ZenFone 6 - $500 + All Screen + CLEAN Android


  1. Dave Lee

    Dave Lee4 months ago

    Zenfone devices have been GARBAGE for years. They finally made a good one. Would you grab this for $500?

  2. Hunidos

    Hunidos15 days ago

    @Lethal Injection battery is only 3300 mahs

  3. akula akuni

    akula akuni17 days ago

    I think zenfone 5z is good

  4. rajarshi sengupta

    rajarshi sengupta28 days ago

    I don't believe your comments. My Asus Zenfone Max M2 is giving me a great service.

  5. Fajar Bagus Dwiyono

    Fajar Bagus Dwiyono29 days ago

    I dunno bout GARBAGE. I've been using Zenfone 3 for 3 years and it's still running fine. I'd like to buy this zenfone 6 but since the phone I'm using is still going strong so idk

  6. vinay yadav

    vinay yadavMonth ago

    @Siddhant Desai true I'm using m2 pro and it's excellent

  7. Nawaz Sk

    Nawaz SkDay ago

    zenfone 5 was clean too man

  8. Mrugank Thatte

    Mrugank ThatteDay ago

    For me, the controlled angle of that camera is the best use of this type of mechanism. Like imagine what array of things you could do with that feature.

  9. fresty

    fresty2 days ago

    As gimmicky as it may be I like the fact that they played with alternative uses of the swivel camera with the autopanorama/tracking. May not be useful 99% of times but in that 1%... It shines and laughs at everybody else

  10. Oscar5824

    Oscar58242 days ago

    They have certainty improved their devices, but I wasn't sure if if was worth buying over the Oneplus 7 pro. 2:37 gave me my answer

  11. Maor Efrati

    Maor Efrati14 days ago

    love my ZenFone 4, what problems are you talking about?

  12. surfr5

    surfr516 days ago

    Asus is doing better but still mid range and does compromise internal component quality to cut costs. I'm using the Zenphone 3 and it's decent but beware....


    JOEL BEGUE17 days ago

    It is just, how to say, ugly, really really ugly, not for me.

  14. ꜱᴜᴍᴇᴅʜ ꜱʜɪɴᴅᴇ

    ꜱᴜᴍᴇᴅʜ ꜱʜɪɴᴅᴇ17 days ago

    Yeah Dave, but you just praised the Iphone XR's screen which sells for 750$.

  15. MMichaelG

    MMichaelG18 days ago

    lol this was published 16th of may and my birthdays was on the 16th of may

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    pc doctor סוואנשים29 days ago

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  17. Jimmy R

    Jimmy R29 days ago

    Wow, those are great specs. I just got the google pixel 3a xl. I would definitely prefer the zenfone 6, but i cant pay $500 in one payment anyway, so im stuck with whatever my carrier provides with financing.

  18. Chessy Strikes

    Chessy StrikesMonth ago

    max pro m1 is good device but the software support just sucks

  19. Daniel Beavers

    Daniel BeaversMonth ago

    In my opinion if you're going to spend $500 you should just spend the extra $170 and get a oneplus 7 pro

  20. Nikhil Sen

    Nikhil SenMonth ago

    PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE.... read my experience, alot of other people are going through this... check xda developer forums as well for this... buy at your own risk ... I purchased my zenfone 6z in the end of june and after a few day's of usage my phone kept crashing and restarting on it's own. I gave my phone to the service center located in borivali (mumbai - india), they said that the phone could not be repaired and they will have to ship this phone to their service center in dadar (mumbai) and the whole process will take 14 days... after 14 days i get my phone back and i expect it to work... the same day i took my phone back it started restarting again, After this i again went to the service center and this time too they took 14 days all over again and still till date my phone keeps restarting and crashing... It's been a month now and i have completely lost faith in their service centers and the they you provide. I am sick and tired of writing mails, calling the helpline number and travelling to and fro the service center, I do not think that they possess the quality and expertise to repair this device. They won't refund or replace this device too... please check all reviews before buying this device

  21. Crimson Gold Eagle

    Crimson Gold EagleMonth ago

    2:02 makes the phone look great. But this whole thing where companies make the bottom bar way bigger than the top is a bit annoying. Just can't really consider upgrading until we get a phone where both ends look like 2:02. They're getting SO close that it seems like a bad move to buy something now when in a year or two we might actually get a real full-screen phone.

  22. rajarshi sengupta

    rajarshi senguptaMonth ago

    I am watching this video on my Asus Max M2. It's got an amazing battery backup and an awesome Ram management. Asus is really doing a great job at present.

