Bubble Gum Blowing Battle | Dude Perfect

This bubble gum blowing battle just got real.
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  1. mr.banhedda

    mr.banhedda7 hours ago

    First video I saw from them

  2. spartacus 08

    spartacus 08Day ago

    Yeah, deffinetly.

  3. Lolplays anygame

    Lolplays anygameDay ago

    Who wants football battle if you agree like or comment

  4. Miranda Hackett

    Miranda HackettDay ago

    coby is like the dp chandler

  5. Manny Schwencke

    Manny SchwenckeDay ago

    Love dudes

  6. soccer boii

    soccer boiiDay ago

    Anyone else’s mouth get watery bc of the gum? Lol

  7. Kylie Koh

    Kylie KohDay ago

    Is anyone still watching in November 2019??

  8. Danny Ala

    Danny AlaDay ago


  9. Daniel Meng

    Daniel Meng2 days ago

    How many times has Ty won now?

  10. window jumper

    window jumperDay ago


  11. cool chri

    cool chri2 days ago


  12. Kong Sovath

    Kong Sovath2 days ago

    That mean to say coby never win you must treat him better

  13. Sally Drury

    Sally Drury2 days ago

    I like the video

  14. Fernando Smoove

    Fernando Smoove2 days ago

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  15. Reyansh Gupta

    Reyansh Gupta2 days ago


  16. andrewhasbigbrain

    andrewhasbigbrain2 days ago

    5:09 pacman

  17. Luke Phelan

    Luke Phelan2 days ago

    Why all are you guys rangers fans, go red sox

  18. Nate the Game player

    Nate the Game player2 days ago

    Click if ya want coby to win!! Plz like for COBY

  19. Ekcell

    Ekcell3 days ago


  20. Jasmine

    Jasmine3 days ago

    Coby will win the " never win" contest xD

  21. mini gamer

    mini gamer3 days ago

    I want chilli eating challenge

  22. Achappa Bheemaiah

    Achappa Bheemaiah3 days ago

    I like avengers endgame

  23. V1C70RIOU5

    V1C70RIOU53 days ago

    Did it seem like ty and Cody leaned forward?

  24. RPG BOSS

    RPG BOSS3 days ago

    There will be a day were tyler comes second

  25. Radhika Lohiya

    Radhika Lohiya4 days ago


  26. Ibrahim Bin Rehan

    Ibrahim Bin Rehan4 days ago


  27. Bwee and Masheeta The Troublemakers

    Bwee and Masheeta The Troublemakers4 days ago

    Part 2.

  28. Aman Gupta

    Aman Gupta5 days ago

    Dude perfect should post bubble gum blowing battle 2 plz post it

  29. 736vinod

    736vinod5 days ago


  30. Country Boi

    Country Boi5 days ago

    Is it black with white stripes or white with black stripes

  31. Jennifer Biondi

    Jennifer Biondi5 days ago

    3:45 bruh we literally have that curtain rod

  32. Ivan Davila

    Ivan Davila6 days ago

    Cody son because ty and Garrett sit more un front

  33. Prasoon Srivastava

    Prasoon Srivastava6 days ago

    Where do you recital I want to meet you

  34. Prasoon Srivastava

    Prasoon Srivastava6 days ago

    I love Tyler



    Ty just break the world record 👇👇

  36. BraydenAnimates

    BraydenAnimates6 days ago

    Who else wasn’t chewing gum while watching this?

  37. WhyDidIPickTheName?

    WhyDidIPickTheName?6 days ago

    With you say your in 2019 I will drop kick you into 2017 with the fidget spinners

  38. Cookie Love

    Cookie Love6 days ago

    I blew a big bubble u can see on my yt Chanel for proof if u want

  39. James Trapnell

    James Trapnell7 days ago

    2:58 Cody is the best. 1 like= 1 member for team cody

  40. Bassilbrush1

    Bassilbrush15 days ago

    James Trapnell I go for purple hoser

  41. Sara Currie

    Sara Currie7 days ago

    How much gum do you have

  42. Michele myerscough

    Michele myerscough7 days ago

    Ndjjhnntj,, Jr. the day you have the day you get the

  43. Aryaz Acharya

    Aryaz Acharya8 days ago

    I love coby

  44. Kolten Morton

    Kolten Morton8 days ago

    Who else is watching in 2019 and wanting another one of these vids

  45. Kolten Morton

    Kolten Morton8 days ago

    Or is it just me

  46. Srinivas Gajjela

    Srinivas Gajjela8 days ago

    It must have been hard to get the gum out of Ty's beard

  47. MsHana

    MsHana9 days ago

    Is it weird how I am eating gum while watching this like if u are to

  48. David Gable

    David Gable9 days ago

    Can you do a backflip chalibg pleys

  49. Fred nelson

    Fred nelson9 days ago

    Do a biter one of these

  50. Bonbon 16

    Bonbon 169 days ago

    Anyone watching 2019

  51. Wyatt Hasil

    Wyatt Hasil9 days ago

    2019 anyone

  52. Gina Quarranttey

    Gina Quarranttey9 days ago

    Ty's beard: Am I a joke to you???

  53. Kashif Latif

    Kashif Latif10 days ago


  54. Lightside Darkside

    Lightside Darkside10 days ago

    Anyone in 2019 just knows Coby won a battle

  55. mrmouseman100

    mrmouseman10010 days ago

    Coby coby

  56. irma fiza

    irma fiza10 days ago

    Just dont give up coby

  57. irma fiza

    irma fiza10 days ago

    Trust me coby will get a win

  58. margaret price

    margaret price10 days ago

    Guys you have nothing over me, I was chewing gum and I blew a bubble and it got so big and popped going over my nose and eyes to where I could not breath cause it was over my nose and on my eyes to where I went blind for like 15 minutes

  59. M CR

    M CR10 days ago

    ustedes son super cool se podrían dedicar a lo que quisieran y les iría super bien

  60. Lauren Dietz

    Lauren Dietz11 days ago

    I miss these old outros😞

  61. Balbatron

    Balbatron11 days ago

    WHO se this 2019

  62. Mahadev Garad

    Mahadev Garad7 days ago

    @Tjo_ 2009 Asffghjl stop songbird I was in my head is

  63. Mahadev Garad

    Mahadev Garad7 days ago

    @Tjo_ 2009 gjjeh k

  64. Tjo_ 2009

    Tjo_ 20099 days ago

    Balbatron Me SeE iN 2019

  65. Crazy Kid

    Crazy Kid11 days ago

    Coby vs chandler battle who will when

  66. Christopher Adkin

    Christopher Adkin12 days ago

    Who else finds this video satisfying