3 Creamy Popsicles - You Suck at Cooking (episode 90)


  1. You Suck At Cooking

    You Suck At Cooking6 days ago

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  2. Miguel Franco

    Miguel Franco20 hours ago

    Wuv u

  3. daverizz

    daverizz2 days ago

    Totally unrelated to this video... but everytime I watch a Binging with Babish, and he goes to grind some pepper on something, I'm waiting for him to say "Pepper, pepper, pepper..." You have taken over and possessed the small food-watching part of me brain!

  4. nickability

    nickability2 days ago

    As a vegan, I was so happy that your recipes in this video were vegan friendly!

  5. Mr. Chicken

    Mr. Chicken3 days ago

    We need a sub reddit for this channel

  6. Gydian Prus

    Gydian Prus3 days ago

    I love you

  7. Allison Lennox

    Allison Lennox40 minutes ago

    Raspberry Ham?

  8. JD JD

    JD JDHour ago

    This video brought to you by The American Coconut Milk Lobby

  9. signed -God

    signed -God2 hours ago

    When I heard the robotic sounds at the becoming I... I just thought that... maybe, just maybe

  10. LUXRAY97

    LUXRAY972 hours ago

    Herbert the pervert has joined the chat

  11. Eleventh Piløts

    Eleventh Piløts3 hours ago

    The cats were the best part

  12. Armi144

    Armi1444 hours ago

    1.8M subs!!!

  13. Pedro

    Pedro5 hours ago

    Owww.... I will never regret the day I did the right question to google and I found out about this channel

  14. Patricia A.

    Patricia A.6 hours ago


  15. Ben Cusack

    Ben Cusack6 hours ago

    After watching the eating of popsicles with knife and fork I now wonder what other food I have been eating wrong my whole life.

  16. Nathan Siepel

    Nathan Siepel6 hours ago

    Have you got any replacement for the coconut milk, my mother has an allergy for it..

  17. Nathan Siepel

    Nathan Siepel6 hours ago

    You suck af cooking but also suck them popsicles

  18. Trisha R

    Trisha R6 hours ago

    Thank you for the excellent kitten content at the end

  19. CJ

    CJ8 hours ago

    Your songs at the end of your videos remind me of Flight of the Conchords

  20. YamiGekusu

    YamiGekusu9 hours ago

    _"No, it's raspberry jam, you dumb f***." _ 😂

  21. Delana W

    Delana W9 hours ago

    I don’t suck at cooking actually I’m In a culinary school

  22. Nia Jarmon

    Nia Jarmon11 hours ago

    *hears robot noises* I hope its Plimblockto :( it wasn't...

  23. Prince'z s

    Prince'z s11 hours ago


  24. Jesse Mathis

    Jesse Mathis12 hours ago

    ok but what are some actual replacements for the wooden popsicle sticks because I hate the way it makes the popsicles taste

  25. shit fuck

    shit fuck13 hours ago

    did he just flex on us with popsicles?

  26. MiraiKim

    MiraiKim13 hours ago

    The video is great but you adding those cats makes it greater

  27. elliewellie

    elliewellie14 hours ago

    Unsure how much cooking was done here

  28. relief

    relief14 hours ago

    Those kitties!!!

  29. Del

    Del15 hours ago

    What if you don’t like coconut?

  30. Ej Trio

    Ej Trio15 hours ago

    Damn he got a quick hand like look at that fast pumping

  31. Jihan Farikha

    Jihan Farikha15 hours ago

    Those cats just so adorable :(( love them!

  32. Darrick Mor

    Darrick Mor16 hours ago

    3:55 not my greatest fap

  33. Pascal Anema

    Pascal Anema18 hours ago

    I almost forgot the best part of this is always at the end, aww cats

  34. Koki Gacha!

    Koki Gacha!19 hours ago

    Robby sent me..!

  35. Cursed Content

    Cursed Content20 hours ago

    Lawful HowToBasic

  36. Kawaii Desu

    Kawaii Desu21 hour ago

    You guys ever notice that 99% of what he makes are vegetarian?

  37. inconsistent uploads

    inconsistent uploads21 hour ago

    Is this Harry Miree

  38. Jodielynn Geinod

    Jodielynn Geinod21 hour ago

    My Asian ass thought it was red bean flavoured popsicles!

  39. Water Bottle

    Water Bottle22 hours ago

    Not gonna lie, I said “raspberry ham”

  40. KaidaCestro

    KaidaCestro22 hours ago

    I hate popsicles so I take this as a personal insult

  41. Call RaTcHeT

    Call RaTcHeT22 hours ago

    awww those kittens are adorable 💕💕💕

  42. Lunar Weirdo

    Lunar Weirdo22 hours ago

    *Giggling to myself throughout the video* Nutsicle.

  43. RaZe Bwaap

    RaZe Bwaap23 hours ago

    I didn’t know you can cook popsicles.?

  44. Super penguin

    Super penguinDay ago

    I hate you for this

  45. Olivia Nguyen

    Olivia NguyenDay ago

    Those cats at the end were adorable!

  46. Exploding Minecart

    Exploding MinecartDay ago

    You monster You ate popsicles with a fork and knife You monster

  47. lily allen and the diamonds

    lily allen and the diamondsDay ago

    I read-three popsicles you can suck. Kinky but I forgive

  48. msmity63

    msmity63Day ago

    3:55 thank me later ;)

  49. Wintermelon

    WintermelonDay ago

    I’m supposed to be studying for finals

  50. m t

    m tDay ago

    OMFG...this has to be one of the funniest, cutest videos on USwork. Love the popsicles...may actually try them - they look delicious. The kittens are the icing on the popsicles.