  23. vinay yadav

    vinay yadavMonth ago



    CAPS LOCKEDMonth ago

    What's the point of having a sick phone if you can't buy it 😐😐

  25. mc lotha

    mc lothaMonth ago

    Bruh.. I understand ur floating on apple or samsung s10... But u complain too much.. Dnt always compare fones wit more expensive phones

  26. Jason Zimmerman

    Jason ZimmermanMonth ago

    The only real advantage or OLED is that the blacks are deep black. Regarding OLED being more punchy and contrast-y, it's true, but it's not real life. OLED = over saturation.

  27. 4DZX K

    4DZX KMonth ago

    I prefer LCD panels over amoled panels because I do believe they are better for your eyes and the colour accuracy is just wayyyy more accurate..

  28. hemant bhatt

    hemant bhattMonth ago

    This is the best value for money phone.

  29. Hiranmoy Ghosh

    Hiranmoy GhoshMonth ago

    The reason for not reviewing asus zenfone lineup is for their bloatware apps on their devices.. what What the f***

  30. Hilary Duff

    Hilary DuffMonth ago

    Zenfone software was always good. What is frigging terrible is Moon Disaster in South Korea.

  31. Liczt

    LicztMonth ago

    I heard this phone had a headphone jack unlike other companies making lame excuse

  32. Adil Husain

    Adil HusainMonth ago

    When will u make videos 18:9 . Ur a tech channel and u are so late to adopt. It's very irritating to look at 16:9 videos with black borders.

  33. BObo bara

    BObo baraMonth ago

    my computer is still 16:9 so fuck off

  34. nishant modak

    nishant modakMonth ago

    Asus has taken a leap here with innovative camera and stock Android experience. Beats all the phones in that price range.

  35. Asif kulabawala

    Asif kulabawalaMonth ago

    I am Zenfone user ...

  36. Lean Bens

    Lean BensMonth ago

    You are my favorite channel right now! Simple explaination and not boring at all

  37. I got you

    I got youMonth ago

    My phone is the j3 prime and i dont need any more

  38. Turtle Bay

    Turtle BayMonth ago

    Samsung: we removed headphone jack from the note 10 to fit the huge 4300 MaH battery. Asus: hold my Asus 6z.

  39. ContinuingEnd

    ContinuingEndMonth ago

    What OLED phone did u feature at 3:13 ?

  40. The A_0Hero47

    The A_0Hero47Month ago

    I'm a minority... I prefer LCDs over OLEDs any day.

  41. Sundaresan Jambulingam

    Sundaresan JambulingamMonth ago

    @ Dave Lee Bro I know this is completely irrelevant, but can I have the link for that Hoodie ? It looks really good and I cannot find it on the Adidas website lol...Thanks in advance

  42. Yaroon-

    Yaroon-Month ago

    Zenfone 5 software wasn't bad at all, much better than previous models at least.

  43. Ocean Wave

    Ocean WaveMonth ago

    I’m choosing it over iPhone XR

  44. GHNeko

    GHNekoMonth ago

    Fantastic review. I really appreciate it. Helps me solidify my choice in aiming for this phone. Unrelated note however, where can I buy/download Fili's Tribe called mess. Google really isnt helping me out here.

  45. LegendarySkypenis

    LegendarySkypenisMonth ago

    So Nubia red magic 3 or this?

  46. Ankur Thakur

    Ankur ThakurMonth ago

    Thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it. See you guys next time😀

  47. Blc ME

    Blc MEMonth ago

    I trust Asus..

  48. David Martrano

    David MartranoMonth ago

    Move over one plus, this is the new flagship killer. Vastly improved software. A 5000mamp battery, wow-we. The only downside is the LCD display. Good job ASUS!

  49. Yuri Lopes

    Yuri LopesMonth ago

    a little gimmicky? man i love those features! i had no idea the zenfone 6 had all those camera features you can also probably sit it on the edge of a table with the camera at a 90º angle and boom, no need for tripod this looks dope

  50. Rozarijo Rodin

    Rozarijo Rodin2 months ago

    I will like to get one...for $500 USD... But in Taiwan is not possible to get it... And I try to order one in Taipei...from $600-$700 USD...I hope someone from ASUS is reading this... I want one...! Now...!

  51. Guigui

    GuiguiMonth ago

    Wait, they build it in Taiwan but you can't but it from there at all, or not at 500$?

  52. Tom B.

    Tom B.2 months ago

    actually love the idea of a flip camera. Saves a second set of cameras and allows an all screen. bloody brilliant!

  53. razorheadd

    razorheadd2 months ago

    the lack of oled really is a deal breaker for this device

  54. razorheadd

    razorheaddMonth ago

    @Kevin Ryusan better battery life also

  55. Kevin Ryusan

    Kevin RyusanMonth ago

    Lcds last longer and like all iPhones before the x model they are all still perfect to this day due to lcd technology. So that's the upside of a small tiny compromise of not having deep blacks.

