$500 - All Screen + CLEAN Android


  1. Dave Lee

    Dave LeeMonth ago

    Zenfone devices have been GARBAGE for years. They finally made a good one. Would you grab this for $500?

  2. wiflix

    wiflix2 days ago

    100 per cent it looks amazing.

  3. evangus

    evangus4 days ago

    @JosefDoesThingsJosefDoesThings then you´re a fucking IDIOT... let´s see...iPhone lover, right? probably jerks off holding a Steve Jobs picture

  4. Kevin Tan

    Kevin Tan4 days ago

    Hi Dave, what's your opinion of the stereo speakers on S9+ vs Asus ZenFone 6 ?

  5. qjtvaddict

    qjtvaddict12 days ago

    Now if only Nokia can make a good phone still waiting over 5 years for one lol


    REAL LINEDay ago

    How about galaxy note 9 dude compare with zenfone 6? Concern on gaming performance and camera.

  7. Ovishek Avi

    Ovishek Avi2 days ago

    A person with the right concerns, perhaps the best tech tech reviewer in yt

  8. d_x_rider

    d_x_rider2 days ago

    Asus Z6 Water Test pls

  9. loner_ wolf

    loner_ wolf2 days ago

    standby battery drain is worst. 20% battery and i went to sleep. woke up to a dead fone.

  10. Jithin Joseph

    Jithin Joseph4 days ago

    Please do a comparison review for OP7 and Asus Zenfone 6 z

  11. Vigor Gaming

    Vigor Gaming5 days ago

    zenfone 6 is perfect this is why I unsuscribed from this channel he is kinda biased and bitchy about unnecessary things and he is kinda a snowflake

  12. 低調的倉鼠

    低調的倉鼠5 days ago

    oled get out. Hate it.. Asus good job🤣

  13. Gamer Buddy

    Gamer Buddy7 days ago

    0:06 lol I was going to close but you saved it XD

  14. einat1622

    einat16228 days ago

    'Because you close this window because I said Zenphone...' 😆 Watching videos about devices is different than paying for them.

  15. kunal kinger

    kunal kinger8 days ago

    Vivo v15 pro is much better. At a better price. And with an OLED screen. And pop up camera.

  16. XanthosAcanthus

    XanthosAcanthus10 days ago

    Is it too hard to not use a clickbait title? It's part of your job bruh. Anywho, hard to stay mad at you.

  17. poikatiikeri

    poikatiikeri10 days ago

    I'm so hoping for a zenfone 6 pro with amoled screen

  18. Kartik

    Kartik10 days ago

    Whatever. Never buying Asus

  19. Nathan Berry

    Nathan Berry11 days ago

    I'm strongly considering this phone because I like the price point for the hardware specs. I like the camera quality overall; I never take selfies really so I wouldn't care the camera folds out... I kind of like not having it on the front. Expandable memory is huge plus.

  20. De U

    De U12 days ago

    This is a solid all round smartphone for the price. the One+6T though is still very compelling.

  21. Tejas

    Tejas12 days ago

    Did anybody realize the MKBHD vid there.

  22. Arjun Gupta

    Arjun Gupta12 days ago

    Zenfone 6 is so underrated budget flagship

  23. qjtvaddict

    qjtvaddict12 days ago

    It’s predecessors were THAT BAD

  24. DOOM8976

    DOOM897613 days ago

    Can I point out the screen bezels/Non-rounded edges? This is actually a plus for me cause, any other mobile gamers can chime in, There are just so many accidental miss inputs. You can't hold the phone in a way that doesn't have your electric carrying flesh touching multiple parts of the screen. Hell, I have the One Plus 6T and any time my mom needs to do something quick and she doesn't have her phone on her, she accidentally does multiple inputs at once. I need space for my flesh to rest man.

  25. Saquib Shahab

    Saquib Shahab13 days ago

    No matter what the tech person said about this device i'll definitely go for this mobile.. I'm totally satisfied with this product of Asus gr8 work.

  26. Beyblade420

    Beyblade42013 days ago

    The chin is larger than the forehead. I'm waiting for a phone that maintains a single margin around the phone--a zero compromise design.

