'Thotiana' Part 2, How Artists From Remote Cities Blow Up, Sophomore Slump Real? | Everyday Struggle




    Blonde was way better than anything else frank made

  2. jersey queen

    jersey queen2 months ago

    ak get off drakes dick we kno he your fav dont gotta keep repeating it sounds homo

  3. Melvin Waters

    Melvin Waters3 months ago

    Lol I don’t give a fuck what nobody say. Chicago came up with all this lingo and shit really bro. We been saying cappin. Been saying thotiana. All type of shit man. Mfs just don’t know

  4. TeVaun Stephens

    TeVaun Stephens3 months ago

    Kanye the only one without that sophomore slump

  5. Ant Don J

    Ant Don J3 months ago

    Of Course if you from a small town you can make it...

  6. Sebastian Joseph

    Sebastian Joseph3 months ago

    Am I can’t take no music advice from if u think channel orange wasn’t good. Listen to nedeska and go play that shit back. Pink matter and forest gump are timeless

  7. Sebastian Joseph

    Sebastian Joseph3 months ago


  8. Oh Boy

    Oh Boy3 months ago

    Alaska otw

  9. Arcell Mcgowan

    Arcell Mcgowan3 months ago

    Not a fan of the thot song that shid wack!!!! All versions.

  10. Shukrimoto1

    Shukrimoto13 months ago

    This Show is Trash w/o Joe Budden

  11. Mike Miller

    Mike Miller3 months ago

    Soulja ended them fools

  12. HipHop Wild

    HipHop Wild3 months ago

    Adam22 Gets Exposed For Staging 2 Fake Robberies. uswork.info/videos/RYOkjtfbLWk-video.html It Was A Publicity Stunt. Is He Good For The Hip Hop Culture?

  13. Mu Ra

    Mu Ra3 months ago

    Travis Scott coined the phrase thotiana. NOT chief Keef. Ak is so dumb and misinformed smh

  14. Damian Bushay

    Damian Bushay3 months ago

    Mu Ra I think he was saying Keef coined the word THOT which led to the variation of THOTIANA. Thotiana was in Urban Dictionary by 2014 anyways so

  15. 718 Vee Swann

    718 Vee Swann3 months ago

    What’s wrong with nadeska?

  16. Tevin Heard

    Tevin Heard3 months ago

    Can we get another girl on the show..kick nedaska off

  17. Thomas Miller

    Thomas Miller3 months ago

    Nadeska is cutee cuute ..

  18. Requeese Gaming

    Requeese Gaming3 months ago

    Wait did wayno say GKMC was kendrick first album? Smh

  19. ManMilk

    ManMilk3 months ago

    Shoot some of the old heads back in the day didn't know Slick Rick was from the UK and maybe Monie Love with some of them with some old heads back in the day by her voice


    AFRVKA MKADINALI3 months ago

    Ethiopia is in Africa wayno

  21. Nate Humphrey

    Nate Humphrey3 months ago

    Yet there's so much talent in Canton and the one person without talent got famous. He hasn't done anything for this city.

  22. Montreyah DBG

    Montreyah DBG3 months ago

    #rapper check me oit

  23. Kobie Jackson

    Kobie Jackson3 months ago

    nadeska want wayno low key

  24. James Ellis

    James Ellis3 months ago

    Turned it off 10 mins in, y’all are obnoxious.

  25. Buttfuckchuck

    Buttfuckchuck3 months ago


  26. 32 Su

    32 Su3 months ago

    Loyalty is forever by 32su on youtube listen

  27. Deonta White

    Deonta White3 months ago

    Shout Out Glen Burnie MD !!!!!

  28. Bopper Ω

    Bopper Ω3 months ago

    Skinny from the 9 got knocked out

  29. PBTV

    PBTV3 months ago

    Check out DBlock Europe (Young Adz x LB) from the U.K. Jadakiss obviously already linked up with them and they’re about to take over the U.S properly


    BAH ISMAEL3 months ago

    France has the most lyrical and the best selling rappers outside America,. Despite UK rappers Rapping In English witch is the traditional Hip Hop Language, French Rappers Get The Most Views On USwork And their content involved all Type of international matters. In my opinion , most people in America think whoever doesn’t speak English Or Does Not Leave In America Most Be Dumb And Poor In culture Lmaooo it’s Like There Are Soccer Players ( C.Ronaldo , Messi ) That Are at least Known by 90% of the wold but Most People here Believe that Curry Or James Are The world’s biggest athletes. America is a word on its own basically

  31. Gabriel Glass

    Gabriel Glass3 months ago

    Nedeska and wayno must be fuckin

  32. Kevin Lopez

    Kevin Lopez3 months ago

    We (Texans), Florida, and Louisiana have the most influence in the hip hop scene with our slang and sound 💯

  33. Andrew P

    Andrew P3 months ago

    how tf is chief Sosa gonna be on thotiana. shit would be weird af

  34. Thebid 215

    Thebid 2153 months ago

    Wayno livefor meek

  35. Davin Lewis

    Davin Lewis3 months ago


  36. lil alice

    lil alice3 months ago

    People in Toronto don’t say aboot/about. That’s the wrong province completely.

