How the Jets crashed and burned after back-to-back AFC Championship appearances


  1. SB Nation

    SB Nation26 days ago

    I'd like to wish everyone a happy Collapse day. Comment below with what episodes you want to see next and why. The more masochistic the better.

  2. Kevin Brennan

    Kevin Brennan2 hours ago

    As much as it pains me, you all should do a collapse on the 2000s Tigers team and their ALMOST series wins and horrifying collapse to become what is now the worst team in the MLB....again.

  3. Kayleigh Lehrman

    Kayleigh Lehrman4 days ago

    Tiger Woods' fall from grace would be fun to see. Even though he's made quite the comeback, when he fell he fell **hard**

  4. johnstjohn1987

    johnstjohn19876 days ago

    We want more EPISODES!

  5. David Nkrumah

    David Nkrumah8 days ago

    Do a Dwight Howard career collapse; great start to career and now no one knows where he is

  6. Kevin Brennan

    Kevin Brennan2 hours ago

    As much as it pains me, you all should do a collapse on the 2000s Tigers team and their ALMOST series wins and horrifying collapse to become what is now the worst team in the MLB....again.

  7. MacDaddy635

    MacDaddy63516 hours ago

    OKC’s collapse after the 2012 Finals

  8. Tone Of Tones

    Tone Of TonesDay ago

    Can you guys do a video on the Orioles success run from 2012-2017 and how they fell back to irrelevancy

  9. barneyy ruizzy

    barneyy ruizzyDay ago

    Do the Oklahoma city thunder after the 2012 nba finals

  10. Culbjay

    Culbjay2 days ago

    The next one should be about the San Antonio Spurs

  11. Juan Roca

    Juan Roca2 days ago

    All Rex had to do Vs Pitt was run the Football ..

  12. Juan Roca

    Juan Roca2 days ago

    It's crashed because, Jets didn't keep Farve and Jones RB, and Edwards WR.. even though adding LT.. also ops I forgot they didn't keep FanecaOL.. silly GM moves ...

  13. hayden guenther

    hayden guenther3 days ago

    Y’all should do the collapse of the San Diego Chargers after 1994 Super Bowl appearance to drafting the biggest bust of all time in 1998

  14. Andrew

    Andrew3 days ago

    Rex Ryan was also a key interview in Jim Rome's Rex streak of Feb/Mar 2009.

  15. SQUAD 50

    SQUAD 503 days ago

    The title is a 9/11 joke if u read out loud

  16. Christopher

    Christopher4 days ago

    Is it too early to ask for a Collapse video on the Golden State Warriors. You'll have to wait for the team to fall apart during free agency for most of the footage. But y'all might as well start writing the episode right now.

  17. Tristian Mason

    Tristian Mason4 days ago

    Do a collapse on the Sacramento Kings

  18. Thequickzcoper Baller

    Thequickzcoper Baller5 days ago

    This video hurt me

  19. AlexTheBoss

    AlexTheBoss5 days ago

    Do the San Francisco Giants next

  20. Michael Valdez

    Michael Valdez5 days ago

    I have a feeling this guy is a jets fan lol

  21. The Big Fudge

    The Big Fudge5 days ago

    A fun callopse to do would be the Ravens after their Superbowl

  22. Raymond Chu

    Raymond Chu5 days ago

    13:05 Why I am not surprised??!?!!!??!!!? Of course the Steelers would lose to the Jets. Comparable to Geno Smith’s consistency (i.e., losing six straight games), the Steelers have consistently played down to their opponent’s level. #ChangMyMind #OMG #UrinatingTree #**** You Spanos

  23. Aidan Horgan

    Aidan Horgan5 days ago

    The sf giants

  24. P Pumpkin

    P Pumpkin6 days ago


  25. Leocap619

    Leocap6196 days ago

    I’m proud to know I was at the game where geno took over

  26. Jv Villarreal

    Jv Villarreal6 days ago


  27. TJ Brown

    TJ Brown6 days ago

    I'd suggest doing the collapse of either: A) The Lakers post-Kobe's back-to-back 2009-10 titles B) The Suns Post-Steve Nash/Stoudamire/D'Antoni era of the mid 2000s Or C) The post-Elway era Denver Broncos

  28. Matthew Newtown

    Matthew Newtown6 days ago

    As a jets fan i could not watch this whole video.. too sad

  29. D Z

    D Z6 days ago

    Sanchez is the only QB to beat Brady , manning and rivers

  30. rob mush

    rob mush7 days ago

    To a video on the collapse of NASCAR.

