Can We Spot The Identical Twin? (GAME)


  1. poptart Art

    poptart Art22 minutes ago


  2. Mayvel Dyan

    Mayvel Dyan54 minutes ago

    Yo the quadruplets were fourever1 I remember watching them lmao it's been 5 years this is so weird

  3. Grace Deptuck

    Grace DeptuckHour ago

    Well hello Dylan

  4. Katie Perry

    Katie PerryHour ago

    That was incredible

  5. Chona Espanol

    Chona EspanolHour ago

    I was like OMG Cole Sprouse cut his hair! But then he showed up and I was filled with relief bc Cole Sprouse hair is beautiful

  6. Hope Huff

    Hope Huff2 hours ago


  7. littlelyrics1234

    littlelyrics12343 hours ago

    I appreciate that not that many people watching will get the “AND TWINNNNS” reference from the intro but they still did it anyway. made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂

  8. nicoleab88

    nicoleab883 hours ago

    Hehehehehe..... Twinkubator

  9. keira wilde

    keira wilde3 hours ago

    i think that they shoud have had cole not dylan cause cole is more well known

  10. Wyatt Rubinoff

    Wyatt Rubinoff4 hours ago

    Bring back Curtis plZ

  11. Creative Sparks

    Creative Sparks5 hours ago


  12. Kiri

    Kiri6 hours ago

    since when did dylan shave his head :(

  13. Stephanie

    Stephanie7 hours ago

    give me your impression of a talking dolphin "BRRRRKRRKWAAAAAAAAAAAWKWKKKKCHCHGHCH" ... never heard that word before lmao

  14. StarGalaxy

    StarGalaxy8 hours ago

    Guys Dylan is trying get a date with ariana

  15. Aya Pelchar

    Aya Pelchar8 hours ago

    # bringcurtisback

  16. Aya Pelchar

    Aya Pelchar8 hours ago

    Dylan likes Ariana

  17. JustAnAnimatingAsian Animates

    JustAnAnimatingAsian Animates8 hours ago

    Plot twist: It's actually the afternoon.......

  18. Mikhaila Kavanagh

    Mikhaila Kavanagh9 hours ago

    Petition to hire curtis

  19. Sara T

    Sara T11 hours ago

    I think it’s safe to say I’m in love with Curtis

  20. 01shipley

    01shipley11 hours ago


  21. Hexz Fuzzy

    Hexz Fuzzy14 hours ago


  22. Taylor Dog

    Taylor Dog16 hours ago


  23. Jaffar Hayder

    Jaffar Hayder16 hours ago

    Curtis has gmm crew written all over him

  24. Brihanna Graham

    Brihanna Graham18 hours ago

    How do make it this far in life not knowing the Ninja Turtles!!!

  25. Diddly Doges

    Diddly Doges19 hours ago

    WHERES coLlEeee😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  26. 1-800 blue

    1-800 blue20 hours ago

    Dylan is so cute wtf I never used to think so

  27. Ninisw33t

    Ninisw33t22 hours ago

    Actually isnt that Cole? 🤔

  28. Trynity H

    Trynity H22 hours ago


  29. nooran yehia

    nooran yehia23 hours ago

    Who is Curtis and can he be on GMM?

  30. Emilee Easterly

    Emilee Easterly23 hours ago

    ok holy poop, why have I not been invited to Cole Sprouse's branch of the twin cult? oh no :I

  31. Chelsea Hickman

    Chelsea HickmanDay ago

    Can I have a Curtis please ?

  32. Amy Manicom

    Amy ManicomDay ago

    Man they are not playing to win

  33. Tiny B Special K

    Tiny B Special KDay ago

    Dylan gets the whole Twinkie, It was all an illusion!

  34. Tamara Dean

    Tamara DeanDay ago

    Is it me or does Curtis look like that dude from Home Alone 🤨🤨🤨

  35. Angelina Warren

    Angelina WarrenDay ago


  36. JP Raps

    JP RapsDay ago

    Bring Curtis Back!!! 🙌🏾

  37. Hello Broadcast

    Hello BroadcastDay ago


  38. Jelly Boy

    Jelly BoyDay ago

    Curtis is bae

  39. JaysArtEscape

    JaysArtEscapeDay ago

    Tbh I didn’t know Cole Sprouse had a twin so I thought it was Cole at first

  40. EllaAnn

    EllaAnnDay ago

    They should play this again with cole and see if he could get any right

  41. rogerina taylor

    rogerina taylorDay ago

    Nobody: 3/4 quadruplets: *aRe YoU dOn JoHnSoN?!!!1!!*

  42. Happy _p00p

    Happy _p00pDay ago

    I’m a twin

  43. Nautical Davis

    Nautical DavisDay ago

    Are we not going to talk about how Dylan cut his hair🤭🤭

  44. Anika Wiebe

    Anika WiebeDay ago

    This was probably one of my favourite episodes of GMM 😂😂😂😂😂

  45. Raph Perez

    Raph PerezDay ago

    Aww they missed the opportunity at the last round. I imagine after the blindfold theyd see 3 janelles and a curtis.. and they have to find Janelle~ The hillarity of link.picking curtis might be janelle!

  46. Olivia Brooke

    Olivia BrookeDay ago

    Rhett:omg there three twins Me: *what*

  47. Alex Sherfield

    Alex SherfieldDay ago

    I love curtis

  48. Kayleigh McMillan

    Kayleigh McMillanDay ago

    you should do this again but with cole😂

  49. Valerie Thomas

    Valerie ThomasDay ago

    where is Cole???? 🧐😞😔

  50. Gabby Willa

    Gabby WillaDay ago

    I'm in love with Jeremy and Jourdan okay bye