  37. wtroupe64wt

    wtroupe64wt3 months ago

    Soon as ak said its Thursday I was like 😑😑😑😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. observe

    observe3 months ago

    Honestly pisses me off how much Ak disrespects Frank. How often do we get someone a. talented b. unorthodox c. clever (he finessed def jam off of his $20m deal)

  39. Kenneth Vance

    Kenneth Vance3 months ago

    Who have Ak a line of Coke before the show?! *In my Judge Mathis voice* "you're a crackhead sir, I know a crackhead when I see one!" LOL

  40. Demond Hickman

    Demond Hickman3 months ago

    Don’t think AK was playing when he said he had a Illuminati meeting.

  41. Dwayne Johnson

    Dwayne Johnson3 months ago

    TOP 5 RAPPERS 1. J Cole 2. Jay Z 3. Kbiz Complex 4. Papoose 5. Ras Kass

  42. Kareem Lawson

    Kareem Lawson3 months ago

    Lool these eps gettin shorter nd shitter axe the show

  43. LilJah1804

    LilJah18043 months ago

    Dj Akademiks the Type of Nigga to save his roach to smoke later on😂

  44. A

    A3 months ago

    Yo!!!!! They shouting out Scotland for me!!!!!! IM ALWAYS SHOUTING OUT FROM SCOTLAND!!! AYEEEEE

  45. mnupnow

    mnupnow3 months ago

    This nigga Akademiks sounds like his voice got gentrified. Da fuk!

  46. A

    A3 months ago

    As much as we rag on this show, we'd be lost without it

  47. Dj intricate

    Dj intricate3 months ago

    Hey everybody join the movement these brothers are killing it!! True hip-hop share it!! uswork.info/videos/e-XgE4npexA-video.html

  48. Farhaan Moosa

    Farhaan Moosa3 months ago

    Are you guys crazy? Not 1 person I know from Toronto says "aboot" and I lived here my whole life

  49. bOoDaGtHaTzMi!

    bOoDaGtHaTzMi!3 months ago

    "21 savag3" 🤣💀🤣💀

  50. Rob B

    Rob B3 months ago

    Cap NO cap is CHICAGO

  51. anny 11

    anny 113 months ago

    Did my nigga say hugh jackman is from the uk😂 he Australian

  52. Pozhinat

    Pozhinat3 months ago

    Nadeska on point, I honestly thought KOD was trash when I first listened to it, because I was comparing it to FHD, you gotta move past that and respect the piece of work individually and not compared to previous work. Same goes for a lot of Kanye, everyone wants to say its trash in comparison to College Dropout, but honestly all his body of work has a place in the culture and have "Kanye defining" sounds.

  53. Mista Doobie

    Mista Doobie3 months ago

    Wayno is dissing, you probably neva met a nigga from out here, manz don't even talk like that and were not having it!🤨

  54. D Scott

    D Scott3 months ago

    When is she going to get another hair do

  55. Bsmooth

    Bsmooth3 months ago

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Literally not a soul: I promise you not a single person: Wayno: I’ve been known meek all my life from early in his career when he had braids, and to me championships was fire, Meek had the best album of the decade

  56. papi

    papi3 months ago

    Hey nadeska shut your fucking mouth for once

  57. Tyree Allen

    Tyree Allen3 months ago

    lol he said "when ur bills are on auto pay you start to lose the hunger sometimes ."

  58. CDDENT InDaZoneBeatz

    CDDENT InDaZoneBeatz3 months ago

    If y'all don't talk about Don Trip's Album monday.. Im out. #unsubscribed #Dontfeedtheguerillas

  59. Darvin Remy

    Darvin Remy3 months ago

    Blueface gonna fall off for make all these thotiana songs

  60. Jimmy Little

    Jimmy Little3 months ago

    How can y'all not address 21 not being from America. He a whole industry inplan

  61. Jimmy Little

    Jimmy Little3 months ago

    How can this platform continue to suck Travis Scott dick every day. When he a whole sellout. He said MIKE BROWN did something to deserve being killed by the police. But this show is 4 the culture. Nooooo noooo, Fuck Travis Scott

  62. Joel Diaz

    Joel Diaz3 months ago

    Wayno grew on me .. akademiks just fell off as a human

  63. swaggedoutrebel

    swaggedoutrebel3 months ago

    Everyday Struggle you wait to the artist blow too

  64. Prynce Moezzie

    Prynce Moezzie3 months ago

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  65. Dolo

    Dolo3 months ago

    I was waiting for them to call Tory Lanez lame ass out. His NY accent is a major cap

  66. Damian Cooper

    Damian Cooper3 months ago

    This show is fucking trash!

