Chris Broussard thinks NBA players should get longer deals to stop trade demands | NBA | THE HERD

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver made recent statements about the NBA tampering rules and players forcing trades. Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd to give his thoughts on the matter and states two ways to potentially stop players from demanding trades.
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Chris Broussard thinks NBA players should get longer deals to stop trade demands | NBA | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd


  1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    The Herd with Colin Cowherd4 months ago

    Do you like NBA players teaming up?

  2. Trent Brentford

    Trent Brentford4 months ago

    why this clown keeps getting airtime i dont know. Clippers Are OUT!!!!

  3. Marcus McCurty

    Marcus McCurty4 months ago

    Yes and no it’s good for the big city teams and the smaller city teams see less and less success

  4. Andrew M

    Andrew M4 months ago

    No it becomes a popularity contest.

  5. The One

    The One4 months ago

    I think the teams should sign the player to a 3-4 rookie deal. And after that deal the team should be able to offer the player a 6 year deal and others only a 4 year deal. You'll have the player in his prime and the same thing again if he is an unrestricted free agent.

  6. Kobe Padilla

    Kobe Padilla3 months ago

    I think Chris does make a good point about the lack of success players have after requesting a trade. I think players have forgotten the power they have within the team that drafted them. When a fan base cares about you and has seen you grow up they have certain demands and expectations. Management is more likely to work to get the talent you need to win, due to there respect for you and response to the fans.

  7. Kay Jay

    Kay Jay3 months ago

    I thought that was Eric Andre for a second

  8. tonyjr97

    tonyjr973 months ago

    We gonna ignore them saying Dwight’s not a hall of famer?!?

  9. Sewer Gas

    Sewer Gas4 months ago

    Eric Andre 😂

  10. terry waller

    terry waller4 months ago

    Paul George just signed with OKC and then he demands a trade to LAC.

  11. MarLonLon

    MarLonLon4 months ago

    Chris sounds dumb.. If CP3 is HOF than Dwight is.. Dwight at least won 3 DPOY and has been to the finals. Dwight has accomplished more, in less time.

  12. John Cosgrove

    John Cosgrove4 months ago

    Bad idea Chris. As an owner, I don't want long terms. I'm not going to be paying if productivity isn't matching. This idea would possibly make an athlete apathetic. If I'm not happy or my player isnt, I want to be able to move him. Re-think this from an owners perspective. Caveat - unless the player is Jordan or Bird. 😀

  13. Sukhdev Singh

    Sukhdev Singh4 months ago

    Julius randle about to go offf.. haters motivate!

  14. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss4 months ago

    Who else thought that was Eric Andre for a second

  15. Rico Ramirez

    Rico Ramirez4 months ago

    I think NBA players should get slightly above minimum wage unless they are actually good like Jared Dudley or Tony Snell, then 30mil per year should do just fine for those “elite” few

  16. V Jay

    V Jay4 months ago

    OKC has a great fan base top 3 in consecutive sellouts would not have traded neither just went and got more players

  17. Orion Foresee

    Orion Foresee4 months ago

    The Kawhiet Guy.

  18. J Hall

    J Hall4 months ago

    Naw u sound like the league paid u to say longer deals ....

  19. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman4 months ago

    #46 on trending

  20. popcrnshower

    popcrnshower4 months ago

    I'm over caring about the income of millionaires..

  21. JAYVIE Fam

    JAYVIE Fam4 months ago


  22. b atman

    b atman4 months ago

    Pulling a "Julius Randle" is about to become a thing.

  23. Riley o'shea

    Riley o'shea4 months ago

    Kawhi is not moving around all the pieces? Lmao u said yourself he tried to recruit everybody but had to eventually settle with PG. when you're moving all the pieces u dont have to settle

  24. Jack Black Man

    Jack Black Man4 months ago

    I thought that was Eric Andre in the thumbnail for a second

  25. Riley o'shea

    Riley o'shea4 months ago

    What's ur beef with julius Randle bro?

  26. Admir Frula

    Admir Frula4 months ago

    I thought that was eric andre

  27. Garrett Ohlmeyer

    Garrett Ohlmeyer4 months ago

    Damn Chris Broussard, you're really saying that Dell Demps talking to AD about the trade request was on Demps? Rich Paul was the one who made it public. Demps just wanted to talk to his player. What's wrong with that?

