The Secret Corvette Chevy Tried to Kill | Bumper 2 Bumper


  1. Donut Media

    Donut Media14 days ago

    Which Corvette is the best Corvette? 😎

  2. KingXaith

    KingXaith5 hours ago


  3. v1nc-alpha

    v1nc-alpha7 hours ago

    2020 C8

  4. Tommy Razor

    Tommy Razor2 days ago

    Donut Media C06

  5. Chauncy Clyde Bagayao

    Chauncy Clyde Bagayao2 days ago

    01 C5 Z06 in speedway white

  6. Fraser Elliott

    Fraser ElliottHour ago

    I didn't know Guy Fieri did a show about cars

  7. Alan Caldoza

    Alan CaldozaHour ago

    Feds have GM execs neck that explains why they abandon 002 and 004 chassis in favor of the Cobra. Just like what they did to Tucker Motors

  8. Sach Alvarez

    Sach AlvarezHour ago

    @RobDahm where u at my man

  9. Cincy32

    Cincy323 hours ago

    "America is known for three things." > Doesn't mention guns.

  10. Naru 'Sanav

    Naru 'Sanav5 hours ago

    You could almost call this car (for its time) an... HYAH! #UnknownVariable

  11. v1nc-alpha

    v1nc-alpha7 hours ago

    Chevy didn't try to kill ut GM Did

  12. Rulledius

    Rulledius11 hours ago

    Love the Mako Corvette :P

  13. Pursuit Happitarian

    Pursuit Happitarian13 hours ago

    Here I thought everybody knew about this car.

  14. J A

    J A13 hours ago

    Its a must have , colection and dream car !!!

  15. Ariq Fauzan

    Ariq Fauzan14 hours ago

    "america is known for three things" Guns, fats, and school shooters?

  16. Ariq Fauzan

    Ariq Fauzan12 hours ago

    @Daniel Rodriguez nah nothing wrong, just what i know america as

  17. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel Rodriguez13 hours ago

    What's wrong with guns?

  18. ESVignettes

    ESVignettes15 hours ago

    They should have kept this C8 secret or killed it way before last week. It’s a fucking abomination of inbreeding styling cues from a 12 year olds poster wall. The worst looking corvette EVER

  19. Sparky Runner

    Sparky Runner20 hours ago

    Sorry, that social media got upset with my post that Chevrolet built some very nice cars using American Steel and American workers ! That they considered I was being discriminatory to Chinese cars. But I understand now where they are coming from now !!! With the Germans banning of american products as they could be dangerous to the health an safety of their citizens. Americans should also get the hell out of Germany as they need the space for their new immigrants from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan !!!! Protests now going on to remove US military bases the out of Germany now going on that CNN is not reporting to you because they only have time for Don Lemons rasist remarks !!!! The American Consulate office only has time for their tax free BMWs an free Booger King chemical burgers that they do not have time for you either !!!

  20. Ethan Tull

    Ethan Tull21 hour ago

    He does not weigh 132 lbs I weigh more than that and I'm 5' 6" and not exactly what you would call beefy.

  21. Jim Mcmain

    Jim Mcmain58 minutes ago

    Just a joking If the guy is 132' he can't be very tall So whatever

  22. Ethan Tull

    Ethan Tull12 hours ago

    @Jim Mcmain not unless everyone else at donut are like 410 to 5 foot, and they scaled down the entire state of California

  23. Jim Mcmain

    Jim Mcmain12 hours ago

    The guy is only 4' 11". Not he never stands next to the car.

  24. Raspian Kiado

    Raspian Kiado21 hour ago

    I love the Concept Stingray Racer from 65'. For two reasons, "By itself, it is cool looking." and I personally believe it was the inspiration for the Mach 5. It was a Racing Car turned Street Car. The Mach 5 was a racing car, disguised as a street car. They look similar in shape. They could sit two people, though it was only temporary on the Stingray.

  25. Legendman2012

    Legendman2012Day ago

    How could you miss the rhyme with the dentist. "He liked winning races... and filling cavities." No no no, "he liked winning races... and giving braces." Bro what, how did that golden opportunity get missed.

  26. shotout777

    shotout777Day ago

    Ten seconds faster a lap damn it boy eventually those other cats would of been lapped! Gotta love this story

  27. johnny humm

    johnny hummDay ago

    Should have said winning races and fixing

  28. deadprivacy

    deadprivacyDay ago

    i lasted all of 30 seconds, i like cars, i like car videos , but this annoying retard is way too much. contendor for most supremely annoying dickhead on youtube.

  29. makingains

    makingainsDay ago

    It was beating cobras so Ford burned down the facility that made the gp

  30. makingains

    makingainsDay ago


  31. MSS432

    MSS432Day ago

    Yep that the vet is the beast

  32. Patrick Simmons

    Patrick SimmonsDay ago

    It would have been interesting to see the Gran Sport go against the later 427 Cobra...