  27. Nintendo Boy Zombies

    Nintendo Boy Zombies13 days ago

    id perfer the oneplus 7 pro over the zenfone 6 personally because i perfer bigger phones for my hands but otherwise, id recommend this phone if you really need a headphone jack and no notch

  28. Tr Tech

    Tr Tech15 days ago

    My ZenFone 4 and 2 died on its own. ZenFone 4s battery puffed up from one day to the next, then probably exploded somewhere in the garbage disposal. ZenFone 2 just decided not to turn on one day. None of them were much older than 1 year, just enough for the warranty to expire. My ZenFone 3 is a slow piece of garbage, with a terribly quiet speaker I can barely hear the other person during calls. I skipped ZenFone 5 And I'm gonna skip 6, or all the other ones thanks. Asus phones just aren't quality. My Zenphone 3 has a 4000mah battery, but it feels more like a 2000 one. My ZenFone 4 had a 5000 mah battery, and look where it got it, explosiontown. There are better budget brands out there... Somewhere

  29. leonard emraj

    leonard emraj15 days ago

    500$ in your dreams actually this phone here where I live ( Belgium ) costs 558 Euros about 630 US Dollars it has exactly the same price as oneplus7 base model and oneplus 7 pro base model costs 709 euro about 802 US dollars

  30. nick

    nick15 days ago

    $500 for a phone isn’t cheap at all

  31. Skywave

    Skywave16 days ago

    Somehow this phone isn't available in Malaysia 🇲🇾 yet.Why?

  32. Xiao Mi

    Xiao Mi17 days ago

    You forgot about DTS 😀

  33. Mohit soni

    Mohit soni17 days ago

    Zenfone 6 shows mkbhd oneplus 7 pro video intro

  34. Xeoon

    Xeoon19 days ago

    zeno x10 = super cool

  35. maman89

    maman8920 days ago

    Its the perfect setup. No notch. Uses the BETTER camera system at the back of the phone for a selfie so no more excuse for a mirror selfie

  36. LaTortiia

    LaTortiia20 days ago

    Razer phone 2 for the same price

  37. RAY NL

    RAY NL21 day ago

    How clean is that clean Android? This phone is not part of the Android One programme. According to my google skills the phone runs ZenUI 6....

  38. colla 555

    colla 55522 days ago

    Xiaomi MI9 and Samsung S10e are the same price now. Just saying.

  39. colla 555

    colla 55522 days ago

    What are these background noises? Like a depressing deep bell sound, continuous.

  40. alxra

    alxra22 days ago

    all these new phones are coming from china and a lot of these chinese companies are shy about collecting your personal data. Just remember, OnePlus got caught twice collecting customer data without their permission.

  41. gelu714

    gelu71422 days ago

    I must say and is not just for Asus... Beautiful phones with good spec's and battery but the size...All are bigger and is difficult to handle..I want a phone as this with this nice screen ratio but smaller.Lets say somewhere to 5.5 or 5.7 max and that I think is the perfect phone to use easily

  42. Joshua B

    Joshua B22 days ago

    What's with the creepy background music?

  43. KidCe

    KidCe22 days ago

    If it had oled... I learned to to love oled, never wanna go back to a lcd :(

  44. Thales Braga

    Thales Braga22 days ago

    It's already old. Wanna see K20 pro review please .. and comparison. AMOLED screen should win ;-)

  45. Cosmo 82

    Cosmo 8222 days ago

    Saying that the zenfone 5 was crap must be because of not knowing better I have had lots of android phone's usually change 2 a year sometimes a bit longer.. But the point is that zenfone 5 is one of the absolute best ones I ever had software and hardware and cameras. Except front facing but I don't take many selfishs so I don't really bother. My brother bought my zenfone and loves it and I missed it for a good few months after this🤔

  46. LethalPhatGuy

    LethalPhatGuy22 days ago

    1080p lololololol

  47. Fire Man

    Fire Man22 days ago

    this guy taste is wierd asf

  48. bahhaziz

    bahhaziz22 days ago

    I never take selfies, can I disable the flip feature and use a case that covers the phone?

  49. Harsh Tyagi

    Harsh Tyagi23 days ago

    For $500 it must should have had 8GB RAM, VOOC charge, IR Blaster, and Under display Fingerprint!

  50. Fidel M

    Fidel M23 days ago

    U need more sleep

  51. Ishmael

    Ishmael23 days ago

    Good video. I'm looking for an all screen phone but I don't want a ZenFone. Any suggestions?

  52. Cosmo 82

    Cosmo 8222 days ago

    Try a zenfone and be surprised 😁

  53. Μłκε ŠøLø

    Μłκε ŠøLø23 days ago

    Zenfone 6, the best phone for perverts

  54. Katyayn Sharma

    Katyayn Sharma22 days ago

    Why haven't people said this?

  55. Aleksandar be together not the same

    Aleksandar be together not the same23 days ago

    and iphone has no full screen its has fugly Notch iphone is true trash

  56. JoeyTUBE Tv

    JoeyTUBE Tv23 days ago

    when are you gonna get redmi k20 pro?

  57. Chandra Thoudam

    Chandra Thoudam23 days ago

    It was already clean from Zenfone 5 and 5z series.

  58. Force Ghosting

    Force Ghosting23 days ago

    This phone is great for a Asus phone but there are better options like pixel 3a or the new Redmi phone coming out I also even heard their making a Poco f2 phone. $500 bucks is pushing it for this phone you can pay $100 bucks more and get a galaxy s9 plus which was high end phone last year

  59. prime wilmusean

    prime wilmusean23 days ago

    While this a good product, Asus has always failed to deliver swift software updates to their lineups. My colleague who is using a zenfone max pro M2 just received a Pie update a few days ago when other OEMs like Xiaomi and OnePlus had already done it a long time ago for their devices. Asus and Samsung are the worst with updates and never buy them!!!!

  60. Michael Nielsen

    Michael Nielsen23 days ago

    The reason why ppl wonder about the 3.5mm. is , they don't care about sound quality.

  61. RAY NL

    RAY NL21 day ago

    The quality of USB-C is not any less than 3.5mm. Don't be that dumb.

  62. Michael Nielsen

    Michael Nielsen23 days ago

    What's wrong with 5z??

  63. Mihai (Yuri)

    Mihai (Yuri)23 days ago

    I highly prefer LCD over AMOLED for their lifespan. AMOLED just sucks with how easy it is to burn in and I'm not sticking with something that gives me an extra worry. IMO, they get my up vote for using LCD.

  64. Cười Vê Lờ

    Cười Vê Lờ23 days ago

    Damn, the only downside is the LCD IPS screen which is not suitable for AoD features

  65. Brent Branker

    Brent Branker24 days ago

    No IP rating... oh well

  66. Serius Sim

    Serius Sim24 days ago

    I'm running a Pocophone with Pixel experience, pretty awesome for the price (275€)

  67. MrMowky

    MrMowky21 day ago

    Tell me more please

  68. xorkatoss

    xorkatoss24 days ago

    Overall very good phone! now we have to wait for a chinese copy for half the price lol

  69. Micheal P

    Micheal P24 days ago

    For $360 dollars On the xiaomi k20 pro Full 92% screen AMOLED Snapdragon 855 27 watt charging NFC Headphone jack Sony triple cameras

  70. Micheal P

    Micheal P23 days ago

    @Boy Say AdUI?

  71. Boy Say

    Boy Say23 days ago

    MIUI aka AdUI

  72. Micheal P

    Micheal P24 days ago


  73. Lords Art

    Lords Art24 days ago

    Its not just that phon, recently they started giving updates to Zenfone max pro M1 and 2 which fixed most of the bugs and gave the missing features and better battery optimisation and stable android also option to uninstall boltwares that were there before

  74. manny bernard

    manny bernard24 days ago

    Flip camera is the future. Cant think of a different solution for a notchless Phone with this use full features.

  75. Quadflopper101

    Quadflopper10124 days ago

    wow a very compelling product for the market, your putting a lot of slick words together but you aren't really saying anything, compelling product for which market, European market, Canadian market, US market? to be that compelled by a product you must have really put it through it's paces, tell us about your experience with the phones connectivity capabilities, 5G, 4G, 3G which bands are compatible, it's takes sim cards so it must be compatible with carriers like AT&T, T-mobile, and sprint, which carrier were you connected too for your calls? as compelling as you say the phone is your calls must of had amazing clarity and reception, I can't wait to get one to use with my AT&T service.......

  76. Kats072307

    Kats07230724 days ago

    Terrible screen

  77. Kenichi Ono

    Kenichi Ono24 days ago

    Why r U sO cUte

  78. Jaedon Williford

    Jaedon Williford24 days ago

    where do i buy this ?

  79. WonSeokWonder

    WonSeokWonder25 days ago

    Can you review any of the Sony phones?


    MR CREEPY GUY25 days ago

    pop up camera is the future

  81. elchamber

    elchamber25 days ago

    This phone has something that the new Pixel does NOT have. More than 64 gigs of storage via expandable storage.

  82. kotagod gamer

    kotagod gamer25 days ago

    I was going to close it 😂😂😂😂

  83. f45411

    f4541125 days ago

    Too bad their isn't a one with good American bandwidth otherwise this would be an instant buy

  84. Roronoa Angleo

    Roronoa Angleo25 days ago

    Can you do the mug test for this phone as I am curious

  85. Craig Ippolito

    Craig Ippolito25 days ago

    Nice content. Thanks for the info.

  86. Sanjeeb Phukan

    Sanjeeb Phukan25 days ago

    ZenFone 5 was pretty good

  87. AmCan Tech

    AmCan Tech25 days ago

    I actually owned the Zenfone 2. It had an Intel Processor that was kinda odd. Battery wasn't bad. Wouldn't buy again. I got the Axon 7 and was quite happy. I am looking for a new phone and would consider this one.