  31. VolcanicAsh

    VolcanicAsh7 days ago

    Do the royals after 2015

  32. Boss Killa

    Boss Killa7 days ago

    Very poor choice of words

  33. thecommish1976

    thecommish19767 days ago

    The Jets ruined Sanchez. He could play, he did some stupid plays, but they did not help him at all with additional talent in the skill positions. They threw him under the bus and the buttfumble became too much for him to overcome. Watch the AFC Championship Game against Pittsburgh again. The reason the Steelers passed on third down to seal the game was because they did not want Sanchez to get the ball back as he was heating up. Rex backed up his talk those first two seasons, but kept believing his boasts long after the team was nowhere near a playoff contender. I am not sure if we will ever see a quarterback win his first four road playoff games in his first two seasons again.

  34. McMacMilk McMacSauce

    McMacMilk McMacSauce8 days ago

    “A corner touchdown throw to Santionio Holmes” where have i heard that before?

  35. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith8 days ago


  36. M&AWalker

    M&AWalker9 days ago

    Do the collapse of the Denver Broncos

  37. Reggie James

    Reggie James9 days ago

    They shouldn't have. LOL... the speakers presentation and delivery is stellar. Keep it up.

  38. Jeff Araujo

    Jeff Araujo9 days ago

    As a pats fan I hate the Jets especially there fans and Rex I was Soo happy when they lost. J.E.T.S SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!!! LMFAO 😂 LOSERS!!!

  39. Matthew Maney

    Matthew Maney10 days ago

    Could you make an episode about the collapse of the Seahawk’s Legion of Boom?

  40. man united fan

    man united fan11 days ago

    Do Manchester United's collapse.

  41. Clutch28

    Clutch2812 days ago

    Jets failures always make me smile.

  42. Rodney Knight

    Rodney Knight12 days ago

    @SB Nation you should do a collapse episode on the Cowboys after winning Super Bowl 30. We totally fell off after that win and I would like to hear you guys talk about it

  43. Pa Slot Player

    Pa Slot Player12 days ago

    I spend millions on a QB. No way he's going out there behind the scrub O Line. They were benching Starters in pre season. Leave it to "We All Know Who" to go their own way. How did that work out again?

  44. Brock Mak

    Brock Mak12 days ago

    #NextEpisode: How the Seahawks collapsed after being one play away from winning back-to-back Super Bowls.

  45. Hanzo Zer0

    Hanzo Zer012 days ago

    Can you do Kansas City Royals?

  46. Kenshi BigGay

    Kenshi BigGay13 days ago

    Islanders during the 80s

  47. Georgie Is MGTOW

    Georgie Is MGTOW13 days ago

    The jets are cursed by Broadway Joe. When he dies they’ll become consistently competitive again and win a super bowl or two.


    BIG DOG SURF VLOG13 days ago

    The Jets. Lol

  49. Phinal Flash #FireCleteBlakeman

    Phinal Flash #FireCleteBlakeman13 days ago

    I don't think I've ever heard so much swearing from this channel before lol.

  50. PatsFan89

    PatsFan8913 days ago

    It’s always nice to go through Jets misery ! Go Pats!

