this thing. I'll bet there are a 100 mechanical switches/buttons on this thing that fits in your hand and that is the Sony I remember. I once for my birthday maybe 1984 or so got a sony walkman that I STILL can't find what it was or anything but this thing was beyond. It was probably 10mm larger then the cassette inside, complete geared and zero pulleys. Used those gumstick rechargables...thing blew me away. Unfortunately for a 10 year old it was not able to survive the abuse I put it through it was just to hi-tech. Wished to god I'd have kept it. It was black and I just can't find it anywhere on the internet. I've looked up "smallest walkman" and what comes up is larger then what I had but without proof there is no point debating.

  51. Ilham Kusuma

    Ilham Kusuma2 months ago

    waw amazing video, learn a lot. hope sony will be ok in the future. at some point we must adjust with the world that always changing, and forget about our pride in the past. this is survival mode guys.

  52. Tes Ste

    Tes Ste2 months ago

    - what is happens - get involved into NWO - have forgot about public consumers have them connected with actors (anyone james bond movie new phone) - and the public is not actors, gone ~ no more james bond movies no phones ~ and now is toyota busy to be down - because most of world want car and they made carton network design based cars also honda ~ once down or company closed - exist it not more ~ uswork.info/videos/RzD-64Vkk2E-video.html - is never happens - exist not, not a family not a names everything staged for you just like most of wars terrorism etc etc (invented family for case) ~ sinhzo abe and his jaxa and theirs NWO

  53. Mike Hurt

    Mike Hurt2 months ago

    Samsung pretty much took over Sony's place as the top of Tvs and general eletrontics

  54. Jimmy Lopez

    Jimmy Lopez2 months ago

    Sony depends on the Playstation...and they are perfectly fine

  55. Taylan Demir

    Taylan Demir2 months ago

    Uhhh mark my words the playstation 5 will be there last console. Google or amazon will replace Sony. Stadia is a big danger for sony. MS has the xcloud. Nintendo is doing there own thing and will be fine. I truelly fear that the days of the PlayStation are numbered. Sorry for my bad English bytheway 😉

  56. Dahmen Piotraschke

    Dahmen Piotraschke2 months ago

    same as Panasonic, which still today makes the top rated TVs...as well as Sony...but now the technology is everywhere..and the cheapest prices win out. LG and Samsung are in their own high , with China right on their heels..Sony Playstation and their top notch cameras, must diversify.

  57. Mike Hurt

    Mike Hurt2 months ago

    The problem now Sony has with tvs and stuff is people don't care to pay the premium price of Sony products when you could get a Vizio which not as good but still good quality for half the price

  58. MJs Smile

    MJs Smile2 months ago

    it is ALL THAT BAD...sony is cabal owned, they spy on you through ALL their products..just look at their 666% increase. They control and STEAL from all the music artists but didn't see Michael Jackson coming or see his brilliance for negotiation..before they knew it...Michael owned half the company....that is when they decided to smear campaign him as a pedo..which he is NOT.....what has happened and IS happening to Sony >> Michael Jackson, YES he IS alive...so sit back and watch Sony be brought to their knees...how long has Michael been "dead" >> 10 years

  59. Talsha Yar

    Talsha Yar2 months ago


  60. the Patriot

    the Patriot2 months ago

    I love Sony and I wish that they will win against all the other companies because they are still the best !!!

  61. surferdjnj

    surferdjnj2 months ago

    Japanese electronics were awesome. Build well and just worked!! Sony music however is pure evil, fucking up many artists lives. Remember when Prince started his symbol instead? Yeah, that was because of Sony Music.

  62. Bob Bin

    Bob Bin2 months ago

    No mention of play station 2 slim in ps2