Adam Savage Explores the 3D Printing and Modelmaking Shop at Smithsonian Exhibits!

Smithsonian Exhibits produces replicas, dioramas, mannequins, object mounts and more for many of the Smithsonian museums. Adam talks to Carolyn Thome and Chris Hollshwander, modelmakers who use the very oldest -- and the very newest -- technologies to make artifacts accessible to all.
More about Smithsonian Exhibits:
Shot and edited by Joey Fameli
Produced by Kristen Lomasney
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  1. Bren

    Bren2 days ago

    Using the force ? OK

  2. Wolf Den Marketing

    Wolf Den Marketing3 days ago

    Who else secretly hoped Adam dropped the gypsum skull?

  3. TheOldSkoolSP

    TheOldSkoolSP11 days ago

    One of the best episodes so far.

  4. Git Man

    Git Man12 days ago

    cyano-acrylate can kill you in a second? I mean maybe if you drank it or glued your lungs shut or something

  5. Michael Espinoza

    Michael Espinoza17 days ago

    I understand the need to preserve artifacts but I don't go to the Smithsonian to see models. If that's the idea, why don't they just start sell models on Amazon that you can own?

  6. Barbarian Astronaut

    Barbarian Astronaut18 days ago

    fierce nasa jacket

  7. S W

    S W21 day ago

    Crackle crackle

  8. S W

    S W21 day ago

    A bunch of

  9. S W

    S W21 day ago


  10. Paul Smyers

    Paul Smyers21 day ago

    It is so much fun to watch true masters of their trades converse on their favorite subjects.

  11. jane blogs

    jane blogs22 days ago

    If you are playing the drink when someone says "ahh" game, RIP

  12. Lou Dalmaso

    Lou Dalmaso23 days ago

    how many of you were expecting Adam to start juggling when he had three little skulls in his hands at the same time?

  13. ian3314

    ian331423 days ago

    Thanks Adam and Smithsonian masters for showing us this!

  14. ZFG Gaming

    ZFG Gaming23 days ago

    I can’t get over Adams Omega Speedmaster, I absolutely love that watch and the history with it. It would be awesome if Adam could link up with Omega for a video.

  15. Rotten Brainz

    Rotten Brainz24 days ago

    love to see the softbody machines these plotting machines could make!

  16. Rodger B

    Rodger B24 days ago

    Perfect for the blind. M

  17. Rodger B

    Rodger B24 days ago

    Coolest chick ever!

  18. 247tubefan

    247tubefan24 days ago

    Level 2 civilization, here we come. But only if the politicians don't get in our way.

  19. tHize Iesh

    tHize Iesh24 days ago

    I have absolutely no knowledge about the stuff they are talking about, but I really enjoy watching this.

  20. kassandrawannabe

    kassandrawannabe25 days ago

    This is amazing. My husband and I are from Trinidad and Tobago, and the technology is something not explored at even a fraction of what is possible. My husband has a knack for figuring out and making things and uses his resources to make things for his vehicle and car passion, but I'm the painter and designer. So we work together to bring things into reality from our imaginations, a happy coincidence of our marriage and buying a 3d printer. It's sad that we have no outlet for the true potential of 3d printing where we are but hey, it's just lovely seeing your work Adam, it inspires us to keep doing and making 😊

  21. Hank Wirth

    Hank Wirth25 days ago


  22. TJ

    TJ26 days ago

    Hate to be a jerk, but i need to say this. Whoever the cameraman is, please get them a gimbal if you use them in the future. These videos were making me sea sick.

  23. Adam Savage’s Tested

    Adam Savage’s Tested26 days ago

    This was Joey filming, and he was the only camera with no re-takes and no advance warning in terms of what Adam was going to do or where he'd move to next. Sorry.

  24. Juan Sanchez

    Juan Sanchez26 days ago

    Didnt he sort of 3d print an ass once?

  25. James Boaz

    James Boaz26 days ago

    Holly shit she need to be working with bio chemists or or bio mechanical engineers or something. What could someone like this do with a government contract?

  26. b travis

    b travis26 days ago

    Model making. Is that what you call the techniques I tried to do well in my Museum classes at the University of Iowa? Wow. No 3D printers back in the early 80's. It's interesting to see the materials and techniques that have become available since then.

  27. Craig Rik

    Craig Rik26 days ago

    That was awesome, my main experience on the "tools" was making blank gold coins in the Perth mint, nothing to the depth of knowledge and experience as you guys but using the various presses you can become one with your metal. Now stepping into the 3D world, thanks guys

  28. Robert matheny

    Robert matheny26 days ago

    Very cool. I am amazed at how far technology keeps advancing. And kind of glad to be around to see it happen before my eyes

  29. frederic rike

    frederic rike26 days ago

    Oh, Damn, Adam! a geek in geekland! your warehouse is no slouch but .......! For the first week it would be "What new whizz bang is this?" If the film biz ever treats you badly, you know where home is! Went to the Smithsonian as a child; it took my dad three days before he could haul me out- I wasn't through, but worn to a frazzle from running from one exhibit to the next!

  30. Zerostar369

    Zerostar36926 days ago

    This is the coolest thing I've seen on USwork in a really long time. I sincerely hope Adam ends up here. I feel like him taking his vast knowledge and experience to the Smithsonian to help preserve our nations and world's history would be a great service to humankind.

  31. Kaffeyyyyy

    Kaffeyyyyy26 days ago

    this part has been my favourite so far, working there must be so much fun

  32. Ibakon Ferba

    Ibakon Ferba27 days ago

    This is SUPER fascinating!

  33. Francois Du Plessis

    Francois Du Plessis27 days ago

    Must be the coolest job ever to have.

