PROM DRESSES Online Shopping Fails

PROM DRESSES Online Shopping Fails ! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and want more hilarious prom dresses & online shopping fails!
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  1. SSSniperWolf

    SSSniperWolf4 months ago

    hiiiiii its your FAV FRENCH USworkRRRR

  2. Brenda Shelton

    Brenda SheltonMonth ago


  3. Jaisa Bauza

    Jaisa BauzaMonth ago

    I’m a child and I texted you in snapshat

  4. Mikynnleigh Sebastian

    Mikynnleigh SebastianMonth ago

    OMG I love your vids hiiiiiiii

  5. Amix Gurl

    Amix Gurl2 months ago

    Your Barrett is so cute where did you get it from :P

  6. Star Fatima Ahmed

    Star Fatima Ahmed2 months ago

    No SSSniperWolf you are not my only fav french youtuber

  7. Rayan Hassen

    Rayan Hassen3 hours ago

    I love SSSniper Wolf

  8. Stacey Watkins

    Stacey Watkins3 hours ago

    My prom is today

  9. Jasmine Gannon

    Jasmine Gannon21 hour ago

    Lol you called jacob from twilight edward

  10. Nevaeh Mitchell

    Nevaeh Mitchell21 hour ago

    My prom is in 6 years

  11. Nohemi Alvarado

    Nohemi Alvarado23 hours ago

    Nacho cheese

  12. WiinterKitty1

    WiinterKitty1Day ago

    9:35 was that a glitch?

  13. WolfyPuff M

    WolfyPuff MDay ago

    I'm only in 5th grade

  14. Metropolitan Coatings

    Metropolitan CoatingsDay ago


  15. Joshua King

    Joshua KingDay ago

    Cool ranch

  16. Lily Martínez

    Lily MartínezDay ago

    I have school ;-; but I don’t have prom I really don’t want a rip-off

  17. Roberto Vega

    Roberto VegaDay ago


  18. shaheed sattar

    shaheed sattar2 days ago

    I hate dresses

  19. shaheed sattar

    shaheed sattar2 days ago

    I think I never going prom

  20. Cover Clanfield

    Cover Clanfield2 days ago

    My prom is in 2 year's

  21. Kenyatta Jones

    Kenyatta Jones2 days ago

    my daughters prom is in maybe2045

  22. Hydra The Seamonster

    Hydra The Seamonster2 days ago

    The video cover dress looks like someone went to their grandma’s house and ripped the table fleece right off the table. Then made it into a dress and sold it.

  23. Ashleigh Grant

    Ashleigh Grant2 days ago

    im in elamentry but i have home coming

  24. Saumya Mittal

    Saumya Mittal3 days ago

    Her: This looks like a Macy's fitting room Me: Goes to trash bowl *Sees Macy's paper next to trash can* Hmmm...

  25. Michaela Mathieson

    Michaela Mathieson3 days ago

    Went to get Doritos but there’s none left😡

  26. ourworld lover

    ourworld lover3 days ago

    where i live there's no prom :D

  27. Layla Shaft

    Layla Shaft4 days ago

    Girl I'm only 9

  28. Candee Jane Johnston

    Candee Jane Johnston4 days ago

    she said ewed not jakebo im on my moms thing soooooo don't juje the spelling

  29. Craig Damon

    Craig Damon5 days ago

    Your the best

  30. Rose Ortiz

    Rose Ortiz5 days ago


  31. #Everything

    #Everything5 days ago

    I’m to young for prom.

  32. ebony hazeldine

    ebony hazeldine6 days ago


  33. Tina Griffith

    Tina Griffith6 days ago

    I’m in elementary school wah in 4th grade kinda hard please respond

  34. Holly Newton

    Holly Newton6 days ago

    Recently I changed my avatar on a game , it now wears a beret

  35. Holly Newton

    Holly Newton3 days ago

    @Jimin You got no jams it was a game I play for school

  36. Jimin You got no jams

    Jimin You got no jams3 days ago

    Holly Newton is it ROBLOX

  37. Kendall Loeffel

    Kendall Loeffel6 days ago

    I'm reading the Twilight books, I'm team Edward why cause he saved Bella's life so much vs Jacob not so much plus Edward is a vampire and the person who plays him plays Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movies

  38. Mochie Chan

    Mochie Chan6 days ago

    2:25 the one on the right gives me todoroki vibes

  39. Katrina WOW!

    Katrina WOW!6 days ago

    I’m 9 and I live in Scotland so we are lucky (no prom)

  40. Eleanor Woods

    Eleanor Woods7 days ago

    I love ur vids

  41. Kristine Hegarty

    Kristine Hegarty7 days ago

    Idk when prom is coming I’m in third grade

  42. Roberto Vega

    Roberto VegaDay ago


  43. Mr.Cookie Man

    Mr.Cookie Man7 days ago

    *DIS* hahahaa😂🤣

  44. Sara Creech

    Sara Creech7 days ago


  45. Sara Creech

    Sara Creech7 days ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that is my favorite movie erred a jacup

  46. Dane and Anna the fox

    Dane and Anna the fox7 days ago

    Cool ranch Doritos

  47. Dizzy Cupcake

    Dizzy Cupcake7 days ago

    4:22 *imagine the amount of paper cuts*

  48. Herold iGrant

    Herold iGrant8 days ago

    I LOVE cool ranch Doritos

  49. CharlotteIs O Riain

    CharlotteIs O Riain8 days ago

    Do you speak French Aha I don’t think so If you do please name a video that you make “ my lovely french”

  50. SiobhanKelly Kelly

    SiobhanKelly Kelly8 days ago

    OH NO No way

  51. SiobhanKelly Kelly

    SiobhanKelly Kelly8 days ago

    Skittles I love skittles!😄 O.M.G.

  52. Lindsay Rumenapp

    Lindsay Rumenapp9 days ago


  53. Leah P

    Leah P9 days ago

    Cool ranch

  54. Leahnightmarewolf _

    Leahnightmarewolf _10 days ago

    I don't have prom am a child

  55. kristan lewis

    kristan lewis11 days ago

    Cool ranch

  56. Stars TV

    Stars TV11 days ago

    Right when Lia said" Game of Thrones", an ad for game of thrones popped up on my screen 😂

  57. Ariadne GC

    Ariadne GC11 days ago

    Y fell🤕

  58. Ariadne GC

    Ariadne GC11 days ago

    Red doritos😗😘

  59. Ariadne GC

    Ariadne GC11 days ago


  60. Ariadne GC

    Ariadne GC11 days ago


  61. Ariadne GC

    Ariadne GC11 days ago


  62. Glaze _2008

    Glaze _200811 days ago

    I put the captions on to see what she was saying and when she said “prom” It would say “comfortable” and when she said “In the COMMENTS” It said “Comfortable”

  63. Kaya Jaworowski

    Kaya Jaworowski11 days ago

    is anyone watching this in 2019

  64. Tina Griffith

    Tina Griffith6 days ago

    Kaya Jaworowski yes I am what grade are you in

  65. Ella Mulluk

    Ella Mulluk12 days ago

    also mountain dew is UNFILTERED

  66. Ella Mulluk

    Ella Mulluk12 days ago

    bro this has nothing to do with the video but am I the only one who has never seen the titanic, twilight, and Up?!

  67. Makayla Gordon

    Makayla Gordon12 days ago

    I went to prom and I ordered a dress and it was cut up and see through and so I had to wear a skirt and a shirt

  68. Rebecca BenoitTurpin

    Rebecca BenoitTurpin12 days ago

    Nocha cheese

  69. sierra

    sierra12 days ago

    mine is today