Rod Wave - Heart On Ice


  1. Audiwan Kenobi

    Audiwan Kenobi16 hours ago

    Shout out to Erika Nicole! Thanks for putting me up on Rod Wave....he definitely worth spending my money on!

  2. killem gotfamous

    killem gotfamous18 hours ago

    I swear this me🤧

  3. Tanasia Mathews

    Tanasia Mathews20 hours ago

    If him and yk orris did a song it would be lit ASF ‼️🔥

  4. Cory Foster

    Cory Foster23 hours ago

    I feel this song so much

  5. Tony Yung

    Tony YungDay ago


  6. Acid

    AcidDay ago

    Fw it

  7. Tasha Gandy

    Tasha GandyDay ago

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  8. Tyref harold

    Tyref haroldDay ago

    This is fire on my momma

  9. skyler oxendine

    skyler oxendineDay ago

    Bruh this song slides

  10. Deandre Miller

    Deandre MillerDay ago

    All them thumbs down some haters on god

  11. Damarion Walker

    Damarion WalkerDay ago

    Read this real shit go like if you feel it

  12. I Phone

    I PhoneDay ago

    It’s my fault 😕

  13. Joshua Otero

    Joshua OteroDay ago

    I wanted to cry but I was to afraid to open that hit ong 😭🙏 luh do song

  14. EXOTIC K

    EXOTIC K2 days ago

    😩 i love every part

  15. pete way

    pete way2 days ago


  16. Alden Brown

    Alden Brown2 days ago

    H do chdjf

  17. Ohwoah Brr

    Ohwoah Brr2 days ago

    Damnnlux brought me here

  18. jmizz cash

    jmizz cash3 days ago


  19. Brian Lane

    Brian Lane3 days ago

    That Piano give me chills

  20. Kylen Smitty

    Kylen Smitty3 days ago

    Make more songs like this on cripk this a hit on Gzz

  21. banks988

    banks9883 days ago



    IRON DUCK4 days ago

    Bro imagine if nba youngboy mad a remix to this 😮😮😮

  23. Amirah Hunt

    Amirah Hunt4 days ago

    He did so good🤩😩😖

  24. JWHITE

    JWHITE4 days ago

    Polo g on the end of this a banger 🤷🏾‍♂️

  25. Ygg Tay Fresh

    Ygg Tay Fresh4 days ago

    I can breath

  26. Harrisboi 4lyfe

    Harrisboi 4lyfe4 days ago

    70805 Baton Rouge 🦍‼️

  27. mercedes young

    mercedes young4 days ago

    He cut up

  28. star Lausier

    star Lausier4 days ago

    I got this song on repeat

  29. Lae Brown

    Lae Brown4 days ago

    This really sound like a nbayoungboy beat

  30. Mya Pech

    Mya Pech5 days ago

    Been going through a lot... and this song helps me cope with everything I’m going through 🤝

  31. David L. Cook III - Realtor

    David L. Cook III - Realtor5 days ago

    beautiful song brother! Stay up!!! Stay spitting that real shit!!

  32. Teijon Lewis

    Teijon Lewis5 days ago

    Glad bro blowing up on god bro you deserve it 💯💪2020 stand up

  33. Mikenah Britton

    Mikenah Britton5 days ago


  34. Noonie Greene

    Noonie Greene5 days ago


  35. Zy Ellison

    Zy Ellison6 days ago


  36. Jayden Dripgod

    Jayden Dripgod6 days ago

    Tommy Spaulding my uncle he gone make song wit rod wave

  37. Yourboy Briggs

    Yourboy Briggs6 days ago

    Think of a way I can make these millions 🙏🏾

  38. Shay So Gutta

    Shay So Gutta7 days ago

    This man done really been through some shit and he dont mind expressing his heartbreak in his music #SpeakToUsRod #SomeOfUsNeedThis

  39. Broward’s Finest

    Broward’s Finest7 days ago

    His fat ass

  40. F. Greene

    F. Greene7 days ago

    One of my special needs turned me on to this video yesterday ( 9/11)... I said young man you got good taste. He said he wanted to be a rapper and Mr. Wave is one of his favorites!!

  41. yungkidd930 _.

    yungkidd930 _.7 days ago

    Dis song so played out smh ain nobody used to slap him😩😩💙💙

  42. Joe Cameron

    Joe Cameron7 days ago


  43. Shaq S.W.A.G Hairston

    Shaq S.W.A.G Hairston7 days ago

    This give me chills this song how i really feel💯💯💯💯

  44. GBody Rob

    GBody Rob8 days ago


  45. Corenthian Dukes

    Corenthian Dukes8 days ago


  46. Carly young

    Carly young8 days ago

    My new favorite song peeps!

  47. Brittany Bradshaw

    Brittany Bradshaw9 days ago


  48. Taniyah Satterwhite

    Taniyah Satterwhite9 days ago

    I love this song 💖

  49. Tabitha Hawkins

    Tabitha Hawkins9 days ago

    Waycross Ga On The Map Fymm 🔥

  50. OTR On The Road

    OTR On The Road9 days ago

    His vocals tho this inspires me

  51. Ashley Ervin

    Ashley Ervin10 days ago

    He's ah cute big boy 🥰😍😘

  52. Kandor x

    Kandor x7 days ago

    He only cute cause he got money and fame bitches like you is why he wrote the song. Fall back clout chaser


    YUNG GUTTA10 days ago


  54. Blackxninja

    Blackxninja10 days ago

    I fuck wit u I really can relate to dis shit keep it up

  55. Bravona Owsley

    Bravona Owsley10 days ago

    This song is sooo heat in fire I love it ❌❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥❤️🅿️

  56. stupidgirlswhagg

    stupidgirlswhagg10 days ago

    this too raw frfr !!!!!

  57. lilzay brooks

    lilzay brooks11 days ago

    i listen to this song 24/7 it helps e alot cause this shit i actually go through

  58. Xoiz

    Xoiz11 days ago

    Young M.A @ 1:33

  59. curtis cooke

    curtis cooke11 days ago

    On Repeat every time

  60. Valarie Edwards

    Valarie Edwards11 days ago

    Yo music go hard

  61. Trinity Hannah

    Trinity Hannah11 days ago

    yesssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr