If you haven't considered AMD's new GPUs... you should...


  1. Amit Ravid

    Amit RavidHour ago

    Radeon cards are great for gamers. don't think I would buy Nvidia if i was mainly playing on the computer. but as a game developer and 3d animator AMD is not an option. the lack of cuda and very poor drivers make these cards useless for anyone who is doing even a little content creation...

  2. Aleksandar Stefanovski

    Aleksandar Stefanovski2 hours ago

    what are u waiting for? we need watercooled rx5700/xt. there is good block from byksky on aliexpress... EK has one too.

  3. Salt 2.1

    Salt 2.14 hours ago

    feels like Christmas again with all this red and green stacking up nicely

  4. Edgar Ordonez

    Edgar Ordonez12 hours ago

    can i use my I7 8700k with the 5700xt?

  5. Edgar Ordonez

    Edgar Ordonez7 hours ago

    @UMPapi-45 thank you, would you recommend it because im debating between this or an RTX2070

  6. UMPapi-45

    UMPapi-457 hours ago

    Edgar Ordonez yes

  7. Oguzhan Kaygisiz

    Oguzhan Kaygisiz19 hours ago

    will upgrade my pc a month before cyber punk 2077 release,hope they comeback with something more powerful by then

  8. Tiago Besteiro

    Tiago Besteiro19 hours ago

    Who wants to see JayzTwoCents doing a overclocking guide from scratch on this 2 ? just leave the Thumbs up :D

  9. S.G Johansson

    S.G Johansson20 hours ago

    This is quite the coincidence but I was just commending another video, similar theme, for the accomplishment of resisting the seemingly infectious urge to film yourself as you spend the majority of the video enjoying the sound of your own voice. Likely getting off from the pure appreciation of having a monologue where you can't be interrupted, sharing your glorious keen intellect and good looks as your gift to the world. All while almost accomplishing to be void of substance and entertaining value. Now I'm not talking about this clip, obviously, it's just that 3 minutes in I had this overwhelming sense of boredom, probably from the generic public if not common knowledge explained in a seemingly deliberately tedious manner. That makes little sense to me as this isn't really information minors have much use for and adults won't find fulfilling and at times borderline condescending. Tell me, I'm not being rude for the sake of rudeness, I'm seriously asking; How can it be that this much effort put in lighting, symmetry, esthetics and bland production lack anyone willing to step forward and direct the performance? If anyone involved in this production were as honest and professional about the substance and editing as the rest MAYBE this would be watchable. I want to thank you for your content, great job and keep them coming! Thumbs up, thanks!

  10. Phil

    PhilHour ago

    “likely getting off from the pure appreciation of having a monologue where you can’t be interrupted, sharing your glorious keen intellect” sounds like someone’s projecting, lmfao. and i get it dude, you own a thesaurus, you don’t need to replace every single word in your diatribe (see i know da big wurdz too) with its more convoluted and unnecessary counterpart just to try and sound like you’re above us all, jeez (ya also got a few grammatical errors and are missing a “what” in your second-to-last paragraph. or maybe i’ll call it your penultimate paragraph to pretend like i’m above everyone else as well lmfao but since you somehow missed the fancy animated white and red answer to your question at the beginning of the video: it’s Jay’s “Two Cents.” every video is jay’s opinion, clue’s in the channel name. and just like Jay has an opinion that you may disagree with, your OPINION that this is “unwatchable” and that the production value is wasted (it’s not btw, because jay finds lighting and set design fun) is still simply an OPINION, one that apparently many viewers disagree with, considering the watch time and view count. you think you can come in here and demand some answer with a bunch of fancy words as to why such drivel would be “unwatchable”, as if jay and i are some machine learning algorithm that’s malfunctioning and not popping out videos that are perfectly to your taste? you’re missing the forest for the trees dude. take a step back, this isn’t an oscar nominated film, it’s a video card review, by one of a bunch of tech youtubers that were working long hours for weeks due to a ridiculous stacked launch cycle from the two GPU giants. save your words and just go watch something else if you disagree with the presentation or opinion being presented. we all don’t make things that fit everyone’s tastes; that’s why there’s a whole wonderful world of tech youtubers and pundits and websites and engineers and overclockers and everything else in between for you to go check out and seriously, implied tone and word selection matter as much as your message; you can’t act all neutral when trying to ask your question (which is a loaded as hell question btw) while the entire tone of your comment is condescending and arrogant from the first sentence. -phil, the editor

