Julian Newman VS Ramone Woods Get HEATED ALL HE WANTS IS A NAME Crowd Storms Court Shuts IT Down

Julian Newman does it again at NEO and everybody knows he is a marked man. Ramone Woods went straight at him. You be the judge who won this battle.
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  1. Mason Herman

    Mason Herman5 hours ago

    I could lock Julian up in my sleep bruh


    G AWESOMEDay ago

    Yoo hear his dad saying he tryna get a name

  3. Redhawk Crescent Studios

    Redhawk Crescent StudiosDay ago

    You can tell and fill the hate through this video! Like got damn I love competition but don’t hate on Newman!! Ramone Woods did his thing thou! They both did good! Great game and awesome competition! That’s what it’s all about!

  4. word up

    word up3 days ago

    He’s still got his baby fat hahaha!

  5. word up

    word up3 days ago

    That fat ass can dribble!!

  6. Brucilix

    Brucilix3 days ago

    This court looks fun. a lot of culture.

  7. Leonardo di parma

    Leonardo di parma3 days ago

    The neymar from basketball , when his mouth and ego is bigger than his tail , observations from a Brazilian dude , number 200 doesn't need a name , we'll just call him the 200

  8. Jed V

    Jed V4 days ago

    2:29 ref gets exposed

  9. Lee Leroy

    Lee Leroy6 days ago

    Dang.. clamps..

  10. Jayfe Maglinte

    Jayfe Maglinte6 days ago

    This is not basketball.

  11. il_BIKER

    il_BIKER7 days ago

    Julian ta mis a figur e merd


    RANDOM VIDEOSxyz8 days ago

    i like to break newman face

  13. Unknownacct GamingPH

    Unknownacct GamingPH8 days ago

    3:03 lebron? 🤣

  14. Scullcandy456

    Scullcandy4569 days ago

    That refs bald spot 2:30

  15. mharlou Caadan

    mharlou Caadan9 days ago

    julian newman is a hardloser. hahaha

  16. Moises marcano

    Moises marcano9 days ago

    Julian newman es muy payaso por eso siempre al final siempre lo dejan en pena

  17. William Harrison

    William Harrison11 days ago

    I see that they have lowered the standards to the point where there are no rules anymore. Where's the sportsmanship and first class citizenship at?

  18. Coco Alconga

    Coco Alconga11 days ago

    #200 👏👏good job bro for julian cry men bcoz always fight that's the way u. become a fame a real player respct each other not to fight julian 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  19. Coco Alconga

    Coco Alconga11 days ago

    Julian what ahh worse player quiet 👎👎👎👎

  20. Dyrus Tugnon

    Dyrus Tugnon12 days ago

    karma bitch

  21. Rhena Liza Fernandez

    Rhena Liza Fernandez12 days ago

    Yabang ni juluan newman hirap kana nga eh

  22. freshcaller

    freshcaller14 days ago

    That little black kid is raw though he would bust julian up

  23. freshcaller

    freshcaller14 days ago

    Julian needs to get a little stronger and quicker but that will come with age

  24. SebasJR

    SebasJR14 days ago

    *Goooooo Ramonee, le dio su merecido al crecido de Julian*

  25. kaizer laxuzz

    kaizer laxuzz14 days ago

    I promote to close this baskitball camp. Instead of making them a good player they make them a bully in the cort. Thats not a game adrenaline it is a BULLY ADRENALINE. LOL. CLOSE THAT BASKETBALL CAMP. there's no humanity at that camp. So close it.

  26. kaizer laxuzz

    kaizer laxuzz14 days ago

    This little julian chicken. Is a BULLY sure he is. Hahaha come to the PH niga. You will look like a chicken here. Hahahaha

  27. Jun Chavez

    Jun Chavez15 days ago

    Putang ina mo.JN nakahanap ka.rin ng katapat mo puking ina.ka hayup.kang mayabang ka..

  28. Frankie Lopez

    Frankie Lopez15 days ago

    No hating but this kid aint going to play no pro ball.with his height and the way he plays hes lucky to even play division 1.he doesnt play team ball.hes a selfish player.he better get a degree in college because pro basketball aint in his future.

  29. John Rey Dacles

    John Rey Dacles15 days ago

    This idiot is not growing. Son of a bitch.

  30. Adrian HM

    Adrian HM15 days ago

    Karma it's a bitch ?????

  31. Not Rowen

    Not Rowen16 days ago

    Ahhhhhh he gonna cry bruh Newman is ass

  32. Kevin Alexer

    Kevin Alexer16 days ago

    Fuck that #41 kid. He think he is in The NBA or something, He can't play aggainst a player with good defense,salty trash player

  33. Kicked and Backed

    Kicked and Backed17 days ago

    This kid distugsting.... Not in a good way

  34. li gav

    li gav19 days ago

    Is this basketball or a reality show?

  35. Big Daddy Big Daddy

    Big Daddy Big Daddy19 days ago

    Great job guys 💯

  36. 胖呆OuO

    胖呆OuO19 days ago


  37. Mark Fernandez

    Mark Fernandez19 days ago

    Newman with that kind of attitude? Ur nothing but a trash kiddo

  38. lilkusify

    lilkusify20 days ago

    Julian got shutdown, he obviously garbage when a good defender is infront of him, he julian all hype he aint gon make it to nba

  39. Tyson Bowen

    Tyson Bowen20 days ago

    When julian newman drive to the paint he looks like a wounded animal

  40. Matt Zandro Valdez

    Matt Zandro Valdez21 day ago


  41. Ryan Labad

    Ryan Labad21 day ago

    Hahaha julian fucking new man no talent at all

  42. Fabian Mauro

    Fabian Mauro21 day ago

    El único negro que me cae bien de todos el de camiseta blanca

  43. dbxjs nsxjs

    dbxjs nsxjs22 days ago

    Play with no team

  44. Karl Mendoza

    Karl Mendoza23 days ago

    He cant go through to Ramone Woods

  45. Caleb Macli

    Caleb Macli24 days ago

    Too much self confidence newman haha

  46. anton lagasca

    anton lagasca24 days ago

    To the newman family yo All fucking short

  47. 1,000,000 subscribers with 2 videos

    1,000,000 subscribers with 2 videos25 days ago

    Julian Newborn

  48. Hans Fabiculanen

    Hans Fabiculanen26 days ago


  49. Chris Greene

    Chris Greene26 days ago

    A disgrace to the game, this whole clip.

  50. aidan brogan

    aidan brogan27 days ago

    this is exactly why you dont have d1 offers bro ur so soft

  51. roberto gonzalez perez

    roberto gonzalez perezMonth ago

    Where is respect?

  52. 1008daityan

    1008daityanMonth ago

    id:Pardon my French 5:02 Julian’s signature move: dribble into the defender until he falls down and loses the ball

  53. Luffy- Desu

    Luffy- DesuMonth ago

    the guy with themic need to get himself killed

  54. Triple W Productions

    Triple W ProductionsMonth ago

    Somebody gotta expose Julian then walk past his dad and say "shut your ass up"

  55. Jv Velez

    Jv VelezMonth ago

    What now jullian? HahahHa

  56. cis james

    cis jamesMonth ago

    Julian newman is loser

  57. Melvin Lyle Uy

    Melvin Lyle UyMonth ago

    Don’t worry Julian you have a place in boxing 👍🏽

  58. James Hahakdog

    James HahakdogMonth ago

    4:35 thats move hahahaa

  59. Zorema zote

    Zorema zoteMonth ago

    He was just humiliated another player nigga

  60. markwilliam olaguera

    markwilliam olagueraMonth ago

    ramone woods look like zion HAHAHAHA