  51. Michael Hemmerle

    Michael Hemmerle13 days ago

    Talk about the collapse of the Orlando Magic after they went to the finals in the 90s

  52. Jack Brittle

    Jack Brittle13 days ago

    Do the Leafs after their last Stanley Cup in 1967. You could probably do an hour long episode on the whole Harold Ballard era lol

  53. 可iiGold

    可iiGold14 days ago

    What if the Jets made it to the playoffs in 2015? :o

  54. Maik

    Maik14 days ago

    Please don’t ever use this music again

  55. Thomas Covey

    Thomas Covey14 days ago

    KC royals after 2015 or the gaints after 2014

  56. Jordan Sharif

    Jordan Sharif14 days ago

    can the next one be on the post Peyton Manning Broncos

  57. FSE

    FSE15 days ago

    How the Patriots accidentally started a dynasty through their collapse

  58. Hanzo Zer0

    Hanzo Zer015 days ago

    As a Jets fan, it hurt to sit through this. Also as a Jets fan, I will cheer for them, until my casket dips.

  59. James Buccola

    James Buccola15 days ago

    Should've done anything possible to keep Favre and Thomas Jones. Ryan rode Mangini's team until he dismantled them and fell apart.

  60. GangstaFish

    GangstaFish15 days ago

    Didn't fumble against the Titans that was just a shitty snap I can't blame Sanchez for that

  61. Colly Urdan

    Colly Urdan15 days ago

    Next you should do the collapse of raptors talking smack after game 2 of the finals

  62. Aaron Redman

    Aaron Redman15 days ago

    Read what McElroy said about his Jets teammates during his time there. It ain't pretty:

  63. vetoland92

    vetoland9215 days ago

    7:53 Tirico savage af for this 😂😂😂

  64. james fevelo

    james fevelo16 days ago

    Do a series called rise (teams that were bad that became good)

  65. Michael Daly

    Michael Daly16 days ago

    You make it sound like drafting Odell Beckham Jr. would have helped the Jets. He hasn't helped ANYONE.

  66. Michael Daly

    Michael Daly16 days ago

    The key was Mark Sanchez was never as good as he fooled people into thinking he was, Rex Ryan is an undisciplined coach who enables freelancing and sloppiness, and the Jets have never figured out any answers.

  67. Michael Stevens

    Michael Stevens16 days ago

    ...maybe that is why the Jets will NEVER win another SB. Blame Joe Namath, I guess?

  68. Dix Winger

    Dix Winger17 days ago

    J e t s jets jets jets S u c k suck suck suck

  69. Kyle R

    Kyle R17 days ago

    San Francisco 49ers and how they completely disintegrated in pretty much one year

  70. pedro gates

    pedro gates17 days ago

    Instead of getting another weapon for Sanchez to throw the ball to we traded for Tim Tebow 🤦🏾‍♂️

  71. John Rotuno

    John Rotuno15 days ago

    That was mystifying. WHO gives up draft picks for Tim Tebow!?!

  72. Sean Williams

    Sean Williams17 days ago

    JETS are a piece of trash

  73. Sean Williams

    Sean Williams17 days ago

    course, Revis won a Ring with the Patriots. GO Patriots

  74. Taylor Gibson

    Taylor Gibson17 days ago

    As an Ottawa Senators fan, it would hurt a Collapse video on the 2017 Ottawa Senators

  75. AshGreninja1819

    AshGreninja181917 days ago

    The jets pulled those 2 seasons out of their ass tbh

  76. Incog Negro

    Incog Negro17 days ago

    As a jets fan, this hurts to watch smfh

  77. Monity

    Monity17 days ago

    this may be stupid, but at 4:23, can you hold somebody down like that?

  78. Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller18 days ago

    The 2012 OKC Thunder, or the Tigers team that sported 5 Cy Young Award Pitchers

  79. Jedel

    Jedel18 days ago

    " fireman ed retired In the middle of the game " 😂😂😂

  80. WillJM81280

    WillJM8128018 days ago

    Rex was always all bark and no bite. No one thought he’d win it all. He should have eaten a few less sandwiches and stopped yapping about things he couldn’t make happen.