  33. NaYawkr

    NaYawkrDay ago

    listening to this guy is torture.

  34. Mike Oleksa

    Mike OleksaDay ago

    From what my Dad says, I shouldn't be here either. But here I still am, almost 50 years later, so........ ROFLMAO

  35. Brian Parker

    Brian ParkerDay ago

    Redo your review on the Z! I'm so dispointed in it!

  36. 710 1978

    710 1978Day ago


  37. Dino Rei

    Dino ReiDay ago

    Fantastic video. Period.

  38. Roger Leo

    Roger LeoDay ago

    Ah. Brother please start taking your Meds.

  39. Francis Aaron

    Francis AaronDay ago

    Hay stooooooner. 🛵🕺🏻💃🏽👙👀

  40. Wendell Sims

    Wendell SimsDay ago

    WOULD be a good video if you did not act so goofy.....❌❌❌

  41. Naru 'Sanav

    Naru 'Sanav5 hours ago

    You must be new here.

  42. fatbuddycat

    fatbuddycatDay ago

    This car redefines sexy.

  43. elbacanreal

    elbacanrealDay ago

    I'd put a duramax in it, or a rotary, just cuz.

  44. E A

    E ADay ago

    Just gorgeous

  45. Vincent Novick

    Vincent NovickDay ago

    The government just sucks like that

  46. James Holbrook

    James HolbrookDay ago

    I mean 650 is probably enough but why put a stock cam in and not change the pullys

  47. James Holbrook

    James HolbrookDay ago

    Laws are stupid

  48. g zimmermann

    g zimmermannDay ago

    hipster... get to the point.

  49. According To Honda

    According To Honda2 days ago

    Bout time you cover this

  50. Brian Thomas

    Brian Thomas2 days ago

    Research the "C-48" option of which 20 were built, 16 ended up in the country and the location of 7 are known. Dunton and Barris were both mad scientist

  51. PrOSs

    PrOSs2 days ago

    One day I will buy this car

  52. frank

    frank2 days ago

    A little greedy with all the ads, no?

  53. trespire

    trespire2 days ago

    GM top wigs shortsightedness. Should have spun off a new company with Zora in charge.

  54. Naru 'Sanav

    Naru 'Sanav5 hours ago

    Or just a race team, because the man clearly knew exactly what he was doing.

  55. Sherman Rzepnick

    Sherman Rzepnick2 days ago

    I am speechless. This Vette is living legend. 🤩 Model from golden era of American racing cars. And very, very rare. In order for me this one was unseen until now. I saw other Corvette in 'The box' movie.

  56. fortyninehike

    fortyninehike2 days ago

    Thanks U.S. bureaucrats and their R-Tard rules for killing the greatest car that never was

  57. Naru 'Sanav

    Naru 'Sanav3 hours ago

    @fortyninehike And I agree, but that's what happened - and though it wasn't well thought out, nor well implemented, look what it led to. Not only are our cars safer than ever, but race cars (and the tracks and events that house them) are, as well. But, the "greatest car that never was"? Pfft. Overdramatic _and_ overexaggerated.

  58. fortyninehike

    fortyninehike3 hours ago

    @Naru 'Sanav A crash at a race track concerns the race's organizers and shouldn't have anything to do with the engineering and production of sale cars unless it concerns the implementation of components that improve them. Nor should the government have the ability to split companies up based on market share alone. If a company grabs a majority of sales by offering a better product, government is only harming consumers by interfering with the free market. If it achieves a majority market share through corrupt means, then intervention should be discussed. All in all, its a shame the corvette was never fully developed because of fear from the government.

  59. Naru 'Sanav

    Naru 'Sanav5 hours ago

    Well, when things prior to that are left unregulated and 70+ people end up dead because of it...eeeeeh, kinda necessary.

  60. Brad B

    Brad B2 days ago

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  61. thebetatester800

    thebetatester8002 days ago

    Zora knew some shit about how to design a good looking car. Nothing like the ugly ass C8


    GUY MULLINS2 days ago

    I was liking your video until you placed a advertisement on it... YOU SUCK!

  63. angel figueroa

    angel figueroa2 days ago

    This dude is annoying with his extra energy but I had to watch this episode cause of this corvette

  64. Nigel Dean

    Nigel DeanDay ago

    Lol god forbid being passionate about something😂 I think its funny

  65. Josh Larochelle

    Josh Larochelle2 days ago

    Pops the hood, “this one is powered by the new corvette LT4”. No longer interested. Those engines are horrid compared to the history of chevy, those engines are pathetic and can only be modified to just under 900 hp for a BRAND NEW engine. Where as the ls9 can make multiple thousands.

  66. Outlaw Pawley

    Outlaw Pawley2 days ago

    It’s a replica. I used to build replica cobras

  67. Duke Craig

    Duke Craig2 days ago