1. Eliesteth Rodriguez

    Eliesteth Rodriguez9 days ago

    Shyla was so much prettier before the nose job and lip fillers

  2. Fortuna Gebreselassie

    Fortuna GebreselassieMonth ago

    y should we comment a name when it is a prank. bruh

  3. Karina Perez-leon

    Karina Perez-leon3 months ago

    Frida the Ferrari

  4. Vania Orozco

    Vania Orozco4 months ago

    I love those giraffes statues in the front yard😍 popcorn's pants are nice. Now she gonna be wondering where the other car is🤦🏼‍♀️ shouldn't have let popcorn take it. Now you'll have to say you traded it in for this car🤣 that's better because she'll be pissed since it was more her car! Omg yess!

  5. Leslye Aracena

    Leslye Aracena4 months ago

    I love you l&s gang so much✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫

  6. Nancy Lopez

    Nancy Lopez4 months ago

    Hi L&S I love you guys so much you guys are so amazing god bless you and your guys family, omg that is a beautiful car poor shyla but it was funny love you guys so much ❤️😘😍😻👏😂😍

  7. zorro

    zorro4 months ago

    She doesnt really seem like she is into him

  8. Iceyy J

    Iceyy J5 months ago

    Omggg I miss your old nose 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  9. Angel A

    Angel A5 months ago


  10. FayTorria Hambric

    FayTorria Hambric5 months ago

    L and S ganggggg!!!!!. And why do y'all care if Shyla gotta nose job. Its nobody concern.. Stop being so mean to her. Shes nice, caring and grateful for everything she has.....

  11. 1Isbel

    1Isbel5 months ago

    Look at all those ads

  12. Carlos G

    Carlos G5 months ago

    Y’all fucking dicks let shyla be

  13. JJLX Nation

    JJLX Nation6 months ago

    It should be ladybug

  14. Monica Gallardo

    Monica Gallardo6 months ago

    Shyla what happened sis 🤭

  15. steph_

    steph_6 months ago

    Shula did get her nose job she addressed it in a video but I guess she deleted it. She had said that she got her nose done because she had breathing problems

  16. ruth garcia

    ruth garcia6 months ago

    Ungrateful stuck up person ! I can see why Catherine never hangs out with her , and her nose job wtf is that 😂😂😂

  17. Little Izzie

    Little Izzie6 months ago

    Be oh shut the hell up

  18. Hannah Almasmari

    Hannah Almasmari6 months ago

    Buy a house that house that you are living in us already good

  19. Just my Life ?

    Just my Life ?6 months ago

    Why is their intro better than the ACE family’s 🤦‍♀️⏳

  20. Giselle Lopez

    Giselle Lopez6 months ago

    Everyone stop talking shi* about shyla it's her face she can do anything with her face

  21. Maria B

    Maria B6 months ago

    Hi L&S, I’m very sad this year, I dont have enough money to buy my family Christmas gifts. It’s sad when it comes down to the holidays because of the same reason I dont go enough money to buy gifts. Can you please help me out I’d be the best thing that has happened to me. I just want gifts under my tree. I want to give gifts to my family especially my mom because she has been my mom/dad all my life. My dad was not in our life’s ever we left us. Please help me.. thank you. Love y’all ♥️

  22. COBALT 55

    COBALT 556 months ago

    wheres my car she is an ungrateful pig

  23. ThatsWet

    ThatsWet6 months ago

    My guy

  24. Jackie Ramos

    Jackie Ramos6 months ago

    “Your lying”😂 Love y’all ❤️❤️❤️

  25. Armando Encarnacion

    Armando Encarnacion6 months ago

    What haircut he gets?

  26. MILLIONAIRE millionaire

    MILLIONAIRE millionaire6 months ago

    $3200 a month y’all got money

  27. L.G

    L.G6 months ago

    You can’t do a nose job when your nose is already little... it is evident that it will fail. I’m sorry!