  28. Rich wheeler

    Rich wheeler4 months ago

    Player mobility & independence is a good thing. Players are the stars. Media is negatively criticizing the wrong thing

  29. Syrtech

    Syrtech4 months ago

    That’s the worst opinion I’ve ever heard

  30. Jackslap 66

    Jackslap 664 months ago

    Adam silver looks like Eric Andre when he smiles

  31. Zac Tee

    Zac Tee4 months ago

    Dwight is a 3-time DPOY. He's a hall of famer

  32. I’m Disappointed

    I’m Disappointed4 months ago

    Who else thought that was Eric Andre for a second

  33. The Truth

    The Truth4 months ago

    Longer no that would be horrible i say get rid of cap space

  34. Rock girl

    Rock girl4 months ago

    Ohhhhh Cris 🤦🏾‍♂️ nobody cares what you say anymore man

  35. Michael Miller

    Michael Miller4 months ago

    colin “this guy on the corner is gonna jump me” cowherd

  36. PocketsJuicy

    PocketsJuicy4 months ago

    Fake trending

  37. Jordan Tyler

    Jordan Tyler4 months ago

    I don’t know a thing about basketball why am I watching this

  38. ronnie price

    ronnie price4 months ago

    I’m not the biggest Julius Randle fan but y’all gotta chill using his name like he’s a bum!! The man averaged 21 ppg and 9 rpg last year!! Chill out!!!

  39. Noah

    Noah4 months ago

    well the players make the game so they should have that power

  40. Leopard Bra Brado

    Leopard Bra Brado4 months ago

    No, dear God, no.

  41. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss4 months ago

    Why these dudes talk like experts when there much less then talking heads who know just a little bit about the situation

  42. Shivan Anirudhra

    Shivan Anirudhra4 months ago

    No way.. NBA players are already spoiled babies... Giving them bigger contacts will make them bigger divas

  43. Ralph Benedict Dela Cruz

    Ralph Benedict Dela Cruz4 months ago

    Colin sounds like he is producing too much saliva

  44. Omar Gay

    Omar Gay4 months ago

    Just retire and come back...

  45. Martin J

    Martin J4 months ago

    I think they should get paid as much as they can squeeze out of an owner. And the length of the contract must be part of the negotiation.

  46. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman4 months ago

    #23 on trending

  47. Baul Solanos

    Baul Solanos4 months ago

    Don’t like basketball but that guy looks like Eric andre

  48. HowDoYouUseThe3Seashells?

    HowDoYouUseThe3Seashells?4 months ago

    Twinkies are radiocarbon isolates in a bonded structure added to a nitrate solution.

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    Ultra Class Family Royce Line4 months ago

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  50. Steef Buren

    Steef Buren4 months ago

    Chris "My Sources" Broussard

  51. Brieanna Hamilton

    Brieanna Hamilton4 months ago

    Joy needs more camera time

  52. Lil gaz tank

    Lil gaz tank4 months ago

    I thought that was Eric Andre

  53. AuzMurri Hart

    AuzMurri Hart4 months ago

    Ohhhhh Cris 🤦🏾‍♂️ nobody cares what you say anymore man

  54. Tramaine Terrance

    Tramaine Terrance4 months ago

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  55. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman4 months ago

    #20 on trending

  56. Justn Brnard

    Justn Brnard4 months ago

    Takeaway: Kawhi is a Russian spy

  57. Yruke

    Yruke4 months ago

    Ok so Dwight isn't a hall of famer... 8 time all-star, 3 time dpoy, carried a team to the finals. Ok.

  58. Rohail

    Rohail4 months ago

    Hey Colin remember when you said Kawhi has no value and one of your main arguments for why kawhi has no value was because he’s not a recruiter like Lebron. Do you remember Colin. I’ll never forget

  59. Will Jacobs

    Will Jacobs4 months ago

    No, dear God, no.

  60. Brother John's

    Brother John's4 months ago

    Why these dudes talk like experts when there much less then talking heads who know just a little bit about the situation

  61. se7en Zee

    se7en Zee4 months ago

    Dwight Howard's career was ruined because Dwight Howard didn't want to work on improving his game. Kareem said it and he was 100% right.

  62. se7en Zee

    se7en Zee4 months ago

    The problem giving them longer deals is that the contracts are guarantee. Imagine if the Wizards have to pay John Wall 8 years instead of 4 years.

  63. Stephen Shortt

    Stephen Shortt4 months ago

    I like you Colin as a TV/radio personality but your a little to high on yourself if you think the public wants to attack (the so called "quiet" person) you. The person that sends you hate mail or stocks you has some serious screws loose bc you are nothing but a person on TV. I think you can cut out the ego bc I don't see it.

  64. Garry Locust

    Garry Locust4 months ago

    That would be boring if there was longer deals look how exciting the nba is going to be 😬crazy year

  65. Patrick Haines

    Patrick Haines4 months ago

    NBA should not have guaranteed contracts if you want to stop player movement and stop all this nonsense... no problems with this BS in the NFL