J.R. Smith's NBA Finals blunder deserves a deep rewind | Warriors vs Cavaliers 2018


  1. terence w

    terence w14 minutes ago

    the play that sent LBJ packing

  2. Ryan Pascual

    Ryan Pascual6 hours ago

    Not sure if youve done it but I think Kobe’s alley oop to shaq in the 2000 WCF deserves a deep rewind. If the lakers don’t win that game then they likely break up that team in the off season and Scottie Pippen and Steve Smith legacies are much different.

  3. Terrence PERKINS

    Terrence PERKINS7 hours ago

    Jr .. can dunk but he akways been trash

  4. Brandon Lee

    Brandon LeeDay ago

    Lowkey jr. was bout to heave it at the wrong basket at half court.

  5. IvanTheNorse

    IvanTheNorse2 days ago

    As someone who doesn't know a lot about NBA rules, couldn't one of his teammates or the coach have just called the timeout instead?

  6. Clutch28

    Clutch283 days ago

    Bad basketball iq....you don't say JR

  7. Elann Suvat

    Elann Suvat5 days ago

    I am willing to overlook his lack of judgement and unawareness, but his shooting was abysmal. And this is coming from someone who was rooting for Smith (to change).

  8. Elann Suvat

    Elann Suvat5 days ago

    I truly felt that had Cavs won Game 1 without JR's error, this series would have went on to at least Game 6. This win would have built momentum for the Cavs and give the Warriors a run for championship. After JR's blunder, and Game 1 loss, they completely gave up. One could also place the blame on George Hill for missing the second free throw. But what do I know.

  9. TheVisigoth

    TheVisigoth8 days ago

    Meaningless play. Crybaby James is just thankful he can use JR as a scapegoat for yet another chokejob.

  10. Anand Davaasuren

    Anand Davaasuren9 days ago

    what an annoying commentator stupid clapping etc.

  11. Los Trem

    Los Trem9 days ago

    If JR got to hit Rihanna though I think he's winning.

  12. Los Trem

    Los Trem9 days ago

    Hahaha. Loves this guys humor.

  13. Link Chan

    Link Chan10 days ago

    Once a Champion, always a Champion! :)

  14. TheCavsJack

    TheCavsJack10 days ago

    this just hurts

  15. ThAz Ryder

    ThAz Ryder12 days ago

    That conclusion could have been better... like what happened after or what was said to justify the blunder... Instead of 5 minutes of season recapping.

  16. k22

    k2212 days ago

    Do a rewind on Scottie Pippen shutting down Magic in the finals.

  17. Anthony King

    Anthony King13 days ago

    The commentary loved it lol

  18. PeezyDaBeatMonster

    PeezyDaBeatMonster13 days ago

    Lol what happemed to lebron in game 2 , 3, and 4 ?? 😂😂😂

  19. Athens_1 PSVR

    Athens_1 PSVR14 days ago

    What about the camera angle showing LeBron calling for the ball near half court and once defended telling Smith to pass to the corner? Not shot it or call timeout.

  20. reggie furlow

    reggie furlow14 days ago

    Durant joining the warriors was the most punk ass decision ever in my opinion

  21. Lavache Beadsman

    Lavache Beadsman14 days ago

    In fairness to the Cavs, anyone else see that lane violation by whoever it is on the low block (I think Draymond?). He was in the paint way before the shot was released--shoulda been a dead ball.

  22. Jeremy Cardona

    Jeremy Cardona15 days ago

    super bowl 42

  23. A Jan

    A Jan15 days ago

    Ah I remmember this one, and they have timeout. But they don't called it... gg.