  81. eddodde

    eddodde18 days ago

    Do one on the 49ers how they went to a SUPERBOWL then it all fell apart

  82. Nehemiah Sanders

    Nehemiah Sanders18 days ago

    Wait I thought the patriots went to the super bowl in 2011

  83. Nehemiah Sanders

    Nehemiah Sanders18 days ago

    Marcus Reed ohhh ok thanks for telling me I was so confused 🤷‍♂️

  84. Marcus Reed

    Marcus Reed18 days ago

    2011-12 season....they lost to the jets in the 2010-11 season

  85. bigbabyzubas

    bigbabyzubas18 days ago

    I had high hopes for Rex Ryan.

  86. Uncle Rico

    Uncle Rico18 days ago

    Darnold Save Us!!!

  87. Maxwell Hulett

    Maxwell Hulett18 days ago

    1999-2003 New York Mets

  88. Soham Sorathia

    Soham Sorathia19 days ago

    Broncos collapse after 2015?

  89. tom d

    tom d19 days ago

    Is there anything better than laughing at the jets? Amiright

  90. tom d

    tom d19 days ago

    Plaxico = Chedda Bob

  91. Tejas Shah

    Tejas Shah19 days ago

    Them losing to my Chargers was the most WTF moment ever. I have mad respect for Rex honestly. For him to beat us with Mark Sanchez should say something about him as a coach. Funny when the Chargers played the Jets again, he causally said he would win 2 rings with us at a minimum if he got the job and not Norv. I agree 100%. Unfortantley, Sanchez wasn't as great as thought and the Jets made a lot of mistakes in draft, overpaying players, etc. But man, there could have been something.

  92. peoplevsradio317

    peoplevsradio31719 days ago

    Do not google "deep dive the butt fumble"

  93. A_ Notes

    A_ Notes19 days ago

    This is why I say Rex Ryan was a good coach he just didn't have a quarterback or a GM that knew what he was doing had that not been the case he would have had a championship

  94. Ryan Packer

    Ryan Packer19 days ago

    i can already see the 2018-2019 Boston Celtics episode of this

  95. Frank Lloyd

    Frank Lloyd3 days ago

    Not before they do 2008 Celtics

  96. andre johnson

    andre johnson19 days ago

    do harbaugh and the 49ers

  97. Will Capuano

    Will Capuano19 days ago

    How about the Bills going to 4 Super Bowls in a row, losing each in humiliating fashion, and then collapsing into perennial awfulness/mediocrity?

  98. TheHandofGod

    TheHandofGod19 days ago

    Hahshhahahahhaha jets can suck it!

  99. kidphoenix96

    kidphoenix9619 days ago

    Do an episode of the fall of the 80's-90's 49ers

  100. Oh Yeah Mr Krabz

    Oh Yeah Mr Krabz19 days ago

    Do Collapse of The Miami Heat after the 2013-14 Seasom

  101. Oh Yeah Mr Krabz

    Oh Yeah Mr Krabz19 days ago

    Do Collapse of Orlando Magic after 2009

  102. Oh Yeah Mr Krabz

    Oh Yeah Mr Krabz19 days ago

    Do The Collapse Of The Miami Dolphins after Dan Marino Retired

  103. johnny bongos

    johnny bongos19 days ago

    Rex being a loud mouth coach is what hurt the team! The true Cinderella story is the 01 Patriots with a QB who had no "hype" even though he earned the name "comeback kid" in college! Also The Pats had a more well discipline coach who never had his foot in his mouth! Rex Ryan destroyed the Jets.

  104. The Turtler 31

    The Turtler 3119 days ago

    Damn shout out to Rex for knowing Odell was gonna be great

  105. Walt Bennett

    Walt Bennett19 days ago

    Fourteen minutes, zero insight. Gee, thanks.

  106. Sgt Joe02

    Sgt Joe0219 days ago

    Try doing the jaguars

  107. Apathetic84

    Apathetic8419 days ago

    The Jets crashed and burned back in 1999. When Bill Belichick wrote on a napkin " This team sucks I resign.. BB"

  108. Connor Barnett

    Connor Barnett20 days ago

    Do the Jim harbaugh 49ers

  109. GOAT Life

    GOAT Life20 days ago

    Please do a episode on 2010, 2012, 2014 San Francisco Giants!