  28. Ecko 9940

    Ecko 99406 months ago

    Does Shyla have to keep copying Catherine on everything even with the nose job wow she wants to be just like her...

  29. 2 Kiingz

    2 Kiingz6 months ago

    I honestly feel bad for her. It just doesn't look great. If it looked better I don't think it would be as big of a deal but it's too thin!! Idk hopefully when her face swelling goes down it won't appear as tiny!?!? Hopefully!!

  30. Taniaaa v

    Taniaaa v6 months ago

    She can drive!! Duh not only men are the best ,

  31. Georgeeno _28

    Georgeeno _286 months ago


  32. Get money

    Get money6 months ago

    These guys hit a million fast they THOUGHT 10 million was gonna come fast😂😂😂.when your fake as fuck ppl avoid you!!

  33. Hayaat Rage

    Hayaat Rage6 months ago

    Ali have so many cars ehq

  34. Outdoor Therapy

    Outdoor Therapy6 months ago

    Good to see these two having fun again. Landon reassuring Shyla that presents come from love makes him a prince worthy of his princess. So cute!

  35. GloJay

    GloJay6 months ago

    When the fuck this became a Ace Family 2.0 😂

  36. The MonTaj Channel

    The MonTaj Channel6 months ago

    Lol this video all types of cringe so SUBSCRIBE to our channel!!!

  37. Gabriela Arana

    Gabriela Arana6 months ago

    She's mad about him spending money but yet she's out here getting a nose job 😏😏

  38. ashley rios

    ashley rios6 months ago

    ya are all on this girls dick let her do what she wants to do....the fuck !!!!!!!!!!

  39. Zeyad Shah

    Zeyad Shah6 months ago

    She is a fuckin’ gold digger!

  40. Rahiem Linder

    Rahiem Linder6 months ago

    1:23 hahahha

  41. River Dhadda

    River Dhadda6 months ago

    why are they not in videos togehter much anymore

  42. Linda Cruz

    Linda Cruz6 months ago

    Can you shout me out on the next video

  43. just jalayah

    just jalayah6 months ago

    Awww poor shyla baby it's ok we know u got a nose job stop hiding from the camera we all have insecurities & i don't judge !! Love u guys 😘

  44. UBeat Maker

    UBeat Maker6 months ago

    I wanna offer one like this to my Beautiful Baby

  45. UBeat Maker

    UBeat Maker6 months ago

    Keep doing your job

  46. UBeat Maker

    UBeat Maker6 months ago

    That’s cool man

  47. Lilmissaki Mahmood

    Lilmissaki Mahmood6 months ago

    ermmm shylaaa nooooooo wat is up with the nose they made u look like a pig im so sorry but u we’re beautiful before u didnt have to change urself everyone has realised u got it dun sum ppl like it and some dont and thos who dont they are looking out for you becuz u WERE beautiful they ruined ur face 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  48. Shiloh Buizon

    Shiloh Buizon6 months ago

    SHYLA show u finna get a nose job and not talk/tel us abt. it.. but anyways if anyone thinks the copied the ace family look at 11:11,, they said “hold the coffee not hot cocoa okayy chill.. and someone should get something for popcorn he seems rlly nice🥳🤔

  49. ShesAPixi

    ShesAPixi6 months ago

    Not original at all. Bad video. Get better ideas ...

  50. Erika Haha

    Erika Haha6 months ago

    Her face literally looks the exact same lmao y’all must think a nose job takes a day to heal yea she’s def acting different but that ain’t it sis

  51. Katrina Kiely

    Katrina Kiely6 months ago

    Um sooo Her attitude has changed big time in videos...I dunno she seems stressed or something?? 🤔🤔

  52. Wande x

    Wande x6 months ago

    Tbh there is no point watching their videos anymore bc i can just tell this was fake and ik shyla knew ace family is soo unique and ur never gonna find a family like them and the l and s gang are just coping them bc they want to be like them but its not working out they need to stop coping ace family and find there own uniqueness. And also shyla is soooooo ungrateful and the l and s members all figured out she got nose surgery and lip thats why she has been hiding from the camera sooo there is nooo denying it. And also one more thing u man need to stop using popcorn for his cars i mean come on ft him in vids and dont only let him be in ur vids just to use his cars do u see ace family doing these things nooo . Perioddddttt thats all i had to say i has to let it out bc this is not right

  53. donna pentecostes

    donna pentecostes6 months ago

    She kind of looks like Rita Ora

  54. Little BIT of Everything

    Little BIT of Everything6 months ago

    She looked better without her hoo nose! Botched!