  88. Wonder Lamb

    Wonder Lamb25 days ago

    Just get the OnePlus 7 Pro if you're going to get a phone that expensive.

  89. f45411

    f4541125 days ago

    OP 7+ is well over $700 Why would spend the extra money outside bandwidth concerns?

  90. Achal Acharya

    Achal Acharya26 days ago

    when is it launching in the US? I can't find it on Amazon!

  91. Kino Uy

    Kino Uy26 days ago

    I understand that moving parts aren't ideal, but that pop up face unlock look adorable af! put some googly eyes on it DAVE!!

  92. Corey Copeland

    Corey Copeland26 days ago

    I'd rather have IPS than screen burn.

  93. Martin Vargas

    Martin Vargas26 days ago

    wow, no bullshit on this review!

  94. Jepoyski Tech

    Jepoyski Tech26 days ago

    Pixel 3a killer

  95. Cruxair

    Cruxair26 days ago

    There are always something that screws up a phone, the screen the price the camera.... It is never perfect, only if you buy the best one, well played phone business, well played.

  96. Neeraj kumar

    Neeraj kumar26 days ago

    Dont buy asus.. Worst experience..

  97. TᴇɴᴢɪN TꜱᴇᴘʜᴇL

    TᴇɴᴢɪN TꜱᴇᴘʜᴇL26 days ago

    I disagree. I've a great experience with it

  98. - _ - E

    - _ - E26 days ago

    2015 me : Asus is pretty bad imo -Yeah intel inside,but it lags a lot -Bloatware,also overheating issues 2018 : Sd 636,stock android for 200 bucks. Now we're talking

  99. Ptrck Caresosa

    Ptrck Caresosa26 days ago

    Meizu 16s looks better

  100. Rodrigo J. Da Silva

    Rodrigo J. Da Silva26 days ago

    he sure does love the word Clean!!

  101. hae chan

    hae chan26 days ago

    in all honestly, i actually LIKE some bezels on my phone. just touching the edges is so uncomfortable and i keep accidentally pressing shit that i do not want to. function over form any day 🤷‍♂️

  102. Tr Tech

    Tr Tech15 days ago

    You can always download an app which creates bezels you know. I'm currently using an app which made a fake notch on my screen... For whatever reason, but it's possible You can use for ex. a border light app, then change the colour to black., if you can't find a fake bezels app, which I'm sure there are some in existance....for whatever reason.

  103. CaseOfThe Sniffles

    CaseOfThe Sniffles26 days ago

    they're working on cameras that can see through the screen, but beta versions are flawed, they expect it to be functional by 2020 or later

  104. PJPF

    PJPF26 days ago

    Don't LCD pixels last longer than AMOLED? I'd rather have a phone whose screen lasts longer.

  105. Torregoshi

    Torregoshi26 days ago

    The majority of people who owned phones with LCD and Amoled doesn’t really encounter many problems with the screen unless they have a light wallpaper and always sets high brightness on their phone.

  106. Keith Woodcrest

    Keith Woodcrest26 days ago

    lol tries to shit on the camera so bad and then DxO comes out and dubs it the best camera on the market. Nice try dude. Why you’re so shocked about this is beyond me. Maybe if you’d actually given the Zenfone 5/5z a chance you’d have realized it was the precursor to this and was a great phone in its own right.

  107. AttnJack

    AttnJack26 days ago

    As Flossy would say, this would be the perfect phone for scumbag activities.

  108. M.Farrel.S

    M.Farrel.S26 days ago

    1k dislike because *_ZENFONE_* Btw i'm Zenfone user -.-

  109. sicboi

    sicboi27 days ago

    Nice considered points in your review. Thank you!

  110. Eddy mmm

    Eddy mmm27 days ago

    Killer 2.0

  111. Shallaw Muhammad

    Shallaw Muhammad27 days ago

    SO if an iphone had a LCD screen its cool and good for 800$ price? but if Asus got a LCD screen with great specs for just 500$ it's horrible ? man haters will always hate :/ BTW I'm not an asus fan but asus nailed it this year and I'm definitely buying this phone

  112. Anders

    Anders27 days ago

    That selfie tho 😂

  113. Piet ice-only.de

    Piet ice-only.de27 days ago

    I'm so exhausted about the never ending headphone jack discussion

  114. Renters GT

    Renters GT27 days ago

    Release date uk?

  115. Claudius Klaudijus

    Claudius Klaudijus27 days ago

    Hoping JerryRigEverything will take a look inside