  51. AnTeaVirus

    AnTeaVirusDay ago

    how did i miss this channel

  52. furry animations

    furry animationsDay ago


  53. Brent Vettel

    Brent VettelDay ago

    Awwww Kittens

  54. Esskeetit Royce

    Esskeetit RoyceDay ago

    He’s so cool for eating ice cream with a fork and a knife

  55. Get out

    Get outDay ago

    **Takes raspberry jam from a slice of toast.**

  56. Joel Virki

    Joel VirkiDay ago

    I changed my mind on liking dogs now I like dogs and cats

  57. IdkWhatToPutHere

    IdkWhatToPutHereDay ago

    Omg these all seem so good I want to try them but we all know I'm way to lazy and broke to do it

  58. annameyl

    annameylDay ago

    but.. but I don't like coconut :(

  59. Space Sprinkles

    Space SprinklesDay ago


  60. chlatepdng

    chlatepdngDay ago

    Lol gross

  61. Shay Slayer

    Shay SlayerDay ago

    Those are some ugly dogs

  62. aStrix

    aStrixDay ago


  63. Abigail Silva

    Abigail SilvaDay ago

    best part of the video was the end with the kittens

  64. Trev Hansen

    Trev HansenDay ago

    I have kittens and kids

  65. Laura Rios

    Laura RiosDay ago

    ...what channel have I discovered lol?

  66. Midsizemustang 2

    Midsizemustang 2Day ago

    Your kittens are adorable

  67. karlosmndz

    karlosmndzDay ago

    U suck not me

  68. aiden fletcher

    aiden fletcherDay ago

    I’ve never read a book before, I look forward to it

  69. ArtimisRok

    ArtimisRokDay ago

    I really only hit the like button for the cats at the end

  70. xxasdoo

    xxasdooDay ago

    Kitties, ohmaigahhhh!🥰

  71. Twitch Lexumi_

    Twitch Lexumi_Day ago

    Can i buy that book im germany?

  72. peen

    peenDay ago

    i like these names

  73. Luke Rieman

    Luke RiemanDay ago

    Tiny whisk!

  74. Sappyboy

    SappyboyDay ago

    3:27 black people be like 3:40 white people be like

  75. DIAMOD17 -YT-

    DIAMOD17 -YT-Day ago

    You are a fustrated musician

  76. Anushka Nikhil

    Anushka NikhilDay ago

    the kitties really sold it to me

  77. Abigails World

    Abigails WorldDay ago

    Anybody at the beginning of the video it was pinblockdo coming back😭 you tricked mmeeeeee

  78. Plucky Bellhop

    Plucky BellhopDay ago

    2:13 Is the best part.

  79. magalí

    magalíDay ago

    I'm dying looking at those kittens

  80. King Carrolei Ragual

    King Carrolei RagualDay ago

    That voice tho ughhh

  81. 👽MrHalcyonmusic👽

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  82. Ade Racing

    Ade RacingDay ago

    Yeah veery creamy Without cream....

  83. T de Lioncourt

    T de LioncourtDay ago

    I don't know who you are but I'll binge your videos XD

  84. I Am A Person Obviously.

    I Am A Person Obviously.Day ago

    Other than the Cand Nut Video This channel has never Uploaded a 10 minute Video.

  85. Phixelog

    PhixelogDay ago

    Not going to lie your cats are so cute i might steal one

  86. Julia Zu

    Julia ZuDay ago

    Ice cream + kittens. I’m sold.

  87. Majdah _Shaiba

    Majdah _ShaibaDay ago

    "Creamy Popsicle you suck at" okay

  88. dream petal

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  89. Rorik Uthgard

    Rorik UthgardDay ago

    You suck at uploading Yeah you totally suck. Just kidding love the food you make

  90. Death Omen

    Death OmenDay ago

    I love these vids. They're so funny. I can't imagine how he must've felt putting a toothbrush and a block of wood in the fridge lmao

  91. Soundous Sondosa

    Soundous SondosaDay ago

    I'm so happy I found this channel in my recommendations hhhhh it's the funniest channel ever laol 😂😂

  92. GoBy

    GoByDay ago

    is not healthy how much i enjoy your videos

  93. HazelNoot

    HazelNootDay ago

    He’s like how to basic but helpful

  94. - - A

    - - ADay ago

    2:12 do i have dirty mind if you dont get it stay sweet and inoccent

  95. Stagnoar

    StagnoarDay ago

    Its bean a bit

  96. A8BIT

    A8BITDay ago

    Hes forking a popsicle!?

  97. None Given

    None GivenDay ago

    Wow, this channel has really grown. So happy for you and the kittens.

  98. No No

    No NoDay ago

    Why does he sound so hot when he swears

  99. SaltyH2

    SaltyH2Day ago

    3:40 fuck you

  100. Crazybananaboy 66

    Crazybananaboy 66Day ago

    I lost all my brain cells when he used a knife and fork to eat a ice pole

  101. Fortniter mohammed

    Fortniter mohammedDay ago

    You look annoying when you eat popsickles with a knive and fork. I Mean what is the stick for.

  102. Jemima Smith

    Jemima SmithDay ago

    What should I do if coconut milk is an evil demonic virus? I was suffering from SERIOUS POPSICLE DEFICIENCY and made these, now I'm possessed by Satan himself. I hope you're happy you ignorant spatula.

  103. Cat- sune

    Cat- suneDay ago

    *insert succ joke here*

  104. Muna Ahmad

    Muna AhmadDay ago

    Awwww kitty’s

  105. MiauxCatterie

    MiauxCatterieDay ago

    your kittens are so freaking cute. i've been wanting to make popsicles, how timely. can't wait for the book release. congrats!