AL Cy Young winner and Astros pitcher Justin Verlander's best pitches of 2019

Check out some of the best pitches from Astros pitcher Justin Verlander from the 2019 season, where he came home with the 2019 AL Cy Young winner!
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    GLENN CHEN5 hours ago

    As much as I hear the comments about Astros cheating stuff, I really hope they can come back in 2020 to win a title to prove everyone that they are the best team in the league without cheating (And before we know what happen exactly, don't make the conclusion that early). Come on Astros! I don't like you guys, I don't hate you guys, I just want you guys to smash those haters like what you guys can do to the baseball.

  2. Michael Reed

    Michael Reed14 days ago

    Verlander looks like a mouse,Lol, seriously.

  3. Michael Reed

    Michael Reed14 days ago

    When is MLB going to give there decision on the Astros penalties?,it should be firm and brisk hurry up already, this type of stuff shouldn't be dragged out.

  4. Andrew M

    Andrew M19 days ago

    You'll always be remembered as a cheater! Ha!

  5. Andrew M

    Andrew M19 days ago

    Cheater! You're nothing

  6. johnny chiou

    johnny chiou18 days ago

    @Flitez Ok! Let us ignore "wins". But who could beat a guy with 2.58 ERA, 300 K, 0.80 WHIP, and 223.0 IP in AL CYA this year?

  7. Flitez

    Flitez18 days ago

    johnny chiou He wouldn’t have won it if the Astros lost games. But their cameras helped them.

  8. johnny chiou

    johnny chiou19 days ago

    @Andrew M But 223 IP, 2.58 ERA and 300 K are real.

  9. Andrew M

    Andrew M19 days ago

    @johnny chiou gave him more wins

  10. johnny chiou

    johnny chiou19 days ago

    I know the batters cheated. But how did a pitcher cheat with that camera?

  11. ItMightGetMessy

    ItMightGetMessy19 days ago

    Strip him of that title. Think about it, without his team cheating, those games he wins become losses. It doesn't matter how good of a pitcher you are if your team can't score runs. Alot of these wins came from his team cheating, not his pitching.

  12. ItMightGetMessy

    ItMightGetMessy18 days ago

    @Flitez yea, it's really a disgrace. A pitcher of his skill level being part of something like this. Way to kiss his chance at the hall of fame good bye. Hopefully every player who was involved gets banned from baseball.

  13. Flitez

    Flitez18 days ago

    ItMightGetMessy I’m trying to tell everyone this. But they weren’t thinking...

  14. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith21 day ago

    Verlander beat him in all sabametrics. WHIP, H/9, K/BB. Plus the no hitter. The no hitter was deciding factor. Plus 2nd best WHIP in over 100 years

  15. Ruben Montoya

    Ruben Montoya21 day ago


  16. johnny chiou

    johnny chiou19 days ago

    I know the batters cheated. But how did a pitcher cheat with that camera?

  17. Zach Lee

    Zach Lee22 days ago

    All y’all really think that a camera which helps them on offense affects him on defence

  18. Flitez

    Flitez18 days ago

    Zach Lee It does. Win and loss count. Wins and losses help determine the Cy Young.

  19. David Mccasland

    David Mccasland21 day ago

    Zach Lee yes it does

  20. Jaylen Patel

    Jaylen Patel22 days ago

    I support Verlander alone but I would never support the cheating trashtros. You could reply by saying I’m a biased dodger fan and I have no problem with that because you’re right.

  21. Retro Tony

    Retro Tony22 days ago

    If other teams had the same cheating system as the Astros, would Verlander even had a chance of Cy Young? Verlander was quick to call out other players for bullshit in the past and yet he’s been silent. He doesn’t deserve this award. Bullshit!!!!!!!!