  11. Noly CS

    Noly CS22 hours ago

    Well now I know the 5700 is a good choice to upgrade from my 480

  12. h9 og

    h9 ogDay ago

    radeon 5700 is the new price king. rtx is not ready for mainstream yet. maybe in 2 years.

  13. pvp979gaming

    pvp979gamingDay ago

    Love it but fucking blower fan gpu gtfo come on...

  14. It's Prince

    It's PrinceDay ago

    i have an rx 580

  15. Kronos132

    Kronos132Day ago

    I just bought a 2060 and.. I kinda regret it.

  16. Juanzo74 Latin Crypto

    Juanzo74 Latin CryptoDay ago

    So the 5700 star is competing with the 2060 only? Compare to the 2070 or 2080.. geez

  17. gatygun

    gatygunDay ago

    Only good thing about AMD gpu's is, that they press Nvidia prices. But that's about it.

  18. Johann smith

    Johann smithDay ago

    I Love AMD, but I think there is something contrived going on. Why they don't release flagship items? They're holding back their 16 core... They couldn't get their 3000 series to boost properly - or to over 4.5 ghz, really low thermal limit(75), and they didn't even attempt to go near the 2080 or 2080ti. It seems contrived, like all these tech companies know their place and fill the market accordingly. it's boring. release RDNA with 5900xt and wipe the floor with 2080ti. they likely could, given how much headroom there is in 5700xt. But they don't, they always hold back.

  19. Jeff Cheng

    Jeff Cheng22 hours ago

    It's probably more important for them to take the lions share of consumer purchases first. Remembering that most people buy mid tier products and only a few buy top tier cards/CPUs. The fact that they are fighting, and in my opinion winning in mid tier gives them a strong foundation to release their higher end stuff later down the line. They get more cash flow that way. Just my thinking anyways.

  20. IN A FLASH

    IN A FLASHDay ago

    Me: I’m leaving you! Team Blue: Why?!?? Me: I found a better looking one that’s way better!

  21. Jordan Moses

    Jordan Moses2 days ago

    Really wish you would talk more about sim racing!!! Specifically in VR but I do appreciate your content. You do a good job.

  22. Jordan Moses

    Jordan Moses2 days ago

    Are VR sim racing benchmarks a thing?

  23. jewelbell5

    jewelbell52 days ago

    I've seen the 5700XT beat the 2070 super in many games, I think it's only gonna get better!

  24. Jan Kopciuch

    Jan KopciuchDay ago

    in what world. it barely beats the 2060 super in most games because sadly, the most games are nvidia optimized.

  25. Michael Nazzario

    Michael Nazzario2 days ago

    Should I sell my GTX 1080 for one of these?

  26. Sololevelingforlife Wee

    Sololevelingforlife WeeDay ago


  27. Akura JamakasiLOL

    Akura JamakasiLOL2 days ago

    Jayz2Cents, good video as always! But i will disagree with you about "most people spending...275-350"...An average gamer (budget) look at the price (at around) 200 $. That is why gtx 960 was a very good selling card (example). Now it is rx 570 (which proofs the point) from 140/160 $ (new).

  28. chat_banned

    chat_banned2 days ago

    Soon we'll hit old numbers. Can't wait for 9600XT and 9800 XT :)

  29. Putaque Pariu

    Putaque Pariu2 days ago

    Why exactly is power draw and noise being ignored in this video is my question. The fact that AMD coming 1 year late to market with a 7nm process and cannot keep up with nVidias power efficiency seems like something that should be mentioned... ESPECIALLY when you're comparing things on $20 difference tiers. I somehow think power efficiency and reduced electricity bills would factor in.. but strangely they never do...