  24. Kaque Burlington

    Kaque Burlington18 days ago

    You need to fast forward 30 minutes to see LeBron storm out of the post game press conference with his purse 👜

  25. B. Weatherspoon

    B. Weatherspoon18 days ago

    "That's what we call...a good decision" 😂

  26. King Cazh

    King Cazh19 days ago

    y’all should do a collapse video on the lakers

  27. Nig ger

    Nig ger19 days ago

    add rain a gay noob

  28. PUNISHER _winz

    PUNISHER _winz20 days ago


  29. sterling gray

    sterling gray23 days ago

    I almost cant watch this one.makes me sick I was screaming at the tv.jr can never live this down

  30. B Sweeney

    B Sweeney23 days ago

    0:06 draymond clearly stepped into the lane before the ball was released. i’m sorry but shouldn’t nba players know the rules the best and the refs should be the hardest on them? that is a blatant lane violation and he shouldn’t be able to get away with that

  31. Velocity Bluedoes2

    Velocity Bluedoes224 days ago

    *the day after* J.R. Smith’s bank account gains 2M dollars after dumb play

  32. Magnús Heimir Jónasson

    Magnús Heimir Jónasson27 days ago

    Steph Curry's halfcourt game winner v.s OKC deserves a rewind

  33. Mike S

    Mike S27 days ago

    Hill still missed the free throw, which is the easiest shot in basketball and would've probably won them the game

  34. A R

    A R27 days ago

    I am really so happy kevin durant got hurt

  35. DJ Tommy C.

    DJ Tommy C.27 days ago

    Damn 354 days later. Savage.

  36. bob jimmy

    bob jimmy28 days ago

    Wait klays dad is David Thompson not Michael Thompson

  37. Moises Rosario

    Moises Rosario28 days ago

    Let me get this so “A Knicks Team that Rely on him” yes this was the Second Option behind Melo for the Knicks and they say Melo is the bad guy. Melo: 27PPG. Second Option(Most of the Time was J.R) less than 15PPG.

  38. Breeze

    Breeze29 days ago

    And they say millionaires are useful for society. That milionaires deserve their millions jeez...here is a prime example. What an idiot.

  39. Brady Harrison

    Brady HarrisonMonth ago

    2016 still looks rigged to me. I don’t have a dog in the fight but the officiating sucked.

  40. Jacobslaughter1993

    Jacobslaughter1993Month ago


  41. Ray Crux

    Ray CruxMonth ago

    LeBron DOMINATED this game, what a waste

  42. ryan zamarra

    ryan zamarraMonth ago

    I met jr when he was on the knicks he lived in my apartment building and every time we saw him he was with a different girl but yet he was married

  43. Tyrone Norwood Jr

    Tyrone Norwood JrMonth ago

    No team with Lebron James can truly be the underdogs in the finals......... 3-6

  44. iSmokeRockz

    iSmokeRockzMonth ago

    And everyone thought he was super cool for doing so lmao that made me laugh

  45. Will Herman

    Will HermanMonth ago

    "... the best Team in NBA History..." Yeah, except... they aren't. Nope. Sorry to disappoint all of the Warriors fans, but they lost any claim to that title the exact moment they lost in the Finals. Especially they WAY they lost. Nope. 1996 Bulls. Forever.

  46. RJ Macready

    RJ MacreadyMonth ago


  47. C MayR

    C MayRMonth ago

    You guys got it wrong; he did those in purpose because he accepted payments from the opposite side

  48. ADEPT ninja

    ADEPT ninjaMonth ago

    Have comments been disabled for this video?

  49. Mark Jones

    Mark JonesMonth ago

    that foul was on hill

  50. John Ichie

    John IchieMonth ago

    This is just hilarious. Jr..my goodness.

  51. Keith Ford

    Keith FordMonth ago

    @10:31 Lebron travel... Should have never even got the khance* 4 free throws

  52. davewah3

    davewah3Month ago

    Not really.

  53. Why Bee McNoMistake

    Why Bee McNoMistakeMonth ago

    The Top 5 significant NBA relocations: 5- 1979: the Jazz relocate from New Orleans to Utah 4- 1984: the Clippers relocate from San Diego to LA. 3- 2001: The Grizzlies relocate from Vancouver to Memphis. 2- 2008:The Supersonics relocate from Seattle to OKC. 1- 2018: The JR Smith relocates LBJ from Cleveland to LA.

  54. Brian Lara

    Brian LaraMonth ago

    I almost stopped watching with the cleveland nut hugging. Forgot to mention the commisioner interfering in the finals.