  22. Andrew Lambert

    Andrew Lambert22 days ago

    Right, cause being backed by runs has nothing to do with how well you pitch. Ffs

  23. DogeOf Canada

    DogeOf Canada23 days ago

    As giraffeneckmarc would say he’s like a fine wine

  24. ken wesaw

    ken wesaw23 days ago

    As a tiger fan I could have told you verlander is a great regular season pitcher in the post season not so much

  25. 둥글레TV

    둥글레TV23 days ago


  26. Sal Velasquez

    Sal Velasquez23 days ago


  27. Jim Fromearth

    Jim Fromearth24 days ago

    It’s ironic that all these guys won these awards 🏆but there team didn’t win the World Series?

  28. Hector Camacho

    Hector Camacho24 days ago

    IF he would OF pitched like THAT IN THA WORLD SERIES. BUT he Deserves IT!! AWWREADY⚾🔥💯

  29. Cubefarmer Hkc

    Cubefarmer Hkc24 days ago

    I’m a fan of verlander, but he didn’t deserve it this year.

  30. Kreeeve

    Kreeeve24 days ago

    He’s as trash as the drums his team used to cheat.

  31. Jack Cade

    Jack Cade24 days ago

    This should be at least his third maybe his fourth CY.

  32. 피카츄

    피카츄23 days ago

    @Jonathan T ?

  33. Jonathan T

    Jonathan T23 days ago


  34. 피카츄

    피카츄23 days ago

    yes. 2012, 2016, 2018. especially 2016

  35. MNM Productions

    MNM Productions24 days ago

    I don’t get it. If Gerrit Cole led the AL in ERA and SO then why didn’t he win?

  36. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith18 days ago

    ItMightGetMessy your an idiot. He struck out 300 and had a 2.58 ERA. That’s usually a 20 win season for anyone. He’s been doing this for 15 years

  37. ItMightGetMessy

    ItMightGetMessy18 days ago

    @Joe Smith if only he wasn't part of the Cheating Astros. He doesn't deserve that title. His team cheating contributed to his wins. Not his pitching. Without his team cheating, he probably wins alot less games. Doesn't matter how good you pitch if your team can't score runs...

  38. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith21 day ago

    MNM Productions verlander beat him in wins, innings, WHIP, H/9, K/BB. 2nd best WHIP in 100 years and the no hitter. Case closed

  39. Sean Bavis

    Sean Bavis24 days ago

    Probably because of his no-hitter

  40. JN336

    JN33624 days ago

    Cole got robbed

  41. Veterinarius

    Veterinarius24 days ago

    Cheater wins Cy Young

  42. Mr. K.N

    Mr. K.N24 days ago

    I love Verlander, one of the best pitchers ever, but I cant forgive dishonest batters who cheated in 2017 season and ironically they contributed to his wins.

  43. HIRO/ヒロ

    HIRO/ヒロ25 days ago


  44. Jesse Mac

    Jesse Mac23 days ago

    I agree ☝️

  45. HIRO/ヒロ

    HIRO/ヒロ25 days ago


  46. Avocado Fam

    Avocado Fam25 days ago

    Legitimately probably cheating.

  47. ZeRro MaRvIn

    ZeRro MaRvIn21 day ago

    Bro its only with batting and probably your a Yankees or Dodgers fan

  48. A Reynoso

    A Reynoso25 days ago


  49. David Rosales

    David Rosales25 days ago

    ASTROS 😎 👍

  50. Drum Head

    Drum Head25 days ago

    Astros are cheaters

  51. Jim Fromearth

    Jim Fromearth25 days ago

    Verlander buckles under pressure. Especially when it comes to the big games.😛

  52. 피카츄

    피카츄23 days ago

    @the man exactly bro... many people don't know how cy young award voting is calculated... they are just dumb..

  53. Ricky Burk

    Ricky Burk25 days ago

    Cole struck out 326 sooo

  54. the man

    the man25 days ago

    @Avocado Fam postseason stats have nothing to do with the Cy Young though, and Verlander had a tremendous season

  55. Avocado Fam

    Avocado Fam25 days ago

    @the man 0-6 in the World Series.