  30. Exzilicis

    Exzilicis22 hours ago

    wait for custom cards nigga

  31. RuRu

    RuRu2 days ago

    From what I can see, I think AmD is going to get my bucks for it! Looks promising and I want to see more competition in graphics department. A mid range gaming PC on the side, this looks like a perfect fit of a graphics cards.

  32. thebigfut

    thebigfut2 days ago

    The irony that YT puts a video card ad for NVIDIA at the beginning of this is amusing and ironic.

  33. Giorgos Konstantinou

    Giorgos Konstantinou2 days ago

    A dent to the competition 😂😂😂

  34. Brian_44

    Brian_442 days ago

    Jay please more of this music! Love it!

  35. froggyNotGreen

    froggyNotGreen2 days ago

    Waited 4 months for 3900x not gonna wait any longer for amd future gpus.. Gonna go with 2080 lol Suggest me a good x570 motherhood for under 300, i just want it to be reliable and OC friendly for the future

  36. Ross Jenkins

    Ross JenkinsDay ago

    @froggyNotGreen I'm not too fond of it either but if it's the better variant then go for it. I like my pcs in the mid range to low range so as far as higher end boards go I know not a whole lot.

  37. froggyNotGreen

    froggyNotGreenDay ago

    @Ross Jenkins was thinking about asus rog strix x570 E gaming atx one, but I'm not sure about the whole cooling fan on the x570 motherboards concept and how they're better than the x470 ones.

  38. Ross Jenkins

    Ross JenkinsDay ago

    You're gonna spend the money on a 2080 you mine as well spend the 300+ on the board.

  39. Tripcle gamer

    Tripcle gamer2 days ago

    Can it handle fortnite and pubg can you please try a benchmark

  40. George Gls

    George Gls19 hours ago

    Definitely can't

  41. Hein Beukes

    Hein Beukes2 days ago

    My first Radeon card was a 9600pro. What a little beast that was... I'm so happy they brought back the XT branding!

  42. Irene Kay

    Irene Kay2 days ago

    My 5700XT kicks ass at 4K! very happy with it

  43. XxCollski Xx

    XxCollski Xx2 days ago

    Can someone tell when will non blower type for rx5700xt come out

  44. XxCollski Xx

    XxCollski Xx2 days ago

    Are the price more expensive

  45. XxCollski Xx

    XxCollski Xx2 days ago

    How do you know

  46. Tim Meertens

    Tim Meertens2 days ago


  47. mike

    mike2 days ago

    I recently upgraded my old i5 to a ryzen 2600x, i'm really hoping the 5700xt w/ a different cooler is good because i'm thinking of buying it to replace my 970

  48. Animalyze71

    Animalyze712 days ago

    Well it does appear that AMD is off to a good start with the numbers you provided. Popular to contrary belief most gamers are running 60 and 70 series cards, always have always will. 80 series were for braggarts and stupidly rich folk who paid 2x's more for 15-25% gains in performance. If AMD dominates the most popular gamer niche price point and keeps delivering numbers like these in both price and performance I feel nVidia may find themselves as bed partners with intel and watch their profits fade fast. Intel like nVidia have always focused on hype induced insane pricing and do not really care what people need rather than want. I think the sun is setting on the green and blue teams but either way the competition is much needed and regardless who has what brand as favorite we all win in the end with the price drops.

  49. Negativehook

    Negativehook3 days ago

    Considering it in my next build. Give it a few months with the 3rd party scews and some optimization

  50. Jim Bond

    Jim Bond3 days ago

    Nvidia once again screwed early adopter of RTX as they did in the past with Tis versus Titans and Titan versus Titan. Although in my opinion, paying as much as Nvidia demanded for a technology that STILL isn't a thing deserve whatever penalty they get. Nvidia fanboys will never learn.

  51. Williams2809

    Williams28093 days ago

    NVIDIA invented boxes.

  52. Dan Wimble

    Dan Wimble3 days ago

    Pls add over watch to the bench mark

  53. Gamercat

    Gamercat3 days ago

    I am not sure if I messed up somehow but the only driver they have for this graphics card doesn't even support CSGO, Terarria, or Age of Empires 2 HD.