  55. el_famous. Jr

    el_famous. Jr6 months ago

    Ya copy the ace family

  56. Ceecee Terry

    Ceecee Terry6 months ago

    I was really into them early on in their channel .. I unsubscribed a couple months ago cause everything seemed forced and not fun to watch. I came back to give it a chance and I’m still feeling the same way 👎 idk what it is?!?!?!??

  57. Danielle&Austin_x McL

    Danielle&Austin_x McL6 months ago

    Shyla is so beautiful.

  58. alessia f

    alessia f6 months ago

    looool the tfox signature on the side!!!!!! LMFAOOOOOO

  59. Jaidy Fuentes

    Jaidy Fuentes6 months ago

    Def got thigh lipo 🤮

  60. Tjaša Gliebe

    Tjaša Gliebe6 months ago

    noo girll😭 before you looked like mix od rihhana and rita ora. you were just perfect

  61. TonyGeZuz

    TonyGeZuz6 months ago

    Trying to copy ace family fuck you bitches

  62. Cherish Simard

    Cherish Simard6 months ago

    So much negative comments lol shyla does look a little different but she’s still extremely beautiful. And her nose is cute🥰 she don’t have to talk about it, or update y’all when she gets something done lol that’s stupid. People that make a lot of money tend to get shit done to themselves, if I had that kinda money I probably would too 🤷🏻‍♀️ plus who knows, maybe she was insecure about her nose. Y’all don’t know that !

  63. Araceli Paredes

    Araceli Paredes6 months ago

    Shyla looks like Michael Jackson

  64. DiannaArbic

    DiannaArbic6 months ago

    Anyone else notice the TFox logo on the gas cap? If I did, how did Shyla not see it :P

  65. D'zo benfranklin

    D'zo benfranklin6 months ago

    I don't really know what that is you do the math😂😂

  66. Danica m.

    Danica m.6 months ago

    Ohh so only Shyla can spend their money now. I see

  67. takecare

    takecare6 months ago

    I honestly can’t imagine Shyla and Catherine getting along

  68. Ocee Jay

    Ocee Jay5 months ago

    takecare me too lol

  69. Krystal Marie ILLEST

    Krystal Marie ILLEST6 months ago

    She is so ungrateful...

  70. Kaka Harris

    Kaka Harris6 months ago

    and the car has stars at the top inside the car

  71. Kaka Harris

    Kaka Harris6 months ago

    shut up mo kanja

  72. Mo Kanja

    Mo Kanja6 months ago


  73. shanea anagal

    shanea anagal6 months ago

    Her new nose looks horrible.. why would she do that to herself.

  74. fuzexd Smith

    fuzexd Smith6 months ago

    like listen up like everybody who's talking about her nose job and how these people call her ugly because of that please check yourself don't come at people when u haven't looked in the mirror like it's facts and in my opinion i think yal should just show her love respect or leave and stop hating, your just tryna get attention

  75. Victoria Baez

    Victoria Baez6 months ago

    Everyone talkin bout this bitch nose job can we talk about when this nigga guna fix his teeth and face cheeks

  76. Breona Tew

    Breona Tew6 months ago

    Her nose is fuckin ugly

  77. Breona Tew

    Breona Tew6 months ago

    fuzexd Smith stop hatin bitch😘

  78. fuzexd Smith

    fuzexd Smith6 months ago

    and your face looks like it got dragged out of the bush

  79. Shelby Diaz

    Shelby Diaz6 months ago

    What did she do to her nose😩

  80. fuzexd Smith

    fuzexd Smith6 months ago

    what did u do to ur face

  81. Abi Lylene

    Abi Lylene6 months ago

    Why is getting plastic surgery done so shunned upon? It’s their body their choice. She probably doesn’t want to talk about it yet.