  56. the man

    the man25 days ago

    Yeah that's why he struck out 300 batters this year, and has thrown 3 career no-hitters

  57. David Ragosa

    David Ragosa25 days ago


  58. David Ragosa

    David Ragosa25 days ago

    I am not mad it’s annoying how when you look up on google you still see the astros have 1 World Series win

  59. the man

    the man25 days ago


  60. Cynthionic

    Cynthionic25 days ago

    @sirdorkster true but this guy doesn't care about that hes just mad his team lost to them :L

  61. sirdorkster

    sirdorkster25 days ago

    @Cynthionic The Houston Asterisks cheated. It's clear as the sky is blue.

  62. Cynthionic

    Cynthionic25 days ago

    Lmao you have a yankee picture, i can understand wanting the league to condemn cheating but your literally just mad they beat you

  63. Samuel A

    Samuel A25 days ago

    Huh. Why didn't Cole win??? Doesn't make sense

  64. the man

    the man25 days ago

    That no-hitter in Toronto was an amazing game

  65. Luis Cavazos

    Luis Cavazos25 days ago

    Okay has anyone provided any kind of proof that the Astros actually cheated? All I am hearing now is he said / she said. Because if the Astros were truly cheating why in the 2019 World Series did the Astros LOSE all their home games and WIN all the road games?

  66. iamhungey12345

    iamhungey1234524 days ago

    @Boxed Kind of naive.

  67. sirdorkster

    sirdorkster25 days ago

    @Boxed They cheated during Game 7 vs Max Scherzer:

  68. Boxed

    Boxed25 days ago

    They're being accused of cheating only in 2017

  69. Alexander Sandoval

    Alexander Sandoval25 days ago

    Cole was better. And the astros are cheaters

  70. johnny chiou

    johnny chiou19 days ago

    Cole was also a cheater, too.

  71. katia carballo

    katia carballo25 days ago

    Verlander is trash

  72. Redbug 3

    Redbug 325 days ago

    He is one of the Top 10 Pitchers at the moment.

  73. The Saminater

    The Saminater25 days ago

    lol no

  74. Gary A

    Gary A25 days ago

    Another one who benefited from cheating. 👎

  75. iamhungey12345

    iamhungey1234524 days ago

    @Mr HR8 Run support can contribute to his win totals. Doesn't change that his pitching is legit but the run support he had gotten, it makes you wonder.

  76. Gary A

    Gary A25 days ago

    Mr HR8 yessir. The team did.

  77. Mr HR8

    Mr HR825 days ago

    Gary A, but, IF they did, did Justin Verlander benifit from it?

  78. T Walker

    T Walker25 days ago

    The camera has the highest slugging percentage.

  79. Flitez

    Flitez18 days ago

    johnny chiou Slugging percentage is a batting stat. Not a pitching stat. 🤦‍♂️

  80. Flitez

    Flitez18 days ago

    Grover Bowie This day, I saw a scammer comment!

  81. johnny chiou

    johnny chiou24 days ago

    I know the batters cheated. But how did a pitcher cheat with that camera?

  82. Joseph Veeck

    Joseph Veeck25 days ago

    You cheated... Don't act like your innocent

  83. iamhungey12345

    iamhungey1234524 days ago

    @Joseph Veeck Doesn't really excuse your opening post even if you're trying to brush it off.

  84. FaCk YOU

    FaCk YOU24 days ago

    @johnny chiou exaclty... Pitchers only benefited with a winning record... From a cheating offense... Doesnt take away throwing the ball.

  85. johnny chiou

    johnny chiou24 days ago

    I know the batters cheated. But how did a pitcher cheat with that camera?

  86. Joseph Veeck

    Joseph Veeck24 days ago

    @FaCk YOU what ever

  87. FaCk YOU

    FaCk YOU24 days ago

    @Joseph Veeck you said "You"