  54. Aaron Rajala

    Aaron Rajala3 days ago

    so these cards work with new intel chips too right?

  55. Emad ansari

    Emad ansari3 days ago

    does water cooling improve some performance of RX 5700 XT

  56. Nikita Zaycev

    Nikita Zaycev3 days ago

    www.techpowerup.com/review/amd-radeon-rx-5700-xt/31.html Peak gaming: - RTX 2070 203W - RX 580 208W - RX 5700 XT 227W Idle Multi monitor - RTX 2070 15W - RX 580 32W - RX 5700XT 36W Don't get me wrong, i am not even an nvidia user, i still use my old HD 7970 (a PowerColor card with 2 fans and like 5 heatpipes). And i am using Win 7 cuz i am waiting for the Win 11 release. The point is, that is a pretty HIGH energy consumption for a 7nm card.

  57. Sasquatch Guy

    Sasquatch Guy3 days ago

    Go with AMD, Ansel is cool but not supported in all games, and it likely won’t be. Nvidia shadowplay makes your gpu slower, no point in having it if your playing fast action first person shooters, like I prefer, and even worse nvidia forces you in some games to record your “highlight kills” like BFV and it’s annoying to shut off and has a massive fucking performance hit, even on my GTX 1080. The other reason to consider AMD is that nvidia forces you to sign into GeForce experience, they want to track who uses their shit. AMD don’t care, they let you make changes with ease. PhysX is a big fucking scam, raytracing is likely on the same level. For example, killing Floor 2 and nvidia FleX 💪 Only game that I play- that has nvidias physically rendered gore, which is awesome. I did at the time prefer Gsync but only because I found a 27” monitor at 240hertz. Which now I believe is actually TOO big even for playing FPS shooters. Alienware makes good small high FPS Freesync AND Gsync monitors, with Gsync having input lag AND costing more. Many reasons to go for AMD people.

  58. JoeRieper

    JoeRieper3 days ago

    Why are you still benchmarking with old Hitman instead of Hitman 2?

  59. Animalyze71

    Animalyze712 days ago

    Because benchmarking is just like CNN...fake news. When DMI4 comes out then we can read real numbers again, but 2015 tech driving 2019 tech what are you thinking? DMI3 is gimping actual performance rather than what the theoretical numbers are saying.

  60. Even-Ezer Ayettey

    Even-Ezer Ayettey3 days ago

    I'm just glad AMD got to slashing their prices! In as much as I wouldn't want to credit team Green, they sorta forced the Big RED Army's hand... and the customer wins!

  61. Even-Ezer Ayettey

    Even-Ezer AyetteyDay ago

    @Boyo Well, then well played Team Red if that's true!!

  62. Boyo

    BoyoDay ago

    Even-Ezer Ayettey it wasn’t pressure, AMD planned it. They baited Green with the prices then slashed it at the last second.

  63. MadFinnTech

    MadFinnTech3 days ago

    I'm interested when I can get meaningful upgrade from 1080Ti at lower price than 2080Ti. GPU market is dry as games journos' cunts.

  64. Neby Moges

    Neby Moges3 days ago

    I feel like there were probably muuucher better ways to color the bar graphs... :/

  65. Chris Dotson

    Chris Dotson4 days ago

    Wow, even JZ dont respect MassDrop's conversion to Drop XD. Just cut out the "Mass" eh? But if you listen, you can still catch the "M"...

  66. Grumzz

    Grumzz4 days ago

    AMD drivers are miles ahead of nvidia. cracks me up when people think the apposite

  67. Grumzz

    Grumzz2 days ago

    @Putaque Pariu i havent crashed once on my amd rig. but on my nvidia rig i crash all the time. their drivers are a complete joke.

  68. Putaque Pariu

    Putaque Pariu2 days ago

    Yeah miles away by being 1 year late to market and only being able to compete with the "midrange" cards AND with less efficiency, EVEN AT 7NM. Your illiteracy does crack me up though

  69. Grumzz

    Grumzz4 days ago

    what use is rtx on a 2060 when you need 2 x 2080 ti cards for basic gaming at 1080p