  56. Guigui

    GuiguiMonth ago

    I read several people complaining about the burn-in of oled display. I never got one so I don't know for sure. But I prefer a less beautiful display that will last than one that will have yellow markings in a year.

  57. Kevin Ryusan

    Kevin RyusanMonth ago

    Shouldn't be it will. Never ever ever suffer screen burn ever.

  58. Zerox Rockman

    Zerox Rockman2 months ago

    This and their Zenbook Pro Duo coming up. Damn ASUS!

  59. Buzzmojo

    Buzzmojo2 months ago

    this time ASUS heard the audience, great work asus .

  60. Fraser Henderson

    Fraser Henderson2 months ago

    "you gotta wait for it to flip up"... my god! Think of the seconds lost from your life!

  61. Farzan Mustafa

    Farzan Mustafa2 months ago

    Watching this on my Zenfone 6. And let y'all know it's pretty fast and smooth. And battery is the real deal.

  62. Guigui

    GuiguiMonth ago

    @Farzan Mustafa Also some people complain about the burn-in issue of oled display.

  63. Farzan Mustafa

    Farzan Mustafa2 months ago

    @Sudip Ekka there isn't any heating issue mate. Call quality isn't that good, intially you might feel kinda weird , but eventually I got used to it. The outdoor visibility isn't that great compared to other screens but shouldn't be a problem IMO. Isn't a problem to me atleast.

  64. Farzan Mustafa

    Farzan Mustafa2 months ago

    @Raphael Garcia I'm coming from an I phone 6s so anything for me was an upgraded screen. But I did use my cousin's S10 so I do have an idea of the AMOLED screen. The only difference that I personally feel is AMOLED is a lot more vibrant when it comes to colours. Also the LCD screens brightness seems really dim compared to AMOLED when you are out in sunlight. These are the only difference to me. Also I didn't feel these as any major issue. Overall it's pretty comfortable.

  65. Sudip Ekka

    Sudip Ekka2 months ago

    Any heating issue while playing games,call quality, and also how's the outdoor visibility..???

  66. Raphael Garcia

    Raphael Garcia2 months ago

    How is the IPS LCD screen for an everyday basis? I'm coming from a Samsung AMOLED btw.

  67. afi umer

    afi umer2 months ago

    What about k20pro

  68. Guigui

    GuiguiMonth ago

    He just made a video about it saying it's a great deal. It has an oled display I think (the Zenfone doesn't) but no SD card slot.

  69. hem prakash

    hem prakash2 months ago

    Watching it in asus 6z 😍😍😍😍😍 just go for it ....unit which is been released in india has enhanced camera perfomance .....its on par with flagships except wide angle which is average

  70. Guigui

    GuiguiMonth ago

    Did you get the 64, 128 or 256 GB variant ? In France, the 256 is sold out. It's a bit expensive for me at 600€. I might take the 128. I think it's at 550€. Still pretty expensive for me but I want a big memory. The 64 is too low.

  71. Emppu T.

    Emppu T.2 months ago

    5:24 is it just me of is that picture hilarious

  72. Frosh TV

    Frosh TV2 months ago

    A phone looks *NOT THAT GOOD* on a youtube video even in the highest of quality. If it has decent specs like this one, then BUY IT! It's amazing!

  73. Alexandru Macovei

    Alexandru Macovei2 months ago

    Should I buy this phone or the Pixel 3a xl?

  74. Motor Sportz

    Motor Sportz2 months ago

    He really complained about 1 and half second to take a selfie...Because you need a half a second to be even more shallow.

  75. spirit x

    spirit x2 months ago

    OnePlus 7: no headphone jack Asus: no OLED display K20 pro: YES

  76. Edha Singla

    Edha Singla2 months ago

    K20 pro : crappy software Zenfone and oneplus : yes

  77. Tanrı'nın Meftun Bi' Kulu

    Tanrı'nın Meftun Bi' Kulu2 months ago

    I love asus because of these apps

  78. Grimm Reaper

    Grimm Reaper2 months ago

    Much like that Playstion Vita, the change to LCD screen extends battery life and lowers cost. Pair that with the huge battery and I can see 2 days usage. I also almost never take selfies. I'm sure I'm not alone on that.

  79. wilson ndebay

    wilson ndebay2 months ago

    Zenfone 5Z was already better last year. The only downside is the IPS display otherwise they would have made headlines this year with this phone

  80. Kashish Gupta

    Kashish Gupta2 months ago

    Mr Lee. I am writing this comment from Zenfone 3 Laser. The software you are complaining about is still running smoothly on my device. Its 2016 phone still working fine whereas my friends who had bought phones like One Plus 3, Moto G4, G5 have already upgraded to a new phone as they all were terrible even with stock android. The Apps you are saying as Bloatware are quite usefull if you have something in your head