  55. H Eck

    H EckMonth ago

    Splash bros? More like *Mulatto bros*

  56. smileybone3010

    smileybone3010Month ago

    How about we avoid this whole thing by 11 year veteran guard George Hill making a free throw? It's not like Shaq or Dwight Howard were on the line.

  57. xbigxburritoxboi

    xbigxburritoxboiMonth ago

    I miss Lebron ☹️

  58. O.G. John Doe

    O.G. John DoeMonth ago

    🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ bruh KD and Westbrook had them down 3 to 1 and KD joins them 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ I still can't believe it.

  59. isuckatlife cyka blyat

    isuckatlife cyka blyatMonth ago

    nba 2018 finals: cavs vs jr smith

  60. Nati Reds

    Nati RedsMonth ago

    Still crossed the line before free throw was put up. SmH til this day

  61. Queen A.G.

    Queen A.G.Month ago

    dawgpound 4life right

  62. Matthew Rusinyak

    Matthew RusinyakMonth ago

    This is a video jeez 🔥

  63. Russel Jao

    Russel JaoMonth ago

    Wow, I've never seen Klay and Durant move faster after the JR rebound. Those dudes are amazing!

  64. Panzerkampfwagen 1

    Panzerkampfwagen 1Month ago

    Lol why is javale McGee the poster boy of shaqtin a fool

  65. nicc

    niccMonth ago

    At 0:41 is that a lane violation by draymond? Or do they play by the second line in the paint

  66. Classified Chappy

    Classified ChappyMonth ago

    Man JR Smith is awful

  67. OfficialBudha 6ix

    OfficialBudha 6ixMonth ago

    To be fair to J.R, how doesn't the best player in the world know they have 1 T.O remaining??

  68. Alecsander Hamilton

    Alecsander HamiltonMonth ago

    I hope Lebrun wins 6 rings before retirement, to AD and Cousins, that should be the goal because that’s their claim to fame at this point. They can even be better players than him just help him threepeat once so the debate really gets hairsplitty

  69. Gekkouga

    GekkougaMonth ago

    I miss JR in a knicks jersey when he was actually good

  70. Patrick Northern

    Patrick NorthernMonth ago

    Cavs would of lost regardless

  71. Scott Wyllie

    Scott WyllieMonth ago

    That dig on the Knicks was lovely.

  72. Christian Cayabyab

    Christian CayabyabMonth ago

    3:31 Durant: "If you can't beat em, join em"

  73. AyoitsTasmin

    AyoitsTasminMonth ago

    Im sorry but literally no one in their right mind thought this game was going to be close.

  74. YungBusta _

    YungBusta _Month ago

    Clip : is like 15 seconds long. SB Nation : Imma make a 12 minute video

  75. Heart of a sword

    Heart of a swordMonth ago

    Why didn’t you mention Green’s suspension in game 5 and Bogut and Iguodala’s injury? You’re so bias dude. Another Lebron Dickrider

  76. Oliver Galvin

    Oliver GalvinMonth ago

    I think I’m the only person who knows Purdue cause my brother and his wife both attended Purdue hahahahah

  77. Rick Bennett

    Rick BennettMonth ago

    "And JR Smith went on to become the greatest basketball player who ever lived."

  78. Static Surfer

    Static SurferMonth ago

    JR killed the Cavs dynasty : D

  79. Static Surfer

    Static SurferMonth ago

    @Steven Cravens Thanks to JR

  80. Steven Cravens

    Steven CravensMonth ago

    Static Surfer not a dynasty

  81. hawks

    hawksMonth ago

    3:32 'the best team in NBA history' what about the 1995-96 Bull's

  82. C9_Revelator

    C9_RevelatorMonth ago

    I just started the video but I hope they bring up the game against twolves earlier in the season, closing seconds, lebron comes up with a huge block, jr gets the ball n almost immediately calls timeout, then they get the ball to lebron with about a second left, who hits the game winner. It’s a very similar situation, except in the finals jr had more time to think n understand the situation cuz it was a free throw instead of a block. Jus blows me away, unless sometimes the league needs players to blow it if the refs haven’t controlled the game well enough.

  83. evexlyn

    evexlynMonth ago

    This was so well done

  84. Noobmaster

    NoobmasterMonth ago

    Damn you actually did it