  34. Adam Kendall

    Adam Kendall27 days ago

    I hope dude didn't have anything to do with designing that Black & Decker leaf blower/shredder. That thing was a POS. It literally burned up on me 30 seconds out of the box. Thankfully it was free.

  35. Themazeful

    Themazeful27 days ago

    "if you can see it". Adam pulls out a tiny flashlight. He's always ready do do work to the point tattooing a ruler on his arm. Amazing.

  36. Raymond Gerlach

    Raymond Gerlach27 days ago

    A great video. And with Adam Savage with his child like wonder, I enjoyed it. I have a similar type myself so life is always interesting.

  37. Oprean Trifan Mircea

    Oprean Trifan Mircea27 days ago

    22:12 hey, it's the same brand of CNC AVE uses

  38. Marc’s Fx

    Marc’s Fx27 days ago

    I felt the love of model making....a grand breed 😉😊

  39. Carl Geers

    Carl Geers27 days ago

    We live in a fantastic time!

  40. Luka 3D IJzendoorn

    Luka 3D IJzendoorn27 days ago

    I have a 3d printer! 😆 I gonna print a replica of the skull of cesar.😂

  41. Jorn Navarre

    Jorn Navarre27 days ago

    Love watching Adam present this sort of stuff, BUT, OMFG ! What is the problem with the goddamn camera work ? Does the camera man have fleas ??

  42. Jorn Navarre

    Jorn Navarre26 days ago

    @Adam Savage’s Tested Thanks for responding, I get frustrated when I can't concentrate on Adams excellent low key delivery...

  43. Adam Savage’s Tested

    Adam Savage’s Tested27 days ago

    This was Joey filming, and he was the only camera with no re-takes and no advance warning in terms of what Adam was going to do or where he'd move to next. Sorry.

  44. TheHerrDark

    TheHerrDark27 days ago

    A Lil historical background, one of the first numerical-controlled lathe program was created by a master machinist running a lathe while punch paper tape-recorded the movements of the controls, then they replayed the tape. The tape could be copied it was like the master machinist was able to run multiple machines at the same time. Kurt Vonnegut was working at General Electric at the time and saw an NC milling machine cutting jet engine rotors and heard guys talking about putting little boxes and punch cards on all kinds of machines, from that he got the inspiration for the book Player Piano.

  45. Gavin Powell

    Gavin Powell27 days ago

    6:07 The art of listening, nice one Adam :)

  46. Chris Robinson

    Chris Robinson27 days ago

    I want to work here. Adam stole my job though, apparently.

  47. Tom W

    Tom W27 days ago

    Gimbal? Current camera?

  48. nkane81

    nkane8127 days ago

    Savage Spaces: new show on Discovery?

  49. Sammy Blaze

    Sammy Blaze27 days ago

    I just realised that I never saw Adam being clumsy or drop anything on accident, although he holds everything so casual, I would be scared shitless when she said if that skull would fall down it would shatter.

  50. Mycon

    Mycon27 days ago

    Great interviews by Adam as usual, also Carolyn and Chris seem like awesome people.

  51. The A.D.D Maker

    The A.D.D Maker27 days ago

    I have a whole new respect for the Smithsonian and its crew after this series of videos.

  52. you

    you24 days ago

    Look into the theme park modelers at Disney (Imagineers), they have a pretty interesting making job too.

  53. John King

    John King27 days ago

    Those skulls where dug up from where im at its always cool to hear your home town being called out .... i wouldnt think anyone in the world would know about fredrick unless they live around here

  54. greenatom

    greenatom27 days ago


  55. Mark Fryer

    Mark Fryer26 days ago

    Chosin Reservoir.

  56. greenatom

    greenatom27 days ago

    Ah, another commenter explained. Battle of Chosin, Korean War, Late 1950

  57. cyberhawk80

    cyberhawk8027 days ago


  58. Alberto Mendez

    Alberto Mendez27 days ago

    That lady wanted to show her giant squid eye to Adam. LMAO

  59. Sammzor

    Sammzor28 days ago

    She was nervous about Adam holding those skulls lol

  60. Håkan

    Håkan28 days ago

    Please use a tripod. I get seasick

  61. Chris Turnblom

    Chris Turnblom28 days ago

    Did you ask where all the giant human bones are, Adam? If we can't see them, maybe that can just give us prints to look at. ; )

  62. Evan Boyar

    Evan Boyar28 days ago

    They should put their model files-ALL their model files-up online. Right now they have something like 122 models up, most of which are from 2013. That's just sad. I know Adam has partnered with them to get the Apollo stuff up; maybe he can use his influence to help the maker and research communities even more.

  63. Cade Christopher

    Cade Christopher28 days ago

    It's just me uhhhhhh, but uhhhhh this was uhhhhhh hard to uhhhhh watch because of all the uhhhhh "uhhhhhhs."

  64. Nick B

    Nick B28 days ago

    Can Adam just live in the Smithsonian and just constantly make videos?? :D

  65. jasoncy31

    jasoncy3128 days ago

    One of the best aspects of Adam's personality is that, even though he's a Famous Maker that speaks in front of large crowds that want to hear him talk, whenever he interviews someone like this, he goes into 'learner mode' and asks tons of good questions that make the interviewee look good. And then (and this is hugely important), he LISTENS WELL. I love his enthusiasm and respect of his interview subjects. Not sure if you read these comments, Adam, but thanks for that. Too many well-known people want to keep themselves the center of attention. I really appreciate the fact that you're willing to step aside and let your subject speak. Good on you, sir.

  66. Mike Carson

    Mike Carson28 days ago

    Has anyone ever tested those facial reconstruction guys by presenting them with a 3d printed head of a living person and seeing how close they can get to what they actually look like? Because, for my money, I think they're mostly bluffing us.