  82. Shan W

    Shan W6 months ago

    Forreal Shyla 🤔

  83. Josilin T

    Josilin T6 months ago

    Brooo why did u do that to your nose 😭😭😭 whyyyyyyy

  84. fuzexd Smith

    fuzexd Smith6 months ago

    why is ur face so ugly whhhhyyy

  85. catherinemk

    catherinemk6 months ago

    Why hide the nose job? Is she just never going to show her face again or something

  86. Arlete Fernandes

    Arlete Fernandes6 months ago

    When the video started I prayed that he won’t break the windows but it was kinda good

  87. Alexis Maldonado

    Alexis Maldonado6 months ago

    Landon w/ 360 Waves, NiggaH would be looking Cleannn

  88. Edgarr Segura

    Edgarr Segura6 months ago

    How many cars does Popcorn own, damn.

  89. Tuli-Anna Watkins

    Tuli-Anna Watkins6 months ago

    Tbh, Landon the way you’re talking to Popcorn is not nice. You think you’re something and his nothing. Just give the keys and be a gentleman and go ahead instead of talking. If you’re nervous giving your car. Than why ask for his. Should have just rented one instead. You asked him if he knows how to work your car, hello he has that kinda car also and he bought it before you. So I’m pretty sure he knows more than you do with that car. And when you got to his car and you didn’t even know how to start it or work it. Popcorn should be worried about you driving his car. Don’t talk smart when you’re not 👍

  90. Carbon Steele

    Carbon Steele6 months ago

    Damn girl calm down. He was just joking

  91. Venise Richardson

    Venise Richardson6 months ago

    Tuli-Anna Watkins you seem like you invest to much of your shitty ass opinion that no one gives a shit about

  92. Bianca Luna

    Bianca Luna6 months ago

    She for sure had some work done on her face. She can barely move it

  93. LifeWithAri

    LifeWithAri6 months ago

    What’s wrong with her getting anything done tf. Y’all sum straight up haters if y’all don’t like them then don’t watch dick riders

  94. i.Adam.abdi

    i.Adam.abdi6 months ago

    Why they talk Bout the money nd price lol that's embracing

  95. A&K Gang

    A&K Gang6 months ago

    We love your vids. Super cute!

  96. Elijah Garza

    Elijah Garza6 months ago

    I wouldnt know how to control myself in a Ferrari lmao ! Blessings guys ❤

  97. Amanda JT

    Amanda JT6 months ago

    Shyla bitchy as hell

  98. fuzexd Smith

    fuzexd Smith6 months ago

    calm your farm. what she ever done to u like

  99. bosco huang

    bosco huang6 months ago

    Just miss shyra s bid ass

  100. Kim Odom

    Kim Odom6 months ago

    Your Christmas intro is so so good

  101. Shelbz C.

    Shelbz C.6 months ago

    “You’re LYING!”

  102. Pompy DEURI

    Pompy DEURI6 months ago

    Name of the car should be "a lie"

  103. Moey Seif

    Moey Seif6 months ago

    Straight copied ACE FAMILY

  104. sarah pozo

    sarah pozo6 months ago

    Okay so like when are y’all gonna buy Joseph a car???!

  105. MS. BOORJOO

    MS. BOORJOO6 months ago

    Why these 2 got so tacky all of a sudden? He is always trying too hard. She is so stank and now her face is all weird and she was MIA so long. Im unsubscribing

  106. Costo Tube

    Costo Tube6 months ago

    shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla shyla

  107. Lorleen John

    Lorleen John6 months ago


  108. Rebecca Ladipo-Dixon

    Rebecca Ladipo-Dixon6 months ago

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