  67. Dolo

    Dolo3 months ago

    Ak might get hit for calling Channel Orange a sophomore slump

  68. stefann 12

    stefann 123 months ago

    I know this dumbass didnt say "aboat" you a whole bag of stupid why tf did Joe leave us ffs👎👎


    IM HEAVEN3 months ago


  70. Zookie 42

    Zookie 423 months ago

    I kno joe took a stab at y’all dress code 😩. But y’all ARE gud at wut y’all do tho .

  71. wtlocklear

    wtlocklear3 months ago

    ok wayno! s/o fayettenam 910 born and raised

  72. Tonio Music

    Tonio Music3 months ago

    Did nadeska just say "that sounds really sexy wayno"?

  73. Mr Alston

    Mr Alston3 months ago

    The Festival is in Raleigh, chill B

  74. D Richer

    D Richer3 months ago

    Talk bout Mick Jenkins : he’s worth talking conversation great artist / needs to be acknowledged

  75. marvinxi15

    marvinxi153 months ago

    By who?

  76. Malxolm Entertainment

    Malxolm Entertainment3 months ago


  77. DatDude_ Dre

    DatDude_ Dre3 months ago

    Nigga Bryson’s Sophomore Album Is Fuckin FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  78. KrazivilleTV

    KrazivilleTV3 months ago


  79. roscoes wetsuit

    roscoes wetsuit3 months ago

    Did ak say “individualness”

  80. Shoshinaki

    Shoshinaki3 months ago

    Ak going to L.A. to sell his soul

  81. Jermaine P

    Jermaine P3 months ago

    This the best complex ever.

  82. Jermaine P

    Jermaine P3 months ago

    Live Mixtapes My Shit.

  83. Jermaine P

    Jermaine P3 months ago

    Mr Keefy That Hoe Over There Sosa. Thot

  84. Michelangelo Parker

    Michelangelo Parker3 months ago

    yall answer my video question 😢please


    FRED AINOOSON3 months ago

    I’m from Toronto we don’t say “a boot” smh...

  86. kwaku s

    kwaku s3 months ago

    so you say "a boat"?

  87. AyyeMoeDC

    AyyeMoeDC3 months ago

    Wayno, wasn’t letting Rich The Kid claim NY 😂

  88. StadiumStatusSDE

    StadiumStatusSDE3 months ago

    Nadeska always talking about a “slow news week”, why have a show. This show is not the same

  89. Tez Pool

    Tez Pool3 months ago

    Silk the shocker said thot on TRU-feds damn a Chicago

  90. Brandan. T.Josiah

    Brandan. T.Josiah3 months ago

    Hugh jackman is Australian though 😂😂

  91. Ayomide Okunlola

    Ayomide Okunlola3 months ago

    Is just me or ak and nadeska always complain about showing up to work early like they doing us a favour and they are not getting paid. It's corny and annoying to me. Jesus Christ stop repeating the same lines.

  92. marvinxi15

    marvinxi153 months ago

    She behaves like those priveleged white bitches from Beverly Hills. I always knew she wasn't from the culture.


    RENEGADE RESE3 months ago

    Texas is where the drip and cap was born UGK geto boys

  94. The Real Goodgame

    The Real Goodgame3 months ago

    Wayno dressed like Lucky from Poetic Justice

  95. Greg

    Greg3 months ago

    Joe and Everyday Struggle needs a reunion. Send Wayno back to AA!

  96. Greg

    Greg3 months ago


  97. CheapUploads

    CheapUploads3 months ago


  98. Josh Pratt

    Josh Pratt3 months ago

    Hugh Jackman’s Australian 😂


    REALLY NINJA3 months ago

    Is it just me or has this weeks episodes been super boring, I haven't watched one episode this week in it's entirety.

  100. Johnney Young24

    Johnney Young243 months ago

    Good vibes need to fuck with the south more but good

  101. GottiBoy Fam1st

    GottiBoy Fam1st3 months ago

    Don’t disrespect Nicki Minaj remix

  102. Kosii

    Kosii3 months ago

    Wayno the type to hate on Kanye but wear his shoes

  103. don dada

    don dada3 months ago


  104. Kingjames313

    Kingjames3133 months ago

    Naddie’s high lol

  105. Keem From CS

    Keem From CS3 months ago

    NADESKA ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘🙏🏾 WAYNO OG ✊🏾🙏🏾💯 AK MY SON 😂🤣🦂💯✊🏾

  106. don dada

    don dada3 months ago

    Even in 2019 the music game is the same as it was in the 80s. All the media outlets only recognize east coast and west coast artists when talking about the top of all time. Never mention greats like fat pat, big hawk, unlv, 8 ball nd mjg, Mia x , skinny pimp, do or die, tela , lil keke, 3x krazy Dj jubilee Dj jimi